Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition” (VI)


It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition (Selections)


Every sentence I have spoken contains within it the disposition of God. You would do well to ponder My words carefully, and you will surely profit greatly from them. The substance of God is very difficult to grasp, but I trust that you all have at least some idea about the disposition of God. I hope, then, that you will show Me and do more of that which does not offend the disposition of God. Then will I be reassured. For example, keep God in your heart at all times. When you act, do so according to His words. Seek out His intentions in all things, and refrain from doing that which disrespects and dishonors God. Even less should you put God in the back of your mind to fill the future void in your heart. If you do this, you will have offended the disposition of God. Again, supposing you never make blasphemous remarks or complaints against God throughout your life, and again, supposing you are able to discharge properly all that He has entrusted to you and also to submit to all His words throughout your life, then you will have avoided transgressing against the administrative decrees. For example, if you have ever said, ‘Why do I not think that He is God?’ ‘I think that these words are nothing more than some enlightenment of the Holy Spirit,’ ‘In my opinion, not everything God does is necessarily right,’ ‘The humanity of God is not superior to mine,’ ‘The words of God are simply not believable,’ or other such judgmental remarks, then I exhort you to confess and repent your sins more often. Otherwise, you will never have a chance at forgiveness, for you offend not a man, but God Himself. You may believe that you are judging a man, but the Spirit of God does not consider it that way. Your disrespect of His flesh is equal to disrespecting Him. This being so, have you not offended God’s disposition? You must remember that all that is done by the Spirit of God is done in order to safeguard His work in the flesh and in order that this work be done well. If you neglect this, then I say that you are someone who will never be able to succeed in believing in God. For you have provoked the wrath of God, and so He shall use fitting punishment to teach you a lesson.

Coming to know the substance of God is no trifling matter. You must understand His disposition. In this way, you will, gradually and unknowingly, come to know the substance of God. When you have entered into this knowledge, you will find yourself stepping into a higher and more beautiful state. In the end, you will come to feel ashamed of your hideous soul, and, moreover, will feel that there is nowhere to hide from your shame. At that time, there will be less and less in your conduct to offend the disposition of God, your heart will come closer and closer to that of God, and a love for Him will gradually grow in your heart. This is a sign of mankind entering a beautiful state. But as yet, you have not attained this. As you all rush about for the sake of your destiny, who has any interest in trying to know the substance of God? Should this continue, you will unknowingly transgress against the administrative decrees, for you understand far too little of the disposition of God. So is not what you do now laying down a foundation for your offenses against the disposition of God? That I ask you to understand the disposition of God is not at odds with My work. For if you transgress against the administrative decrees often, who among you will escape punishment? Would My work then not have been entirely in vain? Therefore, I still ask that, in addition to scrutinizing your own conduct, you be cautious in the steps you take. This is the higher demand that I make of you, and I hope that you will all consider it carefully and give it your earnest regard. Should a day come when your actions provoke Me to a towering rage, then the consequences will be yours alone to consider, and there will be no one else to bear the punishment in your place.

God said, “Every sentence I have spoken contains within it the disposition of God. You would do well to ponder My words carefully, and you will surely profit greatly from them. The substance of God is very difficult to grasp, but I trust that you all have at least some idea about the disposition of God.” We have fellowshiped about this verse before. I feel that this verse is very important and we should fellowship about it more. Each sentence of God’s word holds God’s disposition. Can you accept this sentence? Some people still believe, “Indeed, some of what God says does express God’s disposition. There are some of God’s words that I do not see God’s disposition within.” Is this correct? They believe that not necessarily every sentence of God’s word holds God’s disposition. They are using man’s notions and imaginations to examine God’s words, and that is why they come up with this conclusion. When it comes to God’s words, whatever God says is the fact and it is the truth. If you believe in God but do not believe in the words of God and always rely on your own notions and imagination, would you be able to understand the truth? Such people are unable to understand the truth. Even if they believe for an entire lifetime, they will not obtain the truth. For example, God requires us to be an honest person, so being an honest person is the truth. But you say, “It is not crucial for someone to be an honest person his entire life. He must be intelligent and clever. This is what is most crucial.” Aren’t these the opinions of man? You believe that you can be successful if you are intelligent and clever. However, would you be able to receive God’s praise? If you do not put God’s words into practice, you will not receive God’s praise. Therefore, as a man, you must live with God’s word as the foundation. You should be whatever kind of person that God praises. You should believe and put into practice whatever God says. This is what a truly clever person does. Each sentence of God’s word, regardless if it is in accordance with your notions, you must first have, within your heart, a genuine faith. You should believe, “This is God’s word. It is the truth. Even if it is not in accordance with my notions and imagination, even if I do not understand or comprehend it, it is still God’s word. I must accept and believe it.” This is a true faith. Suppose God says something and someone does not believe it. He thinks about it, “This seems incorrect. I do not know if it is the truth or not. I will not accept it. When I can see that it is the truth or when I can confirm that it is the truth, that is when I will accept and acknowledge that it is the truth.” Is this opinion correct? You all say that it is incorrect. Why is it not correct? We can obtain confirmation from our own experience of believing in God. When we first started to believe, we all had our own notions and imagination, “I do not understand this sentence. Since I do not understand it, I will place it to one side. I cannot accept that sentence. Since I cannot accept it, I have resistance. However, I still believe because I can confirm that the majority of what God says is God’s voice and it is the truth. That is why I will continue to follow, I will not retreat.” After a few years of experience, things are not the same. What we did not accept, could not confirm or could not understand, we see it all as truth. Today, when we look back at these words, we can accept them completely as God’s word. Afterward, when we reflect on why we had notions or why we did not accept, we start to feel remorse, “How could I have been so arrogant? Why was I so conceited?” “Pow! Pow!” We slap ourselves twice in the face. In the end, what lesson can be learnt from this? “From now on, when I encounter some of God’s words that I do not understand or that are not in accordance with man’s notions and imagination, I must accept them and obey them anyways! This is what is correct.” Isn’t this what we have experienced?

When some people read God’s words saying that man is livestock, they think, “Wow, these words are very degrading!” They have their own notions. After a few years of experience, once they understand more of the truth and have more of an understanding of themselves, they discover that they do not have much humanity. In fact, aren’t they just livestock? They do not obey God nor do they have a loving heart for God. They go through the motions in their duties and they always have notions and imaginings about God. Aren’t they just livestock? They become ashamed and are unable to show their face. They feel that they are not worthy to live before God. They hit themselves in the face again, “I am a livestock. I do not know anything!” At this point, are they still able to believe that God’s words degrade people? What do they believe at this point? They say, “God’s words are the truth and they are the reality. They are all in accordance with the facts. I must not apply my notions and imagination to God’s word.” Isn’t this understanding gained from experience? If you do not think that a certain sentence of God is the truth, nor is it God’s voice, be slow to challenge Him. You may make a bet with God. Do you dare make a bet like this? If you do make a bet, then you will be humiliated. One day, when you finally understand, you will hit yourself in the face and you will kneel before God and admit to your sins. That is why those who have a bit of experience with God’s word will acknowledge, regardless of what God says, regardless if it is in accordance with man’s notions and imagination and regardless if they understand it, that God’s words are God’s words, the truth is the truth, and it cannot be denied at any time. Once someone has this kind of an understanding of God’s word, he will have entered onto the proper track of believing in God. Someone asked, “Is this what it means to enter onto the proper track of believing in God? What is this referring to?” It refers to acknowledging that each sentence that God expresses is God’s voice, the truth and reality. It means being able to accept it as the truth and obey it regardless if you understand it or whether it is in accordance with man’s notions. This is how someone who truly obeys God’s work approaches this matter. They accept each sentence of God’s word regardless of how unbelievers see it and regardless of how religious people see it. In their hearts, each sentence of God’s word is the truth. Each one of God’s words holds God’s disposition within. They all have the truth and mystery within. If they can understand God’s words to this degree, would you say that this kind of person still has notions about God? Is it easy for them to contradict or resist God? The Lord Jesus warned the Pharisees that calamity would befall them. Many people have notions about this. Almighty God convicts the pastors and elders of the religious world. People also have notions about this. What kind of problem is this? Do these people genuinely believe in God? Why do they not believe in God’s word? Why are they unable to obey God’s word? What is the source of people not being able to obey God’s word? One is, people’s dispositions are too arrogant. Another is that people do not acknowledge that God’s words are the truth. This is the root of the trouble. This is where the root of the problem is. Do those who do not acknowledge that God’s word is the truth resist God?


