134. The Church’s Principles for Expelling People

1. The church must follow God’s words of truth and the principles prescribed in the work arrangements to determine that someone cannot be saved before making the decision to expel them.

2. The church must only implement the procedure of expelling someone if God’s chosen people all acknowledge that in essence that person belongs to one of the five kinds of people that should be expelled. No one can be expelled based on momentary transgressions.

3. The church must expel people that belong to the gang of an antichrist that follow the antichrist and run and toil for the antichrist and do not repent.

4. A person can only be expelled if all levels of workers and leaders and more than 80% of the members of the church have determined that he or she cannot be saved.

Relevant Words of God:

God saves those who can come alive, who can see God’s salvation, who can be loyal to God, and willing to seek God. He saves those who believe in God’s incarnation, and believe in His appearance. Some people can come alive, and some people can’t; it depends on whether their nature can be saved or not. Many people have heard a lot of God’s words yet do not understand God’s will, they have heard God’s many words but are still incapable of putting them into practice, they are incapable of living out any truth and also deliberately interfere with God’s work. They are incapable of doing any work for God, they cannot devote anything to Him, and they also secretly spend the church’s money, and eat in the house of God for free. These people are dead, and they will not be saved.

from “Have You Come Alive? ” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

With regard to people’s conditions, some ever resisted, some rebelled, others spoke words of complaint, engaged in misconduct, committed acts against the church or did things that damaged the family of God. Their outcomes will be determined with reference to their nature and the full breadth of their behavior. Some people are wicked, some are foolish, some are silly, and some are animals. People are all different. Some wicked people are possessed by evil spirits, while others are the messengers of the devil Satan. With regard to their natures, some are particularly sinister, some are particularly deceitful, some are especially greedy for money, while others are sexually promiscuous. Every person’s behavior is different, so each person should be viewed comprehensively according to their personal nature and behavior. … God deals with each person according to the background at the time, the actual situation, people’s actions, performance and expressions, and the environment and context people are in. God will never wrong anyone. This is the righteousness of God.

from “What Kind of People Will Be Punished ” in Records of Christ’s Talks

The demonic people are those who do not practice the truth; their essence is one of resisting and being disobedient to God, and they do not have the slightest intentions of obeying God. Such people will all be destroyed. Whether you have truth and whether you resist God are determined according to your essence, not according to your appearance or your occasional speech and conduct. Every person’s essence decides whether they will be destroyed; this is determined according to the essence revealed by their conduct and their pursuit of the truth. Among people who similarly do work and also do similar amounts of work, those whose human essences are good and who possess truth are the people who can remain, but those whose human essences are evil and who disobey the visible God are those who shall be destroyed.

from “God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together ” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Those who have been corrupted by Satan all have a corrupt disposition. But whereas some people only have a corrupt disposition there are others who are not like this, in that not only do they have corrupt satanic dispositions, but their natures are also malicious to the extreme. All this type of person does and says is not only expressing their corrupt satanic dispositions, but they themselves are the real devil Satan. All they do is interrupt and disturb God’s work, disturb the life entry of brothers and sisters, and destroy the normal life of the church. These wolves in sheep’s clothing must sooner or later be cleared out, and one must adopt an unsparing attitude toward these lackeys of Satan; one must adopt an attitude of abandonment toward them. Only by doing this can one stand at God’s side and those who cannot do so are in collusion with Satan.

from “A Warning to Those Who Do Not Practice the Truth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Deny Satan’s lackeys and the evil spirits that disrupt and destroy that which I am building any opportunities to exploit things to their advantage. They must be severely limited and restrained and they can only be dealt with through the use of sharp swords. The worst ones must be immediately rooted out so that they will pose no threat in the future. And the church will be perfected, there will be no disability whatsoever, and it will be healthy, full of vitality and energy.

from Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning

If there are several local villainous snakes in a church, as well as some small flies who follow them who have no discernment whatsoever, if those of the church still cannot cast off the binds and manipulation of these snakes after they have seen the truth, then these fools will be eliminated in the end. Though these small flies may not have done anything terrible, they are even more cunning, even more slick and evasive and everyone like this will be eliminated. Not one will be left! Those who belong to Satan will be returned to Satan, while those who belong to God will surely go in search of the truth; this is determined by their natures. Let all those who follow Satan perish! No pity will be shown to these people. Let those who search for the truth attain provision and allow them to take pleasure in God’s word to their hearts’ content. God is righteous; He does not treat people unjustly. If you are a devil then you will be incapable of practicing the truth. If you are someone who searches for the truth then it is certain that you will not be taken captive by Satan—this is beyond all doubt.


