Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition” (VII)


It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition (Selections)


Every sentence I have spoken contains within it the disposition of God. You would do well to ponder My words carefully, and you will surely profit greatly from them. The substance of God is very difficult to grasp, but I trust that you all have at least some idea about the disposition of God. I hope, then, that you will show Me and do more of that which does not offend the disposition of God. Then will I be reassured. For example, keep God in your heart at all times. When you act, do so according to His words. Seek out His intentions in all things, and refrain from doing that which disrespects and dishonors God. Even less should you put God in the back of your mind to fill the future void in your heart. If you do this, you will have offended the disposition of God. Again, supposing you never make blasphemous remarks or complaints against God throughout your life, and again, supposing you are able to discharge properly all that He has entrusted to you and also to submit to all His words throughout your life, then you will have avoided transgressing against the administrative decrees. For example, if you have ever said, ‘Why do I not think that He is God?’ ‘I think that these words are nothing more than some enlightenment of the Holy Spirit,’ ‘In my opinion, not everything God does is necessarily right,’ ‘The humanity of God is not superior to mine,’ ‘The words of God are simply not believable,’ or other such judgmental remarks, then I exhort you to confess and repent your sins more often. Otherwise, you will never have a chance at forgiveness, for you offend not a man, but God Himself. You may believe that you are judging a man, but the Spirit of God does not consider it that way. Your disrespect of His flesh is equal to disrespecting Him. This being so, have you not offended God’s disposition? You must remember that all that is done by the Spirit of God is done in order to safeguard His work in the flesh and in order that this work be done well. If you neglect this, then I say that you are someone who will never be able to succeed in believing in God. For you have provoked the wrath of God, and so He shall use fitting punishment to teach you a lesson.

Coming to know the substance of God is no trifling matter. You must understand His disposition. In this way, you will, gradually and unknowingly, come to know the substance of God. When you have entered into this knowledge, you will find yourself stepping into a higher and more beautiful state. In the end, you will come to feel ashamed of your hideous soul, and, moreover, will feel that there is nowhere to hide from your shame. At that time, there will be less and less in your conduct to offend the disposition of God, your heart will come closer and closer to that of God, and a love for Him will gradually grow in your heart. This is a sign of mankind entering a beautiful state. But as yet, you have not attained this. As you all rush about for the sake of your destiny, who has any interest in trying to know the substance of God? Should this continue, you will unknowingly transgress against the administrative decrees, for you understand far too little of the disposition of God. So is not what you do now laying down a foundation for your offenses against the disposition of God? That I ask you to understand the disposition of God is not at odds with My work. For if you transgress against the administrative decrees often, who among you will escape punishment? Would My work then not have been entirely in vain? Therefore, I still ask that, in addition to scrutinizing your own conduct, you be cautious in the steps you take. This is the higher demand that I make of you, and I hope that you will all consider it carefully and give it your earnest regard. Should a day come when your actions provoke Me to a towering rage, then the consequences will be yours alone to consider, and there will be no one else to bear the punishment in your place.


God said: “The substance of God is very difficult to grasp, but I trust that you all have at least some idea about the disposition of God.” Now if we try to talk about the substance of God, no one can really be clear about it. We will just parrot the words of others. But God said, “I trust that you all have at least some idea about the disposition of God.” If we truly know the disposition of God, then the substance of God should not be difficult for us to grasp. There must be some simple, shallow understanding, so certainly we will be able to see through some things. Isn’t that the case? For example, concerning God examining the human heart, some people say: “Does Christ know the human heart? Does He examine the human heart?” So does Christ examine the human heart? Some people say: “The Spirit of God examines people’s hearts, while Christ cannot examine people’s hearts.” Is this correct? It is entirely incorrect. How is it incorrect? Is it the Spirit of God who examines people’s hearts, or is it Christ who examines people’s hearts? When it comes to Christ, what parts are included? Christ includes three parts: The Spirit of God, the Word of God, and the incarnate God. So is it okay if you say He includes only one part? This is unreasonable. When we say God examines the people’s hearts we mean the Spirit of God, but when it comes to Christ, the incarnate God, examining the people’s hearts, how do we understand it? Within Christ are borne the Spirit of God, the Word of God, and the incarnate God, so what the Spirit of God is and has is also what the incarnate God is and has, and all the work of the incarnate God is directed by the Spirit of God, which is also the work of the Spirit of God. If we know this, we have a knowledge of Christ. So when it comes to God examining the human heart, some people say: “To say this refers to only the Spirit of God is wrong. The incarnate God also examines people’s hearts, because He bears the Spirit of God within Him. Even if sometimes His humanity does not know people’s hearts, nevertheless the Spirit of God He bears within Him is doing this work.” Is there any contradiction in saying this? There is no contradiction. If I do not communicate this, won’t a new believer be ignorant in this respect? He will certainly be ignorant. He will say: “This is a contradiction!” A person without spiritual understanding will just bicker about it. He will say: “Christ has a normal humanity. How can He examine people’s hearts and souls?” When we say: “Christ can also examine the people’s hearts,” these words refer to the Spirit of God within Christ, do they not? If you say “Christ cannot examine people’s hearts,” then how did those words of Christ come to be expressed? How did He so thoroughly reveal the truth about the corrupt substance of humanity? This proves that Christ has this ability and that He is able to very clearly see the corrupt substance of humanity and the rebellion and disobedience within them. Therefore, you must understand Christ and view God’s works in light of the inner, divine substance of Christ. You cannot do so in light of the normal humanity of Christ. If Christ has no divine substance, then would He be the incarnate God? He would not be. Christ’s humanity was normal, but divinity is His substance, and this is not a contradiction. If you don’t have this understanding, then you have no understanding of Christ. If you don’t have this understanding, can you revere Christ? This is not easy to say. Some people do not revere Christ, and the more normal Christ is in His humanity, the more they will have the notion in their hearts, “Is He God? Or isn’t He God?” When you have this notion, isn’t it easy to offend against God’s disposition? Isn’t it easy to have notions about and judge God? It’s so easy! Thus, by understanding Christ’s divine substance, no matter how normal His humanity, you will not generate such notions. No matter what Christ says, and what work He does, you will not doubt that He is God, you will not doubt the substance of God incarnate, and so you will not transgress against God.

