Chapter 9. Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result of His Work” (I)

What Is the Mark of Someone Who Fears God and Shuns Evil?

In our faith of God, is it easy to become someone who fears God? Is it easy to become someone who loves God? If you do not understand truths, then these two conditions are not easily met, for they are the stuff of life. Tell me, are the transformation in life disposition and the transformation in behavior the same thing? It is easy to transform our behaviors, for our nature is not involved. Some might say: “I didn’t use to believe in God, therefore I was able to do many bad things; now that I believe in God, I stopped doing many of the bad things.” The unbelievers also agree: “This person has been transformed. This is a changed man, completely different from before.” This is a transformation in behavior. Can a transformation in nature be replaced by a transformation in behavior? A transformation in nature is a transformation in life disposition, and what does it take to achieve a transformation in life disposition? It requires the gaining of truths, for when a man has gained truths, he has replaced that which controls his life. That which originally controls the life of our flesh were the philosophy of Satan, the rules and logic of Satan, the different poisons of Satan. Therefore, we lived a life of arrogance, conceit, self-aggrandizement, a life that is self-center, as well as a life of selfishness, cunning, and contemptibility, a life of evil and greed. How come we were living a life with such poisons of Satan and Satan’s image? It was because our nature has been possessed by the stuff of Satan; that is the root cause. Today, to live out the likeness of a real human, we must accept into our heart the wellspring of life, the truths that control our life, to allow the truths to rule over us, to have the truths become our life. Only then will the way with which we live be transformed. Therefore, in order to achieve a transformation in life disposition, we must gain the truths as our life. This is fundamental. Now, some people have gained some transformation, they have indeed gained some truths and reality, the witnessing articles that they have written now have some weight, and these people indeed have some reality. Particularly, when I was reading the witnessing that some brothers and sisters have performed while being tortured in prison, I was moved to tears. I said that these people have gained truths, their relationship with God has achieved a connection of life, and they can no longer leave God. They can no longer leave God even if they were beaten to death, for God’s words have now become their life, they have stood up and gave their witnessing, they have now been made complete, and they have gained the truths. These people who are able to stand testimony in front of Satan and the great red dragon, tell me, aren’t they men who fear God? Don’t they have a heart that fears God? They have witnessing as proof, they are speaking through their witnessing, and they are not merely providing lip service. With such witnessing, there is nothing that anyone can do but be convinced, for even Satan has to be convinced. Some people were usually very good at shouting slogans, but what happened once they got arrested? In the face of cruel torture, in order to save their own skin, they drag out an ignoble existence and become Judas. Some even become an accomplice to the great red dragon. Why have such men failed? Because they do not have a heart that fears God. That is to say, because they have not gained any truths as their life and they are not destined to gain truths, in the end they denied God and followed Satan, becoming a traitor, becoming Judas, betraying God, betraying the church, betraying the leaders and workers of God’s house. These are the men to be punished, and the men who betray God, as being told by God’s words. This shall be the end for them. Their faith in God has ended in failure, in the betrayal of God. Tell me, what does it mean to “love God more than anything”? “In the face of torture, shall I save my own skin, or would I rather hold onto my faith in God even if I must give up my own life?” If a man has confidence, if he would rather be beaten to death than to deny God, if he would rather insist in his love for God even if it means he shall be beaten to death, isn’t such a man’s love for God stronger than his love for everything else? Isn’t he someone loyal to God? Therefore, based on such witnessing, we have come to this conclusion: What does it mean to be someone who fears God? They are the men who have gained truths, who would remain loyal to God even if they must give up their own life. Such men have gained life, such men have gained the truths. Tell me, can someone without any foundation give resounding witnessing like this? Therefore, we must seek truths, for there is no other way. There might come a day, when encountering trials, where some might say: “So long as I am not handed over to Satan or the great red dragon, I am sure that I can stand firm.” Wrong! When you are encountering the catastrophe and several of your family members have died, can you still stand firm? Without truths, you won’t be able to stand firm in any trials. If one day a catastrophe should take away your husband that you love more than anything in this world, are you going to choose your husband or God? It is at times like this where God is revealing you through trials. How did God test Abraham during the Age of Law? God first bestowed onto him a son, and then had him offer up his son to God. This is what God did to Abraham. According to God’s words: I shall demand of you as much as I have given you. God is giving you God’s words and the truths, and what does He want from you? What He wants is your witnessing. He will see if you have any witnessing and see if you stand firm. If you fail to stand, it shows that you have not gained anything; then, God shall punish you and give you what you deserve. Is this not God’s disposition? And how do you come to know God’s disposition? You ponder: What did God do to Abraham? What did God do to Job? God gave many graces to Job, such that he was doing well in all things. Then, God placed a bet with Satan, telling Satan: “Do you believe that Job fears God and shuns evil?” Satan said: “I do not.” “Good, you can test him, he is in your hand.” God allows Job to be tried, and God began to test him. From this matter, how should we come to know God’s disposition? Someone who seeks truths should begin to look carefully at such things, and ponder: In doing so, God is not making trouble out of nothing or being unreasonable, for everything that God does has meaning. God is truth. If men can satisfy God, they shall receive even greater blessings from God. If God does not give you much, then He won’t ask much from you; you shall have less pain, and you shall not be tried, but you also will not receive God’s blessings. For God is fair and righteous. Why did God give these people so much? It is because they feared God, they believed that there is a God, they prayed to God and asked God to bless them, therefore God blessed them. Since God has blessed them, God must also try them. Trials mean tests; in other words, God wants to see “Now that I have blessed you, do you fear Me, do you obey Me, can you stand and give witness?” In the words of men, “Can you make Me proud?” God wants to gain someone like you, therefore there is much significance in what God is doing. God is not simply doing whatever He wants because He has the authority. Therefore, there is much value in trying man, and it is that which enriches a man’s life. How would those without any understanding of God view this matter? They would have conceptions of God, they would become unreasonable and say preposterous things. He would say: “God, You have already given me these things, why must You then take them away?” Isn’t this absurd? This is preposterous. If God has given you, then He has the right to try you. There is significance in His trials of you, for it is to allow you to gain a greater blessing, to bless you. In the words of men, it is because God thinks highly of you, therefore He wants you to suffer through hardships, understand some truths, gain more knowledge, to have an understanding of God, to live like a real human. This is because He favors you. If you have such an understanding of God, and if one day you are being punished and are eliminated, what will you think? What will you think about God? Can you complain? You will submit unconditionally, saying nothing. You will say: “God is so good, everything that God does is righteous, they are all truths. It is me who does not understand things, who has no appreciation. I am not a human. Anything that God does is appropriate.” You will obey docilely, and you will hand over your life, if you are told to give it up. If you really have such an understanding of God, when you consider your own fate, how should you think of your own fate? Isn’t this a practical issue? What do you think? If you truly think that it shall not end well for you, what will you do? (If it does not end well for me, then it must be because I did not seek truths, it must be because what I have done today did not fit with God’s will. Yet I will still handle it appropriately. For, regardless of what God has done to the saints through the ages, or how God has punished many people and blessed many who have stood and given witness during the Age of Kingdom of today, they have shown me God’s righteousness. Therefore, as I encounter this matter today, I should be able to handle it appropriately. This must be God’s righteousness. I willingly submit, I shall obey God’s manipulations and arrangement, and obey every decision of God.) This is the proper way, and it is good to have such an understanding.

