Chapter 112. How to Solve the Problem of Being Careless and Perfunctory When Performing Your Duty


When people do not understand or practice the truth, they often live amid the corrupt disposition of Satan. They exist amidst various satanic snares, wracking their brains for the sake of their own future, face, status, and other self-interests. But if you apply this attitude to your duty, to seeking and pursuing the truth, then you will gain the truth.

When one is serious, responsible, dedicated, and hard-working, the work will be done properly. … People’s cooperation is very important, their hearts are very important, and where they direct their thoughts and ideas is very important. As for what their intentions are and how much effort they put into performing their duties, God scrutinizes and can see. It is crucial that people put all their heart and strength into what they do. Their cooperation is crucial, too. To strive to have no regrets over the duties one has completed and over one’s past actions, and to get to where one does not owe God anything—this is what is meant by giving all one’s heart and strength. If, today, you do not give all your heart and strength, then later, when something goes wrong, and there are consequences, will it not be too late for regrets? You will be forever indebted, and it will be a stain on you! To be stained is a transgression when people perform their duties. Strive to devote all your heart and strength to what should and needs to be done when fulfilling your duties. If you do not simply do them perfunctorily, and if you do not have any regrets, then the duties you perform during this time shall be remembered. That which is remembered are good deeds before God. And what are the things that are not remembered? (Transgressions and evil doings.) They are transgressions. People might not accept that they are evil doings if they were described thus right now, but if a day comes when there are serious consequences to this matter, when it has a negative impact, then at that time you will sense that this is not just a behavioral transgression, but an evil doing. And when you realize that, you will think to yourself, “This wouldn’t have happened if I’d realized this earlier! If I’d given it a little more thought, if I’d put in a little more effort, then this would not have come to pass.” Nothing will wipe this eternal stain from your heart. If it gives rise to an eternal debt, then you will be in trouble.

When doing things and performing your duties, do you often reflect upon your behavior and intentions? If you do so only rarely, then you are very liable to make mistakes, which then means that there is still a problem with your stature. If you never do so, then you are no different from the unbelievers; however, if there are times when you do reflect, then you have a bit of the look of a believer. You must spend more time reflecting. You should reflect upon everything: Reflect upon your own state to see whether you live before God, whether the intentions behind your actions are right, whether the motivations and source of your actions could pass inspection by God, and whether you have accepted God’s scrutiny. Sometimes the thought will occur to you, “Doing it this way is fine; it’s good enough, isn’t it?” However, the assumption inherent in that thought reveals a certain kind of attitude people have when dealing with matters, as well as how they look at their duties. This mentality is a kind of state. Is such a state not an attitude that in which one lacks responsibility and merely goes through the motions when looking at one’s duty? You may have yet to reflect on this, and you may feel that it is a natural expression, that it is but a normal manifestation of humanity, and that it means nothing, but if you are often in such a state, in such a condition, then behind it is a disposition that dominates you. This is worthy of examination, and deserves to be taken seriously; if you do not, then no change will occur within you.

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