Each sentence of God’s words has God’s disposition within. If you accept and experience this sentence and are fully convinced that this is how it is, you will definitely be someone that treasures the words of God and obeys God. You will be able to obey the work of God because you acknowledge that each sentence of God’s word is the truth, that it is expressed by God and that it does not originate from man’s will. Does such a person understand God? He has a bit of understanding. He has a bit of the reality. Just having a bit of understanding and reality requires three to five years. Someone said, “I have believed for seven to eight years. Why is it that I still do not understand some of God’s words?” This is also quite normal. Would you be able to understand everything if you have believed for seven to eight years? If you understand everything, then you would have already been perfected. I do not dare say this. I am only able to understand a little bit of most of God’s word. The others, I do not understand at all. Even the portion that I understand, I only understand partly and it was due to the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination. Isn’t it quite normal that there are some words of God that you do not understand or that you are unable to accept if you have experienced for seven to eight years? But, your attitude must be correct. First, you must acknowledge that these are God’s words and they are the truth. As long as you do not deny God’s words and the truth, it will be fine. Is this okay? For example, when God’s words mention the concept of reincarnation, there are quite a lot of people that do not believe in it. They say, “Christianity does not believe in reincarnation. That is a Buddhist concept. It is a concept that other religions deal with.” Is it true that Christianity does not believe in reincarnation? When the Lord Jesus came to do His work of redemption, He did not reveal these mysteries. However, the Bible does mention this matter of reincarnation. Who does the Bible record as having reincarnated? When John the Baptist came, it was Elijah’s spirit that came to pave the way. This is reincarnation. There are other portions of the Bible that mention this concept. God’s emissary said to Daniel, “[Y]ou shall … stand in your lot at the end of the days” (Dan 12:13). The meaning is that “you will be reincarnated in the last days.” The word “reincarnation” is something that is often mentioned in Buddhism. Even though the Bible does not mention the word, the concept itself has been mentioned. What does this confirm? Reincarnation is real. It’s just that this mystery has not been revealed using plain language. If believers in the Lord Jesus say, “We believers in the Lord do not believe in this,” what does it mean? It’s not about whether or not you believe in this concept. It’s a fact. Now, do you acknowledge God’s rule? God rules over and arranges mankind’s destiny. Do you know about His arrangements? You do not know. If you do not know, why do you deny reincarnation? Your denial is incorrect. The entire human race reincarnate. Some spirits have come and have left after a few years. Then, they return after a few years. There have been many such cases. Mankind’s development is due to the existence of reincarnation, right? There are spirits within mankind. Reincarnation refers to the reincarnation of spirits. When the flesh dies, it becomes dust. Once the body dies, the spirit breaks away from the husk of flesh and enters into the spiritual world. Can man see spirits? He cannot. Notice how there are some people whose flesh hosts several spirits. These spirits fight with one another. They all want to live within that body. There have been some people who have come back from the dead. When other people discover that they returned, they say, “Huh? Something is wrong. This person’s voice is different than before.” They analyze it for a length of time, “How could this be? He is still the same person. How come his speech is not the same? His tone is not the same.” His spirit has changed. This means that another spirit has entered and occupied this body. If you can acknowledge that there are spirits, then reincarnation is definitely real. If you do not acknowledge that spirits can occupy people’s bodies, then man is the same as chickens, ducks, geese and dogs. Once they die, they are dead. All those who do not acknowledge the concept of reincarnation believe that, just like animals, mankind has no spirit. Now, aren’t these people wrong? The way these people see things is very wrong. Someone said, “There are some matters that must be experienced. If you let me experience it personally, I will acknowledge it.” Is this person clever? For example, suppose a piece of metal is heated up until it is red hot and then it is taken outside. Afterward, it is no longer red, it becomes white. You say, “If it is not red, it will not burn me. Unless I have touched it, I will not believe that it is hot.” “Then touch it.” Once you touch it, your hand gets burnt in an instant. “I am convinced now. Even though a piece of metal is no longer red after being heated up, it can still burn me. This is real.” Why must you do something so silly before you acknowledge the truth? Is this a clever person? Only the most stupid people must experience something before they can believe it. Now, when it comes to reincarnation, do you still have to experience it before you believe it? It is something that is impossible to experience unless you die and reincarnate. You may not necessarily know that you have reincarnated even if you actually did. There are some things that you are unable to experience. Whatever God says, you should just believe it. If you are able to accept, obey and understand, then it is fine. You do not need to experience it. There are some truths that must be experienced. What truths must be experienced? Truths that must be put into practice. For example, you must experience being an honest person. You must also experience judgment, chastisement, dealing and pruning, resolving the revelation of corruption, resolving past sins and understanding God. There are some matters that you must experience and there are others that cannot be experienced. Truths of the visionary aspect can only be understood and accepted. Isn’t this correct? That is why if there are some new believers who bicker and call some things into question, this is quite normal. However, God’s words are the truth. Do not challenge God and do not deny His words. If you do not acknowledge, then you are pig-headed. In the end, the one who will suffer a loss is you.

Let me give you an example. Some people do not believe in God’s incarnation. They say, “Is God’s incarnation possible? Isn’t that just a human being? He has a normal humanity. If He has a normal humanity, then He is undoubtedly a human being. Since He is a human being, how can He express God’s words? I can see that these words originate from the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment. Perhaps there is impurity here. It seems that there is not a big difference between Him and someone that God uses.” What does this mean? Do these words indicate an understanding of God? When you listen to these words, you can tell that they are erroneous and that they contain no truth. There are many people who are skeptical about the words that the incarnate God expresses. They would completely believe if God speaks through thunder. They would not doubt at all about it. If God speaks from within a tornado or from within a flame, they would be able to accept it. However, when God speaks from within a body of flesh or manifests His words through a human-form, they have doubts. Do these people accept the truth? They do not understand the truth of incarnation. They do not know what incarnation means. They do not know what being utilized by God means. The authority of God incarnate is representative of God’s authority. For example, the Lord Jesus has come to do the work of redemption but you do not accept Him, “He is just a man. What He says is the truth and it has power. I acknowledge this, but He is just a man. I do not believe in Him!” Can this kind of person obtain the Lord Jesus’ salvation? If you do not accept the Lord Jesus, your sins will not be forgiven. If you do not accept the Lord Jesus, you will not have the peace and joy that is bestowed upon you through the Holy Spirit’s work. If you do not accept the Lord Jesus’ work, God will not listen to your prayers. This is the authority of the Lord Jesus. If He does not forgive your sins, you will surely perish. This is the authority of God and the authority of God incarnate. During the age of Noah, God enlightened Noah and told Noah that He would flood the entire earth. He instructed Noah to create the ark, so Noah obeyed and started building his ark. In the 100 years that it took Noah to build his ark, Noah spread the gospel to other people, “Jehovah God has enlightened me. Right now, mankind is too evil. God has decided to destroy all of mankind. God has instructed me to build an ark. If you believe in God, stop doing evil deeds. Let’s pray to God and worship God. This will ensure that we please God and receive His praise and when the time comes, we will be able to enter the ark and survive.” What did people feel after they heard Noah say these words? They said, “You said that God instructed you to do this, who saw this? God did not instruct me. How can I believe this? You say that you have seen God. Who would believe you? You, Noah, are not God. That is why we do not accept the words of God that you are conveying and the gospel that you are delivering.” God gave Noah the authority to bear witness to God at that time. Those who did not accept it and had notions believed that what Noah conveyed was not accurate, “Well, I do not accept it!” In the end, what happened? What were the consequences? The flood came and destroyed them. This is the cost of not believing God’s word. These are the consequences of not believing God’s word. Someone said, “If Jehovah God directly told me through thunder that a flood would destroy the world, I would believe it.” This was the notion that he had. God did not do this during that period of time. He only told one person: Noah. He allowed Noah to convey this message. Whether you believed was your choice. If you did not believe, then you would die. If you did believe, then you would live. This was how God worked. This was the method that He used. He relied on Noah to convey His message. He did not personally manifest Himself to all of mankind. The result was that nobody believed what Noah conveyed. What happened then? Everybody was destroyed. Who was to be blamed? You yourself. Each sentence that God speaks has God’s disposition within. Regardless if God incarnates to speak, if He relies on man to convey His message, if He speaks from within a tornado, if He speaks from within a raging fire or if He speaks through thunder, it is still God’s word. That is why everything that God says, regardless of what method He uses to say it, has God’s disposition within. If you do not accept and obey it, then you will pay the price.