Let me relate to you my feelings during the trial of service-doers. It was November 1991, and in God’s utterance, God stated plainly: All those within this stream are service-doers. These words were stated in several utterances from “Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning” in November. After reading these words, everyone collapsed and the sound of crying filled the air. Some might not be crying outwardly, but they were weeping in their heart, silently shedding tears. Some brothers were wailing loudly, while many sisters had their face buried in the table while they cried. Some were crying privately, their face toward the sky, and they were crying as they prayed. Everyone was crying, including me. Some might ask, why are you mentioning the trial of service-doers? The trial of service-doers took away the destiny of a man, for service-doers are those who have not attained salvation and are to be eliminated. According to God’s words, after they have done their service, they shall leave, without a destiny. Consequently, everyone was struck dumb, we all fell down, and we all started wailing. No one was in a good mood, there was no taste in anything we ate. During the three months of November and December of 1991 as well as January of 1992, there was no luster on the faces of most brothers and sisters. Their faces were dark, and they were struggling to suppress the pain inside their hearts. Those were real emotions. Once his destiny has been taken away, this is how man reacts. Before, when we were visiting a home of our brothers and sisters, the dog that they kept was vigorously wagging its tail when it saw the brothers and sisters, as if it is greeting its family, without biting anyone despite meeting them for the first time. Once the trial of service-doers had begun, whenever anyone visited their home, the dog would bite, even if the dog had met them several times already. It was biting everyone who visited. The brothers and sisters said: “This is hopeless! Even this dog bites us, treating us as outsiders.” At that time, some brothers and sisters that are more advanced in their age were getting their coffins ready, saying, “Death is coming for sure, there will be no survival.” At that time, I was the leader, and I had to uphold a certain appearance during the unfolding of events. While others were crying, I did not, but my heart was heavy. When did I get to cry? I shed some furtive tears while I was praying alone. You do not see me crying outwardly, but what was I thinking in my heart? I am someone who has self-esteem, and I said: God’s judgment is here, why was I so corrupted before? Why did I insist on being a king and holding authority together with God, on being an overcomer, a firstfruit? All my pursuits, hopes, and intentions are such things, how come I had no sense? With such thoughts, I slapped myself, regretting that I had no sense, that I was shameless. I regretted my ignorance, my idiocy, and my stupidity. Having been corrupted to such extent, why not stay grounded and do service submissively, stop having such intentions, and stop talking big? Now I have embarrassed myself, I have brought shame onto myself. These were my thoughts at the time, and I contemplated: Where did such intentions come from? Ah, I was believing in God with a corrupt disposition, I believed in God in order to be blessed and gain everlasting life, and the root of it all is my corrupt disposition. Yes, I have been corrupted by Satan for all these years, how can I not have the intention to be blessed in my faith in God? This is a matter of course. I have intentions, because I have never been judged by God before. Isn’t this natural? Do not blame others, and do not blame God. I should blame myself for being too deeply corrupted. Say no more. I thoroughly submit before the words of God. I also had this thought in my mind: If I had known this earlier, I would not have sought any blessings; isn’t it quite good to simply seek to do service? If I had an opportunity to renew my faith, I would no longer pursue any blessings. I shall pursue no blessings, even if God says that I shall have such blessings. I shall seek truths, live like real humans, and do service properly. These were the thoughts in my mind at that time, and the refinement of three months passed very quickly. Such thoughts became more and more mature, and what did I feel? Just because my corruptions were too deep, my intention to become blessed was too strong, and I valued myself too highly, I fell from the sky, into a thousand pieces. With such thoughts, pain was not so great anymore, don’t you think so? Because I had no complaints against God, because the root cause was that my corruption was too deep, that I was too ignorant, too arrogant. Afterwards, how did I console myself? At that time, I had no truths and so consoled myself thus: I am forty years old, and even if I should die now, my life has been worth it. In ancient times, many famous people died in their thirties or forties, and the same applies to us. I have lived enough at this age, it is okay to die at forty, even if I should die my life has been worth it. Why is my life worth it? I have rendered service for God. Have those men done service for God? They have not done any service, while I have done service for God. I have also been a leader for a few years, I have served God for several years. While I have not satisfied God’s will, yet God has made exceptions for me and thought highly of me. I consoled myself thus, it felt all right, and so I endured refinement for three months. In February, God said to me: Now God’s thought is to turn us into to the people of God, we shall all become people of God. After I heard that, I couldn’t believe it, “Turn to people of God? Who is turning into people of God?” I said: “Everyone is becoming people of God? Weren’t we service-doers? How come we have turned into people of God?” God said: “That was a trial.” I said: “That was a trial, and now we are turning into people of God, that is wonderful!” These words were uttered by God on February 20, and then I asked the brothers and sisters to gather around. This was how we experienced the trial of the service-doers. What were the results that have been achieved? From then on, in my faith in God, I no longer sought to be blessed. I only sought truths, to conscientiously do my services, to submit to God’s orchestrations and arrangements unconditionally, to never be arrogant or conceited, to never seek any blessings that are too great. For, such things are impractical, unreal, and I would embarrass myself if I fail to achieve them. How about such thoughts? Have you ever had such thoughts? Some have not yet been tested, and they never had such thoughts. Those who never had such thoughts should start thinking them, beginning now. Let me tell you, if you really cannot attain salvation and you end up being a service-doer, once God’s work has concluded, you will have to go back home. What will you do then? How will you face a situation like this? Isn’t this a practical lesson? This lesson is not merely academic, for this is something that you will eventually encounter. After these latest words of God have been uttered, has the signal arrived? Can you not see? The signal is here; the destiny of all kinds of men shall be revealed, it shall be announced. How should we face the signals that have arrived? If a man has experienced the trial of the service-doers, and then he encounters this fact of today, it becomes easier for him to submit. Once, God’s words came upon me, which said: What would you do if you cannot attain salvation? I said that I would submit unconditionally, without any complaint, with nothing to say. With the foundation being laid by the trial of the service-doers, I am now able to submit. Therefore, everyone must experience such a trial, such a fact. What kind of men are compatible with God’s will? Those who are not negative, who continue to seek truths and fulfill their own duties, and who repay God’s love. Such is witnessing, and it is very powerful. If a man merely has no complaints and does not resist God, yet he does not seek truths, and he becomes negative and retreats, then tell me, what issue is this? Isn’t this a lack of conscience? He is not a human, he does not deserve to be called a