Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth”


Let’s start our meeting. Let’s first read this piece of God’s words “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth.”

Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth

The work of the last days is to separate all according to their kind, and to conclude the management plan of God, for the time is near and the day of God has come. God brings all who enter His kingdom—all who are loyal to Him to the very end—into the age of God Himself. Yet prior to the arrival of the age of God Himself, God’s work is not to observe the deeds of man, or to inquire into the life of man, but to judge man’s disobedience, for God shall purify all those who come before His throne. All who have followed the footsteps of God to this day are those who come before the throne of God, and this being so, every single person who accepts God’s work in its final phase is the object of God’s purification. In other words, everyone who accepts God’s work in its final phase is the object of God’s judgment.

In the judgment beginning at the house of God spoken of in times past, the “judgment” of these words refers to the judgment that God today passes on those who come before His throne in the last days. There are, perhaps, those who believe in such supernatural imaginings as that, when the last days have arrived, God will erect a big table in the heavens, upon which a white tablecloth will be spread, and then, sitting upon a great throne with all men kneeling on the ground, He will reveal the sins of each man and thereby determine whether they are to ascend to heaven or be sent down to the lake of fire and brimstone. No matter what man imagines, it cannot alter the substance of God’s work. The imaginings of man are nothing but the constructs of man’s thoughts; they come from the brain of man, summed up and pieced together from what man has seen and heard. Therefore I say, however brilliant the images conceived, they are but depictions, and are incapable of substituting the plan of God’s work. Man, after all, has been corrupted by Satan, so how could he fathom the thoughts of God? Man conceives God’s work of judgment as something fantastic. He believes that since it is God Himself who does the work of judgment, then this work must be of the most tremendous scale, and incomprehensible to mortals, and must resound throughout the heavens and shake the earth; if not, how could it be the work of judgment by God? He believes that, as this is the work of judgment, then God must be particularly imposing and majestic as He works, and those being judged must be howling with tears and on their knees begging for mercy. Such scenes would surely be spectacular, and deeply affecting…. Everyone imagines God’s work of judgment to be miraculous. Do you know, however, that, at the time when God has long since begun His work of judgment among man, you remain nestled in peaceful oblivion? That at the time when you think God’s work of judgment has formally begun, God will have already made heaven and earth anew? At that time, perhaps, you will have only just come to understand the meaning of life, but God’s merciless work of punishment shall bring you, still deep in sleep, into hell. Only then will you suddenly realize that God’s work of judgment has already concluded.

Let us not waste our precious time, and talk no more of these abhorrent and detestable topics. Let us speak instead of what constitutes judgment. At the mention of the word “judgment,” you are likely to think of the words that Jehovah spoke to all the places and the words of rebuke that Jesus spoke to the Pharisees. For all their severity, these words were not God’s judgment of man; they were but words spoken by God within different environments, that is, in different contexts. These words are unlike the words spoken by Christ as He judges man during the last days. In the last days, Christ uses a variety of truths to teach man, to expose the essence of man, and to dissect the words and deeds of man. These words comprise various truths, such as man’s duty, how man should obey God, how man should be loyal to God, how man ought to live out normal humanity, as well as the wisdom and the disposition of God, and so on. These words are all directed at the essence of man and his corrupt disposition. In particular, the words that expose how man spurns God are spoken in regard to how man is an embodiment of Satan, and an enemy force against God. In undertaking His work of judgment, God does not simply make clear the nature of man with a few words; He exposes, deals with, and prunes over the long term. These methods of exposure, dealing, and pruning cannot be substituted with ordinary words, but with the truth of which man is utterly bereft. Only methods such as these can be called judgment; only through judgment of this kind can man be subdued and thoroughly convinced into submission to God, and moreover gain true knowledge of God. What the work of judgment brings about is man’s understanding of the true face of God and the truth about his own rebelliousness. The work of judgment allows man to gain much understanding of the will of God, of the purpose of God’s work, and of the mysteries that are incomprehensible to him. It also allows man to recognize and know his corrupt substance and the roots of his corruption, as well as to discover the ugliness of man. These effects are all brought about by the work of judgment, for the substance of this work is actually the work of opening up the truth, the way, and the life of God to all those who have faith in Him. This work is the work of judgment done by God. If you do not regard these truths as important, if you think of nothing but how to avoid them, or how to find a new way out that does not involve them, then I say you are a grievous sinner. If you have faith in God, yet seek not the truth or the will of God, nor love the way that brings you closer to God, then I say that you are one who is trying to evade judgment, and that you are a puppet and a traitor who flees from the great white throne. God will not spare any of the rebellious who escape from under His eyes. Such men shall receive even more severe punishment. Those who come before God to be judged, and have moreover been purified, shall forever live in the kingdom of God. Of course, this is something that belongs to the future.

The work of judgment is God’s own work, so it must naturally be carried out by God Himself; it cannot be done by man in His stead. Because judgment is the use of the truth to conquer humankind, there is no question that God would still appear in the incarnate image to perform this work among man. That is to say, in the last days, Christ shall use the truth to teach people across the world and make all truths known to them. This is God’s work of judgment. Many have a bad feeling about the second incarnation of God, for people find it difficult to believe that God would become flesh to do the work of judgment. Nevertheless, I must tell you that the work of God often goes far beyond the expectations of man, and is difficult for human minds to accept. For people are but maggots upon the earth, while God is the supreme One who fills the universe; the mind of man is like a pit of foul water that breeds only maggots, whereas each stage of the work directed by the thoughts of God is the distillation of God’s wisdom. People are always trying to contend with God, to which I say it is self-evident who will lose out in the end. I exhort you all not to think yourselves more valuable than gold. If others can accept the judgment of God, why can’t you? How much higher do you stand above others? If others can bow their heads before the truth, why can’t you, too? God’s work has an unstoppable momentum. He will not repeat the work of judgment again just because of the “contribution” you have made, and you will be overcome with regret at letting such a good opportunity slip by. If you do not believe My words, then just wait for that great white throne in the sky to pass judgment upon you! You must know that all of the Israelites spurned and denied Jesus, and yet the fact of Jesus’ redemption of mankind still spread to the ends of the universe. Isn’t this a reality that God made long ago? If you are still waiting for Jesus to take you up to heaven, then I say that you are an obstinate piece of deadwood.[a] Jesus will not acknowledge a false believer such as you, who is disloyal to the truth and seeks only blessings. On the contrary, He will show no mercy in casting you into the lake of fire to burn for tens of thousands of years.

Do you understand now what is judgment and what is truth? If you do, then I exhort you to submit obediently to being judged, otherwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God or to be brought by Him into His kingdom. Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified, that is, those who flee amidst the work of judgment, shall forever be detested and rejected by God. Their sins are more numerous, and more grievous, than those of the Pharisees, for they have betrayed God and are rebels against God. Such people who are not worthy even to do service shall receive more severe punishment, a punishment that is, moreover, everlasting. God shall not spare any traitor who once evinced loyalty with words but then betrayed Him. People such as these shall receive retribution through punishment of the spirit, soul, and body. Is this not precisely a revelation of the righteous disposition of God? Is this not God’s purpose in judging man, and revealing him? God consigns all who perform all kinds of wicked deeds during the time of judgment to a place infested with evil spirits, and lets these evil spirits destroy their fleshly bodies as they wish, and those people’s bodies emit the stench of corpses. Such is their fitting retribution. God writes down in their record books each and every one of the sins of those disloyal false believers, false apostles, and false workers; then, when the time is right, He casts them amidst the unclean spirits, letting these unclean spirits defile their entire bodies at will, so that they may never be reincarnated and never again see the light. Those hypocrites who do service for a time but are incapable of remaining loyal to the end are numbered by God among the wicked, so that they walk in the counsel of the wicked and become part of their disorderly rabble; in the end, God shall annihilate them. God casts aside and takes no notice of those who have never been loyal to Christ or have never contributed anything of their strength, and at the changing of the age He shall annihilate them all. They shall no longer exist on earth, much less gain passage into the kingdom of God. Those who have never been sincere to God, but are forced by circumstance into dealing with Him perfunctorily, are numbered among those who do service for His people. Only a small number of such people will survive, while the majority shall perish along with those who are not qualified even to do service. Ultimately, God shall bring into His kingdom all those who are of the same mind as God, the people and the sons of God, and those predestined by God to be priests. They will be the distillation of God’s work. As for those who cannot be classed in any of the categories set by God, they shall be numbered among the unbelievers—and you can surely imagine what their outcome shall be. I have already said to you all that I should say; the road that you select is your choice alone. What you should understand is this: The work of God never waits for any that cannot keep pace with Him, and the righteous disposition of God shows no mercy to any man.


a. A piece of deadwood: a Chinese idiom, meaning “beyond help.”