Why do so many people have notions about Christ? They just cannot see the divine substance of Christ and as soon as they discover that Christ speaks ordinarily and normally, they feel uncertain, thinking: “Is Christ really God? How is it that I can’t see it? How is it that He speaks so ordinarily and normally?” You see, aren’t they developing notions and starting to doubt? As for an experienced person, a person who understands the substance of Christ’s divinity, what does he think when he sees that Christ speaks so ordinarily and normally? “The more ordinary and normal Christ is, the more it proves that He is the incarnate God. When the divinity of Christ is hidden, He has contact with people in His normal humanity and lives together with them, but if anyone offends Him, His divinity immediately comes out, and from His mouth a two-edged sword emerges—He will speak, revealing them.” When Christ is making His utterance, some people say, “Oh, His divinity has emerged. He is God. He is really God.” When Christ isn’t making His utterance, His life is ordinary, and His humanity is emerging, they say, “Maybe He’s not God, He seems entirely human.” So, isn’t it an offense against God’s disposition to treat Christ this way? Yes, it is an offense against God’s disposition. So how can this problem be solved? Through reading more of the words of God. If you read more of the words of Christ, you will know that even though His humanity is normal, He is the incarnate God. The more normal the humanity of Christ, the more it proves that He is the incarnate God. Some people just will not admit this: “I simply do not believe this. I will have a try at offending Him. I will speak words of rebellion, or words of doubt, or words of opposition. I will see what the consequences are!” What is the problem here? This is testing God. And what are the consequences of testing God? It offends God’s disposition. Testing God is an offense against God’s disposition. For a mild offense against God’s disposition, you will be judged and chastised; for a serious offense you will be hated and detested by God, and God will reject you; for the most serious offense, you will be cursed by God and will await your punishment. What leads to an offense against God’s disposition? Just by not admitting that this person with an ordinary human life is Christ, and then wanting to explore, and always doubting Christ, you start to test Him. And if you want to have no doubts about Christ, then what should you do? By reading more of God’s words you can discover the disposition of God borne in God’s words, so that you will be more and more certain about Christ, and as you are more and more certain about Him, you will have no doubts. When you achieve an understanding of God’s disposition, and when you not only develop a reverence for the Spirit of God, but most importantly when you develop a reverence for Christ, then you will no longer offend against God’s disposition. Revering God means not only revering the Spirit of God, but also revering the incarnate God, and for the people of God, the most important thing is to revere the incarnate God. Whoever can revere the incarnate God can truly obey the incarnate God; and as for whoever does not revere the incarnate God, it would be improper and unrealistic to say that he truly obeys God. A person who truly knows God will say, “Christ, even if You strike me or scold me, You are still Christ. Even if what You say does not fit with my conceptions and imagination, I still admit in my heart that You are Christ. I obey You. I cannot contradict God.” Even if what Christ says does not fit with his imagination, or with the conceptions in his mind, he will still revere God, saying: “God, I revere You, I obey You, and even if what You say does not fit with my conception, I still obey You, because You are truth, and I am not truth.” Someone who obeys Christ in this way and has this kind of reverence is a person who truly believes in God, and who truly follows Christ.

Right now there are many people who spare nothing on behalf of God, who admit that God incarnate expresses truth, and His work is done by the Holy Spirit, done by God, but who just have no reverence and no obedience for Christ, whereas they do have reverence and obedience for the Spirit of God. What is the problem here? They have separated the Spirit of God from the flesh of God. The Spirit of God, the Word of God, and the flesh of God are one whole, indivisible, and only this can be called the practical God. The practical God is God in the flesh, and if there is no flesh, can the Spirit of God be called the practical God? No, it cannot be so called. So today when you follow Almighty God, you must know, revere, and obey the incarnate Christ, and it is only in this way that God will admit that you follow Him. For example, if Christ said something harsh, like “You’re such a fool!” how would you react? Would you say, “Oh God, I obey. I am just a fool. I wish to repent: I don’t want to be a fool any more”? You must quickly accept, and you shouldn’t form notions about it. If you form notions about it, like “You say I am a fool, but the Spirit of God may not say that I am a fool,” this is to deny the incarnate God. This sentence offends God’s disposition. Whoever directly offends Christ offends God’s disposition. Of course, God does not so regard or so judge a new believer, because he does not understand. But if you have been a believer for several years and you still form such notions about Christ, it proves that you are not certain about the divine substance of Christ, and you still think His humanity is His substance. Is this not blasphemy against God? Humanity does not represent divinity, but this humanity is normal humanity. If you say Christ’s humanity is ordinary and His divinity is just the same, that His divinity was just as ordinary, that whatever His humanity does not know, His divinity also doesn’t know, if you say that Christ’s humanity is ordinary and there is much that humanity cannot see through, and it is the same for Christ’s divinity, what mistake are you making? This proves that you are denying the divinity of Christ. In fact you are not certain about Christ. You still think He is an ordinary person, and has no divinity. This kind of person has no understanding of God, and if he has no understanding, can he guarantee that he will not be forming notions? Forming notions is not something of one’s own volition. Is there a person forming notions about God who says, “I am forming notions of my own volition, I am proactively forming them”? No. He is acting involuntarily—when something befalls him, his mind naturally thinks this. However, why is it that when something befalls, some people can obey, have a heart that reveres God, can thank and praise God, and have no notions at all, whereas other people can immediately be forming notions? What does it indicate? This indicates the difference between having truth and not having truth; it presents the difference between having or not having knowledge of Christ. If you are someone who truly follows Christ of the last days, who follows the Lamb, you must truly revere and obey Christ, for this is the most important thing. If you achieve reverence for Christ in a number of years, then you can revere God and distance yourself from evil. To revere God means to revere the practical God. It does not refer to Jehovah God in heaven. Understand? To revere God and distance yourself from evil means to revere Christ and distance yourself from notions. To revere Christ you must not do things that offend the disposition of God. If you revere Christ so much that you obey Christ and follow Him, you will be a person who reveres God and distances himself from evil.