human. One must do his best till the end even when doing service. Is this understood? What about a man who fears God and shuns evil, how should he face such a situation when encountering a test like this, a fact like this? When God has pronounced that there is no destiny, that he cannot be saved, he continues to follow God, he is able to seek truths and fulfill his duties. Such is the proper way; this man has some humanity, and he at least has some conscience. Then, what is the problem of those who hold onto their intention to become blessed? Such men are shameless, they are impudent. To believe in God is to seek and gain truths, to live out the likeness of a real human. It is not about being blessed. It is wrong to desire blessings. Some might say: “Is there a good destiny awaiting you if you seek truths, having gained truths, and living out the likeness of a real human?” All we can do is accept God’s orchestrations; we have no right to demand anything, for God is righteous. What use is there for you to decide whether you should have a good destiny or not? Simply focus on living out the likeness of a real human. Whether or not you will have a good destiny is the dominion of God, for whatever God’s arrangements are, they are righteous. God is truth. If God looks at our pursuits and our life, and deems us suitable to be in the kingdom, then He shall bring us into the kingdom. If God looks at our life and our disposition and deems us not suitable to enter the kingdom, that it is only suitable for us to be in hell, then He shall banish us to hell. Such are the arrangements of God, they are never wrong. You must look at things like this; this doesn’t mean that we have come to know God, but at least it shows that we have sense. At this point, we have become rational and obedient. Is it an easy thing for us to achieve this result while believing in God? How many truths do we have to understand to reach this stage? When I am saying such things, how many of you can understand it? Those new believers can’t understand this, and they might say: “What are you talking about? How come I am getting more confused as I listen to you?” The new believers cannot understand it. Maybe not all of them cannot understand this. Some have better quality and the ability to understand, and they are able to know what I am talking about. All those who have believed for two or three years and have some understanding of the truths know what I am talking about.

… For us to reach this stage, to have a likeness of a human, we have been greatly saved by God, which is the greatest reward for our faith in God. I am over sixty years old now; I accepted God’s call to become a leader of God’s house when I was forty years old. In these twenty years or so I constantly reflected: After believing for so many years, what have I gained? What are the things that I have done? Have I walked the right path? Have I actually gained the truths? Am I still resisting God in the things that I do? Am I still incompatible with God in any way? Is there still anything about me that God loathes and despises? I have found I still have areas that do not fit with God’s will, that I still have areas which God despises. I have not attained absolute, one hundred percent obedience, my stature is still lacking, and if God announced my end, even while I have no resistance and no complaint, I would still have pain and suffering in my heart. Tell me, what are these pain and suffering? Are they positive things? I still somewhat carry certain negative thoughts, certain feelings of disappointment and lost. These are not positive things, these are satanic corruptions. While they have not been exposed, while they have not been plainly revealed, yet such things are still present, deep within my heart. They have yet to be cleansed in their entirety. Therefore, I pray to God, I wish that God’s judgment and chastisement shall continue to follow me around, that they must become even more severe. I cannot separate myself from God’s judgment and chastisement, I must accept trials that are even deeper and more severe to attain purification. Regardless of the depth of my faith, I leave my outcome and destination to the orchestration and arrangement of God, and I have no demands of my own. To fulfill my duties in accordance with principles of the truth, to do it adequately, all of that is for the sake of repaying God’s love, and not to become blessed. I cannot use that as bargaining chips to demand that God ought to bless me; if I do so then it shows that I have no conscience or sense. If a man really has a heart that fears God and is able to shun evil, shouldn’t he do so? What is this “evil”? It is the intentions and desires of the individual, in particular, the intention to become blessed, always having demands of God, always having personal desires, always wanting to gain something. This is wrong, this is evil, this is the greatest evil. What are the things that the non-believers deem evil? They think it is evil to steal, cheat, rob and murder; we, on the other hand, view personal intentions and desires as evil. If you have inappropriate intentions and desires, selfishness, the intention to become blessed, I view such evil as more severe than the evil of murder and arson. You see, to shun evil is to bear no adulteration, no personal intentions or desires. As you fulfill the duty while carrying your own intentions, even though you have fulfilled your duties well with loyalty, God says that your hidden intentions are wicked, and you are adulterated with filth and corruption on the inside. What explanation are you going to give? Isn’t this a shameful thing? Let’s say that you put a lot of hard work in your duties, rising early and staying up late. God says: “If I were to pronounce your fate, that you shall not end well, can you still fulfill your duties with loyalty like you have done?” You say: “I still can.” “Good, then do it.” If you are truly able to, then you have been purified, and you have received immense salvation; if you fulfill your duties with your own intentions, desires, or the intention to become blessed, even though you have loyalty, even if you can stand and bear witness, you would still have failed to bring glory to God. Even if you feel that you have brought glory to God, even if others agree with you, there is no use. God observes the innermost hearts of men, and for God, your witnessing like this cannot be brought into the presence of Satan, for it cannot shame Satan. Doesn’t this have anything to do with the shunning of evil? First, thoroughly resolve the intention to become blessed; then when we show our loyalty, obedience, sincere love, sincere faith, sincere reverence, we are then after God’s heart, and we shall then gain the praises of God. Some might say: “If we have gained God’s praises, haven’t we also become blessed?” You are wrong again. Do not always think about becoming blessed. Why must you involve everything with becoming blessed? Even if you have gained God’s praises, do not mention becoming blessed, for we have no right to mention it, for our mouth stinks, for such words are offending to the ears. That is the affair of God, it has nothing to do with us. Tell me, when Job believed in God, did he fear God and shun evil in order to become blessed? Did Peter seek to love God in order to become blessed? Did Abraham offer up Isaac in order to become blessed? To fear God and obey God is man’s duty, it is man’s responsibility. We, as the created, are supposed to treat the Creator in this way, otherwise we are not men. Such are the proper intentions, and such is the appropriate way to look at and handle things. Do not involve everything with becoming blessed. What is God’s purpose in saving us? It is in order to fulfill His will, His wish. We can also say that this is His management plan. Is it God’s purpose to bless us? No, it is to accomplish His wish, His plan. Some might say: “Then what arrangements does God have for us in the future?” Again, these words are wrong, for that is God’s business. Of what concern is it to you? Do not always be concerned with such things; we must merely seek to attain salvation, seek truths, live out the likeness of a real human, seek to meet God’s expectations, repay God’s love, and gain God’s praises. These are our duties.

