The Path to Practice to Enter into Life and Achieve a Change in Disposition

The paths ought to be put into practice in order to pursue the truth and pursue a change in one’s life disposition: The first one is that you must focus on understanding the truth in order to achieve a change in your viewpoints. If this has not been changed, then that means that you haven’t understood the truth, that you haven’t attained the truth. The second one is that you must be able to find out the will of God. It is a very powerful thing to be able to accurately know the will of God, the desire of God, and not misunderstand the word of God when you encounter every kind of problem. Most people are not able to put into practice that second one. They just blindly and indiscriminately follow rules. They are not able to find out the will of God. Once you have accurately found out the will of God, not only you will be at peace, but even those who have understood the truth will see and find it acceptable. You will not deviate to the left or to the right, and everyone will stand in approval. Everyone who sees it will benefit from it. Even Satan will not have anything to accuse. That is what it means to find out the will of God. The person who knows how to find out the will of God will be able to accurately know the desire of God when faced with any problem. They will not deviate from the will of God. They will be able to correctly reference the word of God and not merely be following rules or giving strained interpretations. Being able to find out the will of God is the most important thing. To be able to find out the will of God, what certain things need to first be put into practice? When performing your duty, when pruning and being dealt with comes, when disaster comes, when dealing with your own family life, when dealing with your own individual style of life, and especially when trials come, indeed, in whatever involves the things pertaining to the truth, you must be able to find out the will of God. You must practice the truth accurately, and you cannot misinterpret the word of God or act contrary to the word of God. This is especially true when faced with many important problems, or problems that are related to the truth. In these situations, you must accurately understand the desire of God and achieve absolute practice of the truth and obedience to God. This is a principle. The third one is that in performing your duty, you must emphasize practicing the truth to satisfy God. That is, you must achieve results. In doing your duty you must be serious. But, how should we act in order to be in accord with the desire of God? How should we act to truly practice the truth? Well, let’s clear this up then. When you are performing your duty, you can guarantee that you will be up to standard in doing the duty as created beings. In the end, you will be living out the likeness of a real man. Where is the likeness of a real man reflected? It is in performing your duty. It is in being able to live out the likeness of a real man in performing your duty. That is what it means to perform your duty in accordance with the will of God. And in this way you will be able to receive the commendation of God. God will say, “You have performed the duty as created beings up to standard. You are a qualified person in the performance of your duty.” Only those who perform their duty up to standard are truly human. If you are not performing your duty up to standard—I am going to say something unpleasant—you are not a human. You are a brute. You are an animal. You are a service-doer. Performing your duty involves the issue of how you conduct yourself. If you conduct yourself with integrity, then this is naturally tied to whether or not you are saved. If you can live out the likeness of a real man, then you are saved. If you have not lived out the likeness of a real man, then you are not saved. Therefore, performing one’s duty most exposes whether or not a person has humanity. It most exposes whether or not a person has really been saved. So, in performing your duty, you must be serious. You cannot be careless. Some people say, “I am performing my duty.” “What is the duty that you are performing? “Preaching the gospel.” Actually, they did run around for over ten days doing so, but there weren’t any results. What is the matter? Did you go through the process? Did you handle it half-heartedly? Eating for free, drinking for free, and wasting time for nothing. Is there any meaning in doing this? Do not go through that formality. It is meaningless to do this. God examines everything. Always deliberately handling things in a perfunctory manner, whose control are you under? So, you think, “If I do not perform my duty, then everyone will look down on me. In order for everyone to think highly of me, I will perform my duty.” Then, they do not work hard to perform their duty, and when they fail they do not learn their lesson or seek the truth. Is this what it means to perform their duty? Performing your duty allows you to understand the truth. If you understand the truth, then performing your duty will produce results. Moreover, if there are no results as you perform your duty, then you need to draw a lesson from this. Why aren’t there any results? It is because you do not have the truth. You only have a superficial understanding of the truth, so you are unable to convince anyone and then there are no results. So, why aren’t you pursuing the truth? You have failed in performing your duty. Shouldn’t you do some soul-searching and reflect on this? Shouldn’t you take a lesson from this? Shouldn’t you equip yourself with the truth? You should go home and properly equip yourself with the truth. If you fail, then you go home and take a lesson from it. Then, you equip yourself with the truth and go out again. You should believe that you will succeed. Who