What conditions must you fulfill in order to not offend God’s disposition? You must have a genuine understanding of Christ’s divine essence and all the words that Christ expresses. Only then will you be able to say that this Christ is the practical God, that He is the God from heaven who has come down amongst mankind, that He is the God from heaven who has become flesh and He is the God from heaven that has come to live with us. Now, if Christ meets with us face to face and says some comforting words, says some caring words or says some consoling words, what is this all about? This is the Creator talking to us. This is the Creator consoling us. This is the Creator caring for us. This is the Creator treating us as human beings, as His own sons and daughters. Therefore, the people that Christ approves of, loves and praises are the most blessed and they are the people the Creator is favoring. Isn’t this the case? If you have believed in Christ—the practical God incarnate—for many years, yet Christ does not commend you, is not willing to acknowledge you or is angry at you, this is life’s greatest regret. This is troublesome. If you cause Christ to detest you, it is over for you. It is hopeless. If Christ likes you and says, “This person truly has humanity. This is a person that loves the truth. This person truly protects the work of God’s family when he fulfills his duties,” then you are blessed. In more realistic terms, you are praised by God, right? These aren’t vague words. This is not the God from heaven praising you. The God from heaven in the flesh is Christ. If Christ says this to you, it is the attitude that the God from heaven has toward you, understood? I often think, “The Creator promotes me. The Creator lifts me up from the dunghill and uses me. This is God making an exception and uplifting me. I, as a member of the corrupt human race, am the same as maggots. I am as insignificant as dust. For the Creator to make an exception, uplift me and use me, for the Creator to personally speak to me, I can die without regret! I feel that I have not wasted my life and that I have truly been blessed!” I frequently have these kinds of thoughts. Therefore, we should treasure the words from God. God is saying these things to each of us. He is saying this to the entire human race. It is a great blessing for whoever can accept it. Perhaps you cannot see it today. However, once you have experienced up to a certain stage, you will be able to see it. These are the words that the Creator has spoken to us. This is the way the Creator contacts us. Externally, what He says is human language. Within, it is full of God’s great love for the human race. God has incarnated in order to accommodate man, who is petty and low. If He does not become flesh, how can He contact us? If God’s Spirit all of a sudden sounds out from the skies or from within the flames, He would frighten us, right? That is why God came in the flesh to contact us. He is willing to communicate with us. He is willing to suffer for us and speak to us. He is willing to endure hardships and work His heart out for us. If you do not see that the Creator, the one true God that created the heavens, the earth and all living things, has such great love for the human race; if you cannot see this, aren’t you numb and dull-witted? Therefore, when you read God’s words, how should you read them? What attitude should you have? “This is what the Creator is telling me.” When you read with this attitude, it will be completely different. You will receive the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and you will understand God’s intentions, right? Sometimes, you may say, “God, what results do You hope to achieve when You say this? What do You want to accomplish in us? Do You want us to know Your disposition, understand You, see You, and develop a heart that reveres You?” When you think like this, you will find: “Oh, it really is like this! When You say this, what do You want us to do?” If you think like this, it is easy for the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and you will understand God’s words. Do not blindly research from man’s perspective. Do not be fastidious about phrasing. This will not allow you to understand God’s intentions. God’s intentions cannot be found within a single word or phrase the majority of the time. Instead, it is concealed behind the entire sentence, right?

Let’s continue reading. God said, “I hope, then, that you will show Me and do more of that which does not offend the disposition of God. Then will I be reassured.” What matter is this referring to? What is God’s request for us after He allows us to understand His disposition? “I hope, then, that you will show Me and do more of that which does not offend the disposition of God. Then will I be reassured.” God proclaims His disposition to the masses for everyone to understand. The purpose of this is so that mankind will not offend His disposition anymore. Not offending God’s disposition is God’s lowest requirement for the human race. If you can obey, worship and praise God in addition to this, you are one of God’s people. If you do not offend God’s disposition, you will be able to survive and you will remain. If you always offend God’s disposition, you will not be able to survive and you will not remain. Isn’t this the meaning of these words? This is how it is. Eating and drinking God’s words is this simple. Once you finish reading these words, you will understand why God needs to express His disposition. God has said so many things. Each sentence that He has said contains God’s disposition within. It is so that God’s people can understand God’s disposition and then will not offend God’s disposition. This is the purpose of God’s words. If you pursue the truth and achieve an understanding of God’s essence, you will have been perfected. Afterward, you will be able to obey God absolutely and you will be able to revere God. This is what it means to be one of God’s people. If you are a service-doer, as long as you do not offend God’s disposition, you will remain and you will be able to enter into the Millennial Kingdom. The most basic criterion that a service-doer must fulfill is that, even if you do not understand the truth, you must be able to guarantee that you will not offend God’s disposition, not disturb the work of God’s family and be able to render your service through fulfilling your own duties. If you can do these things, you will survive and you will remain. If you always offend God’s disposition, it is very troublesome. Suppose you always have notions, are always negative, do not fulfill your duties properly, do some things that cause interruption and disturbance and create a negative impact on others’ fulfillment of their duties. Does such a person meet the standard required for a service-doer? He does not. God will find an opportunity to reveal and eliminate him. That is why some service-doers do not reach the end and are eliminated. If the church unanimously concludes that a certain person is not suitable to fulfill duties and he is a rotten apple, that he often delays and interrupts the work of God’s family and it is better for him not to fulfill duties, then this service-doer’s service has come to an end and must be eliminated. God does not want him anymore. Right now, perhaps the majority of people can see that the number of the people in God’s family who have believed in God for many years is diminishing as time goes by. Their number diminishes until the very end when all that is left are those who are comparatively qualified to fulfill duties. They are all people whose humanity is comparatively good and who sincerely believe. Regardless of what trial they encounter, they do not back down. These people are the people who will remain. These people, no matter what kind of trial they encounter in the future or what kind of tremendous situations they find themselves in, will not deny God. They will continue to praise God and worship God. These are the people of the kingdom. If someone has believed for a few years, always has notions and the fulfillment of their duties always causes disturbance, they belong to the category of people that must be eliminated. They are unable to serve until the very end. These people will be dealt with as if they were unbelievers. They will die amidst the disaster and they will not remain part of God’s family. Would you say that all those who are expelled and eliminated by the church will be able to enter into the kingdom? They will not be able to enter. God’s chosen people in the church disapprove of them, hate them and are fed up with them. It is over for them. Are there individuals who truly repent? Perhaps there are. Perhaps there is a shred of hope for individuals who truly repent. However, they must truly repent and they must truly have good deeds. They cannot simply say that they have truly repented. They must have good deeds to confirm it. In the end, how will God deal with those who always have notions? The first time they have notions, God ignores it. The second time they have notions, He ignores it as well. If, after 3, 5, 7 and then 8 years, such people still always have notions and have not fulfilled any duties properly, so that their brothers and sisters are disgusted by them, saying, “This is a nonbeliever. He should be eliminated,” then they will get eliminated. Once they are eliminated, their faith has come to an end. Their faith in God has reached an ending.


