Discriminating Against Dissenters Is Too Malicious

March 3, 2015

By Xiaojin, Zhejiang Province

I am a church leader of The Church of Almighty God. In February of 2007, the church issued a work arrangement and it emphasized that “They must reassign all those who are effective and experienced in watering new believers to complete these tasks. Those who are not suited to watering new believers absolutely should not be used in this capacity, and they must be transferred so that this work is not held up” (The Fellowship From the Above). Because I had some preconceived ideas about the sister who watered new believers in our church, once I’d read this arrangement, instead of going by principles to decide whether the sister was suitable or not, I made a judgment of her in my heart: “This person performs her duty perfunctorily and does not focus on reading the words of God. Besides, she cares for the flesh, so she simply isn’t suitable to water new believers. More importantly, she thinks she has some caliber and so she has become arrogant and she looks down on others. Last time, she went to the upper-level leaders who were in charge of watering new believers and she spoke ill of me. If it were not for the demands of my work, I really wouldn’t want to bother with her anymore.” Thinking about this, I made a plan in my heart: Why not take advantage of this opportunity and replace her so that I won’t have to see her anymore? Isn’t she arrogant? I’ll just replace her and then I’ll see how prideful she is!

Consequently, I didn’t take the effectiveness of her work into consideration and I didn’t think about the interests of the church. I didn’t discuss it with my co-workers and I didn’t obtain the approval of brothers and sisters of the church; I was impatient to have my own way and remove her from her duty. Afterward, I summarily arranged for Sister Zheng to fulfill the duty of watering new believers. In my view, she could endure hardships, she spoke kind words and was a fast worker. She had compassion for people and was very suitable to perform the duty of watering new believers. Little did I expect that the upper-level leaders responsible for watering new believers unanimously thought that the original sister was good at watering new believers, and that she was the right one for the job. Therefore, I did my best to speak highly of Sister Zheng, even to the point of saying there was no one who could perform the duty of watering new believers better than her. But just then, I received news saying that Sister Zheng was being watched by the police because of preaching the gospel. I grudgingly had no alternative but to reinstate the original sister to water new believers. Facing this situation, my heart was severely distraught and depressed, and I felt I had nowhere to vent my frustrations.

One day I read a passage in a sermon that said: “How those who serve as leaders treat brothers and sisters who they find disagreeable, who oppose them, and who hold completely different views than them, is a very serious issue and should be handled with caution. If they do not enter into the truth of this issue, they will certainly discriminate and censure people when met with this kind of issue. This type of action is precisely an expression of the nature of the great red dragon that resists and betrays God. If those who serve as leaders pursue the truth, and possess conscience and reason, they will seek the truth and handle this matter correctly” (The Fellowship From the Above). At this time, I couldn’t help but think back about what had happened with the personnel transfer for watering new believers. Hadn’t my behavior concerning the sister who watered new believers been oppressive and had excluded her? The work arrangement clearly emphasized that we had to take the work of watering new believers and transfer in suitable people who could water new believers well. I knew perfectly well that this sister could cooperate with this aspect of work, but because some of her behavior had been at odds with my own ideas, and because she had reported the deviations in my work to upper-level leaders, I had developed prejudices against her and had privately replaced her under the guise of implementing the work arrangement, and then arranged for someone who was to my liking to take her place. When brothers and sisters suggested that I should still let her perform the duty of watering new believers, not only did I not listen to them but I also did all I could to push forward my own candidate. Then God created an environment in which I was forced against my will to agree to this sister regaining her duty, and yet my heart was filled with disobedience. In spite of God’s urgency to save people, and without thinking about carrying out the work properly, I took advantage of the opportunity to discriminate against and censure the person who offended me. In doing so, was I not using the same contemptible method as the CCP to eradicate dissenters? The CCP often touts the words “justice” and “light” when it eradicates dissenters. I was also replacing someone who’d displeased me in the name of putting the work arrangement into practice. The CCP promotes those it trusts to create a family of like-minded people who can have sole rule over China, and I was promoting someone who I personally thought was good and who was to my liking. The CCP follows the satanic code of “Those who submit will prosper; those who resist shall perish,” while I’d also used my “authority” to get revenge on the person who offended me and who had an opinion about me. The CCP twists facts; it calls black white and white black. I had also spoken relying on my emotions when I’d blindly criticized the one who wasn’t to my liking, and I persistently spoke in favor of the person that I liked even to the point of exaggerating, and speaking contrary to the facts. I saw that I had been deeply corrupted by Satan and the poison of Satan was deeply rooted in me. It had already become my life, to such an extent that it affected every aspect of my behavior with other people. I had lost the conscience and reason a normal human being should have. I wasn’t serving God; I was interrupting and disturbing the church’s work, and I was resisting God. If it were not for God’s enlightenment, I would still be living in my own corrupt disposition and would still be brooding over my failed motives. I would surely be unaware that my conduct had offended God’s disposition.

I thank God for His judgment and chastisement and His revelations that have given me some knowledge of the satanic poisons within me, and of my nature and essence. From now on, I am willing to actively pursue truth. By contrasting my thoughts, words and actions with the word of God, I shall analyze myself and recognize the satanic disposition within me, so that I will come to truly hate and forsake myself, be someone who possesses truth and humanity, and perform my duty well to bring comfort to God’s heart!

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