Chapter 37. The Main Principles of How Leaders and Workers Work

In their work, church leaders and workers must pay attention to two things: One is to do their work exactly according to the principles stipulated by the work arrangements, never violating these principles and not basing their work on anything they might imagine or on their own intentions. In everything they do, they should show concern for the work of God’s family, and always put its interests first. There is the other thing which is key, and that is that in everything they do, they must focus on following the Holy Spirit’s guidance and do everything in strict keeping with the word of God. If you are still capable of going against the Holy Spirit’s guidance, or if you stubbornly follow your own ideas and do things according to your own imagination, then your actions will constitute a most serious resistance against God. Frequently turning your back on the enlightenment and guidance of the Holy Spirit will only lead to a dead end. If you lose the work of the Holy Spirit, then you will not be able to work, and even if you do manage to work, you will accomplish nothing. These are the two main principles to abide by while working: One is to perform the work in exact accordance with the arrangements from the above, as well as to act according to the principles that have been set forth by the above. The other point is to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit within. Once these two points are grasped, you will not easily make mistakes. For you whose experience in this area is still limited, your own will adulterates your work more. At times, you may not understand the enlightenment or guidance from the Holy Spirit within; at others, you appear to understand it, but you are likely to ignore it. You always imagine or deduce in a human way, doing as you think appropriate, with no concern at all for the intention of the Holy Spirit. You go about your work solely according to your own ideas, setting aside enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. Such situations occur frequently. Inner guidance from the Holy Spirit is not at all transcendental. It is in fact very normal: The inner reaches of your soul know this is the right way to do it, and that this is the best way. Such an idea is very clear; it is not the result of cogitation, and sometimes you do not fully understand why to do it this way. This is often none other than enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. Such a situation is what occurs most commonly in most people. The Holy Spirit guides you to act in the most appropriate way. It is not the result of your consideration, rather you have a feeling in your heart and you intuit that this is the best way to do it. Perhaps this is from the Holy Spirit. One’s own will is often the result of the thought process and is colored by their own ideas: What’s in it for me, how I will benefit—these are part of anything that people determine to do themselves. Guidance from the Holy Spirit in no way contains such adulterations. It is necessary to pay careful attention to the guidance or enlightenment from the Holy Spirit; particularly in key issues you must be careful in order to grasp it. People who think too much, who like to act on their own ideas are most likely to miss it. Good workers, promising workers, pay attention to the work of the Holy Spirit. People who obey the Holy Spirit fear God and seek truth tirelessly. To satisfy God and bear witness for Him, one should investigate one’s own work for elements of adulteration and intentions, and try to see how much is motivated by personal wishes, how much is born of enlightenment by the Holy Spirit, and how much is in keeping with the word of God. You must constantly and in all circumstances examine your words and deeds. To practice often in this way will put you on the right track of serving God. It is necessary to have in command many truths to achieve service to God which is after His heart. People have the ability to make distinctions only after they have understood the word of God, and are able to recognize what emerges from their own will and the things that indicate their motivation. They are able to recognize human impurity, and what it means to act according to truth. Only then will you know how to obey more purely. Without truth it is impossible for people to make distinctions. A muddleheaded person might believe in God his whole life without knowing the meaning of revealing corruptions, nor does he know what opposing God means, because he does not have truth, this thought does not exist in his mind. This is like repairing an electric appliance. How can one repair it if he does not know which circuit is faulty? Within you there are also many circuits. Sometimes the malfunction is in your intentions, or where your own will is involved. Sometimes the malfunction is a distortion of your understanding or knowledge. Or it may be due to following your own will or to believing and being misled by others. Sometimes you follow the flesh as you try to protect your reputation or status. Malfunctions such as these occur frequently, thus putting work off course and bringing loss to the work of God’s family and to the life of the brothers and sisters. What is the value of this kind of work? It is simply interruption, disturbance, and destruction. In order to fulfill the work that God entrusts it is necessary to comprehend these two principles. You must strictly adhere to the work arrangements from the above, and you must pay attention to obeying guidance from the Holy Spirit. Only when these two principles are grasped can work be effective and the will of God be satisfied.

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