There are some people with whom I have dealt a few times. The more I deal with them, the more strength and progress they have. I asked them, “Are you angry?” “At the time, I was a little bit angry. But after I reflected and pondered what you said, I realized that it was correct. As a result, I accepted it and was not negatively affected by it.” I thought to myself: “This person is good. This is a person that pursues the truth and it is someone that becomes better when I deal with them.” Other people are not so great. After I deal with them, they harbor hatred toward me. They start to pit themselves against me. Do they have obedience? Do they have magnanimity? They have neither of them. Their humanity is not normal. It is not good to not accept the truth, right? If you are to achieve the goal of not offending God’s disposition, you must seek the truth in all matters. Once you understand God’s intentions through seeking the truth, that problem will be resolved, and the grievance in your heart will vanish like smoke in thin air. When your heart is liberated, it is a great feeling. Do you believe? When you encounter a situation where other people criticize you and deal with you, if you do not pray to God and just think, “I should obey, I should obey. I must have self-control. I must have obedience,” will this be useful? The complaint and grievance in your heart will not disappear. If you pray and ponder God’s words, your grievance will disappear and your spirit will be liberated. Look, that prayer is just a few sentences. Have you seen God? You have not. However, as long as you pray sincerely, things will start to change, and the situation will start to change for the better. Isn’t this the accomplishment of God’s Spirit? This is the result of the Holy Spirit’s work. Even though you do not see it, the problem has been resolved. As long as you rely on praying and seeking the truth regardless of what situation you encounter, you will not feel restrained. You will become more and more lenient and you will be more and more patient and tolerant. It is not strenuous. You do not need to make great efforts to become like this. If someone relies on prayer to understand the truth in God’s words, will he have notions about God? His notions will gradually diminish. Even if he occasionally develops some notions, after he ponders the truth, those notions will also disappear. They will be resolved. Those notions will not last in his heart for more than a few days. They will not last long. They will be resolved and they will disappear. In this way, his relationship with God will become increasingly normal. He will pray to God and he will praise God. The times when he expresses genuine gratefulness and praise, it will be from within his heart. When his relationship with God becomes a normal one with no misunderstandings, his heart will enjoy it so much. A believer in God who enjoys the peace and joy of God’s bestowment is someone who has been liberated. What is the consequence when you have notions and misunderstandings about God? Your skies will be full of rain clouds. You won’t be able to enjoy the sunshine. You will not enjoy reading God’s words and you will have no strength in believing in God and feel dark inside. You will not have the spirit to fulfill your duties and you will start to go through the motions. Your inner state is not normal, and you are spiritually sick—your eyes lose their light and your vision becomes blurred. Isn’t this someone who has become paralyzed?

This is why you must keep up a normal state in front of God. Everything that God does is meaningful. The Creator is omnipotent and omniscient. He has incarnated and whatever He says and does has been carefully arranged and planned. He makes no mistakes. Someone asked, “If these are His careful plans and arrangements, why do they always cause us to develop notions?” They are meant to cause our notions. By causing notions, He is able to perfect us. How can we be perfected if we do not develop notions? Someone said, “In that case, when we develop notions, it means that we have the opportunity to be perfected by God. Is it so?” Actually, it really is like this. Let me ask you, would God’s work, the conduct and deeds of God incarnate, objectively speaking, always cause your notions? It would. This is what God has planned. Let me give you an example. I am short. Is it in accordance with your notions? Everyone says that it is not. Now, why did God allow me to be short? Did I want to be short myself? Was this not arranged by God? My looks are quite average. Is this my own doing? My family’s upbringing is also quite average and I am not well-educated. Is this man’s doing? The Cultural Revolution unexpectedly came and interfered with my life. This was also arranged by God. When the Cultural Revolution, Satan’s scheme, started had been determined a long time ago by God. Aren’t these things all due to God? I speak quite straightforwardly. I speak very colloquially and I speak the truth. Isn’t this due to God? Could it be due to me? This is also due to God. Even if I want to speak like an intellectual, selecting the most elegant words and using a suave tone, I cannot. This is the only way I can speak. There is no other way. There are some things in which I have the power to choose. There are other things in which I have no choice. I can only speak like this. These are the things in my heart and this is my character. This is the way I speak. No matter how many years I try to change this, I cannot change it. Hasn’t this been predetermined? I want to speak in the elegant and literary way. I want to write some poetry, sing some songs and preach beautifully to you. However, I cannot. Has all this been predetermined by God? Everything about the flesh of Christ is also predetermined by God. God’s words have told us everything about a person’s life, starting from his birth and encompassing all the situations that he will encounter in life, right? The people you meet each day, when you will encounter a certain situation which is the turning point of your life, these are all things that God has arranged. This has all been predetermined by God. Do you see this matter clearly now? After you see clearly, do some more pondering: What is the purpose of God arranging these things which are not in accordance with my notions? What problem does He want to resolve? How is God using this situation to perfect me? And you will come to understand, “Oh, God is using this situation to reveal my disobedience. God is using these words to reveal my nature. Wow, God has done a great job. These things which are not in accordance with my notions have meaning!” If God wants to allow everything that the incarnate Christ says and does to be in accordance with man’s notions, can He do so? Can God do this? He can. It is easy for Him to do it. Now, why doesn’t He do this? Here is God’s good will. God’s wisdom can be found within here. Sometimes, I speak bluntly. A certain sentence, regardless of how harsh and hurtful, I end up saying it without pondering it over. It hurts some people so much that they cry. I feel remorse, “Oh no, have I been too harsh?” In this matter, they suffer quite a bit. After they suffer, I ask them if they have gained anything and achieved any changes. When they talk about their own experience and the changes they have gone through, this is how I feel, “Oh, this person is someone that pursues the truth.” Now, from this situation, do you see God’s good will? How does God perfect man with this situation? What benefits can people gain from this? People gradually become obedient, develop a heart that reveres God, know to seek the truth through experiencing all sorts of dealing and pruning, and are eventually able to do things according to principles. Aren’t these the results of God’s perfection? When man encounters God’s work, he develops all sorts of notions and imaginations. Isn’t this due to God? God allows the incarnate Christ and the man that God uses to have such a character and such a speaking method. They speak directly and plainly to achieve results. Now, do you understand? When we first started eating and drinking God’s words, we developed notions and in private, we prayed, “God, stop me from developing notions. God, curse me. Discipline me. If I keep on developing notions, punish me.” In the past, isn’t this how we prayed? This is how we, myself included, prayed. At that time, we did not understand God’s intentions. We did not know to say, “God, Your good will is here. You want to use these matters to reveal us so that we can pursue the truth and achieve a change in our life disposition. This is Your intention!” Now we have understood. In the past, we did not understand. Instead of seeking the truth, we prayed, “God, curse me. Discipline me.” The incarnate God’s appearance, the characteristics of His flesh and the way He speaks are all things that God meticulously planned. All the areas that are not in accordance with man’s notions and imagination exist in order for man to be perfected so that he can understand the truth and know God’s disposition. All the areas that are not in accordance with man’s notions and imaginations, as well as everything that He says, the purpose of these things is for man to be perfected and cleaned. Someone said, “Now, there are some people who do not seek the truth. There are some people who contradict and resist. There are some who even retreat. What do you say about this?” Every person that does not love the truth will be revealed and eliminated; every person who loves the truth will be perfected. Isn’t this the case?


