Holy Spirit Speaks

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Have You Come Alive?

When you have achieved the living out of normal humanity, and have been made perfect, although you will be unable to speak prophecy, nor of any mysteries, you will be living out and revealing the image of a human. God cr…

April 4, 2016

Did You Know? God Has Done a Great Thing Among Men

The old age has passed, and the new age has come. Year after year and day after day, God has done much work. He came into the world and then departed. This cycle has repeated itself through many generations. Today, God c…

February 12, 2015

Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth

The work of the last days is to separate all according to their kind, and to conclude the management plan of God, for the time is near and the day of God has come. God brings all who enter His kingdom—all who are loyal t…

February 12, 2015

The Savior Has Already Returned Upon a “White Cloud”

For several millennia, man has longed to be able to witness the arrival of the Savior. Man has longed to behold Jesus the Savior riding a white cloud as He descends, in person, among those who have pined and yearned for …

February 10, 2015

The Appearance of God Has Ushered in a New Age

God’s six-thousand-year plan of management is coming to an end, and the gate of the kingdom has already been opened to all those who seek His appearance. Dear brothers and sisters, what are you waiting for? What is it th…

February 13, 2015