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In Praying for an Interview, I Gain More Than Just a Job

God rules and administers all things, and He guides our lives every day. God is our staunch backup and support. Though I’ll be attending this interview alone, God will be with me, and with God guiding me, what is there to worry about?

Through Prayer, God Helped Me Pass My Exams

In such a ferociously competitive society as we live in today, many students will feel anxious when it comes time to take their exams. So how can we rid ourselves of our pre-exam nerves and calmly face each exam? Let’s see …

How a Christian Established a Good Work Relationship With Her Colleague

When our interests are at stake, it’s hard not to fight for them, and even harder to fight for them. Given two impossible options, which path should we take? The author of “How a Christian Established a Good Work Relationship With Her Colleague” uses her own experience to give you the answer.

A Restaurant’s Harvest (Audio Essay)

After having this experience, Cong Xin truly felt that, when difficulties arose, as long as she practiced by relying on God’s words, she could then live out a normal humanity.

A Doctor’s Experience of Metamorphosis

God had used His words to judge me, provide for me, lead and guide me, and brought my vanished conscience slowly back to life so that I could live a little like a true human being. Now my life is not just about making money, and I’m no longer basing my life on satanic poisons like “Money is first,” “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost,” “the fittest survives” etc. I have let God’s words be my new life and the guidelines by which I act.