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The Problem of Arbitrary Judgment and Condemnation in the Church Must Be Resolved

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The Problem of Arbitrary Judgment and Condemnation in the Church Must Be Resolved

God’s work in the last days has entered its final stage of perfecting and exposing man. Those who pursue the truth are focusing more and more on entering into reality, they increasingly have faith in God, are increasingly true in performing their duties and have an increasingly normal humanity; they can all see God’s salvation and His love, are all doing their utmost to pursue the truth and resolve their own corruption, and both their views on things and their life dispositions have begun to change. Those who do not pursue the truth, however, always try to make bargains and are slipshod in their duties, they believe in God solely to gain blessings, and their corrupt dispositions remain unchanged, without the slightest change whatsoever—they are all people who have not gained the truth and who are without life. Amongst leaders and workers of all levels, the false leaders and false workers who are without the work of the Holy Spirit, those possessed by demons and who are worked on by evil spirits, as well as wicked people of the antichrist category who have arrogant dispositions, who are obsessed with ambition and who always want to take up power and reign as kings—have all long since been exposed. Almost all of these people are causing disturbances to God’s work, and they also want to take up power and covet the blessings of status. And yet their hearts are empty, they live in fear and uncertainty, and they are already at the end of their road, gasping their last breath. It seems that people have now been separated, each to their own kind. Under these circumstances, only those who know God’s work and who understand the truth are able to discern and see accurately all the different kinds of people, and know which are the genuine brothers and sisters, who can attain salvation; they also know which are the wicked people, who are to be exposed and weeded out. All who have only believed in God for a few years and who still don’t understand the truth are unable to tell these people apart, they cannot see through the work of all the different evil spirits, and cannot see through all the different types of people. If someone is unable to clearly discern which type of person can attain salvation, which is beyond saving, which does all manner of evil and must be punished, and which belongs to the false leader or antichrist category, then they will easily be deceived, take the wrong side, and follow the wrong people; they will also easily come to arbitrarily judge others and condemn others, confusing right and wrong, saying that black is white, regarding good people as bad, and wicked people as good. They therefore cannot clearly distinguish between who is a genuine brother or sister, with whom they should engage in mutual love and support, and who is weeded out and should be rejected. They are easily deceived and controlled by wicked people, and the consequences are terrible. There are far too many instances in the church of arbitrary judgment and condemnation of others, and this shows that the entry of God’s chosen people into the truth is too shallow, and that they have not yet achieved a genuine understanding or grasp of the truth. In an environment whereby all manner of wicked people have already been exposed, when corrupt dispositions are added to people not being in possession of the truth, they then have a propensity to follow their own wishes to judge and condemn others, and they are deceived and without discernment, so much so that they are duped and misled into following wicked people and being restrained by them; this is a matter in which they have no free will. When God’s work comes to an end, only those who sincerely believe in God and who pursue the truth will be able to attain salvation, and you must have a clear understanding of this point. All who are kindhearted, with a relatively good humanity, who can practice the truth and are devoted to their duties, can attain salvation. Though these people still express their corruption, they are able to know it and repent, they commit fewer and fewer transgressions, and no matter what disasters or trials they encounter, they do not become negative, and they do not complain. Truly, these are the ones who can attain salvation, and only these people are genuine brothers and sisters. All who do not pursue the truth will naturally always have conceptions and always complain. They are unwilling to perform their duty, and they are all false believers and unbelievers. These people especially like to judge and condemn others, they make comments about others indiscriminately and they lay blame against both Heaven and earth. In particular, most of the false leaders and workers who are without the work of the Holy Spirit upbraid and punish, judge, condemn and control others. Those without the truth disturb the church life in this way, and God’s chosen people must have discernment, and must learn to clearly distinguish between which people can attain salvation, and which are to be exposed and weeded out—this is very important.