Religious people are stubborn, “Such a normal looking person is God incarnate? This is Almighty God? I do not believe it!” If you do not believe, then you will die. Isn’t this matter simple? Someone said, “I have some notions!” It is dangerous for you to have notions. If you do not resolve your notions, you will also die. This is the method that God uses. He has incarnated to utter His words. It is not the same as Him speaking through thunder. This flesh reveals man. What did the 250 leaders say when God used Moses? “You take too much on you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and Jehovah is among them: why then lift you up yourselves above the congregation of Jehovah?” (Num 16:3). The meaning of this verse is: “We do not obey you, Moses. You are no different from us. We will not listen to you! There is no way that we will obey you! You are not better than us!” This is what it means. Those few verses from the Bible are gentler than what I have said. It’s no use if they are gentler. In the end, weren’t they all exterminated? This is the principle that God abides by when He does things. Even though the people He uses cannot express God’s word, they have God’s authority. You cannot resist them, let alone God incarnate! The words that come forth from this flesh are the words of God. The consequences are serious if you do not receive them as God’s words. You will pay a price for this. Presently, God’s family has a provision. All new believers must write an application letter in order to be invited into the church. This letter must make clear that you are joining of your own accord and that you will not regret your decision. This confirms and bears witness to the fact that you genuinely believe in God. If you write this, God’s family will allow you to become a member of the church based on your performance. If you do not write it, God’s family will not urge you to write it. They will deal with you as if you were a seeker. Is it good that God’s family does this? Everybody says that it is good. Why is this good? It fully gives people the freedom to believe. It is completely based on their own choice to believe. There is no sense whatsoever that it is a forced decision. The principle by which God does things is giving authority to the church. Look at what the Lord Jesus said to Peter, “[A]nd whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Mat 16:19). God gives the church and the people that He uses this authority. If the church accepts you, then God accepts you. If the church does not accept you, then God does not acknowledge you. This is the principle by which God does things.


During Noah’s time, Noah attempted to spread the gospel but the people did not accept it. Since they did not accept the gospel, God destroyed them. As a result, all of mankind was exterminated at this time. In the very end, only Noah’s family of eight entered onto the ark and were saved. During the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus came to redeem mankind. Those that accepted Him had their sins forgiven. Those who did not, died because of their sins and went to hell. This is the authority of God. Is there any point for them not to obey? Some religious people always try to dispute with the Lord Jesus, “Why do You not keep Your word? We have believed in You. Why is it that we have not obtained eternal life? Why is it that we haven’t entered into the kingdom of heaven? Lord Jesus, those words of Yours were a promise!” They attempt to be saved based on grace and are making demands of God shamelessly. Will they win if they have a dispute with the Lord Jesus? They will not. Why will they not win? Who can explain this matter clearly? The Lord Jesus’ words were spoken very clearly. The Lord Jesus did not say that if your sins are forgiven, you would be able to enter into the kingdom of heaven. The Lord Jesus only said, “Not every one that said to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of My Father which is in heaven” (Mat 7:21). Since this verse had been spoken quite clearly, why do you still dispute it? Are you someone who does the will of the heavenly Father? Have you obeyed the heavenly Father’s will? Have you put God’s words into practice? You have not put into practice even one sentence of His words. Additionally, how did the Holy Spirit bear witness to the Lord Jesus? He bore witness that “Jesus is Christ and He is the Son of God. You must believe in Him. All the things that He says are the words of God. If you do not listen to the things that He says, it means that you do not believe in Him. If you do not believe in Him, you will die!” This is how the Holy Spirit has borne witness. The Lord Jesus has the identity of God as well as God’s authority. If you do not accept and obey the Lord Jesus’ words, you are someone that does not do the will of God. If you are not someone that does the will of God, would you be able to enter into the kingdom of heaven? Are you worthy to enter into the kingdom of heaven? You even want to argue with the Lord Jesus and go to the third heaven and debate with God. Are you able to send yourself to heaven? Do you have this ability? When you fall into the lake of fire in hell, there is no way for you to escape. Many people disobey God in this way. They do not treasure and obey God’s words. They do not focus on accepting all the truth within God’s words. The result is that they fail in their faith. God said, “You are not people that genuinely believe in Me. You do not have a genuine faith. I will never acknowledge you. You are an evil person. Get away from Me!” This is the attitude that God has for people that believe in Him. If you do not put His words into action and accept the truth, God will not acknowledge you. Presently, we understand that each sentence of God’s words contains God’s disposition within. Is this matter important? If you are unable to accept this, then it is over for you. Since you have a choice to believe and accept God’s words, you are not someone that genuinely obeys God. Therefore, we can conclude: All those who do not believe that each sentence of God’s words has God’s disposition within are nonbelievers and they have an evil heart of unbelief that clouds their judgment.

There are some brothers and sisters who have just started believing and they always bring up questions with me. What questions do they bring up? “Was Paul really an antichrist? Just what is an antichrist? Can you give us a clear explanation?” They do not believe the words God said to reveal Paul. They think to themselves, “That is something that was said by a man.” Do these people believe in the words of God? God is the Lord of creation. The whereabouts of each person’s spirit, what kind of manifestation it has and how God deals with it are all things that God knows well! Do you dare say that you understand Paul better than God? Is Paul within your hands? You have not even seen Paul’s face. Paul is in the hands of God. He is there, receiving God’s punishment. You do not believe in these words that God has spoken. You want to argue, reason and debate with God. Are these your intentions? Such people are not sensible. Additionally, they do not know what an antichrist is. Does the Bible contain teachings regarding antichrists? What does the Bible say? “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist” (2Jn 1:7). Now, we are clear about what the definition of an antichrist is. All those who do not acknowledge that God has come in the flesh, all those who do not believe that God has incarnated and all those who deny God’s incarnation are antichrists. Regardless of how truly and devoutly you believe in a vague God or in Jehovah God in the heavens, as long as you do not acknowledge the Lord Jesus and Almighty God, you are an antichrist. What is an antichrist? It really is this simple. How has God’s family defined an antichrist? His lips acknowledge that Almighty God is the incarnate God, that all the words that the incarnate God expresses are God’s voice and they are the truth. They acknowledge this, yet, if they acknowledge it, why are they still defined as antichrists? They do not put God’s words into action and they do not obey God’s words. Additionally, they never bear witness to Christ. They do their work solely for the purpose of acquiring status and they speak empty words of doctrine. This is what an antichrist does. In God’s family, the way we determine whether someone is an antichrist is by seeing whether they truly accept and obey Christ. We also analyze whether they are able to bear witness to Christ and lift up Christ. Is it accurate for God’s family to determine in this way? It is very accurate. Notice the leaders that never bear witness to Christ, do not lift up God and bear witness to God. These people are antichrists. Their acknowledgment of Christ is fake. All they do is for their own power and status and for establishing their own image amongst God’s chosen people. Isn’t this just fighting with God for status? This is an ideological fight with God over His chosen people. In their consciousness, these people are fighting with God over His chosen people. They are looking to control God’s chosen people. They want God’s chosen people to obey them and listen to them. These are antichrists.