… Because of their petty cleverness, those without discernment will come to ruin in the hands of evil people and they will be led astray by evil people and will be unable to return. These people should be handled in this way, as they do not love the truth, because they are incapable of standing on the side of the truth, because they follow evil people, they stand on the side of evil people, and because they collude with evil people and defy God. They know perfectly well that those evil people radiate evil but they harden their hearts and follow them, moving contrary to the truth. Are these people who do not practice the truth but who do destructive and abominable things not all doing evil? Although there are those among them who style themselves as kings and those who trail along behind, are their God-defying natures not all the same? What excuse can they have to say that God does not save them? What excuse can they have to say that God is not righteous? Is it not their own evil that will destroy them? Is it not their own rebelliousness that will drag them down into hell? Those who practice the truth will in the end be saved and made perfect through the truth. Those who do not practice the truth will in the end invite ruination through the truth. These are the ends that await those who practice the truth and those who do not.

from “A Warning to Those Who Do Not Practice the Truth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

God’s family promotes and utilizes people based on their essence and in accordance with three principles and criteria. God’s family also determines whether or not someone should be expelled or eliminated based on their essence. It is absolutely not based on someone’s momentary transgression or a period of bad performance. Even if someone has committed a serious transgression, they should be dealt with according to their essence. Only by basing treatment and punishment on a person’s essence can it be guaranteed that these decisions will be in accordance with God’s intentions and that mistakes will not be made. For example, the church expels people that are possessed by demons, people that belong to the category of antichrists that persistently judge God’s work and the man used by the Holy Spirit, people that consistently commit adultery, people that are homosexuals, and people that consistently run amok and disturb the work of God’s family. In fact, when it comes to expelling these people, it should be based on the fact that in essence, they completely belong to Satan and cannot be saved. Fundamentally, these people are not the people that God has selected in advance. They are just evil, opportunistic members that have snuck into God’s family. Therefore, however many of these kinds of people there are, they must be expelled. It is definitely not a mistake. Since they are dealt with in accordance with their essence and not based on a momentary transgression, this is completely in accordance with God’s requirements. If it is only based on someone’s momentary transgressions, it is easy to ruin the lives of people that have transgressions but are able to genuinely repent. God’s family has never permitted the expulsion of people that have committed serious transgressions but are able to truly repent. … When the church expels or purges someone, the church must understand their essence thoroughly. At the very least, it must be thoroughly understood that this person would not change despite believing for many more years and that they absolutely do not seek the truth, basically do not possess a normal person’s conscience or sense, and the Holy Spirit absolutely does not work on them. They should be purged or expelled only if everyone accepts that they are this kind of person. This way, it guarantees that there won’t be a mistake. If you do not understand God’s intentions as to what kind of people He saves, abandons or eliminates, then there is no way that you can do the work of God’s family when it comes to purging and expelling people. To this day, there are still some confused people that believe as long as you have faith in God you can be saved and that God does not abandon anyone. Those with this kind of idea, since they do not understand God’s intentions, they will definitely have conceptions when it comes to God’s family’s work of expelling and purging people. If you cannot thoroughly understand the essences of the people that are to be eliminated, it is easy to produce conceptions. In order to guarantee accuracy and veracity, in the past, God’s family had a provision. Before someone was expelled, the church’s leaders and deacons had to be in complete agreement. Moreover, the decision had to pass through the overwhelming majority (80% or more) of God’s chosen people in the church before this person could be expelled. This provision is still effective.

from “Fellowship About a Few Problems” in Annals of the Fellowship and Arrangements of the Work of the Church (I)

Below will be an explicit explanation of the five kinds of people that must be expelled:

1) Those who truly belong to the group of people who are possessed by demons or have the serious work of evil spirits must be expelled. This is never a mistake. All homosexuals who do not repent belong to the group that are possessed by demons. It is only natural that they are expelled as well. Those who only have a slight amount of the work of evil spirits should be treated differently. For example, those who have occasionally spoken in tongues, seen visions, heard voices or had dreams, etc. They do not belong to the group that are possessed by demons. If these people seek the truth, they can be saved completely. Therefore, it is absolutely not permitted to expel those who have a slight amount of the work of evil spirits. Those who are publicly known to be possessed by demons, including those who clearly have the work of evil spirits, can be expelled.

2) Those who truly belong to the category of false Christs and antichrists that confuse people must be expelled. This is never a mistake. All those who think that they themselves are the firstborn sons or most beloved sons and make people accept and submit to them, all those who bear witness that they themselves are Christ or have been sent by God to do new work, all those who refuse the guidance of the man used by the Holy Spirit and do otherwise, all those who frequently judge God’s work, speak blasphemies against God and start rumors that disparage and attack the man that the Holy Spirit uses, and all those that receive the work of evil spirits, and have become part of a gang that starts to confuse people are false Christs and antichrists that confuse people. Some people only have a few notions when it comes to God or have a few biases when it comes to the man that the Holy Spirit uses, but they do not have a hostile heart and are able to seek the truth and obey all of God’s work. If this kind of person occasionally says or does something wrong but is able to repent, he or she absolutely must not be treated like an antichrist and be expelled. Those who are true antichrists want to control God’s chosen people and set up an independent kingdom. There are those that do not follow the work arrangements from the above when they do work and instead, do something entirely different or even reject the work arrangements and communications from the above based on the excuse that they are suspicious of whether these arrangements and communications are true or not. They firmly control God’s chosen people in their own hands. They reject the integrated watering, provisions and shepherding of the above. These kinds of people are pure antichrists. This is without a doubt. These kinds of workers and leaders must be replaced. The more serious ones must be expelled.