Tell me, does fearing God and shunning evil have anything to do with the issue of resolving intentions? The relationship is very strong, for it is a direct relationship. Have you resolved your intention to be blessed for your faith in God? Everyone should reflect on themselves: If God announces your outcome at this moment, would you fall over? Would you leave God? Would you become negative to the point of not fulfilling your duties or returning to the world? This is a time that men become revealed. Many people say: “I, as well, must seek truths, and become a man who fears God and shuns evil.” This wish is good, but have you attained clarity regarding its practice? Do you have a path? Has a path showed up because of the things I said? What must first be resolved? The desires and the intention to be blessed must be resolved from their foundations. Some might say: “For all these years, I have expanded so much effort in my faith in God. Isn’t it because of the immense blessings in front of me that I have abandoned everything? If You take away my hope of being blessed, then I will become something like a leaky balloon, deflated, dejected.” Are there those who become deflated? Of course there are. If someone becomes deflated, does such a man have true confidence in God? No, such a person has no true confidence in God. Once the intention of being blessed has been taken away, your confidence becomes like a deflated balloon. After all, your confidence is not real, it is your intention to be blessed that has determined what you do. Is there witnessing in this? Is there the reality of truth in this? There is no witnessing, and such things that you have done cannot shame Satan. Some people are obviously making every effort to fulfill their duties with the intention to be blessed. They become deflated, dejected, and negative once they encounter some small pruning and dealing, and what issue is this? Do they have any confidence? Just some small pruning and dealing that cannot even be called trials, yet they already become deflated. They have no truths, and their confidence is too weak. Why do you believe in God? What is the basis for your faith in God? How come you become deflated once you have been dealt with? If that is the case, then wouldn’t you be done for when God pronounces your outcome? Aren’t you going to abandon God then and there? Recently, I dealt with some brothers and sisters with severity, yet they did not become negative. While they might shed tears when no one is watching, they continue to fulfill their duties. I admire people like this, and I say that such people are all right, that they are good. These people are really quite good, and if they continue in their faith, they can become transformed and grow very quickly. If someone cannot even take dealing and pruning, cannot handle such things appropriately, is he someone who seeks truths? It illustrates his intentions are wrong. If someone’s faith in God is guided by inappropriate intentions, then he does not have real confidence. How is this fellowship of mine? Can it solve some practical issues? Do you know why I am fellowshiping this topic to you? We are going to encounter trials very soon, it is the right time that we experience this step; therefore, this topic is quite practical. In the days to come, the outcomes of different kinds of people will be pronounced. Some are going to wail, some might even pound their chest and regret all the evils that they have perpetrated, or they might ponder what they can do to remedy such evils, or they might worry about what would come after. With this, those words of Job are being fulfilled. When Job encountered this trial, he was deep in his reflections: What was the reason that he believed in God? In the end, he came to this conclusion: “… shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?”  (Job 2:10) These are practical words; this is the conclusion that Job had come to, and this is a practical conclusion. Why do disasters visit upon us even with our faith in God? It is because of our own problems. Some might ask: “Isn’t it just because men are corrupted by Satan?” The corruption of Satan is not a reason, it depends on whether a man has humanity. You know full well that it is the truth, you know full well that He is God, yet why do you resist, while others haven’t resisted? We have all been corrupted by Satan, yet how come they can obey? Why do they have such loyalty to God? Why do they have such love for God? Why have they gained the praises of God? Why are we not able to? Therefore, none of these are the reason, and ultimately we can only say that it is because we have no humanity or conscience, we are too evil, too corrupted, and we are worse than others. We can only blame ourselves. If all men fail to be saved, if all men are punished, then it is due to the entire humankind being too deeply corrupted. If some can attain salvation, then what are these people to us? Aren’t we being revealed? Some have attained salvation and perfection, and they have received the praises of God. Then, if you were to say that we have not been saved because mankind has been too deeply corrupted by Satan, this reason cannot stand. For, how did the others attain salvation? Were they living in a vacuum and therefore not corrupted by Satan? We all eat and drink God’s words, we live a church life together. If others have attained such things while we have not, then we must blame ourselves, we must blame ourselves that we do not love truths, that we are too evil, have no conscience, have no humanity, that we did it to ourselves, that we deserve this. This is all that we can say. These words that I am fellowshiping to you today are the vaccination that I am injecting you with. This is a reminder. That is, if we endeavor to fear God and shun evil, then we must ground our feet and practice in this manner, to purify our intentions, abandon our desire to be blessed, fulfill our duties and repay God’s love in accordance with our conscience. We must not have this desire and intention to be blessed. Even as we do service for God willingly, it is God’s uplifting of us, it is God’s grace, and we should be thoroughly content, we should also be grateful and praise God. When God took away all that Job possessed, he still thanked and praised God. We must at least have a confidence like Job’s. This is what is required to fear God and shun evil. Some might say: “I have perpetrated some evil when I have yet to understand the truths. Now that I have understood some truths, I will no longer perpetrate evil. Will God abandon me because of the evil that I have perpetrated from before?” What do you think? Isn’t this question easily answered? Now that you have repented, all past sins are erased, but your repentance requires witnessing, for there is no true repentance without it. You might say that you are no longer doing those things now; however, it is hard to say. You didn’t always do those things in the past either. It requires a certain background to be able to do such things. When you encounter the same situations again, and now that you have witnessing, this witnessing shows that you have repented, that you have been transformed. Just like someone who has been arrested and has become Judas. He said: “If I get arrested in the future, I will not become Judas again.” These words are not valid, for you are not arrested now. If you are arrested right now and you have truly stood up to torture, then it is fact. Yet you are not arrested at the moment, so you say that you will not become Judas again when you get arrested in the future, that is only imagination, that is not reality. We know David committing adultery during the Old Testament Age of Law. Did David repent after his adultery? Was there witnessing? There was witnessing, only witnessing can demonstrate true repentance. It won’t do without witnessing. Therefore, for all the offenses that you have committed against God before, your true repentance requires witnessing, for there is no true repentance without witnessing, there is no true repentance if there are merely empty words. Your words must not be based on imaginations. To be an honest person, your words must be based on facts and witnessing. Words based on imaginations are like lying. They are not real, they are false.