hasn’t ever failed? Failure is normal. The key is in how you deal with failure. Some people go to solve problems and when they are faced with the problem they don’t first stop to understand the problem clearly. They just blindly lecture people and then the people don’t listen to it. Not only has the problem not been solved, but it even causes the people to complain, and then God’s elect do not approve of them. Isn’t this failure? Take a lesson from it: “Where exactly did I fail? What is it that I said that was incorrect? I myself cannot see through the problem; isn’t it that I do not have the truth? When I clear this up, then I will go again and try to solve the problem. If I fail the second time, then I will go a third time. If I fail a third time, then I will go a fifth time. I will only be satisfied and content when I have used the truth to solve the problem.” This is called faith. This is called being undaunted by repeated setbacks. If you really do fail one or two times, then this is normal. Who is there that would be able to deal with you if you only fail one or two times? However, if you handle it in a perfunctory manner one, two, even three times, and you still do not equip yourself with the truth, and you still always fail and can’t get anything done, what does this show? It shows that you are not someone who is pursuing the truth. It shows that you are not fit to perform your duty. You should find something else that you can do in order to perform your duty and don’t delay. So, in performing your duty, you need to be serious. If you want to get results but you don’t have the truth then it won’t work out. If you want to use the truth to solve problems but you are not equipped with the truth then it won’t work out. If you don’t first prepare, then it won’t work out. You must first investigate clearly what the problem is. Do not go blindly judging cases. You should caution yourself “Today, as I investigate the problem, I cannot say any words of judgment. I am only looking to understand multiple sides of the problem. I will not talk much. I will just listen.” After you have finished listening to everything, then you can express your ideas about it in simple terms, but do not declare judgment. If someone comes along after you and can see the problem more accurately than you, and you first delimit it, and the result is that what you delimit is contrary to the facts, isn’t this a shameful thing? Seek to understand the problem clearly and know what the majority of people think about the matter. Then, look for someone whose speech conforms more with the facts and the truth, and then accept his point of view and fellowship with him according to what he says. After the fellowship, let him work with you together to solve the problem. Once you have finished this part of the preparation then you can solve the problem with a guarantee of success and you will absolutely not fail. People cannot be arrogant and conceited, thinking that they are always right and that other people are always wrong. Even if there are some people of small stature, let’s say that they understand clearly what should be done in this situation and what they say is correct and accords with the reality of the truth. How would you explain that? You thought that only you had the truth and that other people did not even have a little bit of the truth? That is wrong. When you are performing your duty, you must be serious. You must deal with every problem in a careful manner. You absolutely cannot be careless in handling this. If you are able to use the truth to solve every problem, it will be even more useful than you speaking sermons for many days, because it will lead people to understand the will of God through real problems and find answers through these real problems. In the end, they will see that everything that God says is truth and reality. Isn’t this the path that leads people to enter the reality of the truth? What are the results of using the truth to resolve problems? Well, it will lead people to understand the truth and enter into the reality of God’s word. This is the simplest and most direct path. If you never preach, or if you only preach a little bit, but you can use the truth to solve problems very effectively, then we could say that you are very effective in leading God’s elect to enter the reality of the truth and you have made the largest contribution. If a person is unable to solve a problem then all of the work that they do is meaningless. It is all empty and worthless. Therefore, when performing your duty, if you pay attention to seeking the truth and using the truth to solve problems, then you will get real results in bringing people into the reality of the truth. In this way you will satisfy God in performing your duty and will certainly be saved. You will be a person who is living out the likeness of a real man. You will be a person who has the truth and humanity. The fourth one is in pursuing the truth until there is a change in disposition, you must pay attention to using the truth in order to solve your own real problems. When you realize that you have a problem, you can’t ignore it or handle it in a perfunctory manner. You must quickly seek to resolve it. When you are eating and drinking the word of God, you should then carefully solve your own problems, especially when your own corruption is revealed. You should take note of this problem, first placing it on your heart and then not easily letting it slip from your mind. Do not ignore it. There are some problems that if you really ignore them, then they will become even greater problems. For example, let’s say that there was someone who was caught betraying God and selling out God’s elect in the church. Then, after hearing of this, you do not think it is a problem, thinking under threat of torture most people would do this. Then it becomes a