Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Transgressions Will Lead Man to Hell”

Be Able to Achieve the Three Demands of God and You Shall Attain Salvation and Perfection

We just read a passage of God’s words called “Transgressions Will Lead Man to Hell” What thoughts do you have after reading this passage? From reading this passage, what is the most important thing that you have gained? What are God’s demands of men, and how much do you understand God’s will? These are the things that we must have clarity on. In this passage, there are God’s demands of men; have you found them? There are mainly three demands, and they are critical. “First, conduct an examination of all your transgressions, and examine all your behavior and thoughts that do not conform to truth.” “Second, for each of your transgressions and disobediences look for a corresponding truth and use these truths to resolve them, then replace your transgressive acts and disobedient thoughts and acts with the practice of truth.” “Third, be an honest person, not someone who’s always being clever, always crafty. (Here I am asking you again to be an honest person.)” If you can accomplish these three demands of God, what will be the result? God said, “then you are fortunate, a person whose dreams come true and who gets good fortune.” What is this referring to, “a person whose dreams come true and who gets good fortune”? That is, a person that is saved and perfected. In other words, it is that which we dream of achieving, that which we dream of obtaining. God’s work is to realize this dream of ours, and it is to allow us to go after this dream of being saved and perfected, to have our aspirations become fulfilled, this is the meaning. God comes to make our dreams come true, that is, to save us and to realize our wonderful wishes, which we are unable to achieve on our own. How is God going to do it? That is, to do it through the work of the Holy Spirit, until one day when our wishes to be saved have been realized. Without the work of the Holy Spirit, your dreams will be shattered, your resolve and your wishes are merely pipe dreams. What must we be equipped with in order to be able to gain the perfection of the Holy Spirit? We must be equipped with these three demands. If you do not put these three demands into practice, that means you are not coordinating with the perfections performed by the Holy Spirit. If you pursue and work hard in accordance with these three demands of God, if you continue to strive with an indomitable will, then one day, you will eventually attain that which you strive for. When you see that you have attained transformation, that you have attained the results God has expected, you will feel that “this truly is God’s perfection, all this is done by God, for it is indeed impossible by myself.” At that moment, you will feel that the words “God perfects men” are too real, too practical. …

Now, let us give a more concrete fellowship of these three demands of God. The first demand is to conduct an examination of all of our transgressions. What is this “transgression” referring to? It mainly refers to the behaviors, thoughts and intentions that do not fit with the truths. Of course, we must pick the major transgressions for our examination. There is no need to focus on the trivial matters. All those things that you do which someone who understands the truths can judge in an instance as evil deeds, as resisting God, as disruptions and interruptions of God’s work, as betraying God—these are all transgressions. Those trivial matters, or isolated stray thoughts, are not transgressions. However, if you have ideas and thoughts that disobey God and resist God’s work, then those are transgressions. Transgressions refer to those things defined by God as evil, that seriously violate the truths, that stand against the truths. Such things are transgressions. For instance, if you sometimes lose your temper when speaking, is that a transgression? If sometimes you are not careful with what you say, and you say some wrong things, is that a transgression? If sometimes someone has some prejudice against you, and for a period of time you hate that person, you may even curse him in your heart, is this a transgression? None of these things are transgressions, these are all normal and ordinary revelations of corruption. When we talk about transgression, it involves serious matters, it involves behaviors that are quite horrible, things that can represent your essence. Transgressions are acts of rebelling against God and resisting God, they include acts of betraying God, things that stand against the truths. A person who is recalcitrant, who knows what truths are but refuses to practice them, intentionally doing things that violate the administration of God in order to achieve their own goals and satisfy their own desires; that is a transgression. It is not the usual revelation of corruption. For example, when a leader or worker is not properly leading God’s chosen people to eat and drink God’s words, when he is using God’s words to oppress those who do not please him, when he is using God’s words to condemn others and to create fractions, isn’t he disrupting and interrupting God’s work? When leading God’s chosen people in eating and drinking God’s words, when deciding which passage of God’s words should be eaten and drunk or how to fellowship, you should do it properly and normally. If you have any personal adulterations, if you are using the eating and drinking of God’s words to attack a certain person or to ostracize a certain person, then you are not leading God’s chosen people to eat and drink God’s words. Instead, you are creating fractions, you are punishing other people, and the nature of your eating and drinking God’s words has changed. Does this count as transgression? This is a transgression, because this has involved God’s administration. If any of God’s chosen people has an opinion or prejudice against a leader, or if he thinks that certain things the leader is doing do not fit with the truths, if he has discernment against the leader, if because of this the leader oppresses, ostracizes, condemns, even isolates and expels this person, does this count as transgression? This is indeed a transgression, this is a serious transgression. On the other hand, a leader promoting an evil doer who is not being worked on by the Holy Spirit, out of sentiments, to become partner and co-worker, this is a matter that seriously violates God’s disposition, this is a transgression. There is another behavior. When a person sees that a certain person is very good at preaching, who is able to speak of many doctrines and letters, who has a good level of culture and who also speaks well, or who has a good appearance, then