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Every Word of God Is an Expression of His Disposition

Whenever I saw these words spoken by God, I felt anxious: “Every sentence I have spoken holds the disposition of God. You would do well to ponder My words carefully, and you will surely profit greatly from them.” I felt … Full Text

knowledge of God 2015-03-02 06:28:55

I Am Unfit to See Christ

“You always wish to see Christ, but I exhort you not to exalt yourselves so; everyone may see Christ, but I say none are fit to see Christ. Because the nature of man is filled with evil, arrogance, and rebellion, when yo… Full Text

Relationship With God 2015-03-02 07:28:55

Who Knows the Motherly Heart of God?

Regarding the “God is righteous” aspect of the truth, I used to always have a somewhat absurd understanding. I thought that as long as someone reveals corruption in their work or commits transgressions that damage the ch… Full Text

The Love of God 2015-03-02 08:28:55

I See the Path to Knowing God

Just when I was sad and disappointed over this and losing my confidence in God, His words enlightened me: “Knowing God must be done through reading God’s word and understanding God’s word. Some people say: ‘I haven’t see… Full Text

2015-03-02 09:28:55

God’s Words Led Me Out of the Woods

God uses these difficulties to allow us to taste the hardships of His own work, to allow us to see with our own eyes His will to save mankind to the greatest extent possible, thus recognizing God’s kindness and beauty. G… Full Text

2015-03-02 11:28:55

Breaking Free From the Shackles

Thank You, Almighty God! It is You who cared for me and enlightened and guided me to get rid of the shackles that had controlled me for so many years, allowing me to walk out of the haze. In the past, I did not know You … Full Text

2015-03-02 12:28:55

The Holy Spirit Works in a Principled Way

There is a principle behind the Holy Spirit’s work on man. Man himself must have a yearning, seeking heart to be able to positively and actively work with God. Only then can the Holy Spirit work on man and enlighten and … Full Text

Church Life 2015-03-02 13:28:55

A Bit of Understanding of Being Saved

“Only Those Who Gain the Truth and Enter Into Reality Are Truly Saved”: “Being saved by God is not as simple as people imagine. We must rely on the judgment and chastisement as well as the trials and refinement from God’… Full Text

The Salvation of God 2015-03-02 14:28:55

Shaking Off the Shackles of the Spirit

I was a weak person with a sensitive character. When I didn’t believe in God, I would frequently feel down and distressed from things that came up in life. There were many of these times, and I always felt that my life w… Full Text

2015-03-02 15:28:55

A Battle of Life and Death

“When you forsake the flesh, inevitably there will be a battle inside. Satan wants you to follow the notions of the flesh, to protect the interests of the flesh. However, God’s word still enlightens and illuminates you w… Full Text

True Faith 2015-03-02 17:28:55

The Importance of Coordination in Service

This made me see that harmonious coordination in our service is so critical for the work of the church and our personal life entry! But I had not sought God’s will at all in this. I had not paid attention to what practic… Full Text

Human Relationships 2015-03-02 18:28:55

Only This Is a Truly Good Person

A truly good person is someone who loves positive things and seeks the truth and righteousness, someone who has real goals in life, who has a sense of righteousness, who can discern between good and evil, love what God l… Full Text

2015-03-02 19:28:55

The Secret Held Deep Within My Heart

Thank God for this enlightenment, which has lifted me out of blindness. If not, I would still be hoodwinked by my own falsity—careening forth with blind ambition toward my own imminent demise. How incredibly scary! In th… Full Text

Reputation and Status 2015-03-02 20:28:55

What Lies Behind Lies

Facing such circumstances, I felt completely puzzled: Why was it that my heart was willing to speak the truth, to speak accurately, but when I opened my mouth I could never speak objectively or accurately? With this ques… Full Text