problem because you have overlooked it. Have you really seen through this thing? God does not remember that you have weaknesses. Do you not know what loss you will suffer if you really sell out God’s elect in the church and His sacrifices? What punishment is waiting for you? You may be unclear and confused about this for now, but there will come a day when God is serious about the matter, and then it will be a problem for you. There are many people in the world today who do not care about making little mistakes here and there. They think that everyone is like this. Then, one day comes and they make a big mistake. They’ve ruined their life and now they’re sitting in prison. Isn’t this the result of not paying attention to little mistakes leading to a large mistake that ruins people? Some people may be subject to the confusion and control of antichrists. Wouldn’t you say that this is a serious problem? What consequences might this lead to? This is not a small matter. Let’s say that there is an evil spirit confusing people, and this evil spirit would not even be considered an extraordinary evil spirit. You don’t see through their disguise and you also suffer from the confusion. Then, once it is revealed that they are an evil spirit, you think, “This is a small matter. Now I understand. Therefore, in the future they will not be able to confuse me.” That is not necessarily true. Who’s to say if one day that evil spirit changes their mode of operation, appears once again, and confuses you a second time? So, you see, if you don’t have the truth, then sooner or later you will still fall, and this is not a small matter. Let’s say there is someone who commits the sin of lust. They see someone of the opposite sex and they become reluctant to part from them. They stick to that person like glue. At the time the environment does not allow for anything to happen, and nothing does happen. But then afterward they mull it over and end up thinking that it isn’t a big deal, that it “doesn’t matter.” If one day you really did make a big mistake, can you think of what the consequences would be? You cannot even imagine what kind of disaster would befall you if this happened. So ordinarily when you discover that you have a lot of problems, they may lead to many transgressions, and you might even sin against God and forsake God. These are not small matters. Do not let them go easily. You need to quickly seek out how to use the truth to solve the problem and nip it in the bud. Otherwise, in the future it might lead to a big mistake. So shouldn’t we take hold of this? Some people see another sister wearing nice clothes and then they become very envious of them and start to grumble, saying, “I spend so much for God, but I do not have any good clothes to wear. How is it that she has such nice clothes to wear?” Others say, “Grumbling is not right. You cannot complain to God. You should accept this suffering. Don’t grumble anymore in the future.” Just let it go? Is it that simple? This is a problem with the person’s nature. How can we solve the root problem? If you grumble about such a small matter as this, isn’t it possible that you will explode with anger when something actually big comes your way? This is not a small matter. There is someone practicing hospitality and in doing so spends some money in order to help some brothers and sisters eat and have a place to stay. They do not mind doing this to help them. They do not think being a little poorer is such a big deal. Even if they spent all their savings, it would not be that big of a deal. One day, they see someone practicing hospitality, and then the church gives them many things to place in their house and the people just use these things as they please. Then they complain, saying, “I am also practicing hospitality, so why are these people taking advantage of these things while I am losing out?” Isn’t this a serious problem? If they see other people practicing hospitality and those people spend more than them. For example, they spend several thousands yuan, but the other people spend tens of thousands yuan, then they have nothing to say. But, when they see other people practicing hospitality and taking advantage of the opportunity, then they become upset. Does this mean that they have a bad mouth, or is it rather that they lack wisdom? What exactly is the problem here? He is greedy and has intentions. So then, if this problem is not solved, could this problem potentially ruin them? In the end, this will cause all their previous efforts to be wasted and their whole life’s work to be in vain. Don’t you think that this problem might lead to these consequences? Consider Paul. He suffered a great deal for preaching the gospel. In the end, he said that for him to live was Christ. Moreover, he belittled those apostles and always wanted people to worship him. In the end, God says that he had a relapse, and the crown of righteousness that he spoke of, was it only empty talk? Did he still have to face punishment? In the end, everyone who does not attain the truth will have to suffer punishment. All the effort that you put forth is done in service to God. You are not doing your duty. If you were really doing your duty, then what is there to be greedy about? You do not have the truth. You have not fixed your satanic disposition. The root of your trouble is still there. Performing your duty means giving to the poor, paying the price, and dedicating. Some people see who has a good hairstyle and then they want to emulate that person. Some people look to see who has a nice appearance and then go home, look in the mirror, slap themselves in the face, and complain to their parents saying, “Why did you give me these bad looks?” Does this person have the truth? They cannot see anything clearly. They complain about trivial matters. They need to treat these things in a principled