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By Changing the Way I Educated My Son, He and I Got Closer

More and more parents are drawing up strict study plans for them. The protagonist of this article was no different, but does this kind of high-pressure education really benefit the child? Let’s look for the answer together as we read through her experiences …

I Found the Way to Educate My Son

“You don’t love me, and you’re not my mommy!” “Mommy does love you. Why don’t you understand that?” In the course of educating their children, parents will often have this kind of dialog with them. From this exchange, we can see that the child’s relationship with their parent is incredibly awkward, and that they are not getting along well together. So then, how exactly should parents educate their children in order to be able to get along well with them and be happy parents?

God’s Words Guide Me to Learn How to Educate My Children (Part 1)

Our job as parents is just to try our best to educate our children. As for their fate in the future and whether or not they can be talented, only God has the final say. I constantly educated my children according to my own requirements and made my children develop according to my own wishes. Isn’t this just breaking free of God’s mastery?

God’s Words Guide Me to Learn How to Educate My Children (Part 2)

I had always educated and controlled my children from my position as a mother, to make them listen to me and do what I said. I thought that this was the way to educate children well. In fact, when I educated my children in this way, not only did they not achieve, but they actually became more and more antagonistic. ...Only God has the authority and the power and that only God’s words can change people and make us live out our lives in the likeness of real men.

The Transformation of an Only Child

I have been following Almighty God for 14 years already, and in these 14 years I have continuously been fulfilling duties in the church. I really feel that these years have been of immense significance and value to me, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I used to complain that I was giving the best years of my life to the church, and that I wasn’t able to enjoy all the tasty foods, the fun and games, and all the other pleasures of youth. But now I deeply feel the love that God has for me.