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To Be an Honest Person Is Truly Great! (Audio Essay)

God is faithful. God likes honest people, and He blesses honest people. Only by pursuing being an honest person can we attain God’s salvation. Full Text

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The Secret Tip to Resolving Hatred (Audio Essay)

Finally, one day, when she saw me, she deliberated for a long time, and then called excitedly out, “Master!” This “Master” made me feel extremely warm inside. Ever since she opened her shop next to my house, she had neve… Full Text


8. What is the difference between an honest person and a deceitful person?

To be an honest person, what should one possess? His words and deeds must allow others to benefit, he should not be self-centered, but consider others most of the time. ...God loves honest people, because in believing in… Full Text


7. What is a deceitful person? Why can’t deceitful people attain salvation?

Deceitful people not only deceive other people, they are also deceitful to God, because it is their nature to be deceitful. ...Deceitful people are not only suspicious of the word of God, they are also good at studying t… Full Text

7 Various Kinds of Manifestations of a Crafty Person

Chengshi    Shenyang City, Liaoning ProvinceIn God’s work of saving man, God has required us many times to be an honest person and not a crafty one. In the man’s fellowship attached to Christ’s Talks … Full Text

3 How to Resolve the Problem of Performing Duty Perfunctorily and Deceitfully

Ding Yu    Weifang City, Shandong ProvinceMost of us desire to be faithful to God in our duties to satisfy God, but in performing our duties, we often treat God perfunctorily and deceitfully and cheat… Full Text

72. Tear Off the Mask and Start Life Afresh

God’s revelation and judgment also showed me a path to practice: No matter how many difficulties I meet, or how poor my condition, only by laying myself bare and using truth to reach resolution and going by God’s word wi… Full Text


50. It’s Not Easy Being an Honest Person

With the truth before me, I began to deeply appreciate that it really is not easy being an honest person. Especially for a cunning person like me, I could never be an honest person without shedding all pretenses and with… Full Text

18. It’s Not Easy to Truly Know Yourself

I give thanks to God’s enlightenment and guidance which have made me see my own poverty and pitifulness, and have also made me understand that truly knowing myself is not an easy thing. The only objective reality is know… Full Text

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17. What Lies Behind Lies

Facing such circumstances, I felt completely puzzled: Why was it that my heart was willing to speak the truth, to speak accurately, but when I opened my mouth I could never speak objectively or accurately? With this ques… Full Text