The environment in mainland China is becoming increasingly harsh. There are people who have become a Judas. When they were captured, they sold out. When they were beaten or tortured, they thoroughly betrayed God and signed a written repentance. Afterward, they agreed to do things for the great red dragon, provide them clues and lead them to search houses. Some even agreed to help them infiltrate the church. What would you say the ending of these people would be? They will go to hell. They have done their service. They are people that belong to Satan. After they have done their service, they will return to Satan. They have been revealed, and God will no longer use them. They have lost this opportunity to become perfected and surrendered to Satan. Who is to blame for this? They can only blame themselves. They have not pursued the truth and thus do not understand God’s disposition. They are afraid of enduring even a little bit of suffering and torture. They have not given their life. If, as a believer in God, you are to be an overcomer, you must stake your life. If God requires it, you must be able to sacrifice your life at any moment. If you are able to offer your life, when temptation knocks at the door, you will be fine. If you cherish your life, it indicates that you do not have the truth and you do not see things clearly. If you cherish your life, your chance of betraying God is 100%. If you are able to offer your life at any moment, your chance of betraying God is very small. Each of you should examine yourself now. Will you become a Judas if you get captured? If you are captured, will you be a Judas or will you be a Peter? If you are a Peter, then you will be able to sacrifice your life. How did Peter stake his life? “God was already nailed on the cross for me. I should be crucified upside down for Him. I want to repay my love to God. I want to honor and bear witness to God!” Notice how he was able to sacrifice his life. This kind of person is able to stand witness. He is an overcomer. If you believe in God but cannot stake your life, are afraid of death and are generally drifting through life without a purpose, sooner or later, you will become a Judas. Even Satan is not convinced that this kind of person will enter into the kingdom of heaven. It will seek to accuse you. Once Satan accuses you, God will have no choice but to hand you over to Satan. He will use Satan to test you and reveal you.

Notice how recently, the great red dragon has rendered some service. How was its service? Didn’t it just reveal many people? Without the great red dragon’s service, would these people have been revealed? They would not have been revealed. If the time comes and God does not allow these people who do not truly have the reality of life to enter the heavenly kingdom, then they would complain that Heaven is unfair. With the great red dragon’s service, they changed into a Judas. Would they still complain? Would they dare dispute with God? How was the great red dragon’s service? The great red dragon imprisoned them, handcuffed them and used an electric baton on them, which shut their mouths. They didn’t justify themselves anymore. After they were released from prison, would these people still shout that they definitely would be able to enter the kingdom of heaven? They would no longer shout. They came out dejectedly with drooped heads. They have become walking corpses with no spirit. Now, why have these people suddenly, in the span of one night, turned into a Judas? Ordinarily, these people did not pursue the truth nor did they seek an understanding of God. God said, “Every sentence I have spoken contains within it the disposition of God.” They did not treasure God’s words and they did not understand God’s disposition through His words. If someone is able to achieve a genuine understanding of God’s disposition from the many words of God, that person will have a heart that reveres God. When someone has a heart that reveres God, he will do a lot less evil things as well as things that contradict and resist God. Instead, he will be able to obey. Isn’t this the case? If someone completely possesses a heart that reveres God, he will be able to revere God, keep far away from evil and become a perfected person. Is it dangerous if you do not ordinarily pursue the truth? Your chance of betraying God is 100%. Some people are not convinced and say with strong conviction, “No matter who betrays God, I will not betray God!” Right as they are fulfilling their duties, a police car suddenly pulls up in front of them, “Come with us!” They get captured. What happens when they get captured? They are extremely frightened and their entire body shudders. In the end, once they are interrogated and beaten, they reveal everything that they know. After that, they sign a letter of repentance, their head droops and it is all over. They no longer have a soul. Suppose you ask them, “How do you explain that the chances that you will betray God are still 100%?” At that moment, they understand that betraying God is something that can happen anytime. When nothing has happened, they believe in God fervently. When something happens, they become a Judas and they betray God. Isn’t this the case? Notice how some people are quite arrogant when they have not been captured by the great red dragon, “I will not betray God. I can stand firm!” However, at night, they have a dream where the great red dragon has captured them. After they get beaten, they wet themselves and reveal everything that they know. Even in their dreams, they become a Judas. Would you say that their stature is small? Is it okay if people do not pursue the truth?

Right now, in the very dangerous environment that is mainland China, everyone needs to equip themselves with the truth without delay. What problem should you try to resolve? You should try to resolve the potential problem that you could at any moment betray God. Can you offer your life to God? Can you die for God? “If I get captured and Satan breaks my bones into ten pieces, would I betray God? Would I betray God if Satan broke my bones into twenty pieces?” You need to analyze this matter. I have seen brothers and sisters of unyielding integrity. They endured torture yet still persevered with their faith. Satan had no choice but to let them go. Some were sentenced to reeducation through labor for three years before they were released, yet these people stood firm. This is an overcomer, this is a male child. Would you be able to stand firm if Satan breaks your arms and legs? Communicate this truth. Can you endure this pain? Are you able to offer your life to God? If you are unable to offer your life, your chances of betraying God are still 100%. If you are able to offer your life and if you would rather die than betray God, you would say, “Even if you break my bones into twenty pieces, I will not betray.” Your chance of betraying God would be very small. It would not be 100%. Perhaps it would only be 30-50%. Have you thought these things through? Are you able to offer your life? This is a crucial matter. Are you able to die for God? If you are unable to die for God, you are unable to stand firm. You are one of God’s chosen people before you get captured, but you will become a Judas if you have been captured. Nobody knows when they may be captured. They are in God’s hands. You must equip yourself with the truth. You must first obtain the truth and life. Only then can you ensure that when you are captured, you will be able to stand firm. The fight between God and Satan is real and it is cruel. It is the same as the arrival of the great disaster. You must understand this real environment. During the Age of Grace, many of the Lord Jesus’ apostles and disciples died for just causes. Some were stoned to death. Some were stabbed to death. Some endured various forms of cruel punishment. Some were cut in half. Some were torn apart by five horses. Some were smashed into a pulp. There were all sorts of deaths. What would you think if you saw these situations? If you think, “It is so cruel. Why would God allow such things to happen?” is this kind of an understanding correct? In actuality, it is this cruel. This is how the fight between God and Satan is like. Satan is cruel. This is how it slaughters people. Anyone who does not have the truth will easily fall into temptation during such persecution by Satan. God is righteous, God has the truth and God does things according to principles. A person must allow Satan to be convinced and humiliated before they receive blessings and enter into the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, if you believe in God, you must go through a period of persecution from Satan. If you can make it through this period, you will be qualified to enter into the kingdom of heaven. If you cannot make it through, then do not even think about getting into the kingdom of heaven. Someone said, “How can God have the heart to allow God’s people to suffer such cruelty?” He must have the heart to allow this because this is war. It would not do if He does not have the heart. This is the suffering that man must endure. Each person must endure a lot of suffering. This has been predestined by God. If you are able to endure this suffering, you will receive God’s promise. If you cannot endure this suffering, you will not be able to receive God’s blessings and you will not be qualified to inherit any promises. You must see through this matter. God has predestined us to suffer. Suppose that there are 81 instances of suffering. If we suffer one less instance, that is, if we only suffer 80 instances, it would not do. It’s no good to even be missing one. All this suffering must be endured. Only then would we be qualified to enjoy God’s promise. You have all suffered a lot. Have I suffered? There were at least a few times that I was almost captured by the great red dragon. It was quite dangerous! If I were caught any one of those times, I would have been shot to death on the spot. I also have to endure a lot of suffering. God’s suffering is the greatest. Christ also suffers. Who are we compared to Christ? What kind of honor do we have? Everybody must suffer. Do you still desire a comfortable and easy life? If you desire a comfortable and easy life, God will hand you over to Satan. Presently, there are some people who do not pursue the truth at all. God hands them over to Satan and evil spirits, and they are suddenly possessed by evil spirits. Is there something behind this? Is there a mystery here? God rules over everything. How could they be possessed by evil spirits? They must not have been pursuing the truth. They must have been doing their own thing. Some people are secretly involved in corrupt practices as they are fulfilling their duties. This is very dangerous. If one day God reveals and eliminates them, they will be finished. Notice how there are many people who are no longer here after they have fulfilled their duties for some time. Why is this? They have been eliminated. Are they still qualified to fulfill duties? It is over for these people. Some people who have fulfilled their duties, have experienced dealing and pruning and have gone through some trials find that their lives gradually grow and they are able to stand firm in the process of the fulfillment of their duties. These people will have a place in the kingdom of heaven. These people are truly God’s people. Those who do not fulfill any duties at all are a child. They have not participated in the training of the kingdom. Some are truly so small in stature. They are still infants in swaddling clothes. Some are suckling babies. If they do not pursue the truth and in the very end, they still have not fulfilled their duties, then it is hard to tell whether they can enter the kingdom of heaven and whether they will survive. I can see that they have not much certainty of success.