There are instances of judgment and condemnation in all churches, and this can be shown by several examples. Some people, because they have had a nightmare or have seen something unusual, are labeled as being “worked on by evil spirits”; some people, because they can discern false leaders and workers and have opinions of them, are labeled as “antichrists”; some people, because they express arrogant and self-important corrupt dispositions, are labeled as “wicked people”; and some people expose false leaders and workers who are without the work of the Holy Spirit, and yet are labeled as “defying God.” Without the truth, people cannot see through things; they can only talk about and judge things based on their conceptions and imaginings. Some people even rely on their own personal intentions and preferences, judging and condemning others indiscriminately to give vent to their personal spite. The consequence of acting in this way can only be to harm people, and to bring disaster upon them. If one treats all kinds of people in accordance with the truth and by relying on God’s words, and in addition going through a process of investigation, then the mistake of judging and condemning people will be unlikely to happen. Without the truth, therefore, people too easily make the mistake of arbitrarily judging and condemning others, and too easily do things which harm, restrain and bind others. The harm caused to people by a propensity to arbitrarily judge and condemn them is most cruel. Laying a charge against someone is like placing a bomb on their head—it can be disastrously catastrophic for them. Some people, because they cannot see any hope for themselves attaining salvation, are unable to endure it and they want to commit suicide, thereby ending their lives. So it can be seen that if those who are without the truth arbitrarily judge and condemn people, then they cause them harm, and what they bring upon them is disaster. People like this have insidious and malicious hearts, and whosoever mixes with someone who judges and condemns others, has thus encountered a villain, and has been bedeviled. It can be said that, all who like to judge and condemn others have some parts in their dispositions that are insidious and malicious. Even if they are not wicked people, they’re not anything good. When those with humanity see others fall short or transgress, they always want to help them with a loving heart, and get them to repent and change. No matter what mistakes someone makes, people with a loving heart always want to help them repent and change by fellowshiping the truth, and by using the truth to resolve their problems—this is a kindhearted person’s state of mind. Yet when a wicked person sees someone express a little bit of corruption or commit a transgression, they seize upon it, and then want to condemn them and control them, to make them feel as though they have no redeeming feature whatsoever—this is a wicked person’s state of mind. The great red dragon excels at punishing people, it tries to find something it can use against people and puts them to death, with no regard for human life, killing people without blinking an eye—this is the devil’s nature. As people who believe in God, you should rely on God’s love in your treatment of your brothers and sisters. If God treated mankind without pardon or forgiveness, then every single person should die a hundred deaths. But God is love, and He repeatedly gives man opportunities to repent, and saves man to the utmost degree. This allows us to see that only God is true love, that corrupted mankind is without compassion, and those with a little humanity who can be sympathetic and understanding toward others are good people. How can anything those without compassion do to other people benefit them at all? In short, if someone cannot practice the truth or live by God’s words, then they are of no benefit to others, and they have no love for them. All those who label others and lay charges against others indiscriminately, are people who like to judge and condemn others, and they are all without the truth and are all evil-doers. Those who genuinely pursue the truth see all people, matters and things according to God’s words and define them according to the truth. They are able to treat good people and those who can be saved with a loving heart. They only abandon wicked people and people who are beyond saving, they hate evil as their enemy, and they practice loving that which God loves and hating that which God hates. Only in this way can they be principled, fair and reasonable toward others. If someone is without the truth and cannot see things according to God’s words, then someone like that should even more so have the sense not to speak carelessly about things they do not understand, and not define or reach premature verdicts on people. Those without the truth should seek the truth, and should not arbitrarily judge or condemn people. This is the reason and conscience someone with a normal humanity should possess. In actual fact, those who truly pursue the truth are all relatively good-natured and have some sense; all those who arbitrarily judge and condemn others are all comparatively malicious and arrogant, and are exceedingly self-right. Wicked people are most prone to judging and condemning others. Only when people possess maliciousness or various personal intentions can they easily judge and condemn people; one has only to look at the people in the church who often judge and condemn others to know this. If someone does not have the truth, then they should be well-behaved and well-disciplined. All who are without the truth, who cannot fellowship reality, and who always judge and condemn others, are people who do not behave well, who are exceedingly arrogant, and who are without reason. Even if they are not wicked people, they amount to nothing good. It can be seen that the propensity to judge and condemn others is a problem of corrupt dispositions, a problem of malicious natures, and must be resolved—it cannot be ignored. In particular, if church leaders and workers of all levels do not possess the truth, then they will most easily blindly follow rules, indiscriminately label others and oppress them, and this is truly them upbraiding and punishing others, and laying false accusations against them. God’s work is to save people. Those without the truth who serve God will most easily defy Him, and some with malicious humanities will also do things which upbraid, punish and harm others. Truly, does this not cause interruptions and disturbances to God’s work? Truly, is this not the way of defying God? Some leaders and workers condemn brothers and sisters who have discernment of them as “antichrists,” and they expel them. Those who are expelled still persevere in believing in God and spreading the gospel, and they gain many others, wanting always to return to the church. But those who serve as leaders will not permit it and will not even give them the opportunity to repent. It can therefore be seen that this kind of leader is too malicious. Is this kind of leader someone who practices the truth and obeys God? Can this kind of leader lead people before God? As leaders, not only can they not lead God’s chosen people in eating and drinking the words of God and equipping themselves with the truth but, on the contrary, they judge and condemn their brothers and sisters, and they arbitrarily expel their brothers and sisters. Is this not them trying to demolish God’s work and entering into rivalry with God? God wants to save man, yet they obstruct God from saving man and, furthermore, they expel those whom God wants to save. They truly are godless, and they defy every law in heaven or on earth! How exactly does this kind of leader serve God? They are simply antichrists who reign as kings and have taken up power, and who have begun to endanger others. Some leaders even dare to openly testify that they themselves are people perfected by God, and that they have been appointed by God. The problem then becomes serious. If they truly were people perfected by God—who must necessarily be people who exalt God, bear witness for Him and obey God absolutely—where then is their reality of the truth? Are they able to get God’s chosen people to acknowledge and approve of them? They really are shameless! Looking at their arrogance and evil deeds, there is not much difference between them and antichrists!

