663 You Should Stand on God’s Side When Trials Befall

Verse 1

Your times of failure and of weakness

can all be seen as God’s trials.

That’s because everything comes from God,

He controls all things and events.

If you fail or you’re weak and stumble,

it rests on God and is in His grasp.

In God’s view, this is a trial of you.

If you can’t see this, it becomes temptation.


People should notice two kinds of states:

one from the Spirit, one from Satan.

Verse 2

In one the Holy Spirit sheds light,

allowing you to know yourself,

to detest yourself and feel regret,

to have genuine love for God,

and to set your heart on pleasing Him.

In the other state, you know yourself,

but you become weak and negative.

It can be God’s trial or Satan’s temptation.

Bridge 1

If you see this is God saving you,

if you feel deeply in His debt,

and from now try to repay Him

and fall no longer to corruption,

if you work at drinking in His words,

always see yourself as falling short,

and have a longing heart,

then this is God’s trial.

Verse 3

After the suffering has ended,

and you once again move forward,

God will still lead and illuminate,

and enlighten and nourish you.

But if you fail to recognize it,

if you are just negative

and abandon yourself to despair,

if you think this way, it’s Satan tempting you.

Bridge 2

When Job underwent his trials,

God and Satan had a bet,

God let Satan afflict Job.

Although it was God testing Job,

it was Satan who hurt him.

For Satan, it was tempting Job,

but Job was on God’s side,

or Job would have fallen.


When people fall into temptation,

they fall into danger.

Going through refinement

can be considered a trial from God,

but if you are not in a good state,

it can be seen as temptation from Satan.

Adapted from “Those Who Are to Be Made Perfect Must Undergo Refinement” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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