We are experiencing the work of God of the last days. God’s work of the last days is the work of His judgment. Thus, when we experience the work of God, we are actually experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement. In the past, we didn’t know how God would do the work of judgment, but after experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, some people understand it, while others do not. Which people understand it? Those who have attained the truth through God’s judgment and chastisement, they have learned what judgment is. Some people have experienced the work of God, but haven’t attained the truth; they clearly do not understand the judgment of God. Although such people have read the word of God many times, they do not understand what the truth is, they do not know why they read the word of God, or why we say that the word of God is the truth. Those who do not know what the truth is are without life! There are many people who say, “We’re all willing to pursue the truth. We know that it’s so important to pursue the truth!” Then let me ask you, what exactly is the truth? Can you answer this question clearly? If someone cannot say clearly what the truth is, then regardless of how many years he has believed in God, is he someone who is pursuing the truth? Isn’t this very troublesome? Those who do not know the truth certainly do not love the truth. Why do we say this? Many people will say, “We all love the truth. We all love to read the word of God. We often get together to read the word of God, to communicate the word of God. Wouldn’t you say that I love the truth?” My answer to you is as follows: You say you love the truth, but have you attained the truth? You say that you love the truth, but do you know what the truth is? You say that you love the truth, but do you know what it means to be principled in doing things? If you really love the truth, then why do you tell lies? Why do you engage in deception? Why are you perfunctory toward God? There are many people who feel that they love the truth. However, it is neither true nor practical. It does not accord with their actual conduct, nor is it borne out by the evidence. What exactly is the truth, then? Can you describe it in your own words? In doing the work of judgment, God has expressed so many truths. What exactly is the result He intends to achieve? Only those who love the truth will understand. As for those who cannot answer this question clearly, they say they love the truth, but is that really so? It doesn’t add up! In doing the work of judgment, God has expressed so many truths. He uses the words of judgment to purify man, but how does He achieve such purification? These words which reveal all the ways in which man resists God and the essence of man’s nature and the truth of man’s corruption are the truth, are the fact, and are the reality! The effect that the revelation of the word of God has on man is, first and foremost, for him to admit that the word of God is correct. God exposes the state of man’s corruption with such accuracy. Corrupt mankind’s way of life, his principle and goal of survival—all are of Satan. Corrupt mankind lives by the words of Satan, by the philosophy of Satan, by the poison of Satan, by the logic of Satan. If God did not reveal this fact, could corrupt mankind have recognized it? For thousands of years, corrupt mankind has lived without anyone realizing this fact from their self-reflection; isn’t that so? This proves that the word of God is the truth. Only the truth can achieve the effect of purifying man. Those who listen to the word of God will discover that every word He says is authentic, true and real, that the words of God reveal mysteries beyond man’s comprehension, validating that the word of God is the truth. Then, convinced and ready to concede, they bow down to the ground. Isn’t that what it means to be conquered by the word of God? After being conquered by the word of God, man feels that God’s word has authority and power. God observes everything, and He is utterly aware of the state of man’s corruption. Only God can see through man’s heart, see through mankind! Having been conquered by the word of God, won’t they now have some understanding of what the truth is? How do they achieve this understanding? They do so by accepting the word of God, by experiencing the word of God, and, ultimately, they recognize that the word of God is the truth.

Corrupt men all have read many books. They often read books and newspapers and listen to the speeches of celebrities and great men. One day they believe in God, and are conquered by God’s words, and they come to an understanding: “No words of any celebrities or great men amongst mankind are the truth, they cannot become the life of man. Only God’s words are the truth. Only God’s words can become the life of man.” Is this not the result after having been conquered by God’s words? From then on, man resolves to believe in God in earnest, to follow God, and to experience God’s work, wishing to be made complete by God. If a man can experience until such a day where he has known God, where he has shaken off his corrupt disposition, where he has transformed his life disposition, where he has formed a new outlook on life and a new value system, then he will have lived out the likeness of a real man, and he will have lived out a meaningful life. Is this not what it means to be perfected by God? By experiencing God’s work, there is hope for you! To be perfected by God is not imagination, it is fact, a result, an outcome. When this happens, does not man’s confidence in God grow stronger? After believing in God for over ten years, some will look back on their experiences and their knowledge of God throughout those years, and they will come to the conclusion that they have achieved certain results, which many of those in religion who believed in the Lord for many years were unable to attain. From such results, once a man realizes and feels them, he will have confidence in God. What will he say? “I believed in God for over ten years, and I have truly made some transformations. I have truly reaped some dividends. If I continue to believe in God like this, if I continue for another ten years, maybe I will be able to completely transform and renew my life disposition. I live a new life and am filled with hope, with a path in front of me. It is good to believe in God, and I have now tasted the sweetness of believing in God.” Is this not confidence in God? Once such confidence is found, will you continue to be negative and weak when faced with small setbacks or when pruned and dealt with? By this point, these things feel just as normal as a child falls down when learning to walk, who simply stands up again after each fall, who gets stronger after each fall, and walks with more surety after each fall. This is normal. Therefore, all the setbacks, failures, being pruned and dealt with, and the various trials and refinement that man must experience are all requisite lessons that man must go through to experience the work of God. Without setbacks, failures, and being pruned and dealt with, could man still have real experiences? Can things such as comfort, happiness, freedom, enjoyment be counted as real experiences? Those things provide no benefit to the growth of a person’s life. Let us look at Peter’s experience. After the Lord Jesus’ ascension to heaven, it’s fair to say that the twenty to thirty years of Peter’s life were lived in trials and refinement. Therefore, God said, “Throughout Peter’s experiences, he encountered hundreds of trials.” Those trials came one after another, there would be three to five each month, which is to say there would be a trial every ten days or so. For almost all the time when Peter followed God, he lived amidst trials and refinement, hundreds of major and minor ones, and these trials ultimately perfected Peter. What was perfected? Peter’s love for God became purer, without any personal desires, and his confidence also grew stronger. Once man’s life has achieved love of God, his confidence reaches its peak. To be confident is to be certain about God to a certain extent and able to love God. This is how man succeeds in belief in God. This is no longer a normal belief in God, this is to come face to face with God, and this is the highest confidence. It cannot be seen, it cannot be touched, yet there is such a belief; this is confidence. When a man has truly come face to face with God, it can no longer be called confidence, it must be called knowledge of God, it must be said that he is someone who knows God. When a man’s experience of God’s work culminates in loving God face to face, obeying God face to face, grasping God’s will face to face, then man has become intimate with God. Once a man has become intimate with God, and each understands the other, this is what it means to know God. If one person becomes intimate with another person, he would say, “I don’t need to see your face to know your thoughts, your worries, or your concerns.” When man becomes intimate with God, “What you demand of me, what you most expect to see, to what degree I should do things to satisfy you, the way that I should do things to satisfy you,” he knows these things in his heart, and this is what it means to come face to face with God. Once man has experienced God’s work to the point of coming face to face with God, once man has become intimate with God, sometimes he understands God without God having to speak at all. Let me give an example. Look at an old couple. Do they keep chatting away when they are simply sitting there? They don’t talk much. Do they know what the other person is thinking? Once something comes up, they know what the other is thinking and what the other wants to do, because they have a thorough understanding of each other after so many years, because they have become intimate. Once they are intimate with each other, they have a clear understanding of the other person without saying anything. If man is able to believe in God to such a degree, he has become intimate with God. Does such a man have knowledge of God? The highest level of the knowledge of God is to become intimate with God, to know God’s will, to know what to do to satisfy God, to know what to do to comfort God, and to know what to do to bring enjoyment to God. This is the pinnacle of understanding of God, this is the pinnacle of being human. The pinnacle of being human is to truly love God and satisfy God. When man loves God to such a degree, is it acceptable for him to not know God’s will? Is it acceptable for him to not understand God’s will? How would he know how to practice if he does not understand God’s will? When man has reached such a level in his love of God, when it comes to God’s will, God’s demands, God’s expectations, to what degree God shall work man, what stature he must reach to satisfy God, he is able to see such things clearly. At this point, when he serves God and bears witness to God, what he says and what he does are principled, appropriate, and achieve the best results. This is how one succeeds in belief in God.


Peter experienced hundreds of trials and refinement to finally attain the knowledge of God, to become someone who truly loves God, therefore God said that Peter is a piece of fruit, a kind of first ripe fruit, one of those men ultimately perfected by God’s management plan. When man believes in God to the degree in which Peter did so, this is the standard which will bring the most comfort and satisfaction to God. Peter’s perfection was the result of hundreds of trials. Is the path we must travel to experience the judgment and chastisement of God of the last days not the same path that Peter also traveled? It is the path to experience God’s judgment and chastisement, and also the path to experience hundreds of trials and refinement. This is the path we must walk; do you see clearly now? What do you stand to gain by experiencing judgments and chastisements? God has spoken so many words to mankind, so what does He want to make perfect in mankind? In the beginning, it was cleansing, constant cleansing, to allow man to know himself and shake off his corrupt disposition. Once some of that has been shaken off, man gains some knowledge of God. Once man has gained some knowledge of what God has and is, he continues to strive upward, to live out and to implement the truth, to carry out deeds in accordance with truths and principles, to fulfill his duties in accordance with God’s requirements, and to be human in accordance with God’s demands. In the end, once such experiences reach a certain point, once man has attained these truths that God demands of man, once man has entered into these realities, once man has been equipped with them, what will man then feel? “It is so good to have gained truth, now I know the value of truths. So, this is how it feels to have accepted truths as my life.” Living in accordance with Satan’s philosophy and with Satan’s nature, man is suffering, in pain, tortured, tormented, without any peace or joy on the inside. His conscience is always making accusations, he is always aggrieved. What does it bring when man lives in accordance with Satan’s philosophy? It brings pain, bondage, oppression, angst, and no chance of release. Isn’t that how it feels? Doesn’t Satan’s philosophy teach people to live for themselves, to live for the enjoyment of the flesh, to live for fame and fortune, to live for vanity? The unbelievers are happy when they profit from living in accordance with such things, yet why, when we live our lives based on Satan’s philosophy and Satan’s rules and logic, do we suffer such pain, such darkness, such oppression, and such bondage on the inside, without any release? What is the matter? Have you pondered such things?

