Chapter 76. Six Indicators of Progress in Life


What is the definition of the term “Pharisee”? It is someone who is hypocritical, who is fake and puts on an act in everything they do, pretending to be good, kind, and positive. Is that what they’re actually like? They’re hypocritical, and so everything that is manifested and revealed in them is false, it is all pretense—it is not their true face. Their true face is hidden within their hearts; it is out of sight. If people do not pursue the truth, if they do not understand the truth, then what do the theories they’ve gained become? Do they become words of doctrine that people often speak of? People use these so-called correct doctrines to pretend and package themselves nicely. Wherever they go, the things they talk about, the things they say, and their external behavior appear right and good to others. They are all in line with man’s notions and tastes. In others’ eyes, they’re devout and humble. They are capable of forbearance and tolerance, and they can love others and love God—but actually, all of this is fake; it is all just pretense and a way they package themselves. On the outside, they are loyal to God, but they are actually just performing for others to see. When no one is looking, they are not the slightest bit loyal, and everything they do is perfunctory. Superficially, they have given up their family and career, they work hard and expend themselves—but in fact they are secretly profiting from the church and stealing offerings. Everything they outwardly reveal, all their behavior is fake! This is what is meant by a hypocritical Pharisee. Where do “Pharisees”—these people come from? Do they appear among the unbelievers? They all appear among believers. Why do these believers turn into those? Could it be that the words of God made them that way? What is the main reason that they turn into people like that? It is that they have taken the wrong path. They have taken God’s words as a tool with which to arm themselves; they arm themselves with these words and treat them as capital to secure a living, and to get something for nothing. They do nothing but preach doctrines, yet have never put those words into practice. What sort of people are those who continue to preach words and doctrines despite never having followed God’s way? These are hypocritical Pharisees. Their supposedly good behavior and good conduct, that little bit that they have given up and expended is entirely forced, it’s all an act that they put on. They’re entirely fake; it’s all pretense. In these people’s hearts there is not the slightest reverence for God, and they don’t even have any true belief in God. More than that, they are of the unbelievers. If people don’t pursue the truth, they will walk this kind of path, and they will become Pharisees. Isn’t it frightful? …

… Why does God call people “maggots”? In God’s eyes, this corrupt mankind is clearly a creature of God—but does this creature fulfill the responsibilities and duties that it ought to? What is manifested in people’s performance of their duty? … Nothing they think about all day has anything to do with the truth or following the way of God. They spend all day stuffing their faces, giving no thought to anything. In rare instances, it may occur to them to do something—but their actions interrupt and meddle, and raise themselves upon high, and they never do anything that passes muster with God or people. Their minds are full of how to seek what’s good for the flesh, how to secure status and renown, how to fit in among certain groups of people, and have standing and a good reputation. They eat the food of the house of God, and enjoy everything that God provides, but do not do human things. Could God like such people? …

… Pursuing the truth is what is most important, and practicing it is actually very simple. You should begin with being an honest person and speaking truthfully, and opening up your heart. If there is something about which you are too embarrassed to speak with your brothers and sisters, then you should kneel down and tell it to God through prayer. What should you say to God? Tell God what is in your heart; do not give empty pleasantries or attempt to deceive Him. Start with being honest. If you have been weak, then say you have been weak; if you have been evil, then say you have been evil; if you have been deceitful, then say you have been deceitful; if you have had vicious and insidious thoughts, tell God about them. If you are always competing for position, tell Him this, too. Let God discipline you; let Him arrange an environment for you. Allow God to help you get through all of your difficulties and resolve all of your problems. You should open up your heart; do not keep it shut. Even if you shut Him out, He can still see into you. However, if you open up to Him, you can gain the truth. Which path would you say you should choose? Start with being honest, and by all means not put on an act. … Your heart can only open up if you practice honesty, and only once your heart has opened up can the truth enter into you and, in turn, you can understand and gain it. If your heart is always shut, and you never speak truthfully to anyone, and you are always evasive and elusive, then what will come of all that evasion of yours? You will eventually ruin yourself, and you will be incapable of comprehending or gaining any truths.

… God does not make those who are deceitful perfect. If your heart is not honest, if you are not an honest person, then God will never gain you. You, too, will never gain the truth, and will be incapable of gaining God. If you can’t gain God, and you don’t understand the truth, then it means that you are hostile to God, you are incompatible with God, and He is not your God. And if God is not your God, you cannot attain salvation. If you cannot attain salvation, you will forever be a bitter enemy of God, and your outcome is determined. …


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