Submission to the Authority of God’s Words Is the Key to Practicing and Entering Into Fearing God and Shunning Evil

Now, there are some brothers and sisters who, regardless of how I deal with them, never become negative, continue to fulfill their duties, continue to do as they should, as well as accept and submit to all that I say. This is growth, and this is submission. Is there such submission within the religion? Do people submit to others within the religion? No one submits to anyone else. In God’s house, when I say something like that, regardless of the manner with which I say it, regardless of how angry I am when I say it, they submit to it. This is not a simple thing. This is the first step in believing God, for such a person has the likeness of a human and knows to submit. Regardless of who said what and the tone with which it was said, even if it was said in anger, they submit to the words because they fit with truths and reality; isn’t this growth? Can there be such growth within the religion? Yet you shall attain such growth in God’s house. In the future, if you can accept those words I say that are right, if you can also accept those words the brothers and sisters say that fit with truths, then you shall have even greater growth. If you can only submit to me because I have position, because my authority is higher than yours and I am your superior, because you have to submit, then your submission is not real witnessing. Facing an ordinary brother or sister who has no position within the church, someone with little importance whose words carry little weight, who everyone looks down upon, if you are able to submit to the words that they say which fit with the truths and reality, if you can treat them with respect, what does it show? It shows that you have true submission, that your life disposition has been transformed. Such a witnessing is not a simple thing, and it is a witnessing greater than your submission to me. Now, are you able to do this? Can you submit to words spoken by an ordinary sister that fit with the truths? Can you listen to such words? Even if she still has some faults, even if she has some shortcomings making her inferior to you, but because these words of hers are right, because they fit with the truths, you listen to her, and you say this to her: “Sister, what you said fits with the truths, better than what I have said, therefore I shall listen to you.” Do you dare make such an acknowledgment? If you dare to make such an acknowledgment, if you can say this every time, then everyone shall be convinced by you. What does it mean to submit to the truths? To submit to the truths is to act in this manner. Truths are the words of God; regardless of the mouth from which they have been fellowshiped, they all are God’s words, they all have authority, they all have supreme authority. If someone is able to submit to them all, then he is someone who absolutely submits to God. If someone can submit to God’s words that are spoken by Christ, if someone can submit to God’s words that are spoken by me, yet he cannot submit to God’s words that are spoken by ordinary brothers and sisters, then he is not someone who has witnessing. What is he lacking? A heart that fears God. If you truly have a heart that fears God, and regardless of where the words of God come from, you can unconditionally submit to them, and God’s words to you are the highest authority, then you are someone who absolutely submits to God, and anyone who encounters you shall be convinced by you, “This person submits absolutely to the truths. He makes no distinction between high and low positions, and regardless of who conveys or fellowships God’s words, so long as they fit with the truths, he shall submit, as if submitting to God Himself.” This shows that you are someone who fears God. Was Job able to do so? What about Peter? They were both able to do so. Therefore, if you want to become someone who fears God and shuns evil, then enter from here. Listen to words that fit with the truths no matter spoken by whom, and announce that: “Sister, what you have fellowshiped fits with the truths. This is what I am lacking, I accept it and I submit. I shall do as you have said.” That sister hears this and says: “Oh, I have never expected that you would accept and submit to some words casually spoken by me. Though I say these things to you, I have yet to practice them myself.” Look at how moved she was. If all of God’s chosen people can absolutely submit to the authority of God’s words like this, absolutely submitting to God’s authority, tell me, wouldn’t they attain salvation and escape Satan’s influence? Wouldn’t they live in the presence of God? Wouldn’t they completely submit to God? Wouldn’t they follow God’s will? Wouldn’t they obey God’s way, fear God and shun evil? This is real witnessing, this is true submission to the authority of God’s words. Now, some are able to submit to my words, regardless of the tone with which I say them. Even when they are spoken in anger, these people can submit, and it is not an easy thing to do. I wish that they can have the same submission toward their brothers and sisters, then they shall receive God’s praises. They can be accepted by God, and God shall recognize them. This is very remarkable. It is not sufficient to submit to Christ and submit to me. If you will not listen to the truths fellowshiped to you by your brothers and sisters, it shows that you still don’t have true submission. How many opportunities do you have to see Christ? How many opportunities do you have to meet and speak with the man used by the Holy Spirit? You live in the church most of the time, and if you cannot submit to the authority of God’s words in the church, then you have no witnessing. Some say to me: “Some people behave differently toward different people. They listen to those in high place, while they refuse to listen to those who have no position.” I say to them, this is the greatest obstacle and the most fatal flaw regarding man’s rebellion against God. It is alarming to always being influenced by someone’s position, submitting only to those in high places and not submitting to those without position. Such men have not escaped Satan’s influence, they are being bound and ruled by men’s position, they do not have the reality of truths, and they do not fear God.

Now that we have clarity regarding the principles of practicing and entering into fearing God and shunning evil, the submission to the authority of God’s words becomes critical. If you are someone who truly fears God, this is how you will practice: “Even if it is a three years old child who is conveying to me some words of God or criticizing a shortcoming of mine, I shall accept, for they come from God, for these are God’s words and I shall submit. I shall prostrate myself and accept them.” Has Noah seen God’s face when he heard God’s words? Were those words conveyed to him by God Himself? Who related those words? It was the messenger of God. What did that messenger look like? Was he a spiritual body or a physical body? No one knows. During the Age of Law, many prophets conveyed the words of God. Their duties were the same as those of the messengers and the angels. Some listened to those God’s words conveyed by the prophets, such as when Jonah conveyed God’s words, the king of Nineveh listened, who covered himself with sackcloth and sat down in the dust as he prayed to God. Was it this man that they saw? Who was conveying God’s words? Was it God who revealed Himself, or did He convey His words through men? Regardless of who these men are, regardless of how tall or big they are, regardless of their title or station, so long as they are conveying God’s words, we must hurry to accept them and submit to them. This reveals men, and what does it reveal? Whether or not someone has a heart that fears God can be tested at once. If someone has a heart that truly fears God, then even when the words are spoken by a three years old, once this person has listened to them and realize that they come from the Holy Spirit, he shall hurriedly prostrate himself and accept these words, “The Holy Spirit has sent this person here, to criticize me and reveal me. I must submit.” The issue is not how to receive the child’s words, but the fact that God’s words have arrived. When non-believers were accepting a royal decree, when it was presented by the eunuch, everyone must kneel, even the chancellors. They know this rule, for this was by the order of the emperor, that the presence of the royal decree is the same as the presence of the emperor himself. Whoever dared to not kneel would be beheaded, for he has committed the crime of disrespect for the emperor. For those of us who believe in God, if we really have a heart that fears God, whenever anyone is moved by the Holy Spirit to convey and fellowship God’s words, we