he would worship and follow such people, or he would form a faction with such people and establish their own kingdom, isn’t this a representation of the betrayal of God? This is a transgression. Also, being deceived by Satan to do service for false leaders and antichrists, this is a representation of the betrayal of God. All representations of the betrayal of God, intentionally rebelling against God and not practicing the truths, are transgressions. Some people might not know about the work arrangements from the above, they might have seen few work arrangements from the above. Or they didn’t know or understand something well and thus committed some evil because some leaders withheld the work arrangements. Afterward, once they saw the work arrangements, they regretted, they regretted those evil deeds that they did at the time. Is this a transgression? You say that you have not seen the work arrangements; have you not eaten or drunk God’s words? Do you not know that they are things that injure others? Do you not know that what you did were harming others? If you have deviated in your work, a little to the left or a little to the right, if you did not have sufficient clarity at the time, that is forgivable. However, you put others through a personal hell, and while others are resolute in believing in God and living a church life, while their behaviors are not so bad as to deserve being expelled and isolated, you insist on expelling or isolating them. Isn’t this a transgression? This person doesn’t have any concern for the life and death of others, and puts others through a personal hell, yet he feels no guilt, he still feels that he has handled the matter quite well, he still feels that this is how things should be done. What is the disposition of someone like this? Isn’t he vicious? Some people give out death sentences to brothers and sisters who have committed some small transgressions, yet how come they do nothing to the real antichrists and evil leaders? And what do these people say afterward? “I now regret this, I did not know that the work arrangement is this way.” While you did not know about the work arrangements, but do you also not know what is good and what is evil? Do you not know what it is to punish good people? In the work arrangement “The Five Problems the Church Must Currently Resolve,” it has mentioned the way with which to discern the evil doers, and there are three principles: First, not having any conscience or sense; second, also not having a heart that fears God; third, having no awareness regardless of the amount of evil that he has committed or the degree to which he has harmed others. People who lack these three things are evil doers. Is it right to identify these evil doers in such a way? They feel nothing, regardless of how much evil they have perpetrated, or to what degree they have harmed others. When such people said that they now regret it after they have harmed others, is this true repentance? They said that they now regret it, but can their vicious nature be transformed? It cannot be transformed. Therefore, the fallacy that “If an evil doer has repented, then God shall still forgive him, then God shall still save him” is men’s imagination. How can an evil doer repent? Find me an evil doer who has truly repented, aren’t there typical examples like this? Is this person saying this based on his own experience, or is it based on his imaginations? When a wolf sees a lamb and doesn’t devour it, what reason might that be? One reason might be because it is full and so it cannot eat anymore. Another reason might be that the situation does not allow for the wolf to do so. Maybe it sees that there is a shepherd next to the herd, and if it comes over to attach the lamb, it will immediately be captured; therefore it does not dare. If we see that this wolf has not devoured a lamb upon first laying eyes on it, and because of that we say that the disposition of this wolf has turned good, that it has now become a shepherd dog, is this valid? This is bullshit, this is spoken based on the imaginations of someone who has no experience. This is no representation of God’s will, and this does not fit with God’s words. Can an evil doer repent? When an evil doer has been exposed by the church, when everyone has abandoned him, he shed tears, he regretted, he suffered pain. Yet, were his tears and his regrets real? His tears and his regrets were real, but his nature will not change. What was it that he was regretting? “Everything would have been fine if I didn’t do this. Now that I am to be expelled, this is not worth it. If I knew that I would get expelled, then I would not have done this.” Even evil doers are sensitive to things. Once he knows that he might be expelled, once he feels that this is not worth it, he no longer does such things, he now thinks about what he should do so that he would not be expelled, therefore he shed tears and he regretted. He was not regretting that he did the evil, he was regretting that he did not pay attention to the environment and the timing when he did that evil. Why did he not use some trickery, why did he not find a more opportune time? Now he is caught. If someone says that this evil doer is regretting what he did, what should you say? You ask him: “In what way is this person regretting? Does he truly despise his own nature? Does he curse himself? What are the kind of tears that he is shedding? Are they tears of being wronged, or are they tears of despising himself?” Not all tears are the same, you must learn to discern between them. Doing evil is a transgression. Some people who do all kinds of evil and are recalcitrant are evil doers. God’s house must expose the evil doers, and the purpose is to allow God’s chosen people to have discernment. After they have gained discernment then they will abandon and expel these evil doers. The evil doers can’t stay at the church. If they are allowed to stay at the church, they would harm others whenever they have the opportunity. We must have clarity regarding these things. This demand of God is that people must be able to reflect upon their own transgressions, they must be able to examine their own transgressions, behaviors, revelations of corruption, as well as their behaviors that resist and betray God, discovering every single one of them. This includes what are the transgressions present within you, which transgressions are the most serious and can ruin you, which transgressions are your Achilles’ heel, which transgressions can be resolved by using the truths right now, which transgressions cannot be resolved at this time and they can only be resolved when you undergo trials and refinements, and more severe judgment and chastisement. You must know the score in your heart.