Tell me, those with gluttonous, full bellies who are idle all day long, do they have peace and joy inside? They find no words to fellowship the truth; how can they have any joy? What feeling is this? Shame, which is even worse than being in poverty. Poverty is to be poor, which isn’t that bad, yet to be without truth is truly shameful, is it not? For some, when they greet their brothers and sisters, they first smile and welcome their brothers and sisters, then give a friendly nod, but after that? Others say to them “Hello,” they also say “Hello,” and that is all, they have no words to fellowship the truth. Others ask, “How many years have you believed in God?” They do a count in their head—over ten years, which embarrasses them, “I shouldn’t tell them that I have believed in God for over ten years, I’d better say I’ve only believed for one, two years.” It’s a very shameful thing to have believed in God for over ten years and have nothing to say. If they have already believed in God for over twenty years, then it would be even worse, even more embarrassing for them. So, they lie, “I have believed in God for two or three years.” This is a lie, this is not acceptable, yet it is also shameful to tell the truth. All of this is shameful. Can one have joy without having gained the truth? Furthermore, when things happen to them, they only know to stare blankly, with a dazed look on their face, not knowing what to do, unable to grasp the principles, without any paths in whatever they do. They struggle on the inside, which is equally shameful, is this not so? If one has no paths when fulfilling one’s duties, can one have any paths in being human? To fulfill one’s duties is the basis for being human. If one is unable to even fulfill one’s duties as the created, then talk of being human rings hollow. To fulfill one’s duties is the most fundamental thing. As the created, if you are unable to even fulfill your duties, then you do not deserve to be called human. How can you then talk about being human? Therefore, without truth, not only are there no paths for you to be human, what’s most pitiful is that you do not even know how to do service. Your service is even not up to standard.

Some are chosen to be leaders, and they become happy, “Now I am the leader, which means that I am quite good, that I am better than others. Why have they not chosen others, why have they chosen me?” Once they take on the work of a leader, once they attempt to fulfill their duties, they are unable to find a path, “How do I lead? What should I do?” Others tell them, “Solve problems.” “What problems? Isn’t everything just fine? There is no problem.” What problem is it to not find any problems? Is this not blindness? Tell me, how can a blind person lead? What are the challenges and issues the church needs to solve? What are the challenges of God’s chosen people? Where are God’s chosen people getting stuck in entering into life? Why do some people have a negative attitude? Why are some people befuddled when dealing with things in their duties? Why do some people follow rules? Regarding such issues, all they can do is to stare blankly with no solutions. They have been chosen to lead, yet they are unable to do the work. Do such people have the truth? They have no truth; such people are blind, and they have no knowledge of God. Are they not the blind leading the blind? “If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch,” that is the outcome. This concept of someone being “blind,” what is it? Such a person is unable to see any issues, he has not a single iota of truth inside of him, he is an utter blank. Those with no truth are blind. If one’s physical eyes have issues and are unable to see the path, that is blindness; if one’s spiritual eyes are blind, what issue is that? If one does not have truth, can one have any eyes in one’s spirit? If there are no eyes in one’s spirit, then he is in trouble, for he shall not be able to accomplish anything. Can you understand what I am telling you? Certainly, there are some who are unable to understand. Those unable to understand truths being fellowshiped are those who do not understand the spirit. Can those who do not understand the spirit have eyes? If this person has no eyes in his spirit, it is even more troublesome. Look at the church with over one hundred people, when it comes time to choose someone to lead, to find someone who understands the spirit, to look for someone who understands the truth, none can be found. In the end, when choosing people to lead, we have to make do with who are available, yet none of these could accomplish anything after they have been chosen. What is the issue here? There are many who believe in God, yet very few who truly understand the truth. Some might say, “Is it really that difficult to understand the truth?” Is it difficult to understand the truth? Is it more difficult than going to university? If a few dozen people are studying at a university, most are able to understand what they are studying. If those not as talented put in some hard work, then they can still at least score a few points, so that they aren’t completely clueless. On the path to pursuing the truth, there are many who believe in God, yet very few of them have gained the truth. This shows that to believe in God is much more difficult than studying at a university, is that not the case? If you don’t believe me, go take a theology class, and ask “What is an honest person?” They have an answer, yet it is not a living answer, it is an answer that is inflexible and fixed. Simply memorize the answer, and give this answer when asked, and that shall be it—you have graduated from theology. They are mere rules, knowledge, and reasoning, you can understand them all once you have studied them, and you shall pass once you have memorized them all. However, to understand the truths, can you obtain results from memorizing texts? Are talents such as a photographic memory and the ability to remember all the text once you’ve read it and give a lecture thereafter enough to gain the truth? The truth cannot be gained through the same method used for studying.

Then how can one gain the truth? One must experience God’s judgment and chastisement. If you have not experienced God’s judgment and chastisement, you shall not gain the truth. After experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, once man encounters God’s words, once man has read them, pondered them, thought about them, and made comparisons with himself, he becomes upset on the inside. With the “satanic disposition” and “satanic nature” mentioned in the words of God, as well as “beasts,” “non-humans,” “without any humanity,” “walking dead,” “without sense,” “without conscience,” “selfishness and despicableness,” once these words have been compared with oneself, can one feel good? One is filled with bitterness and pain. Man ponders, “Is this not the case? Am I not a beast? I am selfish, despicable, without any understanding of God’s will, always considering only my own flesh and my own outcome, never considering the righteous disposition of God. God’s righteous disposition is judgment, it is chastisement, it is elimination, it is a curse. If God did not do such things, these results could never be realized in man, and God’s heart could never be satisfied. To allow the flesh to be satisfied, to break God’s heart, this is being selfish and despicable.” You only cared about satisfying your own flesh while dealing with God in an offhand manner, yet you want God to be satisfied with you and praise you. Is this not trying to force God to act? When you try to force others to act and no one pays attention to you, you are being unreasonable; when you try to force God to act, it is outrageous, it is not treating God as God, it is disobedience, it is even belittling and shaming God. Once the truths have revealed the facts, man suffers much pain in his heart. After suffering such pain, man arrives at an understanding of the things that he has done, “I was happy with myself earlier and I felt good. Now that I see the facts and the truths, I realize I have no sense, I am blind, without any understanding of God’s will, inconsiderate of how God feels, and yet I thought that I was living well. How ignorant I was!” After knowing himself, if a man truly has conscience and sense, if he is someone who truly loves the truth, should he not change the way that he lives? He must live in accordance with God’s demands, be able to accept God’s words and the words of judgment and chastisement, rely on and face these facts in order to obey God, and practice in accordance with God’s demands. Such men, every time they are faced with judgment and chastisement, have some true repentance, they have some true entry, and ultimately attain some transformation. Once they have received more judgment and chastisement, more of their corrupt disposition is shaken off, without them knowing it. Their life entry is more and more real; and in the end they attain the result of living out God’s words. Thereby God’s heart is satisfied, and God’s heart is comforted. Once God sees that you have transformed, that you practice in accordance with God’s words, that you have somewhat satisfied God, God’s wrath would thus dissipate, and God would then smile down at you. At this point, God becomes somewhat satisfied with you, because He sees that you have life entry, and then what is the work God performs on you? God wants to give you a taste of sweetness, therefore He would sometimes guide you, move you, and work on you. Once He has worked on you, even though your eyes do not see God, you can feel it, “God has shown grace to me, God has blessed me in this matter. God is satisfied. I saw God guiding me. God is miraculous. God is too real. Don’t think that I can’t see God, I can feel God. This is an authentic feeling from the spirit.”