must submit, we must respectfully accept and submit. Those men who are able to absolutely obey the authority of God’s words in such a way, who are able to submit under the authority of God’s words, these are the men who shall attain salvation, these are the men who shall truly escape Satan’s influence. Why is that? Because they are able to fear God and shun evil, and this is the criterion. If one does not have a heart that fears God, he would say: “How could I follow these words that have been fellowshiped by ordinary brothers and sisters? How could I submit to you? How many years have you believed in God? What station do you hold? What qualification do you have to fellowship God’s words to me?” He cannot wait to say a hundred arrogant and senseless things to you, he has a hundred reasons to reject you, for he thinks that you do not have the qualification. “You do not have the qualification.” Interpret these words for me, what do they mean? What issue do they represent? Whoever is able to see clearly through this issue shall know Satan’s disposition, what it means to resist God, and what it means to not fear God. These words have painted your portrait, for you are a Satan, and this matter is grave. Some have cursed others, they have cursed the ancestors of other people, yet these people have not been condemned; while others who have said “you do not have the qualification,” they were condemned and eliminated for that. Tell me, what is the distinction? When you are cursing someone’s ancestors, your target is other men, and such an act is a revelation of corruption; but when you say “you do not have the qualification,” your target is God, its nature is different, and you cannot compare the two. To God, there is no need to curse, you only need to say these words and you would have brought trouble onto yourself, more trouble than you can handle. Let me ask you, what does it mean to offend God? Are these words offensive to God? When it so happens that the Holy Spirit has moved someone to fellowship this truth to him, pointing out this issue of his, he said, “you do not have the qualification.” This “you do not have the qualification” is not directed at man, this is directed at the Holy Spirit, directed at the work of the Holy Spirit. These words are directed at God’s words, and treating God’s words like this has offended God’s disposition. Do not focus on appearances when looking at things, you must focus on their essence. It depends on who you are saying these words to. If you are saying them to man, you will not be in great trouble no matter what you say. Even if you are cursing their ancestors, the worst that can happen is to consider it as the revelation of your corruption, and your humanity’s wickedness. It is not the same as offending God. If you say “you do not have the qualification,” however, then you shall lose your life. Some might say: “I have said the same things, and I didn’t feel any different, I didn’t see God being angry with me.” That is because you have not realized it. The matter has already been settled with God, and you have no idea where you have died. Tell me, are there examples like this in the Bible? Some say that Jesus was driving out the demons with the power of Beelzebub. Did the Lord Jesus condemn these men? Judas betrayed the Lord Jesus. Did the Lord curse Judas? Many things happen like this. We may not have heard the Lord say anything, but that person died a horrific death. Therefore, sometimes, when you have resisted or offended God’s disposition, you might die without knowing the reason. “Whoever resists will die,” these words are true. Some men blasphemed God when they believed in their denominations, and after they have accepted God’s new work they keep on pondering this: “I have blasphemed God when I have not yet accepted God’s new work, is it possible for me to attain salvation?” This matter is like a thorn prickling at their heart. They have always wanted to be rid of this thorn, but the thorn stays. Has God said for certain that they are done? No one has heard anything, no man knows, and I think it is something terrible. Tell me, is it dangerous for those men who do not have a heart that fears God? It is too dangerous. During the trials of the service-doers, I hated myself. What did I hate about myself? Why was I so arrogant? Why was I so stupid? God was there uttering words, yet I insisted they were enlightened by the Holy Spirit, treating these words as God’s words, but treating Christ as a human, saying that these are words from a sister, saying that she was enlightened by the Holy Spirit. And so I slapped myself. Afterward, God’s words judged and chastised me, and in my heart sometimes I still had some complaints against God: “Why are Your words always directed at me, always blaming me?” I didn’t say this out loud, but in my heart, I was upset. Thereafter, when God revealed Himself, I was stunned, I regretted. There was no use in slapping myself, for the deeds were done, and my corrupt disposition had been revealed. What does it show? If a person does not have a heart that fears God, he is arrogant and he will resist God in spite of himself. Later, when God said that He shall continue to use me, allowing me to continue performing work, I said that I shall redeem myself with good work, I shall start over. Before, I was blind, ignorant, without humanity; now, I shall start over, I shall redeem myself, and whether I shall be blessed or not, I will be loyal until the end, in the service that I do. Such was the resolve that I had at the time. What issue can we see from this matter? We are too deeply corrupted by Satan, it is too easy to resist God. It has become commonplace, we do so in spite of ourselves. Whenever anyone is fellowshiping anything to us, if we do not agree with what has been said, if it cannot convince us, we look down on others, and some might even say that person is not qualified. Aren’t such words all too commonplace? It is too easy to say such words. Therefore it is inevitable for men with a corrupt disposition to resist God. Because we have the nature of Satan, therefore shouldn’t we do our utmost to seek truths, such that we do not do evil, or that we do evil as little as possible? Ultimately, when we have real knowledge of God, when we feel that God’s disposition does not permit offense from men, when we begin to have a heart that fears God, then we shall be relatively safe. Otherwise, we are not safe, not safe at all, always resisting God either in our heart or in our words. We are too outspoken, we speak carelessly, we say whatever we want to say, and it is too easy to resist God with our words. Tell me, isn’t it necessary to seek truths? It is all too necessary. When you have finally come to an understanding of God’s disposition, truly have a heart that fears God, know what is resisting God, what is submitting to God, then you have entered into the right path of believing in God, while at the same time you will also become relatively safe. What does it mean to be “relatively safe”? Without a complete transformation of life disposition, there is still danger, while with a little transformation or transformation in only one portion we are still not very safe, for it is still easy to sin and resist God. Can you feel this?

Following God’s Three Advices to Man Is the Minimum Criterion in Fearing God and Shunning Evil

In order to fear God and shun evil, first we must understand several main issues. Namely, what does it mean to offend God? It is critical to never commit these major sins. In His latest words, God has given us three advices. What are these three advices? “First, do not test God. No matter how much you understand about God, no matter how much you know about His disposition, absolutely do not test Him. Second, do not contend for status with God. No matter what type of status God gives you or what kind of work He entrusts you with, no matter what kind of duty He raises you up to perform, and no matter how much you have spent and sacrificed for God, absolutely do not compete for status with Him. Third, do not compete with God. No matter whether you understand or if you can obey what God does with you, what He arranges for you, and the things He brings to you, absolutely do not compete with God.” First, do not test God; second, do not contend for status with God; third, do not compete with God. Do you understand what they mean? Let me talk about my understanding based on experiences, even though I dare not say that it is accurate. When fellowshiping God’s words, no one dare to say that it is absolutely correct, for we can only talk about our own experience and understanding. While God is entitled to explain God’s words, we have no such entitlements. We can only fellowship our own understanding, therefore do not treat my words as the standard, but only use them as reference.

