100 God Will Restore the Former State of Creation

Verse 1

As His voice deepens in intensity,

God observes the state of the universe.

Through God’s words, all created things are made new.

Heaven changes, and so does the earth.

Humans are shown in their original form,

placed with others like them, gradually,

and so they find their way unawares

back into the bosom of their families.

Bridge 1

This will please God greatly.

He’s free from disruption and, imperceptibly,

His great work has now been achieved,

all things of creation are newly conceived.

Verse 2

When the world was created by God,

He made things according to their kind,

placing all of the things which had forms

together with others of their kind.

As God’s management plan nears its end,

He’ll restore the past state of creation;

everything will be changed profoundly,

so all will return to His plan’s bosom.

Bridge 2

And now the time has come!

The last stage of God’s plan will soon be done.

Unclean old world! Beneath God’s words you will fall!

By God’s plan you’ll be reduced to nothing at all!

Verse 3

Ah, the myriad things of creation!

You’ll all gain new life within God’s words—

you shall have your sovereign Lord!

Ah, pure and unblemished new world!

You shall surely revive within God’s glory!

Mount Zion! No more silence—God’s returned in triumph!

From the midst of creation, He surveys the earth.

On earth, man has won new hope, begun a new life.

Bridge 3

Ah, God’s people!

How can you not come back to life within God’s light?

How can you not jump for joy?

And under God’s guidance rejoice?

Verse 4

The waters are raucous and laugh with glee,

the lands shout out in jubilation!

Ah, the resurrected Israel!

Are you not proud of God’s predestination?

Who has wept and wailed? Old Israel has ceased to be;

today’s Israel has risen, towering in the world.

It’s stood up in human hearts and shall achieve

the source of existence through God’s people!

Bridge 4

Ah, hateful Egypt!

Surely you do not still stand against Him?

How can you exploit God’s mercifulness,

run from His chastisement, not exist in it?

Verse 5

Those God loves will live for eternity,

and those who stand against Him will be surely

chastised by Him forever. For God is jealous,

and for all man’s done He will not spare them lightly.

God will watch over the whole of the earth

and, with righteousness, wrath, chastisement, majesty,

He will appear in the East of the world,

He shall reveal Himself to all humanity!

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 26

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