The second demand that God has for men: “for each of your transgressions and disobediences look for a corresponding truth and use these truths to resolve them, then replace your transgressive acts and disobedient thoughts and acts with the practice of truth.” Using the truths to resolve our own issues of corruption, this is the normal path for God’s chosen people to seek life entry. This is also the most basic lesson that God’s chosen people should practice and enter into, in their belief in God. Every day, when we are eating and drinking God’s words, we must combine them with our own corrupt disposition and our revelation of corruption, and only thus can our eating and drinking of God’s words achieve results. Every time when we have committed a transgression, when we have rebelled against God, we must reflect upon ourselves, we must pray in the presence of God, and then, based on our specific state, look for the corresponding words of God to resolve our own issues. The most basic practice for those who pursue the truths is to frequently eat and drink God’s words and resolve their own corrupt disposition. This is something that those who pursue the truths can practice most of the time. When they eventually use the practice of truths to replace their own revelation of corruptions or even evil doing, their life disposition will completely transform. When first believing in God, whenever we talk of practicing the truths, we feel, “I am unable to attain this. When will I be able to practice the truths? It is not an easy thing even to simply be an honest person and thoroughly resolve the problem of lying. When will I be able to witness for God whenever I open my mouth, and be able to speak human words, words from my heart, honest words, so that others can see I am a good and honest person from what I say and do? When will I be able to achieve this?” Without noticing it, years have passed. Ah! You have really changed. As you think in your heart about how you have changed and when you have changed, you realized that you have no idea at all. Anyway, you strived for it whenever you have a bit more understanding. Sometimes you contemplated, sometimes you prayed, and unwittingly, you have indeed changed. This is the miracle of God’s work. If some people say, “I have so many transgressions, I don’t know how to resolve them using the truths,” we can now look at it like this: Who has committed those transgressions? Who told you to do so? What is your basis for doing so? Is it based on your nature? Have God’s words told you to do so? Have the work arrangements told you to do so? If the work arrangements and God’s words have not asked you to do so, then why are you doing that, and who is telling you to do that? You are doing this based on what kind of thinking? Can you contemplate in such a way? At a minimum, you must first ponder in your mind and then figure out the basis for these transgressions and behaviors. This is the most basic common sense. In the end, you will find the answers through your contemplations: You have done some of these things because you were being ordered by false leaders, or you have done some of these things because of your own jealousy, hatred, personal grudges, and personal emotions. Therefore, you cannot blame others, and you can only blame your own emotions for being too powerful, your own jealousy for being too strong, that you excessively cherish your status and reputation. Now that you have discovered that the root of your problem is your corrupt disposition, how should you resolve this problem? You must pray and curse yourself, you must come to know your corrupt essence and know why you did what you did, how you should resolve this problem when you encounter it at another time, and how you can stop doing so. With that, come up with the resolve that you shall practice the truths next time. For example, someone is looking down at you again, giving you opinions, judging you and condemning you. Now, your hatred has surfaced, and you desire to punish him, to retaliate. What should you do? You should pray to God: “Oh God, here I go again. The brothers and sisters are judging me, I still want to punish them, I still want to retaliate. I wish that You can seal my mouth and bind my limbs. I am ready to curse myself.” Simply pray like that, pray and endure for several days, and things will become fine once the impulses have passed. You will no longer want to retaliate when you see him, and this problem has been resolved. Through your prayers, you have not committed this evil, and when you encounter the same thing again, pray again, and once again you will not commit any transgression. After you have done so for three or five times, then your impulses will no longer be so strong. Simply continue to pray and understand more and more, then these problems will be easy to resolve. You might do it another time or two, but you won’t do it for a third or fourth time. Therefore, all your transgressions can be resolved. Like some people who have been deceived by the evil spirits, they had no discernment at the time. Afterward, the brothers and sisters fellowshiped with them this way and that, they were then woken up, and then they would come to despise themselves. Why did they despise themselves? “How come my quality is so wretched? Why have I not seen that he is an evil spirit?” And then they slapped themselves, and what happened after they slapped themselves? They hurried