133. The Principles of Segregating People from the Church

1. Those who have been arrested and then released must first be segregated for three to six months regardless of the circumstances, in case of potential danger.

2. Those who frequently disturb and disrupt the church life, who pay no heed to dissuasion and who refuse to mend their ways after being pruned and dealt with, may be segregated.

3. False leaders and workers who have bad humanity, who have committed many transgressions, and who have quite a negative influence on the church, but who are not wicked people, must be replaced and segregated for reflection.

4. The church may only segregate someone with the approval of over 80 percent of people throughout the whole church. This decision may be reversed only if the person truly repents.

Relevant Words of God:

Those amongst brothers and sisters who are always venting their negativity are Satan’s lackeys and they disturb the church. These people must one day be expelled and eliminated. … Those in the church who vent their venomous talk, those amongst brothers and sisters who spread rumors, foment disharmony and form cliques should have been expelled from the church. But because it is now a different era of God’s work, these people have been restricted, for they are doomed to be objects for elimination.

from “A Warning to Those Who Do Not Practice the Truth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Your spirit must be sharp, your eyes open. Ordinarily, those whose intentions and objectives are not right, those who love to be seen by others, who are eager to do things, who are prone to interrupting, who are strong in religious doctrine, Satan’s lackeys, etc., when these people stand up they become difficulties for the church and the eating and drinking of brothers and sisters comes to nothing; when you find this kind of person play acting then ban them immediately. If they do not change despite repeated admonition then they will suffer greatly. If those who stubbornly persist in their ways come to their own defense and try to cover up their sins, the church should cut them out immediately and leave them no room to maneuver. Do not lose a lot by trying to save a little, and keep your eye on the big picture.

from Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning

The Man’s Fellowship:

Special Notification of Precaution: Leaders and workers at any level who have been arrested and subsequently released regardless of circumstances must be segregated for reflection and temporarily relieved of all duties. At least three months to six months later, appropriate work will be arranged for them according to their behaviors. Their original duties will be restored if they really have the work of the Holy Spirit. This is implemented to prevent the spies by the great red dragon to infiltrate the church and jeopardize God’s chosen people.

from “Special Notification” in the fellowship from the above

Those who acted wildly with extremely negative influences that caused serious damage to church work while performing their duties, who refused to accept, obey and did not repent after being pruned and dealt with, and strictly disciplined, must be segregated for reflection. During segregation, they may only perform duties of gospel preaching. Those who had caused chaos for extended periods without truly repenting or admitting guilt are veritably wicked people that must be exposed by God’s chosen people for their evil deeds and satanic nature, and then segregated for reflection. If they still refuse to repent and admit guilt, they can be absolutely expelled by the church and abandoned by God’s chosen people. Those who constantly do evils and cause chaos must be expelled.

from “Only Through True Obedience to God’s Work Can One Enter the Reality of the Truth” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

1. Those who love to gossip and often spread notions and fallacies during congregation must be pruned and dealt with. They can be segregated if they refuse to mend their ways.

2. The mentally handicapped who lack the ability to receive, whose qualities are too poor, who absolutely cannot understand the truth, should not be compelled to join the congregation. If such people insist on joining the congregation, they should not be segregated against their wills as long as they are obedient and do not cause disturbance.

3. Those who always speak for themselves and use sophistry during congregation, or always give testimonies with ulterior motives, impurities, farfetched analogies and fraudulent intents, are inherently deceitful and devoid of change. Despite having believed in God for years, they are hypocrites who don’t speak from the heart or do what they preach. They show themselves off for others to admire and give false testimonies to deceive others, so they must be pruned, dealt with and exposed. If they do not repent but continue to give false testimonies to deceive others (this refers to always giving false testimonies to deceive others instead of witnessing for God in order to make themselves visible), then targeted disclosure, argument and rebuttal can be launched to utterly humiliate them. If they still disobey, they must be segregated for at least half-a-year to determine if they should resume church life based on the degree of their repentance. Those who have evil spirits at work or those whose humanity is too bad must be pruned and dealt with if they always cause disturbance to church life. God’s chosen people can join together to impose restrictions and segregation on them, prompting them to repent and change. In the eventuality that they still do not obey, segregation or expulsion can be imposed.