First, do not test God.” We all know what it means to test God, like the following circumstances: man does not understand what God really means, and man wants to test God; man is not certain whether there is God, and man wants to test God; man cannot see clearly through how God treats man, and man wants to test God; regarding whether man can be blessed, he also wants to test God, he also wants to get to the truth. It is easiest for a man who doubts God to test God, but even a man who recognizes that there is God also tests God, while the way with which they test God may be different. For example, someone might say: “I have no clarity regarding whether I can be blessed if I leave everything behind to fulfill my duties, therefore I must get to the truth, I must find such a basis from God’s words, God must give me a guarantee, or someone must bring me to the truth, before I can decide, before I can choose my own path.” Isn’t there the nature of a test in this? All those who carry out transactions with God are testing, they are all testing God. Do you now know what it means to test God? How many ways are there to test God? There are numerous ways to test God. Some people may use this method of testing, “Does the Holy Spirit still want me? How come I cannot feel whether the Holy Spirit is performing work? Well, I will commit a sin, I will desire wealth, and then I shall see if the Holy Spirit will discipline me.” Isn’t this a test? Some might say, “Fine, I am not going to fulfill my duties, I am returning to the world, and then I shall see if God will appear to me.” “I try to commit suicide and then I shall see if God will stop me.” This is also a test. With such tests, tell me, do these people have any confidence? Even if you recognize the existence of God, such tests show that you have no confidence. Man’s submission and cooperation with God are all based on confidence, based on the confidence to rely on God’s words, based on God’s requirements. Do not test God and ask that God give you a guarantee, do not test God to publicly give you a promise, for you shall be testing God once you have such intentions. For example, those from the religion are very keen on fighting over their status, and they might say: “I have always been the head of the denomination that I was in, and I must also be the head now in The Church of Almighty God. I shall not submit to the man used by the Holy Spirit. What makes him the leader? I am going to oppose him, I am going to compete with him. This should not count as resisting God.” Therefore, they dare to publicly antagonize me, reveal me, condemn me. They wanted to see what position God would take, they wanted to see whether the God that they believe in is the one true God. Isn’t this a test? This is alarming, for such a test is a grave matter. They are fighting over status, “I do not dare compete with God. Let me first compete with this man, and I shall find out whether Almighty God is real or not, or whether this man is upheld by the Holy Spirit.” Such a test is not insignificant. All those antichrists within the church, all those antichrists that have been expelled, all those antichrists who fight to be church leaders, aren’t they all men like this? These men are in trouble, they have the same nature as those fighting with Moses during the Age of Law. After some time, when God shall pronounce the fate of people of all kinds, pay attention and see what will happen to this kind of people. What is the nature of testing God? It is resisting God, demanding that God must intervene, making transactions with God, therefore the nature of testing God is a serious resistance against God. If you experience God’s work, practice God’s words, submit to God, then the Holy Spirit will naturally perform work on you, the Holy Spirit will naturally enlighten you, illuminate you, and guide you, allowing you to see that God is real, that God is performing work near you, that the Holy Spirit is performing work near you, using the environment to perform work, enlightening you from within your heart, and that is sufficient. If, in order to achieve your personal intentions and objectives, you have extravagant desires and demands of God, then you are testing God. Therefore, regardless of how many years a man has believed in God, regardless of the depth of a man’s understanding of God, we all have a heart that always wants to test God. However, some people are more obvious in the things that they do, while some are not as obvious. Some people desire wealth, desire the world, living in the worldly affairs, wanting to see if God shall discipline them. Such testing is not as severe as fighting for status and competing with God, their nature is not as grave, therefore some specific tests may invoke death upon resistance, while other less significant tests may not have completely offended God’s disposition, for they are not too grave, and these men are spared from death. It is dangerous to test God. In what way do we explain the act of testing God in colloquial term? Touching a high-voltage wire and being electrocuted. Testing God is the gravest danger for those who believe in God, for only those who doubt God, who do not believe in God’s words, who do not accept the truths, would test God, and such an act is obviously a transaction with God. Furthermore, why are you testing God? What gives you the right, who gives you the status, what gives you the power? What is man before God? You must have clarity regarding this, for man has no such entitlement, and man has no reason to do so. God has spoken so many words and has given so many witnessing, they are all witnessing of work performed by the Holy Spirit, yet you continue to test God. Aren’t you resisting God even though you clearly know that God exists? You should now have clarity regarding the issue of testing God.

It says here, “do not contend for status with God.” Regarding the matter of “contend for status with God,” it is generally understood that, in his belief in God, man always wants to become a leader, he always strives for status in God’s house. If he is given status then he shall believe in God, and if status is not given to him then he won’t believe. Isn’t this contending for status with God? Some might have thoughts like this: “For me to believe in God, You must let me become a leader. I shall not believe if You do not let me become a leader.” “For me to believe in God, You must let me become a prominent leader. I won’t settle for a minor leadership position.” “For me to believe in God, it has to be on my own terms. I will only believe if I have the power, and if I do not have power, I won’t believe.” “If You let me be a follower then I won’t believe, then I shall become negative, then I will not fulfill my duties, then I will live within my flesh every day and live a hedonistic life style. I shall only care about enjoyment and not work hard on anything.” Isn’t this contending for status? Isn’t this being negative and slack off? Contending for status with God, isn’t this making a transaction? There is yet another manner of contending for status which is most ostentatious, which belongs to Satan’s nature, that is, it belongs to the antichrists. They always want to become God, always want to become the man being used by the Holy Spirit, always want to control everything in God’s house, to have everyone follow them. These people are antichrists, and by contending for status with God in this manner, they will surely perish. Thinking back to those antichrists who have been expelled from God’s house, they are all this kind of people. Tell me, to contend for status with God, isn’t it directly resisting God? It is directly resisting God, and it is making transactions directly with God. They think, “If You don’t give me status, then I will not properly believe in You, then I won’t leave everything behind to follow You, then I won’t adequately fulfill my duties, then I will muddle through; however, if You give me status, I shall do services, and I shall have no complaints even if I should die from exhaustion.” They are living for status, status is the goal that they seek, status is their life. Such men do not love truths, they do not accept truths. To insist on contending for status with God is to resist God. Such men are directly resisting God, and this is a grave matter, therefore these antichrists will surely perish. Are those who contend for status with God men who seek truths? If they are men who really seek truths, then they will seek truths regardless of whether they have status or not, they will submit to God’s work no matter the duties they are asked to fulfill, they shall always submit to God’s arrangement without saying anything. Therefore, all those who seek status, those who are always racking their brain to contend for status, they are all men who do not love truths, they are all enemies of God. Everything that these men do in the church is for the sake of status, all that they think about is status, all that they work for is to gain status, all that they say is for the sake of status, consummately saying things for the sake of status, doing things for the sake of status, running around for the sake of status, toiling for the sake of status. Therefore, such men will most certainly perish, and they will not have any fate.

