135. The Church’s Principles for Purging People

1. The church must follow God’s words, the truth and the principles prescribed in the work arrangements to determine that someone cannot be saved before making the decision to purge them.

2. The church implements the purging procedures for dead people that do not understand any of the truth, and people who cannot fulfill their duties and play a bad role in the church.

3. The church implements purging procedures for those who, according to their manifestations, are determined as evil spirits and filthy demons, evil people, absurd people, wooden-headed people, tactless and impulsive people and troublemakers.

4. The church can implement purging procedures only if all levels of workers and leaders and more than 80% of the church people consent.

Relevant Words of God:

God saves those who can come alive, who can see God’s salvation, who can be loyal to God, and willing to seek God. He saves those who believe in God’s incarnation, and believe in His appearance. Some people can come alive, and some people can’t; it depends on whether their nature can be saved or not. Many people have heard a lot of God’s words yet do not understand God’s will, they have heard God’s many words but are still incapable of putting them into practice, they are incapable of living out any truth and also deliberately interfere with God’s work. They are incapable of doing any work for God, they cannot devote anything to Him, and they also secretly spend the church’s money, and eat in the house of God for free. These people are dead, and they will not be saved.

from “Have You Come Alive?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Those who belong to Satan do not understand the words of God, and those who belong to God can hear the voice of God. All those who realize and understand the words I speak are the ones who will be saved, and bear testimony to God; all those who do not understand the words that I speak cannot bear testimony to God, and are the ones who will be eliminated.

from “Knowing the Three Stages of God’s Work Is the Path to Knowing God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Today, I rise up and chastise all sorts of evil spirits that defy Me. Regardless of how long they have followed Me, they must leave My side. I do not want anyone that is against Me (all that lack spiritual understanding, those that have been temporarily possessed by evil spirits, and those that do not know Me). I do not want a single one of them!

from Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning

Many people will kneel down for mercy and forgiveness because the seven thunders peal. But this will no longer be the Age of Grace: It will be the time for wrath. As for all people who do evil (those who fornicate, or deal in dirty money, or have unclear boundaries between men and women, or who interrupt or damage My management, or whose spirits are blocked, or who are possessed by the evil spirits, and so on—all except My elect), none of them will be let off, nor any pardoned, but all will be cast down to Hades and perish forever!

from Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning

The Man’s Fellowship:

Before the church expels or purges a particular person, they must first understand this person’s essential nature thoroughly. At the very least, they must understand thoroughly that this person will not change no matter how many years of faith, that this is absolutely someone who does not seek the truth, that this person basically does not possess a normal person’s conscience and sense and the Holy Spirit absolutely does not work on him or her. This person can be purged or expelled only if everyone acknowledges that he or she is like this. Only by following these procedures can it be guaranteed that there will not be any mistakes made. … The church must base its decision of purging or expelling someone on that person’s essence. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the decision is in accordance with God’s intentions and that no mistakes will be made. … This is because these procedures are implemented based on a person’s essence and not on their momentary transgressions. If it is only based on a person’s momentary transgressions, then it is likely that some people who have momentary transgressions but are able to genuinely repent will be ruined.

from “The Principles for Establishing a Church and the Management of Church Life” in Annals of the Fellowship and Arrangements of the Work of the Church (I)

Since the work of God in the last days is the work of judging and chastising the human race by expressing words of truth, the requirements for the people that receive His work are that they possess a normal line of thinking, a sound sense and are able to understand the truth. We can see clearly that the church has been infiltrated by those who are demon-possessed, those who have the grave work of evil spirits as well as all kinds of dull-witted people and people with abnormal sense. These people do not understand the truth in the slightest degree, and are unable to fulfill the duties they need to fulfill. If they remain in the church, they are just a burden that will wear us out. This is why they must be purged. Doing so is beneficial to the church as well as its members. There are mainly several kinds of people that need to be purged:

1) If anyone, even though the family environment allows for gatherings, does not live the church life all along, they are actually a non-believer and they must be purged.

2) Those who pretend to be Christians but are actually non-believers must be purged.

3) If someone who once had a mental disorder or was possessed by demons does not have common sense all along or if someone frequently has the work of evil spirits, they do not meet the prerequisites for accepting God’s work and have no way of understanding the truth. This is why they must be purged.

4) For those who are severely handicapped, including those who suffer from all sorts of weird diseases, and those old people who are deaf or have blurred vision or are numb imbeciles, if they are unable to understand the truth no matter how you communicate to them, then they must be purged.

5) If anyone always has conceptions about God, has a suspicious attitude, does not seek the truth in the slightest, has a malicious heart, and wants to sue the church or sue the church leaders due to their dissatisfaction with them, they must be purged.

6) If someone is despised by the majority of the people in the church and they feel disgusted with this person as their words and actions are the same as nonbelievers, such a person must be purged.

7) If someone especially likes to follow people and flatter people, is apt to follow the work of evil spirits, believe in lies, and be deceived, always has conceptions of God, maintains a skeptical attitude and does not accept the truth, they are classified as absurd and evil people and must be purged.

The seven kinds of people mentioned above do not meet the requirements for accepting God’s work and have no way of understanding the truth. Even if these people believe in God, they cannot obtain the truth and they cannot be saved. That is why they are all people that must be purged. The main reason that these people must be purged is because they do not meet the requirements and conditions of God’s work. Those who must be purged are not evil-doers, that is why they are only purged and not expelled.

from “The Principles for Establishing a Church and the Management of Church Life” in Annals of the Fellowship and Arrangements of the Work of the Church (I)

There are only five kinds of people that God’s family must expel. Aside from these five kinds of people, there are dull-witted people, fools as well as those with mental disorders who do not have common sense. They cannot understand the truth in the slightest and are unable to fulfill their duties in the slightest, and they can only be purged. However, at least 80% of the church’s members that frequently attend meetings must recognize and approve of this action.

from “Antichrists Must Be Thoroughly Expelled in Order to Truly Rebel Against and Triumph Over Satan” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

Purging is targeted at evil spirits, filthy demons and useless people. Evil spirits refers to those who are possessed by demons and who have the grave work of evil spirits. Filthy demons are those who consistently commit adultery and homosexuals who do not repent despite repeated admonition. Useless people are those who do not understand the truth in the slightest and who are unable to fulfill any duty. These three kinds of people are targets that must be purged.

from the fellowship from the above

When it comes to expelling and purging people, accuracy and equity must be achieved. There must be no mistakes at all.

… All the brothers and sisters of the church must be able to take on their responsibilities. If you find out that someone has been mistakenly expelled, you should communicate this matter to the church leaders and deacons or make a suggestion to them. At the same time, the church must examine every person it has expelled to see if the approval and agreement of the majority of the church members was obtained. If any person was expelled due to the agreement of a minority and not a majority of church members, then this person must be examined and dealt with once more. This is how to have a responsible, fair and equitable approach when dealing with people that have been expelled or purged. This is completely in accordance with God’s intentions.

from “Principles Must Be Maintained When Expelling Two Kinds of People” in Annals of the Fellowship and Arrangements of the Work of the Church (I)

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