What would you say is the meaning of offending God’s disposition? God requests that we do some things that do not offend His disposition for Him to see, and then God will be relieved, so we must know what it means to offend God’s disposition. This subject is very important. Generating some notions regarding God’s words and work is something that God permits because man does not have the truth. This stage of God’s work involves Him perfecting man so that man can obtain the truth. That is why a lot of the work that God does and the things that He says are not in accordance with man’s notions. This is inevitable and unavoidable. God must do things in this way. God permits man to have notions. God also requests that man refrain from offending God’s disposition. In such a case, how should man practice? When man develops notions, he should pray to God and seek the truth. This is the only way that this problem can be resolved. Someone said, “I have finished praying, but I remain ignorant of the truth and my notions still persist.” Does having notions represent offending God’s disposition? It does not. Why not? God permits man to develop notions. However, after man has developed notions, if he voluntarily judges and convicts, then this is something that offends God’s disposition. If he has notions but does not spread them but instead seeks the truth within his heart in order to resolve them, this is not something that offends God’s disposition. God permits man to generate notions about God’s work because man does not have the truth. This is a matter that cannot be avoided. However, this matter reveals man. If a person does not love the truth, he will not pray to God and seek the truth. Within, he will generate thoughts, judgments and conviction. This verifies that this person is arrogant and conceited and he does not accept the truth. This also verifies that this person does not truly believe in God, that his purpose is not to obtain the truth but to obtain blessings. When this kind of person generates notions, he will be revealed. Some people who pursue and love the truth also generate notions, but they pray to God and seek the truth. Even though they cannot immediately understand or gain the truth, however, because they pray to God, the notions that they generate are set aside and they do not convict, have complaints or become negative. These notions just float around in their minds and stay there for a period of time. They do not generate judgments, complaints or negativity. They put aside their notions. They are not affected by them. Perhaps after a period of time, during a gathering, when others communicate about this aspect of the truth, their notions will be resolved and thus vanish like smoke in thin air. Even though they do not understand the truth when they pray, however, what results does their prayer achieve? It protects them from offending God’s disposition and generating judgments and convictions. Is this prayer efficacious? Someone asked, “Is prayer useful?” Is it useful? It is very useful! After you finish praying, you will not judge God nor will you be negative. “Oh! God’s good will is here. Right now, I do not understand, but I am willing to submit. I should not harbor notions.” In this way, these notions have been set aside. Some people on the other hand, once notions enter into their hearts, they become malignant tumors and cause cancer. They end up killing them. For other people, these notions are set aside within their hearts. They get dissolved and eliminated after prayer. These people are fine and they do not become sick. Basically, these people are able to accept the truth. The notions in their hearts do not do any damage to them nor do they become cancers. Instead, they are set aside. At a certain time, this aspect of the truth will be understood, and those notions will naturally disappear.

Not offending God’s disposition is a very important matter. There are a few manifestations that you must understand. “For example, keep God in your heart at all times. When you act, do so according to His words. Seek out His intentions in all things, and refrain from doing that which disrespects and dishonors God.” These are very important. What conditions must you fulfill if you are to not offend God’s disposition? “[K]eep God in your heart at all times.” This is the first condition. The second condition is, “When you act, do so according to His words.” The third condition is, “Seek out His intentions in all things.” The fourth condition is, “[R]efrain from doing that which disrespects and dishonors God.” If you can fulfill the first three conditions that we just mentioned, would you be able to do things that would disrespect and dishonor God? You all say that you would not be able to. Now, what does it mean to offend God’s disposition? It means to do something that disrespects or dishonors God. This is offending God’s disposition. For example, if you do a certain thing that causes God to despise, be resentful to or be fed up with you, this means that you have offended God’s disposition. Now, what would cause God to be resentful to, despise or be fed up with you? “[T]hat which disrespects and dishonors God.” If you do these kinds of things God will be angry at you. Now, if you do something that does not disrespect or dishonor God, which actually has nothing to do with God, would God be angry at you? God would not be angry at you nor would He be fed up with you. Suppose you do something that God admires, likes and has a good opinion about so that God approves of you and commends you. What category do such things belong to? The things that God praises, which are positive things. God likes such people. When God sees someone fulfill their duties sincerely, devoutly and responsibly, He would say, “This person is good. His attitude in regard to fulfilling duties is great!” When God sees this person’s performance, He would say, “This person’s humanity is not bad.” God praises this person; this is a person that pursues the truth and He will be saved. Some people do things that dishonor or disrespect God. What kind of things are these? For example, some people bow down or bow their heads in a well-behaved manner immediately when they see God. God says, “No need to be polite,” thinking that such people respect God and have a place for God in their hearts. Some people turn their heads when they see God. They pay no heed to Him and they leave. What kind of manifestation is this? Do these people have God in their hearts? They do not. They do not honor or respect God. Other people stare blankly after they see God, “Oh, You are God. I want to see clearly how God is.” They do not have any facial expression. They just stare blankly. When God sees these people, He thinks, “Perhaps this person is not mentally normal.” In His heart, God does not like these people. Most of us are very happy listening to God and communicating with Him. We concentrate on listening and we answer whatever questions God has. It is as if we have found an intimate friend with whom we can chat with. There is nothing that we do not want to talk about with God. Some people stare blankly when God speaks. It is as if they are saying, “Where are You from? Why do I not recognize You?” It seems as if God is a stranger to them. Does God like these people? He does not like them. However, have they offended God’s disposition? Can you not see through this? When I talk about some actual cases, you cannot see through them. These people have not offended God’s disposition. They did not judge, despise or convict God and they did not resist God. This is not offending God’s disposition. These people simply do not have a place in their hearts for God. They are unfamiliar with God. It cannot be confirmed whether such people will offend God’s disposition in the future. They are somewhat in danger and their state is not quite normal. They are disrespectful of God and they are not close or intimate with Him. They are unfamiliar with God. Those who are unfamiliar with God are people that do not love the truth. Those that love the truth have read much of God’s words. They have listened to a lot of truth and they are very grateful to God. “God is great! If God did not express so much truth, it would be impossible for me to receive this much truth. I am truly grateful to God! It is a pity that I have believed for so many years yet still haven’t been able to see God’s face.” Suppose one day such people have an opportunity to see God’s face. Would they be excited? How would their facial expression be like when they are this excited? Would their face express unfamiliarity and numbness or would they be wild with joy? They would be ecstatic and grateful, “God, I can see You now. I really want to chat with You but I do not want to be impolite. Oh, I want to listen to You speak.” These will be the yearnings of their hearts. Would they feel estranged from God? Would there be unfamiliarity? No, not at all. This is what is known as a normal attitude. Suppose a person sees God and his face shows unfamiliarity, bewilderment and confusion. What would his attitude be? It would not be a normal attitude, right? Has he not eaten and drunk God’s words over these years? Does he not know God at all from God’s words? Or is it that he has generated many notions about God from God’s words and there are contradictions within his heart, so that he is unhappy, shows unfamiliarity and expresses numbness when he sees God? This person’s attitude is not normal.