Resolve Deceitfulness 2015-03-02 22:28:55

It’s Not Easy to Truly Know Yourself

I give thanks to God’s enlightenment and guidance which have made me see my own poverty and pitifulness, and have also made me understand that truly knowing myself is not an easy thing. The only objective reality is know… Full Text

Honest People, Know Yourself, Resolve Deceitfulness 2015-03-02 23:28:55

Service of This Kind Is Truly Contemptible

Those who would serve God must in all matters lift God up and be God’s witnesses. Only thus can they attain the fruit of leading others to know God. And only by raising God up and witnessing for Him can they bring others… Full Text

Serving God 2015-03-03 01:28:55

The Essence of Abusing Power for Personal Revenge

I couldn’t help but compare my two entirely different attitudes from before and after my chat with that brother. I was originally prepared to promote him to district leader, but he said some things that caused me to lose… Full Text

Human Relationships 2015-03-03 02:28:55

I Was Not Following Peter’s Path

At this point, I fell down before God: Oh God! Thank You for timely salvation, which made me up from my stupor, realize my real situation, and see that I was still walking the path of Paul the Pharisee. My work and the f… Full Text

2015-03-03 03:28:55

Don’t Find New Tricks When Serving God

It was in God’s revelation that I finally realized my own satanic nature of arrogance and recklessness: I did not have a shred of reverence in front of God, I was not at all obedient. I realized at the same time that the… Full Text

Serving God 2015-03-03 04:28:55

God’s Words Have Awakened Me

Thanks to the enlightenment of God’s words, I have awakened from my own conceptions and imagination, realizing that I am not a person who is willing to accept God’s chastisement and judgment. Full Text

2015-03-03 05:28:55

I Have Seen My True Colors

Due to the needs of the church’s work, I was reallocated to another place to fulfill my duty. At the time, the gospel work at that place was at a low ebb, and the situation of brothers and sisters was generally not good.… Full Text

2015-03-03 06:28:55

Why Engage in Trickery When Serving God?

“For example, if you have arrogance and conceit inside you, it will be impossible to not defy God, but instead you would be made to defy Him. You wouldn’t do it on purpose; you would do it under the domination of your ar… Full Text

Know Yourself 2015-03-03 07:28:55

I Saw My True Stature Clearly

At a meeting of church leaders I once attended, a newly elected church leader said: “I don’t have enough stature. I feel I’m not suited to fulfilling this duty. I feel pressured by so many things, to the extent that I ha… Full Text

2015-03-03 08:28:55

A Haughty Spirit Before a Fall

In the Bible, the Book of Proverbs says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). Just as I was diving head-first into my work with very high hopes, I felt that, in my heart, … Full Text

2015-03-03 09:28:55

After Losing My Status

Every time I saw or heard of someone having been replaced and them feeling down, weak or sulky, and not wanting to follow anymore, then I looked down on them. I thought it was nothing more than different people having di… Full Text

Reputation and Status 2015-03-03 10:28:55

The Work of God Is So Wise

God’s good intention and wisdom are there even in those events which do not align with people’s notions. Just as God’s word says, “My wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s schemes,” and “God employs all things in the exec… Full Text

The Wisdom of God 2015-03-03 11:28:55

What Is the Nature of God’s Love?

I never thought that suffering is a form of God’s blessing. Only after learning of my sister’s experience, did I realize that the refinement of suffering is a true manifestation of God’s love. God creates certain situati… Full Text

The Love of God 2015-03-03 11:29:55

A Turn for the Better on the Road of Believing in God

Although I had been following God for many years, I had made almost no progress with my entering into life, and this made me feel very anxious. Especially when I listened to a recording of a preaching about life entry, a… Full Text

Practice Truth 2015-03-03 11:30:58

Why Haven’t I Changed After So Many Years of Faith?