from “2011 Church Life and Work Arrangements” in the fellowship from the above

The second kind is those crooked and deceitful, selfish and despicable people with bad humanity, excessive transgressions and bad influences who particularly like to pursue status and lust for the benefits of status, and become corrupt with a bit of status by indulging in wining, dining and pleasure. Generally, these people do not attend to their proper business, muddle through their duties, and do not do practical work. They like to perch on their positions and lecture others. These people have no place for God in their hearts, and they have no sense of responsibility. Like the great red dragon’s officials, they sit high above, supercilious and lawless. They always command and relentlessly suppress God’s chosen people, brooking no resistance. They have no love at all. They never sympathize with or assist others, let alone solve the practical difficulties of brothers and sisters. Like the religious police, they are meddlesome and officious. Regardless of what kind of work they do, brothers and sisters receive no edification of life, much less impartation of the truth from them. Therefore, such people are the false leaders or workers that God detests most. They must be replaced and segregated for reflection. If they defy and cause disturbance, they will be expelled. … Any leaders or workers who cannot correctly regard the work arrangements and strictly follow them for implementation can be considered as ill-intentioned. None of them are obedient to God’s work. Therefore, any false leaders or false workers that judge, disparage or withhold the work arrangements must be replaced and segregated for reflection. If these wicked people continue to wield power, the disasters and consequences they bring to God’s chosen people will be unimaginable. Without any show of regret, such false leaders or false workers should be expelled because they are the most vicious among false leaders and false workers.

... The third kind is those wicked people who are especially arrogant and opinionated. They always want to control God’s chosen people. They are wicked people who possess the nature of the antichrist. Although they have not engaged in building an independent kingdom, it is due to the lack of opportunity. Based on the substance of their inherent nature, it is only a matter of time that they will engage in building their independent kingdom. Therefore, this kind of vicious, arrogant and utterly defiant people must be replaced and segregated for reflection.

from “Principles for Dealing With Various Kinds of False Leaders and False Workers” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

7. The Church’s Implementation Principles for Segregating and Expelling People

It is naturally justifiable for the church to segregate and expel people. Since many leaders and workers have disrupted the normal order of church life and harmed many people by abusing their authority to segregate and expel people, therefore their authority to appoint, segregate and expel people was repealed. However, the power of the church to segregate and expel people is justified, which must be preserved. The precondition is that implementation must be based on the principle of the work arrangements from the above. Individual leaders and workers must not be allowed to find loopholes and exploit the church’s power to attack, retaliate against and frame God’s chosen people. The church’s segregation of people refers to separating the menacing individuals from the general population of the church for him to study spiritually in solitude due to his habitual disruption of church life that has interfered with God’s chosen people in eating and drinking of God’s word and understanding the truth. This is the true meaning behind the church’s power to segregate people. If someone has not consistently disrupted church life, segregation cannot be imposed on him, no matter what his personal problems are. Imposing segregation or expulsion on someone by a church mainly refers to the decision for segregation or expulsion approved by more than 80% of the entire church population, rather than the decision of the leader or the minority. There is a strict distinction between someone’s segregation or expulsion by the leaders and by the church. The leaders’ authority to segregate and expel people has been repealed, but the church’s power to segregate and expel people is justified, which will never be banned. A person that warrants segregation and expulsion by the church is mainly someone who consistently disrupts church life, misbehaves, refuses to heed advice and change their ways, which ultimately necessitates the church to deal with them by imposing segregation. Precisely speaking, a segregated person is either a wicked or unreasonable individual. The way of segregation is to let such a person stay with his own kind. In the lack of his own kind, he will be left to study spiritually at home. In short, he is not allowed to participate in church life. At present, the implementation of Group A and Group B congregation has basically eliminated the problem of segregating people. Those unreasonable people who do not pursue the truth at all but misbehave are put together to congregate in a group. This is so beneficial to God’s chosen people. If those in segregation are even rejected by the people in Group B, then this kind of people can be expelled. Before expelling someone, the church must confirm that such a person lacks humanity and doesn’t pursue the truth at all, that he is hopeless and totally incapable of contributing any service, that he is a piece of trash utterly harmful and useless. Only such a person can be expelled along with the five kinds of people. Naturally, it must be approved by more than 80% of the entire church population. This is the correct way to implement the church’s power in segregating and expelling people.

from “12 Problems All Churches Need to Resolve Urgently” in the fellowship from the above

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