Third, do not compete with God.” To compete is to fight with God, antagonizing God, opposing God, engaging in never-ending arguments until the debate has been won, obsessively talking about one’s own reasons, simply refusing to submit, refusing to obey. This is competing with God. There are also different manners with which one competes with God. Some men have status, and they use their status or the power that they hold to compete with God, which is what the false leaders and antichrists use to compete with God. They think, “Regardless of the sermons and fellowship from above, regardless of the paths of practice that you have pointed out, regardless of the work that you arrange, I refuse to implement that which you say, I will believe in God according to my own way, I will follow my own methods in performing work, in leading God’s chosen people, in exerting control over God’s chosen people. I shall do whatever I want to do, I shall say whatever I want to say, I shall perform work in whatever manner I choose to perform work. What can you do with me?” Isn’t this competing with God? Some men do not have status or power, yet they still compete with God, “I shall simply refuse to seek the truths. If You don’t give me status, then I will become negative and not fulfill my duties, then I will not properly believe in God. Once You give me status, then I will properly fulfill my duties, then I shall leave everything behind.” Most people are competing with God for status, becoming negative and slacking off, antagonizing God. Some people did it for wealth. Some people did it because their family encountered some difficulties or catastrophes which God has not resolved for them, and they say, “If God does not bless me, then I cannot pursue properly, then I cannot believe properly. If You do not resolve my difficulties for me then I shall not accept the truths, then I shall not submit to Your work, then I shall dawdle at home and not fulfill my duties. If You do not resolve my difficulties for me then I shall not preach the gospel or perform work.” Some people compete with God through various environments, through personal demands, through personal intentions and purposes. In this, we can see that to compete is to antagonize God. They did not say “regardless of how God treats me, regardless of what I encounter, I shall submit to God, I shall have no complaints.” Instead, they argue with God even when they are encountering some small difficulties, “If You do not resolve my difficulties for me, if You do not provide me with a path for life, then I shall not believe, then I shall not fulfill my duties, then I shall become negative and slack off.” All of these competing. Once someone has become the leader, they say, “Now that I have power, and since You allowed me to be the leader, I shall lead according to my own way. You have no right to tell me how to lead, I shall lead in whichever way I choose. Even the man used by the Holy Spirit has no right to interfere with me. This is how I shall lead, and this is the way that my territory shall remain. ‘The heaven is high above and the emperor is far away,’ therefore whatever I say counts.” Such is competing with God. Some people cannot take the tortures in prison, and they pray to God: “God, if You stop them from torturing me, then I shall recognize You, then I shall stand up and bear witness. If You let them continue torturing me and I can take no more, then I shall deny You, then I shall no longer believe in You.” There are many different ways to compete with God. It may be not submitting to God, finding some excuses or difficulties as reason to not submit to God, to not satisfy God, to not offer one’s life to God. All the difficulties shall be no more once you have truly offered your life to God. I once saw a video of witnessing. During the worst of the torturing, the brother could take it no longer, yet he still did not blame God. What happened in the end? His soul has left his body, and he stopped feeling anything regardless of how hard the police were beating his flesh. Do you believe this? Let us not talk about whether God will open up a path for us. Even if God allows death to come to us, tell me, shouldn’t we offer up our life? Isn’t that all there is to this? Pray to God: “God, I shall continue to believe in You even if they beat me to death. I shall disregard my life. I am offering up my life, I no longer expect to walk out of here alive.” No matter the torture, I will obey You. If I can take it then I shall grit my teeth and take it, and if I cannot take it then I shall die. It makes no difference to me. Isn’t this the way it is? What argument is there? The worst that can happen is death. Some people live and die for their children, everything that they do is for their children. In the end, when their children have fallen ill, they even cut off organs from their own body such that their children can survive. Have any such men died like this? If so, then can’t you instead offer up your life to God? If you can die for your children, then why can’t you offer your life to God? It won’t do if you have no confidence, for you are not placing any importance in God. We used to resist God with such ferocity, we owe God so much, shouldn’t we offer up our life? If you have truly offered up your life, even if you have been beaten to death, how great a consolation that would be for your soul. You shall have no regrets, and you would have handled this matter perfectly. You would say: “I have failed in all these years that I have believed in God, one failure after another, until I have turned failure into victory in the end, and offered up my life in the face of the cruel tortures of Satan.” How great is the consolation of this one single victory, that even death is worthwhile. Tell me, isn’t this the truth? Some people used to resist and betray God, and tell me, what is on their mind now? “Wouldn’t it be great if I can offer up my life to God at some point in life, then I can have some peace of mind. This life of mine does not worth much. When can I offer it up to God? It is a pity that I do not deserve it at the moment. It would be so great if God can allow me this, and then everything will be fine if I offer up my life to God.” It may be the case that a wish like this is not easy to realize, but if you have such a confidence to offer up your life to God, then isn’t it now attainable to spend for God, to seek truths, to suffer and pay the price, to be loyal? These things should now be attainable. Make every preparation and be loyal in fulfilling your duties, practice the truths, have principle in the things you do, to ultimately come to the understanding of many truths, then maybe one day God shall give you an opportunity to witness for God, to offer up your life, which shall be the greatest honor of your life, and your life will not be in vain. Even though your life has been one failure after another, but you are victorious during the final battle, and you will be consoled. Only the final victory or failure will decide everything. If you have failed in the end, then it is worrisome; if you have succeeded in the end, then you have not lived in vain, for at least you have succeeded this one time.

To fear God, one must be equipped with these three things: do not test God, do not contend for status with God, and do not compete with God. These three things are major sins, and if you can ensure that you do not commit any of these sins, my estimation is that you will not be put to death, and with that, all the suffering in life, whatever punishments, whatever difficulties that you encounter are easy in comparison. Doesn’t it settle everything if you can just offer up your life? Can you follow the “three do-nots” (do not test God, do not contend for status with God, do not compete with God)? If you can ensure that you follow these three things, then you have met the lowest criterion to fearing God and shunning evil. If you can do these three things, at least you have not offended God. … Therefore, as long as you are seeking truths, you shall fear God and shun evil. Follow God’s words, then the Holy Spirit shall perform work on you day by day, enlightening you day by day, illuminating you day by day, and slowly you shall attain a heart that fears God. Once you have a heart that fears God, then with your understanding of many truths, because you are following these three commandments, these three advices, you have ensured that you shall become someone who fears God and shuns evil. If you can really fear God and shun evil, then you are someone who follows God’s way, then you are someone who follows God’s will. This much is certain.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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