3) Those that truly belong to the group of people that are Judas and sell out their Lord and friends and serve on behalf of Satan to capture their brothers and sisters must be expelled. This is never a mistake. If someone, after they have been captured, only confesses a little bit of information and moreover does not help Satan monitor or capture our brothers and sisters, then if this kind of person used to have relatively good performance and shows repentance, he or she should not be expelled. Isolate him or her for three to five months so they can do some soul searching. If there is no huge problem, then he or she can be reinstated into church life. For someone whose humanity is bad and who in the past has not done any good deeds, if he or she has been captured and they become a Judas, then he or she can be expelled. If he or she has become an accomplice of Satan and he or she monitors our brothers and sisters and serves the great red dragon, this person must be expelled. It is never wrong to expel these kinds of people who betray God and serve as Satan’s accomplice to harm God’s chosen people.

4) Those who are truly evil people must be expelled. This is never wrong. The following are the few types of evil people: Those that persistently disturb the church life, form gangs to sow dissension and break apart the church. There is no way to get along with them. Everyone detests these rotten apples. Another type of evil people are those that are apt to sue the church or sue leaders. They are capable of doing all sorts of bad things. Those that consistently commit adultery, refuse to repent and negatively influence people. Lastly, there are those that are corrupt and embezzle money from God’s family. These few kinds of people are truly evil people. However, only those that have been determined by everyone in the church to be evil people should be expelled. If someone only did an evil deed once, committed a transgression or committed an offense against a leader, these kinds of circumstances definitely cannot be treated as if the person committing them is an evil person nor should they be expelled. Committing an evil action once belongs to the same category as a momentary transgression. This does not mean that the person is evil. Only those who do many and varied evils are evil people. Regardless of what transgressions someone has committed, as long as they are capable of repentance, they have hope to be saved. They absolutely should not be expelled. Only those who are publicly known to be evil people can be expelled. This can never be wrong.

5) Those who steal the sacrifices, are corrupt or defraud money from God’s family must be expelled. This is never wrong. If anyone is corrupt, defrauds, steals the church’s financial resources, or hands the church’s financial resources to evil spirits, antichrists or wicked people, or if anyone sees that the church’s financial resources are in danger but does not deal with the situation promptly leading to huge losses for the church, they belong to the group of people that steal the sacrifices. Such people must all be expelled. If someone has used money improperly and is thus criticized by everyone, this is a transgression and should be dealt with differently. An opportunity for repentance should be given to this individual. This is how to deal with this situation appropriately. Those in particular who have embezzled large sums of money from God’s family must be expelled and the debt must be repaid. If they refuse to reimburse the church, then punitive retribution must be enacted.

from “Antichrists Must Be Thoroughly Expelled in Order to Truly Rebel Against and Triumph Over Satan” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

Each and every accomplice and diehard follower of antichrist demons all belong in the same category as antichrist demons. They are definitely not people who have been confused or exploited. They must be expelled together with the antichrist demons. Do not give them an opportunity to repent. The people who can be categorized as truly having been confused by antichrists are new believers who do not understand the truth in the slightest and do not know how to differentiate. However, they truly believe in God and their human nature is relatively good. They must be given an opportunity to repent. If anyone has followed an antichrist in the past but has not committed any major evil, and after discovering that the antichrist does not have the truth and is evil, they voluntarily forsake the antichrist and return to a proper path afterward, such a person can be saved from investigation. For those who have been part of the antichrist’s gang and have confused people in the past, roped people into doing evil things and disturbed the work of the church, if they are able to expose the evil conduct of the antichrists and publicly curse and denounce the antichrists, then they can be saved from expulsion. If anyone who has become a member of the antichrist’s gang has not truly repented and is unable to publicly denounce and expose the antichrist, such a person must be expelled.

from “Thoroughly Cleanse the Church and Ensure the Smooth Spreading of the Kingdom Gospel for God to Fully Gain His Glory” in Annals of the Fellowship and Arrangements of the Work of the Church (II)

The power of the church to isolate and expel people is fair and it must be protected. The precondition is that it must be implemented in accordance with the work arrangements from the above. Individual leaders must absolutely not be allowed to exploit this advantage and utilize the authority of the church to attack, retaliate and entrap God’s chosen people. … When the church implements the procedures for isolating or expelling an individual, the main point is that at least 80% of the members of the church agree to the action. This is not something that can be decided upon by an individual leader or a minority of people. There is a significant difference. A leader isolating or expelling someone is completely different from the church doing so. A leader is prohibited from having such a power. However, it is reasonable for the church to have this kind of power. It can never be prohibited. … When the church expels someone, it must have been ascertained that this person does not have human nature, does not seek the truth in the slightest, is completely hopeless, cannot render any service at all, is basically rubbish and does not have any benefit for the church whatsoever. Only this kind of person as well as those who belong in the five kinds of people can be expelled. Of course, at least 80% of the people in the church must approve this course of action. This is the power of the church to isolate and expel people. This is the proper way to implement the isolation and expulsion of people from the church.

from “Twelve Urgent Matters That Churches Everywhere Must Resolve” in Annals of the Fellowship and Arrangements of the Work of the Church (II)

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