Tasks that Servants of God Must Complete

The Truths that Servants of God Should Lead God’s Chosen People to Enter Into

The truths that servants of God should lead God’s chosen people to enter into are multifaceted, not any particular aspect.

First, let’s talk about the task of leading people to know God’s work. From the first day that God’s chosen people enter into God’s house, the first thing they should understand is the truth of knowing God’s work. For people to really understand God’s work of the last days—how God incarnate judges and chastises mankind in order to save and perfect mankind and transform mankind’s disposition—requires at least 1 or 2 years’ effort. In other words, from the time when you first start believing in God to the stage where you are clear about the visions and your faith is on the right track, it will take 1 or 2 years for you to understand and know the truth concerning God’s work. If servants of God do not clearly fellowship about the truths regarding the vision of God’s work, then God’s chosen people will not easily get onto the right track in believing in God. Will explaining God’s words word-for-word achieve the right effect? What sort of language should you use to fellowship about truths? You must employ the language of your own practical experiences and speak in your own words so that your listeners will feel that what you are speaking is practical and real. If you explain things word-for-word then that will sound to them like a theology class: They’ll soon forget everything you said and feel that you were giving them doctrine and not your own practical experiences. So if you don’t have real knowledge of God’s work then the things you fellowship about will not move people. Your words will not leave an impression on them nor help them understand truths. If you don’t have words of experience or speak in the most practical terms then you’ll never be able to fellowship about truths, are you all clear about this now? … Servants of God lead God’s chosen people to enter into the whole truth, and the first step is leading them to know God’s work and understand the truths of the visions. This is one of the tasks that servants of God must do well.

Second, you must help God’s chosen people know their own corruption and the substance of their nature, which is a deeper lesson. If servants of God can’t even see through the substance of their own nature or the corruption that they have revealed or know the notions that they create about God, what they do to disobey and resist God, and they always think they’re in the right, then how can they possibly lead God’s chosen people to know their own corrupt substance? Would they be able to use truths to solve the revelation of God’s chosen people’s corruption? Would they be able to fellowship about God’s words to help the brothers and sisters eliminate their ridiculously incorrect notions and knowledge about God? If you, as a servant of God, are not up to this task then you’ll certainly not be able to complete God’s assignment of leading God’s chosen people to enter the whole truth, which means you won’t be able to complete the substantial task entrusted by God. … God reveals people’s corrupt disposition and the substance of their nature so that they can know it. This is how God saves people, and so it’s a lesson that must be learned. How well have you all learned this lesson? Have you seen any positive results? Has anyone come to the realization that they don’t have humanity? Servants of God must lead God’s chosen people to enter God’s words, which is the same as entering the truths of God’s revelation of mankind’s corrupt substance and nature to the point of truly knowing themselves, and that’s not easy at all! You must know yourselves first; you must first thoroughly dissect and analyze every iota of corruption that you reveal and every one of your behaviors that seems to garner other people’s approval; you must know whether such behaviors accord with the truth and whether they are positive or negative. Don’t believe for a minute that you have lots of positive traits, that you constantly display normal humanity and that everything you do is in accord with the truth, is good and righteous, because that’s not always the case. You need to dissect your every action; you need to bring it all out into the open and have a good look at it and see what it is. It’s easy for most people to do a little bit of good as long as they can see some benefit for themselves or it fits their purpose. If they think they can win over other people they’ll do something charitable, but there’s always a motive, or even a conspiracy, behind their actions which makes their good deeds dangerous. What most people call “good deeds” in fact hide evil intentions, or personal motives, or even conspiracies. True good deeds don’t ask to be remembered or expect any reward in return. That is, when I behave like this, my heart is put at ease. I live like a real human being because my conscience makes me do so, and this is a manifestation of true humanity, this is doing good deeds. Among the good deeds we see nowadays there are a lot of ulterior motives, so you must learn this particular lesson about knowing yourself as well as you can. To gain God’s salvation you must know your own corrupt substance and nature. If you get this right, if each one of God’s chosen people is able to know their corrupt substance and nature, then the servants of God can be said to have satisfied God in this aspect of their task. This really is completing a substantial task in relation to serving God.

Servants of God also have another aspect to their work, and that is eliminating people’s notions and helping them solve their transgressions. Because people don’t have the truth and are especially arrogant and self-righteous, it is very easy for them to develop notions about God’s work. And what are the consequences of having such notions? They are that people resist God, rebel against God. They act without enthusiasm, don’t perform their duties, show no initiative, and even give up pursuit. At such times, servants of God must help people remove their notions about God and thoroughly resolve their transgressions so that they can continue to pursue truths, obey God’s work, and finally gain God’s salvation. And removing notions about God and thoroughly resolving transgressions is also one of the tasks that servants of God must undertake on themselves. If a servant of God hasn’t eliminated their own notions, how can they do it for someone else? So all servants of God must first have real knowledge of God and first eliminate their notions so that they can completely enter the truth. Then they’ll be able to lead God’s chosen people to remove their notions about God and resolve their transgressions so that everyone can start obeying God’s work and entering onto the right track of faith in God.

Servants of God also have another task, which is to help God’s chosen people know the path to being perfected by God, and to help them know how to stand witness to God during trials and refinements, so that they can be perfected. To lead people to enter this aspect of the truth you must first understand it yourself, you must first experience it yourself. If a servant of God does not have experience of trials and refinements then there’s no way they can lead God’s chosen people through trials and refinements to stand witness. To lead people to enter this aspect of the truth isn’t easy, as how could you communicate truths if you haven’t experienced them? How could you possibly lead people? If you don’t have real experience then you’ll just be reciting doctrine and saying meaningless things.