Now we have seen a few manifestations of the attitude that one has when dealing with God. Sometimes, we can decipher what attitude someone has in their heart from their external appearance. What kind of attitude does one have in their heart if one is capable of doing things that dishonor and disrespect God? What kind of inner state can cause someone to do things that dishonor and disrespect God? Does this kind of person have a place for God in his heart? His heart does not have a place for God. This is very troublesome! The first criterion when it comes to truly obtaining life is to see whether or not someone has a place for God within their heart. This can verify whether they have the reality of the truth. If their heart does not have a place for God, that means that they treat God as if He were just an average person. They do not treat God seriously. Isn’t this the case? Why does God say so many things? The purpose of this is to cleanse, save and perfect man. God wants to bring man into the kingdom and into a beautiful final destination.


The more one believes in God, the more one understands the truth, the truer one’s knowledge of God becomes and the greater one’s confidence is. The greater one’s confidence is, the more loyal one becomes in this final stage of following God. “I have to fulfill my duty in a down-to-earth manner in order to deserve to be called a man.” Now is the time to do one’s duty. Do not act arbitrarily, nor in a way that hurts God’s heart or interrupts and disturbs the work of God’s family. That is disrespectful to God! Offending God’s disposition is the greatest disrespect to God. Doing things in opposition to God, vying with God over God’s chosen people, not doing things according to God’s instruction, doing things arbitrarily as one wishes and always obliging the flesh are all disrespectful to God. Do you understand? Now we should focus on the pursuit of the truth and doing our duty well. It is testimony and proper business to best complete what God has entrusted us to do. The effects achieved by God perfecting people include more than understanding of the truth. What is to be achieved by understanding the truth? The likeness of man. What must one possess to live out the likeness of man? Where is the reality of the truth manifested? Where does understanding the truth finally present itself? In doing one’s duty well. By doing one’s duty well, one lives out the likeness of man. If one does not do one’s duty well, they will not be in the likeness of man. If one does one’s duty well then one has the reality of truth. If one does not do one’s duty well then one does not have the reality of truth. So how are the effects of pursuing the truth reflected? In doing one’s duty well. People who accord with God’s intentions and do things in a principled manner when doing their duty have the reality of truth and are living out the likeness of man and are truly obedient to God. When one has done one’s duty well, then they have all aspects of reality. What is this called? When something crucial is ready, everything else will fall into place. So if some people do their duty well, are they still capable of doing things that offend God’s disposition? They are not. Because when such people are doing their duty they are obeying God. When such people are doing their duty, they do so with a God-fearing heart. When such people are doing their duty, they seek the truth in everything and so do things in a principled manner. So for such people doing their duty is a beautiful testimony and is proof of them entering the reality of truth and a true manifestation of their obedience toward God.

If you say, “To not offend God’s disposition, I must remember that I cannot speak arbitrarily when I see Christ, so I will cover my mouth with my hands,” can it be ensured that you will not offend God’s disposition? Even if you always cover your mouth with your hands, your inner corruption will still remain. It is not that your inner corruption will disappear whenever you cover your mouth, right? Your inner corruption flows from your heart. Can it be solved through covering your mouth? You cannot achieve the effects of experiencing God’s work by adhering to regulations. It is impossible! If that works, God shall not need to utter the truth, but will just give you a few of the commandments for you to abide by, just like in the Age of Grace and the Age of Law. God’s utterance of the truth is to solve people’s nature, to solve people’s satanic disposition. People’s satanic disposition is the root cause of people offending God’s disposition. Is this not the case? Always eat and drink the words of God and communicate the truth then the more thoroughly you understand the truth, the more thoroughly you will be able to dissect your satanic disposition, satanic philosophy and satanic logic. However much you understand, the truth will cleanse you inside to the same amount. Is it not the case that once the truth takes hold as life inside you, all of satanic things within you will naturally disintegrate and disappear? When we have understood many truths due to our belief in God, we can discern those satanic laws of survival, such as, “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost.” Tell me, what is absurd about, “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost”? Some people may say: “Now I can tell that these words are absurd. If people do things completely for God and do things for the sake of others and love God and people, then they will be blessed by God and live for ever and ever without getting old. So, ‘everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost’ is Satan’s logic. In addition, God says that He will bless those who love God forever and that they can attain eternal life. So the words ‘everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost’ are the exact opposite of God’s words and pure fallacy!” Can unbelievers thoroughly understand this? They cannot. So why can those who believe in God discern this? God has not announced what is wrong with the words, “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost.” God did not say so, but we can discern it. Why? Because we understand the truth. When we understand the truth, all of Satan’s heretical fallacies, philosophies of life and laws of life will be crystal-clear to us, and we can easily tell why these fallacies are absurd. So once we have accepted the truth in the words of God, the way we see things will change, our satanic nature will disintegrate and the truth in God’s words will become our life. God says that the word of God becoming people’s life is equated to the word of God having a hold over people, which means they have been perfected by God and gained by God.


