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Someone said, “You preach that God has become flesh, and that He is called Almighty God. Have you seen Him? If you haven’t, what basis do you have to say God has returned?”

Response: We preach that the Lord Jesus has returned as the incarnated Almighty God, and that He has come to perform a stage of work in which He uses His words to judge and purify man. This is not a groundless statement,… Full Text

The Awakening of a Deceived Spirit (Part 2)

I got into contact with the brothers and sisters of The Church of Almighty God. I could see that The Church of Almighty God was not at all what the rumors purported it to be. In fact, it was completely opposite. This was… Full Text

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What is a false Christ? How can a false Christ be discerned?

Relevant Words of God:If a man calls himself God yet is unable to express the being of divinity, do the work of God Himself, or represent God, he is undoubtedly not God, for he has not the essence of God, and that which … Full Text


What is an antichrist? How can an antichrist be discerned?

Anyone who does not recognize God is an enemy; that is, anyone within or without this stream who does not recognize God incarnate is an antichrist! … Those people who believe only in Jesus and do not believe in God incar… Full Text


Why is it only through experiencing and submitting to the work of God incarnate that one can achieve knowledge of God?

The invisible God in heaven and His work can only be brought to earth by God incarnate who personally does His work among man. This is the most ideal way in which God appears to man, in which man sees God and comes to kn… Full Text


How does God incarnating to do the work of judgment bring an end to the age of mankind’s belief in the vague God and the dark age of Satan’s domain?

God’s arrival in the flesh is primarily to enable people to see the real deeds of God, to materialize the formless Spirit in the flesh, and allow people to see and touch Him. In this way, those who are made complete by H… Full Text

Why is it said that God’s two incarnations complete the significance of the incarnation?

The first incarnation was to redeem man from sin through the flesh of Jesus, that is, He saved man from the cross, but the corrupt satanic disposition still remained within man. The second incarnation is no longer to ser… Full Text


Why is it said that corrupt mankind is more in need of the salvation of God become flesh?

God became flesh because the object of His work is not the spirit of Satan, or any incorporeal thing, but man, who is of the flesh and has been corrupted by Satan. It is precisely because the flesh of man has been corrup… Full Text


What are the essential differences between the incarnate God and those who are used by God?

He who works in divinity represents God, while those who work in humanity are people used by God. That is, the incarnate God is substantively different from the people used by God. The incarnate God can do the work of di… Full Text


What are the differences between the work of God incarnate and the work of the Spirit?

If this work were done by the Spirit—if God did not become flesh, and instead the Spirit spoke directly through thunder so that man had no way to have contact with Him, would man know His disposition? If only the Spirit … Full Text


What is the incarnation? What is the essence of the incarnation?

The meaning of incarnation is that God appears in the flesh, and He comes to work among man of His creation in the image of a flesh. So, for God to be incarnated, He must first be flesh, flesh with normal humanity; this,… Full Text