A man comes to know God through undergoing His judgment and chastisement, which means he has hit the mark in undergoing His judgment and chastisement, and has achieved the best result. If man undergoes God’s judgment and chastisement without coming to know God, is this experience qualified? He who treats God’s words of judgment and chastisement as if they are common words or reads them with an unclear mind does not truly undergo God’s judgment and chastisement. This person doesn’t grasp God’s will, and doesn’t try to figure out the meaning of God’s word. He doesn’t try to figure out why God’s word says what it says, what truth it expresses, what aspects of God’s disposition it represents, or what fruits it achieves. The essence of words of the truth expressed by God embodies God’s disposition; it is all that God has and all that God is. What comes upon man is judgment and chastisement to man. As man has gained understanding, he will cast off his corruptions and submit to God. Moreover, living his life in accordance with God’s words, he will live out what God has and is and the image of truth step by step. When a person reaches this point in his experience, he attains the knowledge of God. This is what it is like to truly undergo God’s judgment and chastisement, not to go through the motions. What about a person who has read God’s word but doesn’t try to figure it out, doesn’t think deeply about it, and ultimately gets nothing out of it? Does he undergo God’s judgment and chastisement? No, this is following a process, thus fulfilling God’s words: “[T]hen I say that you are one who is trying to evade judgment.” Is he who evades God’s judgment and chastisement qualified to inherit God’s promises? No, he is not qualified; he will be eliminated. Why does this person evade God’s judgment and chastisement? Why does he go through the motions and try to fool God like this? What is the cause of this behavior? When he undergoes God’s judgment and chastisement, why doesn’t this process be fruitful for him? When I dealt with and pruned some people, some of them really had some transformations. They shed tears and felt genuine remorse. They knew themselves from the heart, and found the reason why they were dealt with and pruned. At last, they came to know their own nature, and then repented. Why, ultimately, does a person like this submit to God and attain transformation? Why is it that other people, who from the outside seem to have already undergone God’s judgment and chastisement, have not made the slightest change? What is the root cause of this? For the most part, this kind of person hates the truth and is not interested in the truth. He acknowledges that God’s word is truth and that dealing with and pruning him is right. But because he hates the truth, he doesn’t accept the truth in his heart, and merely accepts the truth verbally. Therefore, when he faces dealing and pruning, he will not seek the truth, nor will he reflect upon himself. This kind of behavior cannot produce true repentance, and afterward, he will not have any real changes. Most people are like this. This is similar to when you deal with and prune him, but he thinks to himself, “You aren’t God. I won’t listen to you. But I will not resist externally, because if I resist on the outside, everyone will know that I don’t listen, and that’s no good. So I’ll say, ‘Sure, I’ll accept, you were right to deal with me, brother.’ But afterward, I will still do what I’m supposed to do. Next time around, I’ll be smarter, and I’ll make it impossible for you to discover my mistakes and attempt to deal with me. That’s how I’ll do it!” Is this not the evasion of judgment? When reading God’s words, you escape like this; when facing dealing and pruning, you also escape, evade, ignore, run away from, and passively resist it. As a result, you will miss each chance for God to perfect you. Ultimately, God will hate you, He will detest and cast you away, and you will lose the work of the Holy Spirit. When encountering trials and refinement, judgment and chastisement, dealing and pruning, you choose to deceive and fool God by employing the methods of evasion, escape, negative resistance and ignorance. This means you will miss God’s opportunities of perfecting you. God looks deep into the bottom of your heart. He’ll say: “This person, he’s beyond saving. He’s finished. He does not love the truth. I’ll set this one aside for now, and when My work is done, I’ll treat him like an unbeliever, and he will perish alongside the other unbelievers!” Are there a lot of these people? (So many.) This is the situation of all who have believed in God for many years without ever attaining truth. In their hearts, they hate the truth. That’s why they do like this. They choose to run away from God’s judgment and chastisement over and over again, escaping from it, evading it, ignoring it, going through the motions. Ultimately, they will ruin themselves. God’s every instance of trials, judgment and chastisement, dealing and pruning is the opportunity to perfect man, but people miss or run away from these opportunities, or just go through the motions. At that time, they were conceited and snorted, “If you intend to deal with and prune me, judge and chastise me, I’ll just keep hiding and running away. This is how I deal with it. You want to make me face hardships. I refuse to suffer!” You think too highly of yourself. What will happen in the end? You’ll forfeit yourself! One day, if you are cast aside into disaster, you’ll weep and grind your teeth and you’ll regret everything, but at that point, your regret will be useless!

When an honest person or a person who loves the truth faces dealing and pruning, he cries bitterly and repents. He despises himself, curses himself. Some people will think to themselves, “What a fool! This person is too honest. Everyone who accepts and submits to the truth is a fool. How could I possibly be as foolish as they are?” One day, we’ll all know who the real fool is. Followers of Christ will ask a person, “How many affairs have you had?” “I’ve had quite a few.” Some will hear him and think to themselves: “What a fool. I haven’t spoken about my affairs to anyone. Do they really think they can get me to reveal my secrets simply by asking me? People like you, who reveal their secrets when asked, these people are idiots!” Who’s exactly the real idiot? Just look at which one God will approve in the end. Is he stupid? It is the simple, open man who will receive God’s promises. Doesn’t this fulfill God’s word? The Lord Jesus said, “Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Those who enter the kingdom of heaven are simple and open. They are honest men, and they bear the likeness of small children. If you take the comprehension of small children to be foolish and naive, is this not a misinterpretation of the truth? Is this not acting like a smart aleck? Do you dare to say that to become like a child is to become like a fool? “God’s will is for us to become a fool. Only fools can enter the kingdom of heaven. If we’re smart, if we’re not like a little child, we will not able to enter the kingdom of heaven.” Are there some who receive it like this? Is this not absurd? If this is how you comprehend God’s word, then you will never be able to enter into the truth. You are dishonoring the truth, trampling it, and toying with it. If you do not hold the truth in high regard, embrace and value the truth, you will never be able to attain it. If a person regards people who practice the truth as fools, is he truly intelligent? He only thinks he’s intelligent. He’s nothing more than a con man feigning true intelligence.

There are so many people who don’t know how to undergo God’s judgment and chastisement, then what is judgment after all? Let’s read God’s words. “In the last days, Christ uses a variety of truths to teach man, to expose the essence of man, and to dissect the words and deeds of man. These words comprise various truths.” God’s words of judgment do not comprise a single facet of the truth; the truth in God’s words of judgment is multi-faceted. They contain many truths, “such as man’s duty, how man should obey God, how man should be loyal to God, how man ought to live out normal humanity, as well as the wisdom and the disposition of God, and so on. These words are all directed at the essence of man and his corrupt disposition. In particular, the words that expose how man spurns God are spoken in regard to how man is an embodiment of Satan, and an enemy force against God.” When God expresses the truth, what is the truth aimed against? The truth aims to three aspects: man’s essence, man’s corrupt disposition, and how man is an embodiment of Satan and an enemy force against God. What is the purpose? The purpose is to resolve these three issues: first, to resolve man’s essence, second, to resolve man’s corrupt disposition, and third, to resolve man as an embodiment of Satan and an enemy force against God. Once these issues are resolved, a person can transform the disposition of his life. This is how God purifies and perfects a person. If you look at the process of perfection, you’ll see that this includes purification, and that within this process of purification, there is also perfection. Does this purification lead people to attain transformation? When this purification is finished, in what ways will a person change? The words of a person who can be purified contain the reality of positive things, do they not? Are they not the truth? These words are the truth, thus they contain the reality of positive things and the nature of truth itself. And so the truth can purify a person, while simultaneously perfecting him. Obtaining purity and perfection is what it truly means to be saved! With one sentence, to become purified is to cast aside the corrupt satanic disposition. What is the reality of positive things? Living out normal humanity. Living out the reality that normal humanity should possess that God asks of man: Be an honest person, fulfill one’s duty loyally, submit to the work of God, have love for God in one’s heart, and honor God as great. This is the reality of positive things. When God does the work of judgment, His goal is to achieve this fruit. This is the work of judgment. This is the judgment of God. In the Age of Law and the Age of Grace, although God spoke some words of revelation of mankind, these cannot be classified as God’s judgment of man, nor is it the work of God’s judgment done in that age. Why do I say this? This is because these revelations do not meet the standards for judgment. Judgment is more than mere revelations, for true judgment must attain the fruits of purification and perfection. People will come to know their own corrupt substance and the truth about their corruption. People can cast aside the satanic disposition, come to know God, and attain the fruits of submitting to God. This kind of revelation is true judgment. If these fruits are not attained, only the occasional revelation is not enough to amount to judgment. It does not meet the standards for judgment. Do you understand?

Let’s look at the following words of God: “In undertaking His work of judgment, God does not simply make clear the nature of man with a few words.” In the Age of Law and the Age of Grace, God’s revelations were merely a few words. It was not enough to constitute the work of judgment. Because of this, God said that this was not the work of judgment. And so, here God was not judging men, but leading men and making demands of men. In the Age of Law, God also needed to make a few revelations when leading men. In the Age of Grace, there is also necessity to make a few revelations for God to redeem men. This was because the Pharisees resisted Jesus too frenziedly, and it was necessary for Him to expose them and make these revelations. However, these revelations were no more than a few sentences. He did not say much because he did not intend to save the Pharisees. Therefore, it does not amount to God’s judgment of man. You must understand this! What is judgment after all? “In undertaking His work of judgment, God does not simply make clear the nature of man with a few words; He exposes, deals with, and prunes over the long term.” What does this include? Revealing, dealing and pruning, expressing the truth necessary to His judgment of man. Besides, all of this could be completely fruitful. This can be called the work of judgment. A few revelations are not enough to lead people into purification or perfection, but only to cause people to understand themselves, reflect upon themselves, and avoid doing something. The result of this can only constitute a warning, nothing more. “These methods of exposure, dealing, and pruning cannot be substituted with ordinary words, but with the truth of which man is utterly bereft. Only methods such as these can be called judgment.” This means that there is another standard of judgment, that is, truth must be used to judge mankind. Only this is judgment. If ordinary words are used for revelation, dealing, and pruning, this is not judgment. There is a difference between them. To make a real-life example, if dealing and pruning occurs without the word of God but with man’s words instead, which only contain human conceptions, human will, human ideas, human perspectives, and human knowledge. Can this be called dealing and pruning? This is not dealing and pruning; this is merely the reproaches and exhortations of mankind. But when the word of God is contained in dealing and pruning, the truth is used, and the reality of the views from God’s word is elicited to reveal you, after you heed the revelations, you’ll feel that it’s completely in accord with God’s word and the truth. This is dealing and pruning based upon God’s word. This kind of dealing and pruning is valuable and bears different fruits. These fruits can make people convinced and people could easily accept it from God. “We must accept and obey! This dealing and pruning comes from God, from the Holy Spirit. If we disobey or resist, this is not submitting to the truth, this is resisting God!” When we understand what judgment is, what constitutes dealing and pruning from God, this makes it easy for us to distinguish what comes from God, and what comes from man. You must grasp this!