to pursue the truths, to seek the truths regarding how to discern the evil spirits, and what are the representations of the evil spirits. They then read some God’s words and see what results the work of the Holy Spirit achieves, what are the consequences brought on by the work of the evil spirits. After they have read God’s words, they have some discernment, and then they look at how the brothers and sisters comprehend these things. They look at what the sermons and fellowship, and work arrangements from the above say. After they have obtained true understanding and have grasped the principles for discernment, then when they encounter another evil spirit trying to deceive them, they will know how to discern, and this problem is resolved. This can be resolved very easily. If a false leader or antichrist appears to be deceiving you, look at the work arrangements, sermons and fellowship from the above regarding how to discern the antichrists and false leaders, the kind of representations that the antichrists and false leaders have, compare them with the five commonalities of the false leaders and antichrists, then you shall be able to discern them. The five common representations of the false leaders and antichrists are: First, they never bear witness for God or exalt God; second, they never talk about the knowledge of God’s word; third, they never talk about their own actual experiences; fourth, they never talk about the knowledge of themselves; fifth, they are never able to fellowship about the truths and resolve problems. To discern a leader or worker, you only need to compare him with these five representations. If he has not committed much evil, then he is a false leader, and if he has committed all manner of evil, then he is an antichrist. It is that simple. Isn’t this easy to discern? These problems are easy to resolve. Once you have understood the truths, you will have less transgressions, and you can resolve your transgressions, and you will find that this demand of God is too practical. You cannot walk the right path without the truths. You will commit ever more transgressions without the truths, you will have more and more revelations of corruption, and you will not see many transformations even after you have believed in God for many years. If a person has believed in God for years, for at least three or five years, if he has the work of the Holy Spirit, then obviously he can attain results in two areas: First, he can understand many truths, and second, his revelation of corruptions and his transgressions will become less and less, while his humanity will become more and more normal. In what way do we verify that a person’s humanity has become more normal? This can be verified from his performance of duty and from his interpersonal relationships. He is muddling through less when performing duty, he is being responsible when handling matters, and he can pay the price and endure sufferings. In his interpersonal relationships, he is able to have normal interactions with most people except for the evil doers. All he is able to do with the evil doers is tolerate them, he is incapable of doing anything else. He is incapable of loving an evil doer even if you ask him to do it, he despises evil doers whenever he lays his eyes on them, and he hates evil as his arch nemesis. Therefore, God’s house does not permit the presence of evil doers, it does not permit the presence of antichrists. If you are a false leader or worker, if you can sincerely repent, then we shall still treat you as a brother or sister. If you do not repent and are recalcitrant, then you shall be identified as an antichrist and you shall be expelled. Is it right for God’s house to do so? Some might ask: “How should we treat an antichrist who has repented?” Can an antichrist repent? If an antichrist can repent, then he would not be an antichrist. If he has the heart to repent, then he would have repented when he was only a false leader. It was because he was unable to repent that he was identified as an antichrist. Therefore, God’s second demand is to find the corresponding truths to resolve each and every transgression and rebellion. To solve your transgression and rebellion by finding the corresponding truths, you must straighten things out. Begin by writing out your first transgression, then find the corresponding truths or God’s words. Do the same thing for each transgression. Find several corresponding truths, then list them all out after you have found them. Write down all God’s words on a notebook and all the truths that you must understand in order to resolve each transgression, then put in some effort to ponder them when you have the time, figuring out all these truths. This is beneficial for resolving your transgressions. Some transgressions can be resolved in a few months, while others might need three to five years to be resolved. These truths that are related to your transgressions are something that you must frequently contemplate and fellowship, they are something that you must understand. If you cannot resolve them in a year or two, you will eventually resolve them in three or five years, seven or eight years. Don’t think that you can resolve all of them merely by reading the truths once or twice after you have discovered them. You are only deceiving yourself. You must frequently contemplate them. Some transgressions cannot be resolved in three to five years. You must be prepared for that.