To resolve the problem of arbitrary judgment and condemnation, one must seek the truth and have a view of things that is in line with God’s words. One aspect is that one must understand the truth so as to see through the essence of the problem. At times when one cannot guarantee that one can see through the problem, one must fellowship more with those who understand the truth, and seek the truth to resolve the problem. Only in this way can one ensure that one’s words and views are objective and practical, that one is fair and reasonable to others and, furthermore, that one is also able to apply the truth to resolve problems. The propensity to judge and condemn is a satanic disposition which is arrogant, self-important, insidious and malicious, and it is the poison of the great red dragon. When people judge and condemn others, it shows only that they haven’t a shred of the truth, that they don’t know God’s work in the slightest and that they don’t understand God’s will. Their speech and actions are still being dominated by their satanic natures, and they still have the disposition of old Satan, the old devil. Those who like to judge and condemn others have no compassion for people and are unable to associate with people, as though they are above everything else, that they are better than everyone else, that they are good in every way, and that everything they do is right. If people like this, who are arrogant, self-important and self-righteous, do not pursue the truth, then are they able to accept God’s judgment, chastisement, pruning and dealing? Are they able to truly know themselves? If the problem of liking to judge and condemn people is not resolved, people will defy God and harm others far too easily. Therefore, all who like to judge others are people who have not truly experienced God’s work and whose dispositions have not changed; how then can people like this not defy God? It can be seen that the moment those who like to judge and condemn others take up power, the damage caused to God’s chosen people becomes so very great! They are truly people of the antichrist category. Those who don’t possess any reality of the truth are unworthy to be leaders and workers. Even if they may act as leaders and workers, they are indeed false leaders and false workers, and they will come to no good end.

God’s disposition is righteous; those who experience God’s work and attain salvation should be fair and reasonable to all people, should treat all people, matters and things according to the truth, and should love what God loves and hate what God hates. All who sincerely believe in God and pursue the truth are brothers and sisters; all who are without the work of the Holy Spirit, who think nothing of repentance, and who still do evil, confounding others, laying false charges against others and upbraiding and punishing others, are all wicked people. Those who always want to deceive and control others and establish independent kingdoms are all antichrists, and God’s chosen people should all distinguish them clearly and reject them utterly, so as not to treat good people unjustly and not to let wicked people off the hook. God’s chosen people must practice accurately, and be fair and reasonable, and only in this way will they be able to be of one mind with those who sincerely believe in God and who pursue the truth, be utterly devoted to God and follow Him till the end.

December 1, 2010

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