Only methods such as these can be called judgment.” What kinds of methods? “These methods of exposure, dealing, and pruning cannot be substituted with ordinary words, but with the truth of which man is utterly bereft. Only methods such as these can be called judgment; only through judgment of this kind can man be subdued and thoroughly convinced into submission to God, and moreover gain true knowledge of God.” True judgment can bear several aspects of fruit: First, it subdues people, second, it convinces people into submission to God, and third, it enables people to obtain a true understanding of God. This “true knowledge” is not the understanding and acknowledgment of letters and doctrines, but means gaining life, the spiritual life. That little bit of understanding is more valuable than gold! Through countless experiences of dealing and pruning, judgment and chastisement, a leader attains perfection and an understanding of God. His words are with the truth and reality, and convince people. Tell me, what exactly is this kind of person worth? There is no price. The person is a priceless treasure! When the world is destroyed, this person must remain. This person is most precious, and having just one person like this is good enough. Can the value of such a person be measured in money? Isn’t it in accordance with the fact that he is more precious than gold? In the hearts of men, this person may possess little value at all, but in God’s mind, he is valuable. What God considers valuable, now that is true significance! This is the truth. From God’s point of view, the entire world isn’t worth a single penny, but it is the people perfected by God that are truly valuable. For God, the destruction of the world and the creation of planets are small deeds that can be accomplished in a word. But the perfection of a man isn’t a simple matter of a few words. God has to say quite a lot in His six-thousand-year management plan! Today, there are valuable people who possess truth and reality among our brothers and sisters. Some brothers and sisters say: “How is it that we don’t have even a single person in our church who truly understands God? If we had a person with the reality of the truth, we could benefit a lot, and we could attain more of truth and life! If a person who understands the truth was a leader in our church, we would be truly blessed, we would enjoy more of God’s grace!” I hope that churches everywhere have a true leader or worker whose sermons and fellowship have the reality of the truth, and who can use the truth to solve real problems within the church. If each church has one such person, it is enough, though two is better, and three is ideal. However, most churches have no such person. Whereas if a church has someone who can communicate the truth and the word of God, then the brothers and sisters will reap benefits each time they gather together. And so, if a church has just one good leader in possession of the reality of the truth, God’s chosen people will benefit considerably from the leader. God’s chosen people experience the work of God in the same way; if they have a good leader, their experience of God’s work will be better, more complete, and it will be more beneficial for them. When the brothers and sisters encounter a problem, they will benefit from the fellowship of someone who understands the truth. While others may have experienced God’s work without having someone communicate the truth to them, they will achieve nothing no matter how many things they have experienced. With no one to guide them, no one to water them and lead them, God’s chosen people are unable to experience God’s work. Although these people have been believers for several years, they will make little progress. No wonder that nowadays some God’s chosen people hate the false leaders and antichrists so much. “It is you, the false leaders and antichrists, who do great harm to us. You only speak of words and doctrines, there is not the faintest reality of truth in your words. Your words cannot resolve even the smallest of problems and simplest of questions. You’ve deceived and harmed us for far too long. Some of you would even try to steal God’s offerings. Tell me, what are the qualifications to enjoy the grace of God? Do you yourselves meet them? You people are nothing but parasites.” Do you hate these false leaders and antichrists? Without doing any real work, these people only covet the blessing of status. They do nothing but incite our detestation, hatred and disgust. Does God enjoy these false leaders and antichrists? God despises these people even more than we do. Instead, God blesses those who pursue the truth. Although a person of small stature might not be able to do God’s work, God will love him if he genuinely pursues the truth. Some people may seem to be pursuing truth from an outside perspective, but they have no progress, nor do they reap even the faintest of benefits. These people are troublesome. Next, let us read God’s words below: “The work of judgment allows man to gain much understanding of the will of God, of the purpose of God’s work, and of the mysteries that are incomprehensible to him. It also allows man to recognize and know his corrupt substance and the roots of his corruption, as well as to discover the ugliness of man. These effects are all brought about by the work of judgment, for the substance of this work is actually the work of opening up the truth, the way, and the life of God to all those who have faith in Him. This work is the work of judgment done by God.” What is judgment? The passage above makes it completely clear. How does God’s judgment bear these aspects of fruit for men? Where is the root cause? Most importantly: “[F]or the substance of this work is actually the work of opening up the truth, the way, and the life of God to all those who have faith in Him.” God does the work of judgment to completely reveal the essence of all His truth, His way, and His life. Is the work of judgment simple? Are there principles to the work of God’s judgment? It is not a simple matter of revealing, dissecting and speaking a few words. Rather, God wants to open up His truth, His way, His life, and what He has and is to His believers. In what context are the words of the truth, the way, and the life revealed? When God exposes and dissects the corrupt essence of man; when God makes requirements of man; when God opens up in accordance with man’s needs. As a result, God’s work of judgment can bear a multi-faceted fruit. Is this achievable through ordinary language? No, it will always be impossible. This is because God does the work of judgment through expression of the truth. So it is able to bear fruit during a few years, and can conquer man. At the beginning, when it was the trial of the service-doers, God revealed some of His mysteries. After gazing upon His mysteries, people prostrated themselves on the ground and became obedient and orderly. Within their heart, some revealed this corruption, some revealed that corruption, but their mouths did not express it. The next time God uttered the words, once people’s corruption was revealed by God, these people cried and wailed, saying, “What God says is about me, it is exactly what is in my heart.” Another said he also thought this way. Man’s innermost mind and thoughts are all revealed. At this time, what men can experience for themselves the deepest is: “God sees into the depths of our hearts. This is true indeed! We can’t speak what is in our bones. Even our minds do not know, but it does exist, and it is God who reveals it completely. Truly He is God! Truly what He says is God’s word!” Because they were whole-heartedly convinced of God’s words, so, even though they are being the service-doers, they did not dare to run away or complain. They at last willingly decided to be service-doers and submit to God. God is so almighty! Isn’t this the result of expressing the truth? The fruits of expressing the truth are indeed magnificent! It’s no wonder that with people teaching other people, there were no changes, even over the course of 6,000 years. But when God teaches people through His judgment, people will change after just one year. Since He announced the word to humans, humanity transformed over the course of a few decades and centuries. In order to perfect you, God will make never-ending disasters and trials befall you so as to help you attain perfection faster. Isn’t this so?


Now that we know what God’s judgment is, could you sum this up in your own words? After the word of God is communicated, you must first learn to use your own words, experiences, and understanding to testify that God’s words are the truth. Only then can you witness God. You must practice like this. If you are unable to witness God, it means that you don’t understand Him. When you can’t solve problems with the truth, it means that you don’t understand the truth. When people can’t communicate the word of God, it means that they don’t really understand God’s words. But when you truly understand the word of God, you’ll be able to communicate it to others, won’t you? Others might not be able to make it clear in a few sentences, but if you are able to make it clear in a few pages, then this means you understand the word of God. When you truly understand the word of God, you will be able to communicate the word properly and effectively, regardless of how you express it or how long it takes you. There are many methods and many languages for communicating God’s word. Some people who fellowship about the word of God don’t know what to say or can’t find the words, why? It’s because they do not understand the word of God. If you understand it, won’t you be able to communicate it? Some will say, “I do understand it, I know it in my heart, I just can’t express it in words.” But is this reasonable? If you understand something in your heart, you’ll be able to express it. However, there are different levels of understanding. When we use human words to explain, perceptual understanding in its initial stage is several types of awareness. At the base level is perception, at the next level is perceptual understanding, and the level after that is rational understanding. These are the three levels of understanding. When there is merely perception, what you have to say can be expressed through fragmentary words. However, this is not the rational understanding. It is not the language of understanding but rather the language of perception. This kind of language, which makes frequent use of adjectives, utilizes a certain sort of language and vocabulary to express feelings. This is called perception. Perceptual understanding is the basic level of understanding, and as such, it is not a very deep understanding. However, you can still use language to express it, which is easier to express than perception. Once you have deeper perceptual experience, once your understanding increases and you understand it completely, you will reach the level of true understanding. This is rational understanding, a level at which you can use accurate, explicit words and language to express it. This rational understanding is truly powerful, and it can be used to witness God. People do have awareness. In addition to reading the word of God, you have a few years of life experience. As such, you must at least have a simple degree of awareness, no? When you believe in God and attain truth, what is this awareness like? First of all, you can see some things clearly and can discern all kinds of people, and you can discern some things. You can understand the wickedness of the world and of this age, you can see clearly the degree to which man is corrupted, you can perceive the darkness within society, and you can have penetration into small matters. You have discernment toward all of this in your heart. How did you achieve this? You learned of it from the revelation of the word of God. You can gain penetration into a lot of phenomena and manifestations through the revelation of God’s word. As you see through them, you will gain this awareness. With this awareness, you’ll know how to handle all things. You’ll know how to deal with all kinds of people and what principles you should adhere to in dealing with people and in your duties. After you are clear about these, in all things, you’ll have a path to follow and a set of principles to practice. You will know what to do to be after the will of God. When you do this correctly and do things according to the truth, your heart will be filled with happiness and joy. You will feel like you’ve grown up and become sensible. However, if you defy the truth and violate these principles, you will suffer in heart, your conscience will suffer reproach and accusation, and you will feel regret. You will pray to God that you want to repent, despise yourself, and swear to God. In some matters, you can’t handle them well or see them through, but you will be able to seek God, rely on Him, receive His guidance, and accept His observation. Once you reach this point, you will no longer feel pent-up. You will no longer suffer so much, you will no longer dwell in darkness. Rather, you will feel bright inside. Afterward, as you practice the truth or see some things, you will see that there is always a path to follow, you will feel liberated and free within your heart. You don’t feel much dark or bound but free, liberated and happy; it is the feeling of attaining the truth, is it not? This is the feeling of life. What about the awareness of someone without truth? Their minds will always be in darkness. They will not be able to see things clearly. When someone asks them a question, they won’t have an answer. They’ll be at a loss for words. This loss proves that there is a darkness inside them, and empty space where their hearts should be. When something happens to a person like this, he won’t know what to do without a path to follow. Inside, he’ll suffer tremendously, as if he has some kind of dark, oppressive cloud over his head. This pain is like being bound. This person is neither free nor liberated, not in the least. Unbelievers describe this as having no path to live by! And this pain will always remain in his heart. This pain will emerge whenever he faces something. Isn’t this suffering terrible? When this happens, he’ll wonder, “Brothers and sisters, can anyone help me resolve this? I hope one of my brothers or sisters can fellowship with me and guide me toward the right path. Quick, find a leader or worker, find a pursuer of the truth, there’s no way out of the mess I’m in. It’s dark here, and I’m in so much pain!” That’s all that he is thinking. This is perception of someone who has not attained the truth. Without life, he will always sink into suffering. He will be in pain whenever he faces things, and once the pain begins, there is no end, one thing after another—this is the suffering of those without truth. Some people say, “Is it really that painful to live without truth? How can unbelievers not always be aware of their suffering?” If you want to know, go ask a beast if it feels like it is suffering. A pig rolls around in the mud; does it feel suffering? No, it loves it! What about a dog eating trash? Does it feel pain? It doesn’t feel pain, it’s happy to eat trash! That’s why it’s called a beast. A beast doesn’t possess the awareness that normal humanity has. It’s the same with a person who enjoys sinning or taking advantage of others. He feels joy. After he sins, he finds it easy to say, “I haven’t suffered any losses today. Today, I’ve gained once again.” He feels very satisfied. What’s the problem? Isn’t he also a beast? He doesn’t have a human spirit. And whenever he gains an advantage at someone’s expense, he’ll be happy. Moreover, if he gains a big advantage, he’ll be happy for days. Not just happy, he’ll drink and celebrate his success. Is this man not a beast? A beast is without awareness. Do you think that today, the proportion of beasts among humans is very high? There are so many people who are reincarnated by beasts. They are not aware of their sins. They do not suffer from this, and instead feel enjoyment.