The third demand, “be an honest person, not someone who’s always being clever, always crafty. (Here I am asking you again to be an honest person.)” It is mentioned here to “be an honest person.” Is someone trustworthy an honest person? Someone trustworthy is an honest person, it is another way of saying that someone is an honest person. “Not someone who’s always being clever, always crafty.” Someone who is always being clever is not an honest person, he is most certainly not an honest person. For this demand, why does it repeat “here I am asking you again” inside the parentheses? God does not repeat Himself, yet here He has repeated Himself, once again asking us to be an honest person. In fact, this is not a repetition, this is to emphasize that it is too important to be an honest person. How good are you at being an honest person right now? Have you achieved any results? If you have achieved results in being an honest person, then you certainly have already attained salvation; this is definite. If you are truly an honest person now, if you can attain obedience of God, if you can attain loyalty to God, never muddling through regardless of the duty you are performing, always practicing the truths as normal, have authentic communication with God, have authentic love for your brothers and sisters, then a person like this is very precious. To become the righteous people and saints, as mentioned in God’s words, who have been perfected, that is what can be achieved in the end. Therefore, it would be wonderful if you can become such an honest person. It is too meaningful to be an honest person. What problems can occur if someone who serves God is not honest? One problem is that muddling through would become routine. Another problem is helping foreigners instead of God’s house, being in collusion with Satan. Still another problem is that he will agree outwardly but disagree inwardly, say yes but mean no, act one way to someone’s face and another behind his back. Isn’t someone like this a person who betrays God? If you are not an honest person, how are you qualified to serve God? Therefore, leaders and workers from all levels of the church, if you are not an honest person, if you still do not pursue the truths and have not been worked on by the Holy Spirit, you will certainly be eliminated by the Holy Spirit. God will have no trust in you, and God will find you not trustworthy. Others also will not believe in you, because you will do anything in private. If God’s offerings are handed to you for safekeeping, in the end you will take them for yourself, and isn’t that troublesome? If a church is handed over to you, you are going to oppress the good people while keeping those brown-nosing flatters who bribe you. Aren’t you interrupting God’s work? Aren’t you destroying God’s management plan to save mankind? Who would dare to hand the church over to you? No matter how many people are placed under you, you are always establishing your own kingdom. Isn’t that the case? If someone is not an honest person, then he can do all kinds of things that cheat God. If someone is not an honest person, then he cannot be relied upon. Therefore, when electing church leaders and workers, first and foremost, what is the quality that we are looking for in a person? Someone that is more honest. Should we choose those who have a silver tongue? Should we choose those who have cunning smiles? Those with cunning smiles cannot be trusted, because they do not even have the appropriate facial expressions. If you want to be an honest person, then you have to put in the hard work. If you want to be an honest person, then in what areas do you need to put in the hard work? There are primarily two areas. First is to not lie. What things do you say if you are to not lie? Say things from your heart, tell the truth. What difficulties are there in telling the truth? What are you restrained by? Resolve this first. Second, you should not muddle through when performing your duty, do not try to deceive. If you can be diligent when performing your duty, without muddling through, then you have already achieved half the results in being an honest person. Why do I say that you have achieved half the results in being an honest person if you do not muddle through when performing your duty? Some people say, “The lying still has not been resolved, I still lie sometimes.” How should we explain this? The important thing is that a person is not muddling through when performing his duty, which shows that he no longer has deception in his heart. Without deception in his heart, half of the issue of lying would have already been resolved. Sometimes, while a person does not lie with his mouth, he still lies in his heart, and he is still muddling through in his heart. The source of the lying is from the heart, and if there is no more deception, no more cunning, no more transactions in a person’s heart, hasn’t that then resolved more than half of the issue of lying? If, when under normal circumstances, a person is not muddling through, but when under special circumstances involving his survival or status, he is still able to be cunning, then it is too normal. When involving status, reputation, and survival, it is still easy for a person to be cunning and deceptive. However, under such circumstances, if that person would rather die than to be deceitful, if he would rather die than to lie, then this person’s lying has been completely resolved. One of the greatest difficulties of man is to lie when driven by his own interests; another is to lie when his reputation, his status, his self-respect are involved; still another is to lie when his survival is involved. If a person can still lie and be deceptive under these three most critical moments, then it shows that he is still a cunning person. However, if he can resolve his lying and deceptions under these three situations, then this person is indeed an honest person. If a person has no lies or deceptions in his heart, then he is truly purified. If a person has a sincere heart and has no deceptions, then he is an honest person. If a man does not have deceptions or lies toward God, then his relationship with God is normal. God examines a man’s innermost heart, and if he is an honest person, then God would be pleased with him. If he can be