165 No One Is Aware of God’s Arrival


No one is aware of His arrival,

there’s no welcome for His coming,

no one knows all that He’ll do either.

Man’s life continues just the same,

his heart remains unchanged.

Verse 1

God lives in our midst, a man like any other,

an unremarkable believer, follower.

He has His own goals and His own pursuits;

unlike regular men He has divinity.

Nobody has noticed His Godliness,

or the difference between His essence and men’s.

Verse 2

We live with Him among us, unafraid and free,

for we see Him as an ordinary believer.

He sees each move we make, all our thoughts and ideas.

No one wonders what He does or why He is here,

or has any suspicion of who He is.

We go on with our pursuit oblivious to this.

Chorus 1

Yet this normal man, concealed in the crowd,

is the One doing the new work that saves us.

He begins to speak more frequently.

His words show mercy, yet fearful they make us.

His tone ranges from gentle to solemn and fierce,

He consoles, warns, urges and disciplines.

All His words leave our secrets laid bare,

they pierce our hearts and sting our spirits,

leaving us with a shame we can’t bear,

we hardly know where to hide ourselves.

Verse 3

This insignificant man, unbeknownst to us,

has, one step at a time, led us through God’s work.

We go through countless trials, chastenings, death tests us.

We enjoy God’s love and mercy, learn of His righteousness;

we see God’s loveliness, His power and wisdom so great,

behold God’s eager wish to ensure that man is saved.


Through this normal man’s words we come to understand

God’s disposition, will and essence,

we learn the nature and essence of man,

see the way to salvation and perfection.

Chorus 2

From that moment on our minds have awakened,

our spirits appear to be revived:

This man we rejected, who lives among us,

is this not the Lord Jesus Christ,

He who’s in our thoughts while we sleep or wake?

He is our God, it is really He!

He is the truth, the way, and the life!

We’re reborn, our hearts find home, the light we truly see.

Face to face with God, before His throne again,

we’ve seen His countenance and the road ahead.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Appendix 4: Beholding the Appearance of God in His Judgment and Chastisement

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