Where does truth come from? The word of God is truth, and when we finish reading it, we can arrive at an understanding of God’s word through experiencing His word, and we can come to clearly understand the truth. This understanding of truth surpasses all forms of scientific knowledge and all kinds of intellectual theories. Truth is superior to all things! How does truth transcend everything? It is precisely because truth comes from God, God created all things, who has controlled all things from ancient times until today. Everything is within God’s grasp, for God is the ruler of all things, He is the Creator! And so, God perceives everything with the most accuracy, veracity and actuality. His word is the truth, the highest of all life’s aphorisms. No knowledge and scientific theories devised by corrupt humans can surpass the words of God or transcend truth. Don’t you think truth is valuable? Truth is the most valuable thing! Those who comprehend the truth are the most elevated humans on the earth. If they travel to another planet, they will still be superior, and if they go to heaven, they will also be qualified creations of God. A creation who understands the truth is a qualified creation, a more elevated creation! And what does God promise to people who understand and love Him? “Those who love God can walk freely throughout the world, and those who testify of God can travel across the universe.” What does this mean? Among God’s creations, those who understand and love God are most glorious and elevated, and they will prosper throughout the entire universe. This means that people who understand God are the worthiest and most valuable ones of all and are qualified creatures. God does the work of judgment in the last days to perfect mankind, and your perfection will make you a qualified creation. Then, you will be entitled to God’s promises and blessings. Is this not the greatest honor a creation of God can receive? In the past, we thought it would be an honor to be a soldier, an officer or have standing. Now we know these things aren’t honor at all. They are disgraceful and shameful. What is the true glory? Understanding and loving God, becoming a qualified creation of God, and being able to serve Him and bear witness to Him. This is true glory, this is honor. When you look at a person who understands the truth and has the reality, you’ll find that he is always happy, free and liberated. When he sees something happen in the world, what does he think? His thoughts are in accordance with the will of God. He has detached himself from worldly affairs, he does not fear death, and calmly faces it, for he has great faith that all is in God’s hands. But if a person fears death, it proves that he does not have faith in God, that he has not escaped from death and that he has not gained life, because the realm in which he dwells is the wrong one. He has not yet reached the higher plane. Isn’t the most glorious thing to pursue the truth and understanding of God? This is a true blessing!


Some are willing to pursue the truth, yet why are they unable to walk the path? Where are they stuck? Has this problem ever entered your mind? There are now many who see that they do not possess the reality of the truth when performing their duty, and they are unable to grasp the principles. I keep showing the way to them, pruning and dealing with them, and they themselves are impatient and anxious, yet they are unable to achieve any results. They know that without the truth, they are unable to fulfill their duty well, and when they stray from the truth it is as if they are wading in mud. They detest themselves for not pursuing the truth before, and now they are unsuccessful in doing anything. They think: “I am not a useful person. I’m so cultured, so why am I unable to succeed in performing my duty in God’s house? Why am I unable to meet the expectations of God?” They are befuddled. There are so many who have abandoned everything for God. These people have given up everything and have expended themselves for God. They are determined to pursue and gain the truth, to become one of the qualified created beings, to be able to meet God’s expectations and fulfill their duty so they feel like they have not wasted their lives. If they are able to achieve this, no amount of suffering is too much, yet how come they are unable to achieve any results when performing their duty? Why are their efforts futile? Have you found its source? Some might say: “I know, it is because they have no truth.” Then how do you pursue truth; how do you strive to be better? When I shared a passage of God’s words in fellowship, someone said: “I understand.” “If you understand, then tell me, what have you learned?” He was unable to tell me. “Then what did I talk about earlier? Have I talked about certain principles?” “Yes, you have.” “If I talked about these things, why can’t you remember? Did you not hear what I said, or did you not understand?” When we read God’s words and have fellowship in God’s words, some understand: “So, this is what God meant when He said these words. Just a few words in fellowship with you made such a difference, and it seems we have learned much. Before, I only had a general idea, but now I truly understand.” If you have truly understood what’s been said, you must practice by sharing it with others, and articulate the meaning that you have understood to others in your own way, and paths will open up before you. The key is that, if you only have the understanding in your heart but you never share it with others, then after a few days, you will no longer possess this understanding. Even if you want to talk about it, you will be unable to. You have only attained this understanding, but if you never articulate it, you will still be confused in the end. When you still have the understanding, why don’t you hold onto this light, hold onto this principle, jot it down in your notebook to ponder later, and apply it in your experiences, and verify it? Once it has been verified, you will say: “My understanding has now broadened. I am also able to supplement a few things myself, making my fellowship richer than the brother. Now I can try to express it myself.” Once it has been shared in fellowship during a gathering, after everyone has listened to it, they might say: “Quite good. This understanding of yours is correct, and your way of understanding it is good. You have truly grasped this principle, whereas I have failed to grasp it before.” Once it has been shared in fellowship, paths open up for everyone. This is growth, and this is the attainment of experience and knowledge. Simply attain more experience and knowledge in this way, and you will slowly grasp all the principles. After that, once you have shared it in fellowship again and you have supplemented my experience and understanding with a few things of your own, that which you have gained will become even richer. You have received my understanding and then added your own, which means that you should now have more than I. If this is the case, will you now be able to begin to experience in this way?