Now, all of God’s chosen people, especially those in mainland China, should arm themselves with the truth. They should eat and drink and ponder more of the words of God, and fellowship about more of the truth. This is very important. Do not rely on enthusiasm to do things blindly. If you are busy doing this or that thing without pause, and as a result you have little time for spiritual devotion and seldom eat and drink God’s words or fellowship about the truth, isn’t this a deviation from real experience? Some people only focus on doing things outwardly, and they seem to think that the more they do, the more God likes them. Is this the case? No, it’s not the case. You must focus on pursuing the truth. While carrying out your duty, you should often ponder God’s words and frequently fellowship about the truth. Only in this way will you be able to be principled in carrying out your duty, and only in this way will God approve of you. If you do not pursue the truth, and do things with enthusiasm alone, no matter how many things you do you will not gain life from your doings. Once you have done many things and have failed at them all, you will finally learn a lesson, “Oh, I didn’t pursue the truth in performing my duty. Why did I always fail to acquire the principles of doing things? What was the problem?” You see, if people do not understand the truth, and only consistently do their duty, will they be able to be principled when doing things? Will they be able to practice the words of God? No, of course they won’t! So, when performing your duty, you should focus on communicating the truth and the principles of the truth, and you should practice being principled when dealing with matters. When you are able to do some things with principles, it proves that you have really understood the truth. When you act with principles, you will have peace of mind and feel, “I finally am able to practice the truth. Practicing the truth is so simple and easy: It’s just a case of adhering to the principles and dealing with matters accordingly.


How does one achieve doing things according to principles? It is achieved by understanding the truth. Would you be able to grasp any principles if you do not understand the truth? Let’s take a look at a simple example. How many principles do you think it takes to be an honest person? Some people have not grasped the principles of being an honest person because they do not understand the truth pertaining to being one. Their understanding of being an honest person is not telling lies. When asked, “Sometime it seems that we have no choice but to tell lies, for there would be trouble if we don’t. What should we do under such circumstances?” they answer, “Such circumstances aside, don’t tell lies at other times. Do not do so unless under special circumstances.” Is this the principle of the truth? No, it isn’t. What, then, are the principles of the truth pertaining to being an honest person? A person with experience would be able to tell you some, whereas a person without experience would only tell you some rules. What are the principles of being an honest person? The most important one is giving your heart over to God. Some will say, “My heart wouldn’t belong to me anymore if I gave it over to God. Without heart, how would I say?” How do you practice that? What does it mean to give your heart over to God? It means to let God manage your heart, to observe, control and restrain it. “My heart submits to God and is to be used by Him. I speak to testify for God and am living before Him.” It means that. This way, what do you pray immediately after you have truly given your heart over to God? “God, please observe my heart. Please protect and restrain it. When my heart is wayward so that I talk and act without thinking, please discipline me.” Once you practice that and pray this way, would the effect not be different? Suppose something happens and you are not able to overcome it without telling a lie. “It wouldn’t do if I told a lie at will. I have to pray. ‘God, I give my heart to You. I have now encountered this issue and I don’t seem able to overcome it without telling a lie. What should I do? May You enlighten me and give me intelligence and wisdom.’” You are seeking the truth right there, “How do I get through this without telling a lie?” You contemplate for a long time but can come up with nothing. “It’s special this time. I shall tell a lie.” What happens after you do? You have no peace, “God, I told a lie again.” You should reflect on yourself in this matter. What would the worst thing be for you if you hadn’t told a lie? And what would the worst thing be if you told the truth? Unless it is something regularly requiring wisdom, there is no need for you to hide the truth. For example, you should not tell Satan your real name even if it asked you. Do you need to lie if it asked how old you are? Do you need to lie if it asked if you have parents? You need not, or you can avoid answering it, “The weather is great today. Where should we go to enjoy ourselves tomorrow?” Have you not diverted the topic with that? Did you lie? No. When a foreigner asks you something to which you find it hard to answer, what should you tell him? “I don’t really know how to answer that. Can I not do so?” He would say, “It’s fine if you don’t.” How good that is. You solved the problem without lying, didn’t you? If a policeman asks you something to which you have no choice but to lie, but you would sin and go against God if you do, tell the policeman, “I am not able to answer you. May I get an attorney to speak on my behalf?” “Yes, you may.” It’s over. Look for a solution with your attorney. Can the issue of not lying be resolved? If you pray to God on this matter and seek, contemplate and then communicate with someone who knows the ropes by asking and consulting him, you would have overcome the problem when he points a way out for you, wouldn’t you?

There are many times when you can surely achieve not telling a lie. Not telling a lie is a principle. Give your heart over to God and pray and seek Him in all matters. This is one aspect. In addition, pray to God quickly when there is corruption showing in your heart. How should you pray to God when you have intentions in your heart? Intentions to deceive, cheat and muddle through? Pray to God quickly about these matters and ask Him to illuminate you to see what are the truth you should practice and the principles you should grasp. You would have found principles and made breakthroughs on these matters after some time of praying. See? You are assured of being able to solve anything with a little time, and you are guaranteed of finding principles of practice. Wouldn’t your corruption be removed this way? Is praying and seeking in such a way not good? It is good. Some may then say, “I have prayed but it hasn’t been effective.” It depends on whether you have prayed sincerely or not. If you went through the motion when you prayed, it would be useless and ineffective. You must not rush as well. You have to seek the truth while you pray. Some things require a few days’ time, and it would not do if you simply have to resolve it in a few minutes. Some things require half a day or one day’s time and you would lose out if you simply have to resolve it in a few minutes. Don’t rush. Take it easy. “I have finished praying now and I have yet to seek and communicate. I have yet to give God a chance to do His work.” Therefore, under such circumstances, you have to give God time. Giving God time means that you are giving yourself time to seek and time to talk to others. You have time to ponder God’s word and find a way. Perhaps in a day or two you will find a way after having contemplated or talked to others. After you have finished praying about this matter, and upon such seeking over the one or two days, have you not achieved such an effect? Some people want God to give them an answer immediately after they have finished praying. Can God do that? We need not have faith if He were to do so. We need faith. Don’t rush. You have to give God time, and you have to pay the price practically and put in some effort in order to achieve the effect. Therefore, you need some time to pray, seek, understand and enter no matter which aspect of the truth you practice. Once you take those steps, you would then need some time. You would achieve results and entry on this matter after some time. This is how life is entered into, and you have to experience the work of God this way. In addition, this is also the process for gaining life to achieve a change in life disposition. When you have understood the truth more and have entered the reality of the truth more, your view on things would start to change, and your life would be formed, and you would have gained life. Your life disposition would start to change. Where does the change in life disposition begin? It begins when your view on things starts to change. Do you understand now? What does a change in man’s viewpoint signal? It signals the beginning of a change in life disposition. You will gradually enter into the reality of the truth when you experience God’s work this way, and when you seek and pursue the truth this way. What is entering into the reality of the truth? Is it not entering into the reality of the truth when you grasp the principles of practice in all aspects of the truth, when you know how to experience and achieve effects? How do you enter into the truth of submitting to God? How do you enter into being an honest person? What is true faith and true submission? What is true love and true service? What is fulfilling one’s duties? You would be living out the likeness of a real person when you have principles for all these truths concerning practice and you grasp the principles for the details of all these aspects. You would fully possess the reality of the truth. Experiencing the work of God means to practice all aspects of the truth and to seek the truth whenever you encounter any matters. You have to practice the truth in whatever you are going through. When you are able to grasp the principles of the truth and practice the truth in all matters, you have mastered everything and have been perfected.