I realized the reason I had not changed despite following God for many years was because I had believed in God but not sought to change my disposition; had only paid attention to how others entered into life and not my o… Full Text

Know Yourself 2015-03-03 11:31:58

A Guileless Person Is Not an Honest Person

Thank You God for enlightening me, for showing me that honest people are not just frank-speaking and guileless, but rather possessors of truth and humanity. Thank You also for showing me that I am not honest by God’s def… Full Text

Honest People 2015-03-03 11:32:58

Reflections on Being Replaced

Some time ago, owing to my not understanding the principle behind the church’s revision of personnel, when the church replaced a leader, a conception arose within me. From what I could see, the sister that was replaced w… Full Text

Seek the Truth 2015-03-03 11:33:58

Using God’s Word as a Mirror

At that time, I reflected on my own narcissistic attitude and found it to be really shameful. God’s revelations have truly convinced me and allowed me to clearly see that I do not truly understand myself. From now on, I … Full Text

2015-03-03 11:34:59

It Is So Important to Obey the Work of the Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit not only works in certain men who are used by God, but even more in the church. He could be working in anyone. He may work in you now, and after you have experienced it, He may work in someone else next.… Full Text

Obeying God 2015-03-03 11:35:59

The Finest Gift God Has Given Me

God’s essence is good, and what He does for mankind is all love. It is all what is most beneficial for people’s lives; it is the sustenance most needed in people’s lives, and it is the finest gift given to man by God. Full Text

The Salvation of God 2015-03-03 11:36:59

I Learned to Coordinate With Others

I opened up to the sister whom I was working with about how I knew myself. We truly communicated and entered the principle of serving together. After which, our work was much more harmonious. Full Text

Human Relationships 2015-03-03 11:37:59

Whatever God Says Is the Very Judgment of Man

I used to think that God judged and chastised man only when He revealed man’s inherent corruption or conveyed harsh words that judged the end of man. It was only much later that an incidence led me to realize that even G… Full Text

Human Relationships 2015-03-03 11:40:59

What Is Truly Accepting Truth?

Truly accepting truth means not only acknowledging that God’s word is truth, it is also recognizing the substance of truth and completely accepting it into your heart. It is completely denying your former notions, viewpo… Full Text

Seek the Truth 2015-03-03 11:41:59

The Real Meaning of Rebellion Against God

“There are several different types of rebellion against God. One type of rebellion is going against His will or going against His words. Another type is having an arrogant disposition, lacking God in one’s heart, and thu… Full Text

Relationship With God 2015-03-03 11:42:59

The True Face of a So-called Good Person

As it turns out, good or bad humanity is closely connected with the implementation of the truth. A person of good humanity will seek the truth and practice the truth in everything, and examine himself afterward. I have a… Full Text

Know Yourself 2015-03-03 11:43:59

This Is Putting Truth Into Practice

Through these experiences, I have come to understand that putting truth into practice should be based on God’s word and should be established on the principles of truth. If one leaves God’s word, then everything becomes … Full Text

Practice Truth 2015-03-03 11:44:59

A True Partnership

I am grateful for this enlightenment from God, which not only helped me understand a truly harmonious partnership, but more so helped me see the hidden dangers in my own service with my partner, and showed me that when c… Full Text

Human Relationships 2015-03-03 11:45:59

It’s Not Easy Being an Honest Person

With the truth before me, I began to deeply appreciate that it really is not easy being an honest person. Especially for a cunning person like me, I could never be an honest person without shedding all pretenses and with… Full Text

Resolve Deceitfulness 2015-03-03 11:46:59

What Is a Genuine Practice of the Truth?