God said, “Do you understand now what is judgment and what is truth? If you do, then I exhort you to submit obediently to being judged.” As for “[i]f you do,” some might say: “Don’t you have to complete your experience before you can truly understand?” You must first understand God’s words; after you have gained an understanding, then you can go on to have practical experience. After you have that experience, then the knowledge that you have gained will become a real understanding of the truth. Then you will know what God’s judgment is, and you will be clear on the process of God’s work of judgment as well as the fruit it is intended to bear. You will also have achieved better clarity on the significance of this fruit. So, understanding these things is understanding what? You have already gained an understanding of the literal meaning of “what is judgment and what is truth,” but what should you do after gaining that clarity? In God’s words, He says: “If you do, then I exhort you to submit obediently to being judged, otherwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God or to be brought by Him into His kingdom.” What is the meaning of these words? That this is the last opportunity—that from the creation of the world until the end of this age, there is only this one opportunity. That is, this opportunity of God’s judgment and chastisement of mankind in the last days is the only opportunity for humans to be commended by God. Tell me, have religious circles seized this opportunity? They are living in this age along with us, so why have they not seized this opportunity? It is because when God is expressing the truth and performing the work of judgment, they do not accept it. They live within their religion but they have not lived within our church. They have never experienced the work of God, therefore they have not gained this opportunity. Here, it is said: “[O]therwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God.” What kind of work is God’s judgment and chastisement of man in the last days? It is the work of saving and perfecting mankind; it is the work of bringing these people that will gain salvation into the kingdom. One must be judged and chastised to be raptured into the kingdom of heaven. To experience the judgment and chastisement of God is to experience the practical work of the rapture of God and of being brought into the kingdom of heaven. What does it mean to be raptured into the kingdom of heaven? That is to accept God’s judgment and chastisement, to be purified, thereby to remain and to enter into the kingdom of heaven. “[O]therwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God.” What kind of person does God commend? He commends those who have experienced God’s judgment and chastisement who have been purified and perfected. Have you seen this matter clearly now? This is a vision, and you must see clearly the vision of God’s work, for this is the only opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is the only opportunity to enter into the kingdom of heaven. The Israelites experiencing God’s work were not given such an opportunity; during the two thousand years of the Age of Grace, those believing in the Lord Jesus were not given this opportunity; instead, those born in the last days who have accepted God’s work have been given this opportunity. If you miss this one, you will never have another opportunity to be commended by God. Without the opportunity to be commended by God, can you still enter into the kingdom of heaven? If that is the case, then you shall never enter, for there is only this one chance. Therefore, you must leave behind everything for this opportunity. You should leave behind your marriage, your children, your parents, your job. This is worth leaving behind anything and everything. This is worth any amount of suffering, ridicule, insult, slander, or even imprisonment, torture, and execution. Because this is the opportunity to enter into the kingdom of heaven, this is the opportunity to be purified and perfected. Some forget that this is the only opportunity to enter into the kingdom of heaven, that there is no opportunity other than this one. They are unable to see this matter clearly and they do not understand. Some might say: “I want to find a significant other, is that okay? Can I let this opportunity slip through my fingers?” Some might say: “I have been married for several years now, I should have a child. If I am to give birth to a child, will I miss this opportunity?” Some might say: “My parents are old now, they are sick, I need to fulfill my filial duties for a few years. If I am to fulfill my filial duties, will I still have this opportunity? Will I miss this chance?” Some might say: “I graduated from university, and with much difficulty, I have finally found a well-paying job. Isn’t it a shame to abandon this opportunity? If I do not abandon, will I miss this chance?” And then, some might say: “Now I have found the perfect partner; he is my Prince Charming. If I do not leave this behind and miss the opportunity, can I still be commended by God?” These all involve opportunity. Some are unable to see through this matter, they are stuck, and ultimately miss this opportunity to be perfected by God. Is this not the regret of a lifetime? This is such a pity. At this key moment in God’s work of judgment and cleansing of mankind, those looking for a spouse, a job, looking to fulfill their filial duties, or give birth to children—those people will all be branded with “regret” in the end. If you’re not clear about the truth of the vision, is it not easy to take the wrong steps and go down the wrong path? It is all too easy. Some sisters would say: “My husband cares so much about me, he truly loves me; I am unable to leave him. I won’t be able to live without his love, so I cannot leave this behind.” How about people like this? Are they wise? Is your husband’s love more great than the love of God? Is it more important than the opportunity to be perfected by God? Are they comparable? Some might say: “I have such a great job and so many people envy me. With all these people at my beck and call, I just can’t leave it behind.” Those who are so pleased with themselves for having found a job are all blind and short-sighted, only seeing whatever gains are right in front of their faces but unable to see the blessings that are everlasting. I would not take that job of yours even if it were offered to me, for it is worth nothing. Some live in a small villa and are content: “My life is so blessed.” I would not live in that villa even if it were offered to me for free, for it is worth nothing. To expend yourself for God, to experience God’s judgment and chastisement—these are the most honorable and precious things. Therefore, to be purified and perfected by God’s judgment and chastisement, to satisfy God, to be commended by God—this opportunity is too precious. For this opportunity, you should leave behind your parents, family, spouse, and children. You should leave all of them behind, with no regrets, without turning back. Only this is true confidence.

Now, let us look at these words of God: “Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified, that is, those who flee amidst the work of judgment, shall forever be detested and rejected by God.” Currently, there are many who have experienced God’s work for a decade or two yet have never gained anything. This is troublesome. Here it says, “Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified….” Those words refer to those who have never gained the truth, who are unable to shake off their corrupt disposition. Such people will always be detested and rejected by God, utterly eliminated by Him, and He will never turn back to save them. “Their sins are more numerous, and more grievous, than those of the Pharisees, for they have betrayed God and are rebels against God. Such people who are not worthy even to do service shall receive more severe punishment, a punishment that is, moreover, everlasting.” Even when experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, those who care not even a little to pursue the truth are those who God despises even more. What have they shown? Their corrupt disposition has not changed, they continue to be arrogant, do whatever pleases them, misbehave, and deceive those above and delude those below. They are unable to change such behaviors or shake them off, and this will be the end of them. For some, no matter how the truth is shared in fellowship with them, they will never accept it. They continue to behave in the same ways without even a little bit of transformation. There has been no change to their hypocrisy, their lying, their arrogance, offhandedness in handling matters, or to their deceit of those above and below. Just these things are sufficient to show that such people “only accept judgment but can never be purified.” For some, during the first few years of performing their duty, they are arrogant, always thinking that they are right, and always do things according to their own will regardless of what others tell them. In the end, they are faced with failures and setbacks, and they are abandoned by others and are subject to elimination and replacement. After they have reflected upon themselves for a year or two, and then after being dealt with and pruned, they gain some understanding and acceptance, and they repent. Through this, they improve significantly and they listen to the things other people say that are in line with the truth, they take other people’s opinions into consideration, and accept things that others have said that are correct. When other people look down on them or judge them, they no longer resist, and they no longer take revenge on them. They have now undergone some transformations, and they are able to finally submit to the truth and adhere to principles when handling matters. Such people are those who have been purified through experiencing God’s judgment. Do not think that they were very disobedient at the beginning and judge them, for that is normal. As long as they have changed in the end, have gained the reality of the truth, are able to submit, and to handle matters in a principled way, this shows that they have been purified. Every single person needs to reflect on themselves now. Have you achieved transformation, in what ways have you transformed, in what ways have you yet to transform? If you have never achieved any transformation, if you have never resolved those glaring issues of yours, in the end, God will judge you, and say that you only accept judgment but can never be purified. You are someone who has not been purified, and this is troublesome. Should a catastrophe occur one day and you are no longer able to fulfill your duty, you will say at that time: “I have not changed, I am still willful, I am still arrogant and conceit, I have never submitted, I am unable to work with anyone, I won’t listen to anyone even if what they say is right, and even when I have been wrong I would continue to be wrong. I just won’t accept others. I have not been purified, and this is troublesome. I have not achieved any transformation.” When someone has not achieved any transformation, how can there be peace? That is impossible. If you had issues in six aspects of your life and there has been transformation in five of them with only one aspect remaining, does that count as having transformed? Let us say that you had ten problems, now eight of them have been resolved, and two remain unsolved. Does that count as having been purified? This counts as having been basically purified, with most of the issues resolved, and not just ten percent. This can be justified, and you can have some peace of mind. If you have only achieved transformation in ten percent of your issues, does that count as having been purified? No, it does not count as having been purified, and that is troublesome. You will be uneasy when catastrophe strikes; you will be living in fear. You have not gained life, and you could perish at any time. Therefore, everyone must take heed of these words: “Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified, that is, those who flee amidst the work of judgment, shall forever be detested and rejected by God.” This “flee” does not mean leaving the church and ceasing to believe in God. It refers to those who always hide from the judgment and chastisement as well as the dealing and pruning of God, who always hide and evade when faced with such matters. This refers to those who have believed in God for many years yet have not pursued the truth at all.


Some did not accept God’s work, yet they also did not abandon anything, or expend any effort for God. They have not gained the truth, which is normal, same as those unbelievers. However, you have abandoned things for God, you have expended for God, and you have suffered. The great red dragon is chasing after you from over there, while you are not pursuing the truth here, not being cleansed. Is it worth it? If you still have not gained the truth, isn’t it a shame? Yet who do you blame? Do you blame God’s house for not fellowshiping to you, or should you blame yourself for not loving the truth, not caring to pursue the truth? I feel that if men have the desire to do so, they will attain transformation, because all men know good from bad. If transformation is possible, why can you not attain transformation? Put in some effort, suffer a little, and you will attain transformation in a few months. That is not something you achieve overnight. A transformation overnight is not very great. In a few months, at most three to five months, you will be able to achieve a true transformation. Isn’t this something that you can attain? Put in the effort to attain truth. To put in the effort to attain truth does not mean for you to understand all the truths expressed in God’s words all at once, to experience all of them all at once. That is impossible, and that makes no sense. What I mean when I tell you to put in the effort in the truth is that, for every truth, for every duty, let us grasp their principles, let us carry them out in accordance with principles, aspiring to fulfill our duties. This is one way. Then, on top of this foundation, we learn to be human, be an honest person, to be able to coordinate with others, to be obedient, to not suppress others, exclude others, be envious of others, or hate others. We simply need to not have such thoughts. When others are faced with challenges, we will give them a helping hand. If others should have problems, and if these problems are something that we can solve, then we should do so. This is how we love each other. This only involves understanding others a little, fulfilling such little of our duties. Is that really this difficult? Can you not do them? You are not expending that much effort in the process, all you are doing is fulfilling some of your duties. Isn’t that easy? Why are you not able to do so? When someone else is faced with challenges, and you say, “I think that I can help,” then just have a try, fellowship a little. If you are unable to help others out through fellowshiping, you won’t lose anything. The key is that you have love for others, that you do not hate others, that you are not envious of others, and that you do no evil to others. Isn’t that right? Isn’t that the way that we should get along with others? If you genuinely pursue truths and genuinely believe in God, you will say, “I will help you if I am capable; if I cannot help you, then let us coordinate together in harmony, and fulfill our duties the best that we are able to.” You cannot fulfill your duties on your own, therefore, form a group with several others and work together to fulfill this duty. If anything should come up, you will be able to determine your path through communicating with each other. You will be able to fulfill this duty if several of you do so together.