Now that mainland China’s environment is so controlled, there is a truth that is of the greatest importance, and that is: How do you avoid becoming a Judas if you have been captured by the great red dragon, and what should you be equipped with? Some say, “We should all learn qigong and toughen our bones. We can then withstand a beating.” Is that useful? No, it isn’t. We still have to pursue the truth and understand it thoroughly. Most importantly we must achieve having a heart that reveres God. We must have an understanding of God’s disposition and have a heart that reveres God. It is this heart that reveres God that can protect you and prevent you from becoming a Judas. A person would be afraid of offending God when he has a heart that reveres Him. It wouldn’t matter how he offends Satan, but he cannot offend God because he would be destroyed by God if he does so. This heart that reveres God would have such an effect, to stop you from offending God, to stop you from betraying God even if it means your death. It would do when your heart that reveres God has attained this level. If you are captured by the great red dragon and it asks you, wielding an electric rod, “Are you not afraid of this?” how would you answer that? “I have no intention of leaving this place alive now that I’m here.” Upon hearing this, the devil would say to itself, “Ah, you have come prepared. It seems this is useless against you.” It would be a little embarrassed. Some people would say when they enter the prison, “I have to bring my luggage along.” “Why?” “I’m prepared to go to the prison. Forever.” Some people have no intention of leaving once they are in prison and are prepared to die there. How would the devil react when it sees such people? It would be ashamed. It would say it has met people who are prepared to lose their lives this time. Your life must be equipped in such a way. You will have such strength of will when you have a heart that reveres God. It won’t do if you don’t! Wouldn’t it be the end of a person if God does not have a high position in his heart while Satan does? He would definitely not be able to stand firm, would he? You can see that there are many people nowadays who seek the truth, but not one out of a thousand words spoken by God has entered their ears. However, they believe just the one lie that Satan tells. The person believes and accepts just even one lie that Satan tells yet not one out of a hundred words that God says. Is such a person able to accept God? Everyone says that he isn’t. This is the end of him. All the things that God does are positive, and all the truth that God has expressed is likewise, but you do not believe. Satan turns all the positive things into negative ones and tells them to you, and you believe them. It proves that you worship evil. You do not believe that the positive things originate from God. What is the problem here? This is not acknowledging the truth and believing Satan’s words. Satan perverts facts, and only God’s word is truth. A person who is unable to understand would not get it. Some people would believe it if Satan said I have absconded overseas with a huge amount of money. I say, “If you are not able to see through something, talk to me. I’ll explain to you, and you listen. See who is right.” He says, “You would definitely be right if you spoke.” Why then is it that what I say would be right yet you believe that Satan is right if I don’t explain it to you? What is going on? You do not have the truth. You cannot discern between right and wrong. When I speak, you say, “I understand now. What you said is right, and what Satan said is wrong.” Would you then be able to discern what Satan says if I did not speak? Are there many people who are able to discern what Satan says? No, there aren’t. You would really have the truth if you really were able to discern what Satan says. You do not have the truth if you cannot discern and actually believe what Satan says. If you don’t believe me, show me Satan’s words and I will help you discern them. You will see the difference after I have explained things to you. What is going on here? Since I am able to see through things clearly, this thing is right and is the truth with me, and yet it would have become a negative and distorted thing with Satan. You do not have the truth and do not know how to look at things when you do not have such an ability to discern. Satan dares not debate with me because when I do, it would feel, “Oh, it’s hard to rebut that.” It would have nothing to say, and would not dare to debate with me. It would have scared and confused those who do not understand the truth and the new believers. It is like performing magic to deceive those who do not know. Those who do know what is going on and it wouldn’t matter how fast you are. What about not having the truth? It wouldn’t do.

What does the great red dragon say to some of the people that it has captured? They have made a deal with the US government to extradite all the brothers and sisters in US, including the man used by the Holy Spirit as well as Christ Himself. When a person who was captured heard that, he went, “Ah, we’re finished. If they are to be extradited, why do I still believe then? I should just sign a letter of repentance!” And he signed it. Don’t you think this person is easily scared? Is he not foolish? What truth can come out of the great red dragon’s mouth? When does its fiction ever become fact? There’s no telling. All of them study Sun Tzu’s Art of War and are specialized in confounding the real and the illusions and applying psychological tactics. If you are not able to discern the great red dragon’s lies, you would be confused by it. Isn’t that so? Remember, what is believing in God? It means to believe that the word of God is the truth and be able to deny Satan’s words and claim that Satan’s words are lies at any time. We who are believers, therefore, must pursue the truth and know the disposition of God from His word, and finally be able to understand much truth. We will be able to see through the great red dragon completely then. You will never believe the great red dragon ever again no matter what it says, and your heart that believes in God would not waver and change no matter what it says. Only such a person has the reality of the truth. You see, someone believes it when he hears a rumor created by the great red dragon, and he immediately signs the letter of repentance and agrees to betray brothers and sisters just like Judas. What stature is this? Does such a person have even a little true faith in God? Such a stature is too pathetic. His little bit of faith is being taken away with but a rumor, a lie, Satan’s nonsense. This person’s faith is too pathetic. Is such a person a nonbeliever? This is called a nonbeliever.


When the Lord Jesus revealed Himself and did His work, there were so many people who followed Him. When they saw that the Lord Jesus had such great power to be able to rebuke the wind and the sea as well as feed five thousand people with five loaves and two fish, they thought that they would have been able to eat without having to work. They also thought that when the Lord Jesus left one day and went to heaven, man would follow along. That was why many people followed the Lord Jesus, feeling that they would be guaranteed of being fed and being able to enjoy life. They had not expected that the Lord Jesus would be betrayed by Judas and arrested by the Roman government one day, that the soldiers would torture, beat up and even mock and humiliate the Lord Jesus. When those who believed in the Lord Jesus saw this, they went, “It seems our Lord is powerless now. Is He the Lord or not? Why doesn’t He destroy them by saying the word if He really is the Lord?” When some of the people saw how ordinary the Lord Jesus’ humanity was, they went, “Where did the authority with which You performed miracles previously go? Why is it gone now?” They immediately doubted whether the Lord Jesus was really the Lord. When the Lord Jesus was nailed to the cross and died on that cross, they went, “He is surely not the Lord.” Many people stopped believing. Do you feel that these people believed in God with an authentic faith? They did not have true faith, “You were the Lord when You performed miracles. But You neither performed miracles nor displayed Your power when You were arrested and nailed on the cross. You are not the Lord.” They denied the Lord Jesus then, and to what extent? When the Lord Jesus appeared one day, resurrecting from the dead, some of the people refused to acknowledge Him: “Impossible! Based on science, who can come back to life from the dead? This isn’t right! I don’t believe it!” Some people, of whom Thomas was representative, said exactly those words. Is this not the fact? The Lord Jesus was arrested, beaten and mocked, and they doubted the Lord. When the Lord Jesus was nailed to the cross and died, their faith in the Lord dropped right down to zero. Nothing was left. “He is just an ordinary man. Otherwise, how could He have been nailed to death? He is no different from any of us.” They thus denied the Lord. They did not expect that the Lord Jesus would perform another miracle, which was to resurrect from the dead. When He did so, some of the people believed. Peter and Mary said, “I believe! Oh! The Lord has risen from the dead. I believe that the Lord is the true God. Look. Our Lord is the Son of God, the Christ. It is true!” However, what did some of the people say? “Risen from the dead? Impossible! I will not believe it unless I see it for myself and touch His hands that were nailed to the cross with my own hands and feel the scars on them, to see if it was really Him.” In the end, the Lord appeared to Thomas and told him, “Give Me your hand. Did you not want to feel My scars? Come, touch them.” Thomas kneeled down right then and said, “My Lord, my God!” He acknowledged the Lord. What did the Lord say after he did so? “[B]ecause you have seen Me, you have believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed” (Jhn 20:29). What is the problem here? Following Christ requires faith. It would not do if you do not have true faith. You need to have true faith especially when Christ is suffering, maligned and mocked by the world, and when He is abandoned by the times. You would not be able to continue to follow Him otherwise! Is that not the case? If such a day really comes when something special happened, like when the Lord Jesus was nailed to the cross, are you still able to follow Him? Do you still believe? How many would still be able to believe? Many raise their hands and say that they would believe now when such a thing has not happened. If, however, such a thing were to really happen, how many hands would be raised then? It is hard to say!

