296 The Sorrow of Corrupt Mankind

Verse 1

Walking through the ages with God,

who’s known that God rules all things,

the fate of all living beings,

orchestrating, guiding everything?

This has eluded human minds

not because God’s ways are vague

or His plan hasn’t been realized.

For man’s heart and spirit are far from God.

Chorus 1

Even as they follow God, though they may not see,

they are still in service to Satan.

No one seeks out God’s footsteps or His appearance.

None desire His care and watch of them.

But they’re willing to depend on the evil one

to adapt to this world and its creeds.

And man’s heart and spirit fall into Satan’s hands,

and become the food on which it feeds.

They become the food on which it feeds.

Verse 2

See the human spirit and heart

now a place where Satan dwells,

where it plays as it wants.

Human understanding fades away,

no more seeing their purpose and worth,

what it means to be human,

no longer seeking God;

hearts ignore God’s covenant and laws.

Chorus 2

As time passes who can tell, who can understand

why God created the human race?

No one comprehends the words from the mouth of God,

or can realize all that’s from Him.

They begin to resist all God’s decrees and laws;

deadened hearts and spirits soon follow.

Thus God loses man He made, and man’s root is lost.

This is humankind’s tragic sorrow.

Here lies humankind’s tragic sorrow.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God Is the Source of Man’s Life

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