loyal to God, if he has absolute obedience, if he can obey until his death, then God shall entrust him with work, then God shall use him to carry out work, then God shall use him to do God’s will. Everyone that God uses is most certainly honest people. Everyone that Satan uses is the most cunning people, without precedence in mankind that shows otherwise. Satan’s spirit attaches itself to the body of animals. What animal does Satan choose? The most cunning animal is the snake, so Satan possessed the snake. In the world that Satan holds dominion over, what kind of people is most favored? Those that are the shrewdest, the most cunning are most favored. They are the ones that hold important positions, while the more honest a person the less likely he is to hold such positions. It is the opposite in God’s house. The more you are honest people who are sincere in their faith in God and have no deceptions, the more you are being worked on by the Holy Spirit, the more you are being used by God. Therefore, those predestined by God to be saved, to be perfected, are all honest people. For those who are born more honest, though after they have been corrupted by Satan they still lie often, others can tell whenever they lie. The unbelievers say: “You do not know how to lie. How come you are so bad at lying? I can tell from your eyes that you are lying.” These people are born not knowing how to lie. Others always know when they are lying. Isn’t that the case? Do you lie when you are praying to God right now? What are the lies that you tell when you are praying to God? One is exaggerations, saying things that you can’t do, saying empty words to deceive God, thinking that “whenever I exaggerate, God is pleased, He is satisfied, He is happy,” yet whether or not you can do it, that is another matter. This is a kind of deception. When some brothers or sisters have opinions against you or are judging you, when you feel wronged, you complain to God, telling on them. Have there been times like this? You would twist the truths in what you say. Isn’t that deception? You clearly yelled at him, while he also yelled at you, but you only say that he yelled at you, and you failed to mention that you have also yelled at him. Isn’t that a lie? Twisting the truths in what you say is also lying, you are not telling the truths. You must first admit your own faults. Don’t talk about others, only talk about yourself. “I was wrong.” Isn’t it great to talk about ourselves being wrong and not talk about others being wrong? This is called having sense. If you think that what you have done are right, do you dare bring them into the presence of God and say that “What I have done was right, I insist on it”? Tell me, which person that you have expelled was right? Bring it into the presence of God and tell God? Tell me, which one that you suppressed and ostracized was correct? Do you dare bring them into the presence of God and pray? You do not dare bring them into the presence of God, yet you still insist that what you have done were right. What kind of behavior is that? Isn’t this insisting on your mistakes? Can you say that this is living within the light? Is this the behavior of living in the presence of God? Is this someone who obeys God? If what you have done cannot be brought into the presence of God, then do not say that what you have done is right. If someone says: “You have ostracized and expelled these people, you have gone against work arrangements. What you have done was wrong.” You say: “I was right!” Do you dare pray in front of God and insist that you have done the right things? Do you dare tell God that you have done the right things? You do not dare to tell God. Therefore, why do you insist on your mistakes in front of others? Are you an honest person? This is deceiving others. You say things that cannot be brought into the presence of God and still insist that you have done the right things, and still say nonsense; it shows that you do not listen to reason. You are always saying untruths, twisting the truths. Some people always want to hold absolute power over the church. Do you know what it means to have “absolute power”? That is, to call the shots. Another is to do whatever one wants. “I have the authority, I have the say in whichever one of you shall be promoted. If you perform well, better than me, then I shall not promote you, and you shall never be able to hold your head high. No one can interfere with my decisions.” Doesn’t someone like this have absolute power? To have absolute power means that this person is calling the shots, he can do whatever he wants. If he says that you are good, then you are good; if he says that you are not good, then you are not good. Isn’t this Satan holding dominion? If there are opinions within the church that go against him, they are not allowed to be reflected to the high-up. If a leader or worker from other place has come to investigate, he does not allow them to come close, he does not allow others to tell the truth. Isn’t this the way that the great red dragon does things? Isn’t this person trying to have absolute power? The leadership of those who try to have absolute power, isn’t it the dominion of Satan and the rule of darkness? Look at the churches everywhere, can those opposing opinions be reflected to the higher-up? Are there the cases where some people who are able to fellowship about the truths, have a bright future, and pursue the truths and can be perfected by God, are being suppressed? If there are really cases like this, then what responsibilities must the leader bear? I have said before that I am playing the role of a leader, and God has entrusted God’s chosen people with me, so my responsibility is to protect God’s chosen people so that they are not oppressed and controlled by the false leaders and antichrists, so that everyone who sincerely believes in God can eat and drink God’s words as normal within the church. Regardless of their revelation of corruptions or their transgressions, these things can all be resolved through the eating and drinking of God’s words and the fellowship of the truths, so that God’s chosen people may treat each other with kindness. If there are evil doers oppressing, deceiving or harming God’s chosen people, I shall never let that happen, and I must take the