True faith is required for man to believe in Christ, the incarnate God. Where, then, does such faith come from? It comes from experiential knowledge of the truths that Christ has proclaimed. This is the basis of man’s existence and of man’s faith. Surely you cannot go to the spiritual world to ask and verify, can you? Can man ask, “Angel, is Christ real?” Can man reach heaven to see if God is still there? No way. God is Spirit, and so can scientific devices detect Him? Can man’s eyes see God’s real person? No. What can man see then? God’s word. The Word is with God, and the Word is God. We have all seen God’s word, haven’t we? Do you acknowledge that this is God’s word? God’s word is God and represents Him. Whenever God reveals Himself to man, He does so only through His word. Man can never see His real person because he will die if he does. Man is not able to bear that. You have no faith if you do not believe in God even after you have seen His word, and you would have believed in vain. You have to acknowledge God’s word whenever you see it, that it is God and God’s revelation of Himself. What did Job say after he had heard God’s word? “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear: but now my eye sees You” (Job 42:5). Did Job see God? He did not. Why, then, did he say that he had seen God when he didn’t? He had seen God when he heard God’s word.

What effect is achieved after one has experienced God’s word and understood more truths? He would come face to face with Him. “Where is God now?” “God is face to face with us. We eat and drink God’s word every day. I see God and the work that He is doing on me every day. I see how God saves mankind and how He walks, works and labors among man. I see all these facts in the word of God as if I am seeing them with my own eyes!” Is such an effect achieved after having experienced more of God’s word? Yes, it is. One has seen God face to face. This is true and complete belief in God. Will a person of such stature and with such faith still betray God when he is captured by the great red dragon? He would absolutely not. “I will not betray God even if you kill me. I will still believe!” What does God have to say about the spirit of such a person? What does God have to say about a person who loves God? “Those who love God will forever live within His light.” “Those who truly love God can walk anywhere beneath the heavens without anyone daring to oppose them.” These words would then come true. Therefore, what is meant by experiencing God’s work when one believes in God? It means experiencing God’s word anytime and anywhere. You experience God’s word every day when His word accompanies your belief in Him, and you will get to know God gradually. The effect will be different after you have believed for a year, and it will be much better than when you first believed. The effect will be even better after two years; the more years you believe and the more experience you have, the more you will know God, and the more you will come face to face with Him and see that God’s word is real and very practical. The word, the voice and the work of God and His disposition are what God has and is. You used to want to find God’s figure. Take a look in His word now. God’s figure is everywhere. Your relationship with God will become closer and more normal, and you will see God face to face. Some say, “Where exactly is God?” What do you say? How do you testify? “God is everywhere!” “Where did you derive that conclusion from? “From the word of God. Read God’s word. I shall find you a few passages….” After reading them, they will realize that God is indeed everywhere. He is both in heaven and on earth, and He is in the hearts of man and among the people. He fills the entire universe. God is everywhere.

Let’s continue to read God’s word, “You would do well to ponder My words carefully, and you will surely profit greatly from them.” What does “profit greatly” refer to? It refers to the things that we have talked about earlier, doesn’t it? If all those issues have been resolved, and you have come face to face with God, no matter who might say that there is no God, you would not deny God’s existence even if you were beaten up, for God is just too real. He is everywhere, in heaven and on earth. He is among man and in the hearts of man. God’s Spirit is in all creation. Every word of God contains His disposition. If you have understood this statement, you will no longer have conceptions about God’s word. Every word of God is the truth and is practical and positive, of which there is no doubt. No matter how Satan tries to distort things, and no matter what science says, you would believe that God’s word is truth, and you would be able to say “no” to Satan and to science. It is done. You have true and complete belief in God. You are one with true faith in Him. God says, “The substance of God is very difficult to grasp, but I trust that you all have at least some idea about the disposition of God.” Would pondering the substance of God yield any fruits immediately? It is difficult to do so. The substance of Christ is divinity. Humanity is what He wears on the outside while His substance is divinity. Some say, “Does Christ still have the substance of divinity when He does not say anything?” He still does even if He says nothing. Christ can speak anytime. Whatever He does represents His word, doesn’t it? Christ reveals His substance of divinity at any time. Look at me. I talked a lot, and people would go when they heard me speak, “Pretty good. He is enlightened and illuminated.” Upon inspection, God said, “Something you have just said is not appropriate. Something else you have just said is not accurate.” I was surprised when I heard that. I wouldn’t have known if God didn’t tell me, and my jaw dropped when God spoke. What is going on? You may feel that my preaching is great. With the Holy Spirit’s revelation, it is excellent. But how do I, a created being, compare to God? It is a fact that one is up in heaven while the other is here on earth. Man will always be man, and God will always be God. Isn’t that the case? Then, some say, “Has God’s substance turned into that of human when He stops speaking?” Wrong. God’s substance remains that of God even when He stops speaking. He works behind the scenes. There are many great matters of which God is in control. I myself am not able to really understand some of these things, and I have to ask God. I have some understanding after God has told me. See, God is still working. There are some questions about certain movies made by God’s family that I do not understand, and after God has given the guidance, everything is settled. All is understood. There was a certain movie of which the title I found of very poor taste. God pondered upon it for a moment, and then gave it a new title. When I heard the title, I said, “Oh, that’s a great title! I couldn’t think of it even if I thought my brains out!” What does this prove? It proves that God has the substance of divinity. I am merely human and have the substance of humanity. The substance of humanity can never compare with that of God no matter how much enlightenment I receive from the Holy Spirit. There is simply no comparison! Thus, God incarnate is able to speak forth God’s word and has the substance of divinity. This is definite. It would not do if man is always doubtful. You would be too foolish and ignorant if you are always doubtful.


You see, when the Lord Jesus expressed God’s word and did His work, people followed Him with fervor. They began to doubt when the Lord Jesus was one day captured by the Roman government and nailed to the cross. You must remember, there is mystery in everything that happens to God, and so, do not measure these things with man’s conception. Do you understand? Can you doubt God for whatever happens to me in future? For instance, if I were captured by the great red dragon and beaten to death, and you began to doubt at seeing that, “Ah, is God’s work real then? Is God real? Did the Word really become flesh?” then you would be in trouble, for you have no faith. When the Lord Jesus was nailed to the cross, people saw that and went, “It’s over. He isn’t God. Would God be nailed to the cross?” Is that not man’s conception and imagination? Unexpectedly, however, the Lord Jesus came back to life and revealed Himself for a period of forty days. He transformed into a spiritual body. Man was utterly shamed, and so was Satan. Those who resisted and convicted the Lord Jesus saw Him coming back to life, revealing Himself for a period of forty days and rising to heaven. What do you think was on the mind of those people? They said, “We’re done for. We have believed in God but have ended up resisting Him instead. We are in big trouble now.” You nailed God to the cross. Do you think you could nail God to death? Do you think He is mortal? He returned from the dead and rose to heaven, and calamity descended from the heaven as soon as God returned to heaven. Israel was punished consequently and the nation of Israel was destroyed for two thousand years! Do you see what are the consequences of always looking at things from man’s conception and imagination now? God testified that Almighty God is the incarnate God, the Lord who judges mankind. That’s right! Just believe that He is always the true God no matter what happens. God’s wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s scheme no matter what evil schemes Satan comes up with.

God said, “The substance of God is very difficult to grasp, but I trust that you all have at least some idea about the disposition of God.” Would it have been effective if you only pondered God’s substance all the time without pondering His disposition? No, it wouldn’t. Where, then, do you start knowing God’s substance? Where is the point of entry for that? You have to start from knowing God’s disposition. Therefore, you have to take it step by step when pursuing the truth. We have now learned of one such path to doing so from this statement by God: We should understand God’s disposition first. When we have a true knowledge of God’s disposition, it would not be difficult to grasp His substance. God’s substance would not be so distant, and we would then be able to know some of it. Now you have found a way. You see, we can receive light when we read God’s word. Isn’t this the case?