I finally understood: Genuine practitioners of the truth can practice the truth because they understand the purpose of doing so. They know that practicing the truth is what it means to be human, a quality that humans sho… Full Text

Practice Truth 2015-03-03 11:47:00

The True Reason for Ineffective Work

Service in line with the will of God requires that in all things and with regard to all issues we should exalt God, testify to God, commune God’s will, commune God’s requests, and allow others to act in accordance with G… Full Text

Seek the Truth 2015-03-03 11:47:01

The Secrets Hidden Behind My Pursuit

Not long ago, I was elected as a mid-level leader by my brothers and sisters. At one gathering with my co-workers, I thought to myself: “I must do well. If I perform poorly, how will my leaders and co-workers see me?” So… Full Text

2015-03-03 11:47:02

Be Strict With Oneself First in Order to Discipline Others

Faced with facts, I was finally able to see that when issues arise, it is extremely important to get to know oneself and solve one’s own problems first. Only then can we live out our normal humanity, have a harmonious pa… Full Text

Human Relationships 2015-03-03 11:47:03

Experiencing God’s Special Love

Today’s replacement is truly how You are saving me. Your chastising love has conquered my heart. I thank You from my heart for saving me and protecting me. I thank You more so for causing me to truly experience through Y… Full Text

The Love of God 2015-03-03 11:47:40

I’ve Had a Taste of God’s Salvation

As it turned out, though my situation seemed grim on first inspection, it was actually God visiting His love upon me, and investing me with His salvation. It was not, as I thought, that I would be eliminated. I had been … Full Text

The Love of God 2015-03-03 11:48:03

There Is Great Happiness in Being Honest

Through this process of practicing honesty, I experienced how being honest allows one to live in the light and receive God’s blessing. Being an honest person is truly meaningful and valuable! Full Text

Honest People 2015-03-03 11:49:03

My Life Principles Left Me So Damaged

If man attains his sustenance from Satan’s poison, if he acts according to Stan’s axioms, he will only become more corrupt and evil. He will be less and less humane and more and more in opposition to God, removed from Go… Full Text

Seek the Truth 2015-03-03 11:53:03

I Am Willing to Accept the Supervision of All

Thank You God for Your revelations and enlightenment, which allowed me to realize my satanic nature of arrogance and vileness. God, I vow to seek the truth with diligence. I shall place myself under the inspection of the… Full Text

Seek the Truth 2015-03-03 11:55:03

Jealousy—the Chronic Illness of the Heart

“Cruel, brutal mankind! The conniving and intrigue, the jostling with each other, the scramble for reputation and fortune, the mutual slaughter—when will it ever end? God has spoken hundreds of thousands of words, yet no… Full Text

Human Relationships 2015-03-03 11:55:07

Throwing off Shackles Is Liberating

Before I believed in God, no matter what I was doing, I never wanted to fall behind. I was willing to accept any hardship as long as it meant I could rise above everyone else. After I accepted God, my attitude remained t… Full Text

2015-03-03 11:55:09

Satanic Philosophy Is Entrapping and Damaging

I always endeavored to maintain a physical relationship with people—this behavior was attributable to my wholesale adoption of the satanic philosophy “Be worldly-wise for the sake of personal survival.” It corrupted my h… Full Text

Human Relationships 2015-03-03 11:55:11

Why Have I Taken the Path of the Pharisees?

People who don’t love God are on the path of the antichrist; that people don’t love God is the source of failure; I also saw more clearly the reasons and excuses I had from Satan hidden within me; I was able to see throu… Full Text

2015-03-03 11:55:14

I Enjoyed a Rich Banquet

I see how God carefully arranges for me to experience His work, to enter into the reality of the truth, leading me onto the true path of life. God raises me and treats me kindly. I also came to realize that everything Go… Full Text

2015-03-03 11:55:19

Only by Entering Into the Truth Myself May I Truly Help Others

“In fellowship you must have an understanding of spiritual matters. You must have wisdom and be able to understand what is in the hearts of other people. You must be a correct person if you are to serve others and you mu… Full Text

Know Ourselves 2015-03-03 11:55:23

Tear Off the Mask and Start Life Afresh

God’s revelation and judgment also showed me a path to practice: No matter how many difficulties I meet, or how poor my condition, only by laying myself bare and using truth to reach resolution and going by God’s word wi… Full Text