Servants of God also have another aspect to their work, and that is leading God’s chosen people to attain salvation. To do this aspect of the work correctly you must know what is meant by escaping from Satan’s influence. What does Satan’s influence refer to? Are you clear about this? Satan’s influence has several shackles, several barriers. The first is the rule of the demons, which concerns the status of the king of devils: Its status in people’s hearts must be eliminated. Breaking through this aspect of Satan’s influence is very difficult for human beings to do. There are some people who go out of their way to praise and worship these demons and rulers. If you point out how the demons resist God, how the demons are in fact Satan, these people will argue with you and say that you are not fellowshiping properly. They believe the king of devils is some kind of hero, the true ruler of mankind as designated by God. If they idolize these demons can they truly worship God? They are the tools of the demons, the followers of the demons, the flatterers of the demons, so how can they possibly worship God? They run after the demons, adore them and worship Satan, so how can they obey and worship God? Anyone who worships demons absolutely cannot worship God. This is the first level of Satan’s influence that shackles mankind: the demons in the world that hold positions of authority. If you want to escape from this level of Satan’s influence you must first see through the nature of these demons, and not worship them or be tied to them. You must remove them completely from your hearts and minds. Second, those celebrities and famous personages who many people worship must also be completely removed from your hearts and minds. Some people worship Confucius, some fall at the feet of a certain famous scientist, and some worship a certain celebrity and famous personage. This is proof that these demons have occupied a position in their hearts. They have manifested as Satan’s power in people’s hearts to control people, to stop people from pursuing the truth and pursuing to know God. Nowadays, there are people who especially worship Confucius. They say that Confucius was a saint and hold him dear to their hearts, and if they also believe in God then God has to play second fiddle to Confucius. Tell me, are these people who truly worship God? Are they servants of God? If you are a pious descendant of Confucius will you gain salvation in believing in God like this? You have to break free from Satan’s influence, escape from Satan’s clutches, and remove from your heart all traces of worship for Confucian thought and philosophy along with the ideas and philosophies of all those other celebrities and famous personages. Only when you have allowed God’s words to find a place in your heart will you be truly free of Satan’s influence. Third, there is the problem of how religious world molds people’s minds so that they produce the various religious conceptions and doctrines that people cherish so dearly but are really just another manifestation of Satan’s shackles, Satan’s influence. Then there is the problem of all those philosophies, doctrines, rules, and knowledge of corrupt mankind that occupy people’s minds. People consider them to be unchanging, unalterable truths but, again, they are just Satan’s shackles. Everything that restricts you from pursuing God and pursuing the truth is one of Satan’s shackles. No matter which of Satan’s shackles you are bound by, you are living under its domain. You must completely eliminate all of these things that come from Satan so that God’s words can occupy your heart, so that you can be immersed in the truth. Then God will have status in your heart and you will truly be a God-fearing person, someone who belongs to God. To enter the truth you must get to this state, and only then will you have broken away from Satan’s influence and completely turned to God. When your heart has completely turned to God, when your heart is full of God’s words and truths then you will truly be someone who has escaped from Satan’s influence and attained God’s salvation. But entering this aspect of the truth isn’t easy! So which of Satan’s shackles is still binding you and keeping you in bondage? Some women worship their husbands and let them decide everything; some men are especially fond of their wives and let them run the show. Some people always do what their parents tell them to, because they believe that their parents are always right and hold them in the highest esteem. Isn’t this just living under Satan’s influence? It is indeed. For someone who truly has obtained the truth, in their heart there is only God and there is no poison or anything else belonging to Satan there. These are people who have truly escaped from Satan’s influence. They idolize nothing, worship nobody and only worship Christ, the practical God. In their hearts and minds there is no knowledge, no philosophies, no doctrines or higher learning; there is only God’s word and truths and that’s why they are people who have truly escaped from Satan’s influence. … So, do we know the path to salvation now? Pursuing salvation must be done through pursuing truths, because it is through pursuing truths that we finally come to know God and give Him a place in our hearts. We can then obey God alone, worship God alone, get rid of all those idols, abandon all useless knowledge, and live to pursue and love only the truth. Only then will we have truly escaped from Satan’s influence and gained salvation. This is the path to salvation and we must see it clearly. Servants of God must first enter truths themselves, must first get free from Satan’s influence, and only then will they be able to lead God’s chosen people to enter into truths and break away from Satan’s influence. Someone once asked: “In my heart there are no idols and I don’t worship anybody. There is only God and my faith in God. Does this mean that I have rid myself of Satan’s influence?” Well, that depends on whether or not there are still satanic things in your heart that are binding you. If you are still bound up in and restricted by satanic philosophies and knowledge—and you usually live by these philosophies and knowledge rather than by the truth—then can you really say that you have truly escaped from Satan’s influence? You must see the nature of Satan’s influence very clearly. Once you’ve seen it clearly then your pursuit will have a purpose and you’ll know how to resolve the problems of satanic idols, knowledge, philosophies, rules, logic, etc. When you have finally allowed God’s words and truths to take root and reign in your heart and take full control of your all then you will have completely escaped from Satan’s clutches and achieved full salvation. You will be a person who has the truth, and Satan will never again be able to confuse and entice you or shackle you to it.

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