One is to obey each other while coordinating with others, then fulfill one’s duties and obligations, to not have any attitudes that are not normal. Besides, hold onto principles when fulfilling duties. Simply do these things, and transformation will occur. Is it really that difficult to do these things? Does this require many years of hard work? Why is it so difficult for some people to be a normal person? If they are asked: “Can you not do evil to others?” they say: “That won’t work, I am bad on the inside, through and through. If I don’t do evil to others, I won’t be able to sleep. I have to be bad.” What is there for such a person to live for? Some might say: “I have to lie. If I don’t lie, I won’t be able to breath. I feel comfortable on the inside after I have lied.” What kind of a person is this? Some people use trickery when fulfilling their duties. Others ask them: “Do you not feel well? Do you have no strength?” They say: “Not really. It’s just that once I exert myself a little and sweat a little, I feel reluctant, I feel like I have been taken advantage of. When I am fulfilling my duties, if I simply sit there, do nothing and chat, I feel content, I feel that I have scored a good deal.” Such people feel that they have been taken advantage of when they exert themselves a little and sweat a little. Shouldn’t such people simply go home? Why are they wasting their time? It is probably best for them to stay home and not fulfill their duties. If we suffer a little when fulfilling our duties, we feel peace of mind and happy, we feel that we have not wasted our day, and we feel that we have not lived in vain. This is how it is to live with conscience. To live with conscience, is this an easy thing to do? This should be easy. Some people are selfish and despicable, and they only think of themselves in all things. Why can’t you not think of yourself, but instead think of others? Why do you not think of others, why must you take advantage of others? If this is something that is in your nature, then consciously challenge your own nature, to practice the truth. Do you dare take on this challenge? Say to yourself: “I have never been able to submit to the truths, but I will pay attention this time. Of all my brothers and sisters, no matter what they say, so long as it fits with the truth, so long as it is the right recommendation, I will submit to it and accept it. Let me challenge my own nature, and see what will come of it.” If you have such a determination, then you would have practiced the truths a long time ago. Is this not right? You might tell a lie, “Ah, I lied again,” but do you have the resolve to go back, take back your lie, then tell the truth? You say: “Even if I must pay a price, even if I must spend money for transportation, I will correct this corruption of mine. I am determined to challenge this nature of mine, I will persist in practicing the truth.” If you have such a resolve, it is impossible that you are unable to practice the truths. For example, let’s say that you have a craving for food, and you feel like you have to eat meat. “I will eat vegetables, I will try to not eat meat.” Do you dare to take on such a challenge? There is a nice piece of clothing that looks wonderful on someone else, and wearing it is all that is on your mind, you simply must wear it. Even if you don’t have the money to buy it, you still want to borrow it so that you can try it on. You say: “I will resolve to not wear it, even if someone else lends it to me. On the contrary, I will wear worn-out clothes. Let me see if I can fulfill my duties, pray to God, and read God’s words when wearing worn-out clothes.” Try an experiment. You say: “When others are judging me, ridiculing me, I will resolve to not resist, I will resolve to not take revenge on them, I will resolve to treat them as my brothers and sisters, I will resolve to not hate them.” Just pray to God whenever you have hatred for others in your heart, then eventually you will no longer have that hatred. If you truly have the resolve, do you dare practice such things? If you dare practice these things, then you will discover that: “It is not bad to practice the truths. I have nothing to lose, yet what I stand to gain are peace of mind, happiness, and contentment. Practicing the truths is such a good thing.” It takes such a stubbornness, such a resolve to practice the truths. Persist in the truths, such that ten old oxen cannot pull you back; persist in the truths, like no arrows will return once the bowstring has been released; persist in the truths, such that even if it is a dead end, you will give your life to take the path. If you have such a resolve, how can you not be able to practice the truths? That is impossible, you will most definitely be able to practice the truths.

To have experienced God’s judgment and chastisement yet not be cleansed, that is the everlasting regret, that is the greatest shame and failure. Therefore, you must put your effort into the truths. If you should practice as I tell you to, tell me, will you be able to receive cleansing? You will most definitely be cleansed, you will most definitely be transformed. Those who have truly been cleansed will achieve several ways of results: First, they will be able to obey the truths; second, they will be able to live out the normal humanity, to treat all men with principles; third, they will be able to accept any of God’s orchestrations and arrangements; fourth, they will be able to fulfill their duties in accordance with principles, and they will be able to achieve results; fifth, they will be able to fear God and shun evil. Once they have attained these things, they have been cleansed. Some might say: “Isn’t it key to not do evil?” When someone has attained these things, can he still do evil? Is that not the lowest acceptable standard? To not do evil is below the standard of these things; that is too easy to achieve. To not look for a significant other, is it easy to achieve? Some might say: “I am going to look for a significant other, and I will practice the truths in all other things after I have found my significant other. Is that acceptable?” That is also acceptable. If this is the only thing that one is unable to overcome while he has accomplished the other things, this is still quite good; he has still passed. Some might say: “Then I will look for a significant other as well.” Then go find one, and you will discover that that is a trouble you must deal with. That is a burden, that is an entanglement. Looking for a significant other is not like shopping for a puppy, the consequence of which you must carry with you for the rest of your life. Therefore, marriage is not something much easier said than done. Marriage is mostly an encumbrance, an entanglement, a burden. Do you understand now? Some might say: “If I don’t find a significant other, then I won’t be able to control my physical desires. It is quite painful.” This pain is small, while the pain from carrying this encumbrance called marriage is much worse. Can you see clearly through this now? Those who have a divorce have seen clearly through this matter, while those who have not divorced yet generally are unable to see clearly through this. Those who have not divorced yet see that: “Oh, that person found a significant other, yet those two kept arguing day in and day out, and in the end, they went their separate ways. The whole thing has all been for naught.” This is what happens when looking on the surface. They may have seen what has happened, but the experience has been shallow. Therefore, the mere pain of physical desire is not as bad as the pain of carrying this burden and entanglement of marriage. This pain is far worse. Most of the time, there is too much pain in a marriage, there is more pain than happiness. If man is unable to see clearly through this, then he can easily go astray. So, if you are not going to look for a significant other, what should you be doing instead? Expend for God, take on more work, carry more responsibilities. Once man has taken on work, once he has carried responsibilities, his energy is being utilized, his body is no longer idle. Once the body becomes idle, there is trouble, and man starts to go astray. Therefore, never let your corrupt body idle. Let it always be fulfilling duties, let it always be tired out, let it always be dealt with and pruned. Once there is more pain, you wouldn’t have the time and energy to think about matters of physical desires. Some work as a leader while taking on the work of spreading the gospel, as well as watering new believers. These people are buried in responsibilities; where do they find the time and energy to ponder the matter of finding a significant other? They have no time and energy to let their mind wander; they are always exhausted; they would fall right into sleep until the next morning when their head hits the bed, without the luxury of even having dreams in their sleep. Those who are idle have strange dreams. They might even commit adultery in their dreams, which would be troublesome.

Isn’t it a good thing to suffer a little and be exhausted from fulfilling one’s duties? In what ways is man being trained when he suffers and becomes exhausted? One aspect is that man is being trained in his determination and his resolve when suffering; another aspect is that man is also being tested to see if he has any loyalty to and faith in God. Once he is unable to persevere in his suffering, once he is no longer willing to expend for God, his lack of faith and his lack of loyalty will be revealed. Therefore, suffering is very beneficial to man. It reveals whether man has any faith in or loyalty to God, whether he is willing to suffer for truths, and to what extent he loves truths. All these will be revealed through suffering and becoming exhausted. Look at some who have suffered and become exhausted: They started complaining immediately after that; some who have suffered and become exhausted immediately started bargaining with God, trying to negotiate their way out, or else they are not going to take it anymore, ready to quit in a moment’s notice. This is most revealing. When some are suffering and becoming exhausted, they have not one word of complaint to God, continuing to have faith in God, continuing to be loyal until the end even when faced with setbacks. Wouldn’t you say that such are the people who will be purified? Wouldn’t you say that these are the people who possess the reality of the truth? They possess the reality of submitting to God, they possess the reality of being loyal to God, they possess the reality of fearing God and shunning evil. Either it is a decade or several decades of sufferings and exhaustion, they went through them all the same, and all these realities of the truths have become verified. If there are no such realities, how can your faith in God, your loyalty to God, your obedience to God, and your love for God be verified? How can they be revealed? There will be no way, and there will be no proof. Because you have never suffered, because you have never been exhausted, even Satan will not be convinced, even Satan will accuse. Therefore, the more suffering man must go through to fulfill his duties, the more he will be purified and perfected, and the more the extent to which he possesses the reality of truth and true witness will be revealed. Look at this man: He used to be ruddy and chubby. After a few years of toil and hard work, he has become lean and dark, he now has stature, and he has suffered. If this man has become a leader, whereby he becomes ruddy and chubby, where his face begins to look better and better with a red glow, then it means he has been eating well and idle. That is trouble, and such a person is a parasite. Am I not right in saying this? This turns out to be exactly the case. Therefore, the key to experience God’s judgment and chastisement is in whether man is in pursuit of truths. With the pursuit of truths, there will be witness, and only with witness can it be proven that you are someone who has gained purification through experiencing judgment and chastisement. Without witness, nothing being said will sound good. Even without sins, your heart will not feel at ease; even without sins, it does not mean that there has been a transformation to your disposition.

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