initiative to resolve this issue. This is my inescapable duty. If I do not do so, then I cannot face God, and I cannot face God’s chosen people. Some people, because they dislike the shortcomings of someone, or because of their jealousy, would put him down, and they would not rest until he can no longer recover. Isn’t the disposition of these people somewhat vicious? Why are they so vicious toward others? Have they harmed you? What is ruling over you to do so? Can you gain some clarity in this matter? Have others threatened your status, your reputation, or your destination? Who treats others like this? Isn’t this thwarting others’ future? If someone has jealousy, or hatred, or prejudice against us, or he looks down at us, but if he also has strengths that we cannot compare ourselves to, then what is the worse that can happen if we promote him? Even if he comes to hold a higher position than us and tries to fix us, we can look up to God, and God is fair with everyone. After all, he is not an evil doer, so how can he fix you? He is able to accept the truths, therefore he cannot perform great evils. If you have evidence saying that he is an evil doer, then we will not promote him. If he is not an evil doer, and if he has strengths, then why can we not promote him? Everyone has shortcomings, no one is perfect. What is the mentality of an honest person? That is, to be fair with others. He does not harm others, he does not get in the way of others’ future. He treats others just as parents treat their own children. If the children are doing particularly well, if they become even stronger than their parents, do the parents become jealous? What is the mentality of the parents? They want nothing more than their children becoming stronger than themselves. Do you have this wish to have your brothers and sisters become stronger than yourself? If you have this wish, then it is good, then you have kindness in your heart. No one is perfect. Which person has no shortcomings? Why are you nitpicking others? Do not nitpick others. As long as their strengths are stronger than ours, we shall promote them and use them, and they will slowly correct and supplement their weaknesses and things that they lack. Some people are jealous of others, always holding onto the shortcomings of others. Why do you not catch your own shortcomings? Are you a perfect person? Always looking for the shortcomings of others, isn’t someone like this small-minded and intolerant? Now, you no longer feel so difficult to be an honest person. A few years ago, when we first talked about being an honest person, many people felt that, “It is too difficult, I can’t even stop lying.” What about now? Unwittingly, some people have made entry, some people have become responsible when performing duty. They have become more serious when performing duty, they started telling less lies, and they are now able to say some sincere things when praying to God. Isn’t this progress? This is progress. Do you understand now? If you continue to strive for several more years, then your progress will become even more significant, and your transformations will be even greater. Therefore, do not say that things are difficult. Rely on God, continue to pursue the truths, and slowly God will perfect you. When eating and drinking this passage of God’s words, we focus on fellowshiping about and resolving these three problems. Besides, God has also warned those who do not practice the truths and do not pursue the truths. God’s meaning is that, there will be some punishments coming to them in the future. There is no need to detail the punishments that will be received by those who cannot become honest at the very end. Of course, this is not imminent, but this is not far off either. Once God has left the earth, some people will begin to encounter these things.

There is one most important thing in this passage, and it is that which comes after the three demands. God said: “I will have no sense of pity for those of you who suffer for many years and work hard with nothing to show for it. On the contrary, I treat those who have not met My demands with punishment, not rewards….” I have some words to fellowship regarding “have not met My demands.” Some say that in order to satisfy the demands of God, one must achieve a certain result, a certain depth. This is actually not as lofty as you have imagined. Do not think like that, for if you think like that then it is easy to restrict yourself. If you have only achieved half or slightly more than half in these demands, such that you feel, “I have transformed, I now have the reality in this area, but I have not yet reached the most ideal level,” then you have already satisfied the demands of God. God’s demands are not that lofty, as long as you have done your best. As long as you have given your greatest effort, regardless of the degree of your accomplishments, it is sufficient so long as you have results. It is like cultivating a piece of land. While others are able to adequately cultivate their piece of land, they are able to produce eight hundred kilos of grain, yet you are only able to produce five hundred kilos of grain. Even though it is not much, you have still qualified. God’s demands for men are fair and reasonable. Here, we have more words: “So I am telling you now in all seriousness: I do not care how meritorious your hard work is, how impressive your qualifications, how closely you follow Me, how renowned you are, or how improved your attitude; so long as you have not done what I have demanded, you will never be able to win My praise.” “So long as you have not done what I have demanded,” aren’t these words clear? God did not say how good you must perform them, He only said that it won’t work if you do not do them. In regards of how much result or how high a standard you must achieve by doing so, God has said nothing. And what is the meaning of this? That is, it is sufficient if you continue to strive and work hard in accordance with God’s demands. You might have only achieved some of the results, and the results you have achieved might not be very ideal, but that is okay, and that counts as you having performed as God has demanded you. Your inability to do it well was not because you have disobeyed God’s demands. Do you now understand its meaning? The