Honest People, Resolve Deceitfulness 2015-03-03 11:55:25

I Can Finally Live Out a Bit of Human Likeness

I thank Almighty God for changing me through His judgment and chastisement, for making me see Satan’s poison and harm. I now seek what is proper, and live out like a human. Although I still have much corruption with me t… Full Text

Human Relationships 2015-03-03 11:55:34

A Rebirth

I will never be able to forget God’s love and salvation for me. If it hadn’t been for God designing my environment and dealing with my ambitious desires in the early stages of my life, how would I have been willing to le… Full Text

Reputation and Status 2015-03-03 11:55:36

The Transformation of a Fallen Man

I strongly feel that it is Almighty God who has changed me and my wife, who has saved my marriage and family, and what’s more, has saved me from extreme corruption and transformed me from an arrogant, evil and filthy see… Full Text

2015-03-03 11:55:38

An Arrogant Believer’s Process of Transformation

Through time after time of Almighty God’s judgment and chastisement, my arrogant disposition was gradually changed. I could become a low-key person, I could patiently listen to others speak, and I could take heed of othe… Full Text

Change in Disposition 2015-03-03 11:55:39

I Have Only Just Begun Walking the Right Path of Life

God elaborately arranged various environments, people, things, and occurrences, and led and guided me step by step using His practical work, allowing me to walk on the right path of life. Every environment and every mani… Full Text

Reputation and Status 2015-03-03 11:55:40

Judgment Is the Light

God’s chastisement and judgment is the light. It is the greatest grace, the best protection, and the most valuable wealth of life bestowed by God upon man. Just as the words of Almighty God say: “… chastisement and judgm… Full Text

Reputation and Status 2015-03-03 11:55:45

Embarking on the Path of Belief in God

“True faith in God means experiencing the words and work of God based on a belief that God holds sovereignty over all things. So you shall be freed of your corrupt disposition, shall fulfill the desire of God, and shall … Full Text

True Faith 2015-03-03 11:55:47

The Riches of Life

It was God’s practical work that allowed me to personally taste such a rich feast of life. It not only awakened this heart of mine which had long been blinded by the great red dragon, but it allowed me to gain so many gr… Full Text

Freedom of Religion, True Faith 2015-03-03 11:55:48

Pledging My Life to Devotion

I will always rely on the wise and almighty God. From now on, no matter what untold dangers and difficulties are on the road ahead, I will never reconcile or coexist with the great red dragon. I will resolutely follow Go… Full Text

Religious Persecution 2015-03-03 11:55:49

Tasting the Love of God in the Midst of Adversity

I know that during those adversities, God was always with me, enlightening me, guiding me, and allowing me to overcome Satan’s cruelty and tests every step of the way. This gave me a true experience of the fact that God’… Full Text

Religious Persecution, The Love of God 2015-03-03 11:56:49

Sufferings and Trials—the Blessings of Being Favored

I earnestly experienced the great salvation and mercy Almighty God had for me, the corrupt person, and have felt that the power and life in Almighty God’s words could bring me light and be my life and lead me to prevail … Full Text

True Faith 2015-03-03 11:57:49

Tribulation Inspired My Love for God

Although my physical body suffered a little through this experience, the benefits I have gained from it are significant. This is a turning point in my road of believing in God, as well as a new starting point in my road … Full Text

Religious Persecution 2015-03-03 11:58:49

A Youth Without Regret

Even though the best years of my youth were spent in prison; during these seven years and four months I suffered hardships because of my belief in God, I have no complaints and no regrets, because I understand some truth… Full Text

True Faith 2015-03-03 11:59:49

Rising Up From Dark Oppression

Even though I have experienced being arrested and persecuted multiple times by the CCP government, and my flesh has suffered ruthless cruelty and torment, I truly understand many truths that I didn’t understand in the pa… Full Text

Freedom of Religion, Religious Persecution 2015-03-03 11:59:55