manner in order to not bring about any disasters upon themselves. These days there are too many temptations, dangers, and snares in the world. Therefore, people who pursue the truth should not let go of the things involving the truth, and should quickly turn to pray and seek the truth whenever they discover their own problems of corruption, so that they will not affect their ability to perform their duty or delay them pursuing the truth. What are the satanic dispositions that most affect a person’s ability to perform their duty? Which ones most lead people to failure? First, being arrogant and conceited. They do not listen to those who speak rightly, who speak in accordance with the truth. This is a great danger. This problem cannot go unresolved. Secondly, being selfish and despicable. They are always plotting and scheming for their own ends. They are always looking to protect their own interests. They are always looking to save face and shield their own vanity. This is a deadly problem. If there is someone who speaks rightly, but the listener is prejudiced against this person and doesn’t listen to them, but there is another person that the listener likes, and even if that person says something wrong they will still listen to that person, isn’t it easy for this to delay things? If a person is selfish and despicable, relying entirely on their own emotions and preferences to act, and this problem is not resolved, will it be easy for this person to do their duty well? Thirdly, being unable to obey the truth. They just follow the doctrines and regulations and rely on their notions when doing things. This is taboo! In doing anything, they just think, “Well, this is how the work was arranged. This is what the above said. This looks fitting to me. Those people do it like this.” And so, they just follow them and do things how they do things. This is their principle. They are unable to obey the truth. They are unable to base things on the actual situation or put things into practice according to the truth. This is a kind of serious illness. Fourthly, being unable to accept pruning and being dealt with. Once they begin to undergo pruning and being dealt with, they continuously try to argue and reason with the person dealing with them. They continuously try to explain and vindicate themselves. They continuously try to justify and defend themselves. If you come to them with one thing to say to them in dealing with them, then they have ten things to say to you. If a person has this kind of disposition, do you think that they will be able to perform their duty well? This kind of person is very troublesome. It is as if their whole body were covered in thorns. Shouldn’t this problem be resolved? If you want to take out all of the thorns, how do you think this should be done? Find two people to deal with you. Once they deal with you a couple of times, then it will be much better. Consider who you can accept being dealt with by, and then say to them, “Hey, can you deal with me a couple of times?” Let them carry it out and deal with you several times, accepting being dealt with behind others’ back and also being dealt with in front of everyone, and then see how it turns out. What do you think, is this a good way of doing things? In the end, what is the extent to which you will have been trained? You will be able to accept anyone dealing with you. You will be able to accept whoever speaks rightly. You will not merely base things on your own opinions or rely on your own notions. Isn’t this kind of person much more effective? If there are too many of corrupt dispositions in a person, then it becomes very troublesome. They will feel the pain of it themselves, and when other people see it, it will make them feel unhappy as well. “Look at this person. They have believed in God for such a long time, but their satanic disposition is still this serious. No one can touch it. No one can talk about it. If anyone talks to them, then they need to talk in such a manner that they can save face. If someone is not careful to respond to them, then it becomes a big issue, and after that it really becomes troublesome. This kind of person is really difficult to deal with. They are a burden.” Fifthly, having a tendency toward idle talk and bragging. Shouldn’t this be resolved? When they speak, not even a little of it is based on reality. Everything that they say is just idle talk and bragging. This is all satanic disposition. Every corrupt humanity has these problems to a certain extent, great or small, serious or light. However, if you pay attention to exercise, accept pruning and being dealt with by others, and then undergo some trials, refinement, and the discipline of God, these problems will slowly be resolved. Then, when you do your duty, it will be easy for you to get results and the problems you have in doing your duty are now fewer than they were before. You get along better with other people now, and you find it easier to work together with them, too. You can live your life together with other people, and there is less conflict as well. Only in this way will you be able to live out the likeness of a man, the likeness of a real man. You will become a person that other people like and you will be well-received wherever you go. People will be willing to be in contact with you and be your friend. They will be willing to get along with you, and, in the end, they will be willing to confide in you. They will be willing to confide whatever difficulties they are facing with you. They will seek you out to help them fix whatever problems that they might have. You will become an intimate friend to them. Isn’t this a wonderful thing? Do you wish to be this kind of person? Then pursue these things. Pursue it for two or three years, and you will certainly see some results. You will certainly see some of the likeness of a real man.