God went on to say, “I hope, then, that you will show Me and do more of that which does not offend the disposition of God. Then will I be reassured.” What is it about man that God is concerned about? God is worried about man’s ignorance about His disposition. What result is achieved by man’s knowledge of God’s disposition? Man would have a heart that fears God once he has knowledge of God’s disposition. Man would gain life once he has a heart that fears God, and he will not do things that offend the disposition of God once he has gained life. This is something that comes naturally. Can man do things that do not offend the disposition of God when he does not have a heart that fears God? Can he achieve this by observing some regulations? No. It is useless no matter how man resolves to do so. Some say this, “I will abide by three things in my life: First, I shall not vie for power and benefit. Second, I shall not steal offerings. Third, I shall not commit sexual immoralities. I will not commit these three offenses ever. Done. I know the disposition of God now. I will not offend the disposition of God if I do not commit these three offenses.” Is this statement correct? You all say no. Why do you say no? There are many other things we do that resist God. It is not that only these three offenses resist Him. You see, there are some people who have conceptions when God does something. They have conceptions when God says something; and they have conceptions when God is humiliated by Satan and forsaken by the world. Once they have conceptions, they begin to have negativity and opposition inside of them. They start to fulfill their duties in an irresponsible and perfunctory way. They do not truly submit to God, and they lose their heart of fear for Him. They did not have much of such fear in the first place, and along with having conceptions now, they are finished. God’s position in their hearts takes a dive. Is this not an offense of the disposition of God? This is the smallest offense, the offense of having conceptions about God. If he is made to be a leader, he would be able to vie for power and position with God and attempt to control His chosen ones. Once he does that and treats them as his sheep so that God’s chosen people would worship and submit to him as well as listen to everything he says, cutting off God’s relationship with His chosen ones and posing as God, is this not an offense of the disposition of God? You see, a person’s offense of the disposition of God becomes even more serious when he is made a leader. He only has conceptions often when he is not a leader and he does not truly submit to God, but he becomes the antichrist once he is made a leader. If the person then delivers a sermon, would he be able to bear witness for God? He wouldn’t because God has no position in his heart. How would he deliver his sermon? He spouts letters and doctrines, showing off how smart he is and how knowledgeable and eloquent he is so that others would look up to and worship him. Is that not an attempt to usurp God’s glory? This is troublesome. God’s disposition is being offended. If he is made to safeguard the offering, Paul’s words would ring in his heart, “You shall not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treads out the corn” (1Co 9:9). He feels that there is nothing wrong for a person who works to enjoy a little of the offering. He is a leader, and it is just right for him to enjoy the offering meant for God. He thus starts to enjoy it. Some leader, wherever he goes, gets angry if cannot feed on roasted chicken as his dinner: “Oh, there is no roasted chicken. You have no love.” Therefore, he rebukes the hosts, “Receiving the leaders and workers is like receiving God, don’t you understand that? Where are the roasted chicken and duck? There is no meat at all, only vegetables. That won’t do. You have no love.” Afterward, he will also find fault with the hosts and make things difficult for them. Is that not a false leader? A false leader or false shepherd always thinks of stealing the offering from God and is always greedy for physical comfort and enjoyment wherever he goes. Such a person should be eliminated. He should be exposed and reported. When a female leader sees a certain sister dress well, she would go, “Ah, you dress rather well. You give off an air of elegance.” When that certain sister hears that, she says, “Oh, she is looking at what I’m wearing. I must give it to her quickly. Otherwise, she might make it hot for me.” And she takes her dress off quickly. When the time for the washing of feet comes, a false leader says, “Is there anyone here who loves God? Come and massage my feet.” When his clothes are dirty, he says, “Is there anyone here who loves God? Anyone with a little love? Don’t you see that my clothes have not been washed for a few days?” Are these not things that offend the disposition of God? These are false shepherds, and they must be exposed. They cannot be leaders and must be eliminated quickly. Some brothers and sisters help to take care of the leaders and workers when they see that these leaders and workers are too busy and tired. They do not feel well and have fallen sick. This is normal and acceptable. Why should you attend to a leader who is not that tired and is rather healthy, and who is still young? You don’t have to do that. I have never needed anyone to attend to me. Nobody needs to wash any of my things for me. God has also never had anyone attend to Him. He has no such need even if He is in poor health. What He eats is common fare that consists mainly of coarse grains and vegetables. He does not need anyone to attend to Him.

Is not offending the disposition of God an easy thing to do? You will absolutely not be able to do it if you did not have the truth and a heart that fears God, and it is not easy to persist in doing so for a long time. Once a person has a status, he would be different, his attitude would change, and he would seek enjoyment all the time. You might see that he is rather diligent and is able to endure hardships when he has no power and is under somebody else, but he would stop enduring a lot of the hardships once he has power in his grasp. Is that not the case? It is therefore not possible to practice restraint with man’s willpower alone in order to achieve fearing God. One must pursue the truth to know the disposition of God. He should put great effort into pondering the word of God to receive the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination. Once he attains knowledge of the disposition of God, one would then be able to discover what God’s disposition is and has through every word that comes from Him; be able to discover what God is and has; be able to discover God’s will; be able to discover God’s earnest intentions; and be able to discover the purpose of God’s word and the results it sets out to achieve. If the effects in these few aspects are achieved and you truly understand these things, you know God’s word. You have achieved the effects when you eat and drink this word of God, when you ponder this word of God. If God has achieved the result and purpose of the word He has spoken in you, have you then achieved the result of knowing God from this word? You have achieved the result of knowing God, and you see God’s disposition within; you see what God is and has within; you see God’s will within; and you see God’s requirements of man within. This is the effect you achieve when you know God’s word. If you can communicate every word of God this way, have such knowledge and have such practical entries, you have come face to face with God.

Some people understand some words of the truth, and they forget to bear witness for God whenever they speak. Very little of however much they say bears witness for God. You even have to often remind them to bear witness for God, “Oh, did you bear witness for God when you said that?” “Oh, I didn’t. I shall do so then.” They go on to say a word or two while they are pondering, “What should I say? How do I bear witness for God? I don’t know what to do.” Do such people have any reality of the truth? No. When you have attained knowledge of God in every word of His, you are able to discover the disposition of God within and know why God said certain things. After understanding all these things, would it not then be easy to bear witness for God? It is easy. You cannot help but to bear witness for God. You bear witness for and exalt God, bring people before Him and communicate God’s will thoroughly, all without even knowing it when you speak. Others benefit the moment they listen to you speak. They begin to know God and understand His will the moment they listen to you speak. They see what they lack and are able to find ways to practice the truth the moment they listen to you speak. They understand the truth a little more the moment they listen to you communicate. Such a person is one who bears witness for God. This is the effect that God achieves when He perfects man. Are you willing to be a person who bears witness for God? Are you willing to be witnesses for God? You all say yes. You will be blessed when you become witnesses of Christ in the last days. You will not just be overcomers, but you can be priests and be greatly used by God. How do you gain entry in order to achieve such an effect when you pursue the truth? You have to enter into God’s word. You need to enter into God’s word to gain the truth and life. God’s word is the truth and life. You can start from putting effort in every word of God. Ponder, communicate and contemplate them when you have the time, and you will reap benefits every day or even all the time. There are people who are willing to be with me. They always want to hear me speak. After I communicate a passage to them and want to leave, they say, “Can you tell us more? Can you communicate to us often?” Such people thirst rather much for the truth. It would be good for me to often communicate. But if I speak for twelve hours in a day, and the remaining time after sleeping and taking meals is spent on speaking, would that be good? It would not do if you keep listening to sermons, but do not know how to experience them and ignore your experience of them. Is that not the case? You have to experience and practice them after listening to the sermons. What is this called? In a common manner of speech, this is called digesting. It is called regurgitation in spiritual terminology. You listen to a sermon only once a week and then experience and practice what you’ve heard in the remaining time. You will be assured of some results. I shall communicate to you again when you feel that you are lacking after a while of practicing. If you keep on listening, experiencing, practicing and entering this way, you will slowly come to know the disposition of God, and you will slowly come to know God.

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