key is whether or not you have done so in accordance with these demands. If you have done so in accordance with these demands, but your results are not good, then if you keep on doing so and strive in accordance with these demands, maybe one day you will achieve some results, even though they may not be ideal. Would God condemn you in such a situation? God’s words say, “As long as you have strived regarding God’s words….” God only demands that men have made their best efforts, have truly strived, have truly practiced, then even if some results are still not ideal, God will not condemn you. God is satisfied as long as we have given our best effort. You must be able to give your best effort, right now. That is not a difficult demand, is it? God has many wishes, but what are the most important ones? “I have a lot of wishes. I wish you can conduct yourselves in a proper and well-behaved manner, be faithful to fulfill your duty….” God has many wishes. The primary principle is hoping that men can conduct themselves in a proper and well-behaved manner. After “well-behaved manner,” “be faithful to fulfill your duty” was mentioned, and this is the important part in conducting ourselves. What results can be obtained by someone with “well-behaved manner?” To be someone with “truth and humanity.” The criteria of someone with truth and humanity is to “be someone who can give up everything and give up their lives for God, and so forth. All of these hopes stem from your insufficiencies and your corruption and disobedience.” If a man can achieve these demands of God, then his corruptions and rebellion are all resolved through the truths, and they are replaced by the truths. He will be able to sacrifice his everything and even his life for God. Is this man someone who has been perfected by God? Is he someone compatible with God’s wishes? Now, how should these words “giving up everything and giving up our lives for God” be realized? This concerns the key issue. During bad times, we encounter persecutions and oppressions from the great red dragon. If you cannot offer up yourself and be attentive to God’s burdens, then you are not someone who gives up everything, including your life. Therefore, after you have undertaken God’s commission, after you have become the leader or worker of the church, you must have such a resolve. Without such a resolve, you will never be able to accomplish God’s commission, this is the truth. Tell me, when you are faced with such a situation, are you willing to accept God’s commission? If you are afraid of death, then you cannot perform work. You must hand over your life to God, you must have the resolve that you will have no regrets even if you should die. First, pray to God in this way. If you do not hand over your life, how can you perform your work? This is how you put into practice giving up everything for God, including your life. You must first have such a resolve, but as for whether or not God shall give you permission, it’s another matter, and we do not know. Yet it will never work if you do not have such a resolve. Now, do you have this resolve to hand your life over to God? “For the sake of the expansion of God’s kingdom, for the sake of doing God’s will, I am handing my life over to spend for God, and I shall have no regrets even if I should perish.” Isn’t this what a man should be equipped with? To first give everything including your life for God, and then pursue the truths, slowly you can live out the standard of an honest person, you shall live out the semblance of an honest person. You will naturally gain the truths then, and after you have gained the truths, you shall become an honest person. Then, you will become someone in possession of humanity and the truths. This is certain. In addition, you will be able to satisfy God when performing your duty. This is the most fundamental. You should be able to satisfy God when performing your duty, be beneficial to God’s chosen people and edify them, properly protect God’s chosen people, lead God’s chosen people to enter into the truths, without injuring or harming them, without ruining them. To ruin God’s chosen people is a sin that is even worse, that is a grievous transgression. These are the most important things. There is also something else important, which is to resolve your own transgressions. Those transgressions of yours that are the main part, those transgressions that can lead to you offending God and angering God must first be resolved. Never commit those transgressions that can lead to God getting angry with, punishing, loathing and cursing you. Do you know how many such transgressions there are? First, harming and ruining God’s chosen people, such as expelling, isolating, oppressing and ostracizing others without any good reason, these are evil deeds, these are the foulest deeds. This is the first kind of transgression, and this must be resolved. You must have the kindness to help God’s chosen people, you must perform more deeds that are useful and beneficial to the life entry of God’s chosen people. This is the fundamental. Second, do not embezzle the offerings to God. Embezzlement of the offerings to God is a sin, and this is a grievous transgression. Third, do not commit adultery. Can you remember them all? These three are the most grievous transgressions. If you don’t commit any of these transgressions, those other small revelations of corruption will naturally disappear as you pursue the truths and as your stature grows. These three transgressions are serious. First, do not harm God’s chosen people; in addition, do not embezzle the offerings to God; and finally, do not commit adultery. Can you do so? After you have resolved these three transgressions, when performing your duty, do more practical work for the life entry of God’s chosen people. Perform more beneficial work, do not do things that disrupt and interrupt. Isn’t everything fine once you have done so? Isn’t this matter simple? It is this simple, and everything will be fine if you can do this. Some people are never able to make sense of things, they have no idea how to do things, they have no idea what to do. In actual fact, these are the simplest things. These are the most important and the most fundamental.

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