If you want to achieve a complete change in your life disposition and live out the likeness of a real man, then what things must you practice? You should have true fellowship with God and tell Him your real situation: What corrupt situation and what satanic disposition you reveal which make you feel that they are difficult to change, feel being controlled, feel the most pain in your heart. You should tell those things to God in detail, opening up your heart to Him. When you speak with God, you should not merely just be going through the motions. Telling God means that you are sincerely seeking the truth, that you thirst for the truth. Moreover, you make truthful requests of God, that He would do His work in you, that the Holy Spirit would make a way for you, that He might arrange a suitable environment to prune you and deal with you, judge you and chastise you, refine you, and then, in the end, make you a new man. If you open up your heart to God in this way, if you really open wide your heart to God and speak with Him in this way, then that will give an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to do His work in you. If you can open wide your heart to God and say, “I have problems, and I cannot solve them myself. There’s no way. Only You can save me from the control of Satan. God, if You could somehow arrange the circumstances for me, arrange someone to cleanse me, that is Your work. I can do nothing,” if you can pray like this to God and open up your heart to Him in this way, isn’t that significant? This is not merely a religious ceremony. You are not just going through the motions. And, what does this demonstrate? This true fellowship you have with God represents your faith in God. It can bring along with it the work of the Holy Spirit to perfect you. It can bring with it salvation from God. This is an amazing thing. Do not think that these are normal, trivial, unimportant things. This is real fellowship. Some people, when they meet with disaster, will say to God, “God! Save me!” What is that? That is pathetic. You do not pray to God in normal times, you do not seek the truth, you do not have any faith in God, and then when difficulties come, you start to shout. Is that meaningful? It is not as good as often having some real fellowship with God and saying some of what is on your heart. Having real fellowship with God is the best and most crucial thing to put into practice. When you have real fellowship with God, and you are praying those words, you are not merely going through the motions, and you are not just talking to yourself, but you have true faith, and you are displaying true acceptance and submission to the work of God. Heaven can testify to this. There is one more thing to practice, and that is being able to open up your heart to other people and speak about your real situation. Wouldn’t you say that practicing this is significant? It is essential to entering into the reality. You need to open up your heart to others who are pursuing the truth and who understand the truth. If you open up your heart to them, then they will also be moved by your action and will pray to God, “God! Brothers and sisters came to open up their heart to me. You have lifted me up and shown me Your love, yet I do not possess the reality of the truth, nor can I help them. May You bless us with Your favor!” Then the Holy Spirit begins His work, and once He begins His work, both people receive the enlightenment and illumination from the Holy Spirit and are touched by the Holy Spirit. Wouldn’t this be able to bring about a change in one’s life disposition? It will help you understand the truth and the will of God even more. Even though on the outside it appears that it is just two people opening up their hearts to each other, actually, at the same time, they are also opening up their hearts to God. They are living before God’s face. They are praying and making supplications to God. This is another way to obtain the work of the Holy Spirit. If you live like this before God, opening up your heart like this, praying to God together with the brothers and sisters with one heart and one mind, then you will be able to obtain the work of the Holy Spirit and it will be easier to receive the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit and so enter into the reality of the truth. These are all roads for pursuing the truth and practicing entering into the reality of the truth. If people persist in putting these principles into practice, on the one hand, their problems of corruption and every kind of satanic disposition will be resolved, and on the other hand, they will more easily understand the truth and enter into the reality. If you attain a level of understanding where you can understand many truths clearly, and you come to know God, then a change in your life disposition will have come about naturally. And, at that time, you will have great peace, happiness, and joy!

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