Experience it in this way and you will act in a more and more principled manner and will be able to practice the truth more and more and in so doing, the probability of you offending God’s disposition in your lifetime will get smaller and smaller. Is not offending God’s disposition for a lifetime achieved by restraint? Is it achieved by adhering to rules? It is not. You must know how to experience. First, you must eat and drink the words of God; second, you must communicate the truth and seek the truth in doing your duty. Once you understand the truth, you will do things in a principled manner. If you always seek the truth then you will unwittingly speak and do things in a principled manner. The more principles you grasp, the more mature you will become and your life will gradually grow. If you always experience and practice in this way, you will gradually gain life and it won’t be easy for you to offend God’s disposition. Now there are a lot of people who I do not need to deal with. I see that these people are pressing onward, getting better and better and have really changed. Their spiritual foundation has been formed and they are steadily improving and progressing. Such people will not hold fast to their conceptions, no matter what God does. Whenever they develop conceptions, they will pray and after they pray, they will drop these conceptions and will absolutely not speak words of misunderstanding God or say things that are judgmental toward God. In this way, are they not safe? To use a colloquial expression, they have been placed inside a safe box. They will not offend God’s disposition again. You have heard about some people who believed in God for many years but did not pursue the truth who were one day possessed by the devil. Why was it so? Some people say: “Why does God not keep them as they have believed in Him for so many years?” They have conceptions about this matter and say stupid things like this. It is easy to tell that they do not have any reality of the truth. Those who really understand the truth can work this out. Do you know what the root cause is? God’s work is coming to an end and God will hand those people who do not pursue the truth nor have a God-fearing heart over to Satan. They will all be given to Satan to deal with. Do you understand? People who have the truth can work anything out and will not develop conceptions but instead praise and thank God. Are such people still capable of offending God’s disposition? They will absolutely not offend God’s disposition because they can see through things. Even if they cannot see through something, they can pray to God and they will not misunderstand God. When they can thoroughly understand things then they are less likely to offend God’s disposition.

Let us continue onward reading the words of God. God said, “Even less should you put God in the back of your mind to fill the future void in your heart.” Some people believe in God to solve their emptiness, fill the void in their heart and comfort their soul. That can only bring momentary pleasure. It is of no use. If they do not pursue the truth, one day when disaster befalls upon them, their emptiness will remain unresolved and their suffering will be even greater. Is this not the case? Is God’s last days’ work carried out to solve your emptiness and to fill the void within you? This is absolutely not the case. God comes to be your life, to cleanse your satanic disposition with His words and to use the truth to perfect you, not to solve your emptiness. God comes to do practical work to save and gain people and bring them to a beautiful destination. Only then will God’s management plan be fully completed. Are you now clear about what offending God’s disposition is? Whether or not one can offend God’s disposition mainly depends on how one approaches God and whether or not one pursues the truth in doing one’s duty. If you understand many truths whilst doing your duty, then you will naturally be obedient and reverential toward Christ and not offend God’s disposition. If you just think: “When I see the face of Christ, I must not say anything disobedient, I must let Christ be happy to see me, and I must be simple and open and say what is in my heart,” can doing so guarantee that you will not offend God’s disposition? It is meaningless. That is adhering to the rules, right? We must be pragmatic and do something real. In other words, we must earnestly eat and drink the words of God and equip ourselves with the truth, sincerely seek and practice the truth whilst doing our duty and submissively obey all of God’s arrangements and work. If you persist in practicing and experiencing like this, you will naturally develop an understanding of God. Once you gain some understanding and develop a God-fearing heart, you will be able to shun evil. When your God-fearing heart takes hold of you inside and dominates you, you are someone who has gained life, who has the truth as life. At this point, your satanic disposition, logic, philosophy and rules have been all resolved, with no chance of revival. If you do not have the truth as life, even if you want to deny the satanic philosophy and logic, then you will not be able to. You cannot discern them and still think: “These are true. Everybody says so. People thought like this thousands of years ago.” Mankind’s thoughts are not the truth. Only the words of God are the truth, the words of God can change everything and the words of God determine everything. If it is not until one day when you see catastrophe come and the destruction of the world and kingdom of unbelievers that you realize, “Oh! The words of God really do accomplish everything! God does what He says. He really does live up to His word! Today I see the authority of the words of God. I will now really pursue the truth,” what kind of person are you? One who makes a belated effort, are you not? Only when God’s work has ended do you have the motivation to pursue the truth; it is too late. You only think of pursuing it when faced with disaster. Is that not too late? Can you see the words of God coming true every day now? Can you see this fact? If you can see this then you can see the vision. The words of God are indeed coming true. The world changes day by day, which is coming about according to the words of God. When disaster comes, this will become more apparent, and even unbelievers will be convinced. For the people who understand the truth, the words of God are being continuously fulfilled. The world changes from day to day, and change always supersedes plans, so that the great red dragon is whipped into a state of frenzy. God’s people are following God’s footsteps. They listen to the fellowship and have new enlightenment every day. Does it mean that the Holy Spirit’s work rises higher with each step? Some people do not attend meetings for a few months and then one day they come to a meeting, and they say, “Why do I not understand? Why is everything that you say out of my reach? Oh! The pace of the Holy Spirit’s work is very fast!” They have felt it. Since we follow every day, we can feel it. Indeed there is enlightenment every day and a change every few days. Those who do not meet for a while and then meet again feel like they cannot keep up; their feeling is most obvious. Is it not? Does the Holy Spirit’s work change day by day? Can people be perfected if they do not follow closely? Everyone knows they cannot. If you closely follow like this until the end and do not leave at all then you will be perfected. If you follow until halfway and then stop and go home, back to the world, then you have been eliminated. Even if you come back in the future, you will not be able to keep up and you will have no share in receiving the Holy Spirit’s work; no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to keep up, nor understand and then you will feel deep regret. Is that not so?


Question & Answer

Question (1) Brother, one of your sermons says that those people who can never coordinate with others harmoniously are people who do not pursue the truth nor accept the truth. I am such a person and in doing my duty, when I’m faced with people or things that do not adhere to my conceptions, the effort I put into praying to God and seeking the truth is temporary. I only have some doctrinal understanding, but my heart remains hardened and has not opened up to God, so I cannot truly obey the environment that God furnishes or practice the truth and my duty is not up to standard. Now I want to repent and start anew, pursue the truth and achieve real repentance and change. Brother, please dissect this and fellowship: What is the essence of not pursuing the truth and not accepting the truth? What is the root of the problem? How should I repent and make a turn-around in order to be able to truly accept the truth and do my duty in a down-to-earth manner?

Answer: Being able to ask such a question proves that you are starting to strive for the truth. Do not give up on yourself. There is no problem that cannot be solved if you rely on God. When new believers discover so many problems within themselves, they are very liable to make a deterministic judgment about themselves and give up on themselves as hopeless, thinking, “I am finished. I am not someone who pursues the truth and sooner or later I will be eliminated.” As a result, they become passive and make no effort to cooperate. If one day God’s words suddenly remind them, “Rely on God. If you truly repent, rely on God, God will bring you through and resolve these difficulties that you face,” and they give their hearts to God and accept and obey the truth, they will slowly be brought through by God. Is this the case? After all, you must start by praying to God. Pray to God and eventually you will solve these problems by relying on God. These problems are not difficult to resolve. It will not do not to pray to God and not to rely on God, nor not to accept and obey the truth. Will it work if you just pray to God and do not accept the truth? You must conciously obey and practice the truth; that is right. Do you know what it means to do something consciously? You should not speak empty words but instead consciously take the initiative to do this. For example, yesterday someone lied and today they admitted it. “Brother, yesterday I lied. What I said was not what actually happened. Today I rephrase it. May God have mercy on me.” Tell me what is this a manifestation of? Such a person is in pursuit of the truth. They do not let this kind of thing slip. “Did I not lie? I will go and admit this to someone. I dare to admit it.” They are quite brave! Tell me, are such people able to solve problems? They can solve any problems. If you cannot coordinate with others harmoniously, you should ponder, “Why do I not coordinate harmoniously with them? I am always jealous of others and I always look down on people so my heart is judgmental and hateful. I should admit it to brothers and sisters and I should pray to God and learn to obey. From now on, if brothers and sisters say something right I will obey. I will try like this and see if I can do it!” When you start to practice like this, the problem is half solved. If you then practice five more times and also reveal corruption five more times, does this count as progress? This is progress. Continue to practice in this way. At most, corruption may be revealed three times. Continue to practice for another while and it may be revealed once, then continue to practice for a while longer and there will be none. In several months you will see changes. Is this not the case? Why can you not coordinate harmoniously with other people? If other people say things that are right, then learn to be obedient. Why not accept? Why not obey? Pray to God and curse yourself. If other people say things that are not right, why can you not be tolerant? Why can you not communicate with them? Why can you not treat them with love? Examine your own problems. Is it easy to solve the problem of not coordinating harmoniously with others like this? If the other person is an antichrist or evil spirit and you cannot coordinate harmoniously with them, then you should expose and report them. The church administrative decree regarding such a person is to eliminate, get rid of and expel them. If it is a brother or sister who truly believes in God but has just revealed some corruption, then you shall treat them with love. Who does not reveal corruption? Who is perfect now? No one is perfect, including me. If they can accept it when we communicate the truth to them, we should communicate with them sincerely. If they cannot accept it then we should pray for them. But we should not be fed up and hateful toward them. Can this be done? This shouldn’t be difficult, should it? If you feel it is difficult then pray earnestly and keep trying. It is impossible that it cannot be done after you try several times. After you have experienced it several times you will know that it is not difficult. What level does the practice of some brothers and sisters reach? They can say the words that people find most difficult to say. Why can we not say them? Is this problematic? If others can lay bare themselves, why can’t we? If others are willing to practice the truth and can accept God’s words, why can’t we do it? If we have the courage can we do it? Who amongst brothers and sisters discriminates against those who speak simply and openly? Who says that they are not good? Who judges them? No one judges them. Brothers and sisters admire them and say, “You have the courage, why don’t I? You are superior to me in this. You are better than me. I have done bad things which I do not dare be open about, but when you have done bad things, you dare to be open about them. This shows how you are superior to me.” Are you not convinced by what they’ve done? Tell me, no matter what flaws your humanity has, is the problem of not coordinating harmoniously with other people hard to solve? You just need the courage to speak openly with others: “I felt sorry for you. I felt a little annoyed by you before, I felt jealous of you, and I looked down on you because of your flaws. I am arrogant and conceited. I now see that I am very corrupt. I may have said some words that hurt you. Please forgive me.” Will it be so difficult for you to speak like this? How will other people feel when you speak like this? “Oh. Actually there are many things that I was wrong about. The main fault lies in me, not you.” How will they feel if you speak like this? They will feel like they do not have courage and they will admire you and envy your courage. If they feel moved in their hearts and so do you, is it easy to coordinate harmoniously? It is easy. As long as you lay bare your heart, there will be no problem at all. If you do not believe so, lay bare your heart and say, “Last time I hated you and was jealous of you because of some issue.” After you have said this, when you face another issue, can you continue to feel hatred? Can you continue to feel jealous? Will you make this mistake again? You have learnt a lesson and when you face such an issue again, you will think: “This time I will not hate him, nor will I be jealous of him. Envy is the rottenness of the bones. He is better than me. Even if he does something wrong, I should treat him with love. To hate him is despicable. It is not good!” Is it not much better for you to feel this way? There is no barrier, is there? Is it easy to resolve the problem of not coordinating harmoniously? Firstly, rely on prayer and seeking the truth and understand principles; secondly, be simple and open with people; if you can lay your heart bare and be open with people about what you should take responsibility for and where you have gone wrong, then they will also treat you like this. In this way, there will be no hang-ups or barriers. If you do not believe, tell someone the most difficult things in your heart, by saying, “This is how I am.” It turns out they have an inclination to this, it is just that they haven’t done anything. After you say this and they hear it, they would say: “I have to thank you for reminding me, otherwise I would have made a big mistake. I have to thank you. You are a really loving person. This has really helped me!” You feel like it is too difficult to say but you can help them by conveying it and make them repent and wake up. Is this saving them? Can they be jealous of you? Can they judge you? They will be very admiring of you and commend you a lot. Mankind has been deeply corrupted by Satan. It is not that if you have done this others will look down on you. That’s not the case. If you can do this, so can others. Under the right circumstances, anyone can. It is just that some people do not have such circumstances. Since people are corrupt all the same, can you not do the things that others can? Not necessarily, so do not judge.

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