111. The Principles of How to Treat False Leaders and Workers

1. False leaders and workers who have a bad humanity, who do not pursue the truth and who are able to do evil must be replaced, banned and eliminated;

2. Evil demon antichrists who commit all kinds of evil, who evoke the indignation of all and who engage in establishing their own kingdoms must be exposed, analyzed and then expelled;

3. Other duties may be arranged for those who have a relatively good humanity, who have shallow life experience and who have lost the work of the Holy Spirit because they don’t pursue the truth, and they should be treated with a loving heart;

4. False leaders and workers with relatively good humanity who have been replaced, but who then truly repent and are able to do practical work, may once again be elected, elevated and made use of.

The Man’s Fellowship:

Among the false leaders and false workers who do not have the work of the Holy Spirit, there are still differences in their quantity of evil deeds and quality of humanity, which should not be treated in the same way. The false leaders and false workers are unable to do the practical work that should be done by leaders at various levels of the church, simply because they do not have the work of the Holy Spirit. However, they are different in humanity. Various false leaders and false workers mainly fall into the following three situations. God’s chosen people must distinguish among them. The first kind is people with relatively better humanity. Such people have committed fewer evil deeds and aroused less public resentment. They do not understand the truth, because they have believed in God for a short time or lack the support and supply of people who understand the truth. They have not entered the right track of believing in God, or they are unable to normally pursue the truth, because of the entanglement and control of certain matters. God’s chosen people should treat the false leaders and false workers who fall into this category with love and more supplies and support, so that there are still hopes that they will pursue the truth and receive salvation. Therefore, false leaders and false workers with relatively good humanity should not be abandoned because such people can be saved. The second kind is those crooked and deceitful, selfish and despicable people with bad humanity, excessive transgressions and bad influences who particularly like to pursue status and lust for the benefits of status, and become corrupt with a bit of status by indulging in wining, dining and pleasure. Generally, these people do not attend to their proper business, muddle through their duties, and do not do practical work. They like to perch on their positions and lecture others. These people have no place for God in their hearts, and they have no sense of responsibility. Like the great red dragon’s officials, they sit high above, supercilious and lawless. They always command and relentlessly suppress God’s chosen people, brooking no resistance. They have no love at all. They never sympathize with or assist others, let alone solve the practical difficulties of brothers and sisters. Like the religious police, they are meddlesome and officious. Regardless of what kind of work they do, brothers and sisters receive no edification of life, much less impartation of the truth from them. Therefore, such people are the false leaders or workers that God detests most. They must be replaced and segregated for reflection. If they defy and cause disturbance, they will be expelled. The third kind is those particularly arrogant and insensible people who refuse to obey anyone, even to the point of irrationality. They are wicked people indeed. They engage in all kinds of evil, arouse intense public resentment, and harbor no fear for God in their hearts. With a little good look and talent, they are swollen with pride. They have no regard for anyone, even God. With a little position and power, they want to own God’s chosen people, acting like they are the master of God’s chosen people and treating God’s chosen people as their private property. They vainly compete with God for God’s chosen people by keeping more of God’s chosen people under their control. There is no place for God in the hearts of such people who never worship God. They don’t pray to God in tribulation and suffering, let alone seek to open their hearts to God. After gaining status, they keep themselves high above and begin officialdom. They do not regard the work arrangements from the above as their own duties for implementation, nor do they show any obedience to God’s work. Such wicked people fall into the category of the antichrist. They deem giving orders and arranging some administrative tasks as capital, as if they have done some great work that merits superior treatments and extravagant feast. In fact, no substantive work has been done to serve God. None of the practical work in really supplying God’s chosen people to enter into life have been done. None of the problems encountered by God’s chosen people in their paths to enter the reality of truth have been resolved. They have neither resolved a single practical problem for God’s chosen people in entering into life nor led God’s chosen people to understand a single item of the truth. Merely having done some administrative tasks like giving out orders, they are swollen with pride and superiority, as if they are some meritorious officials. What qualifies them to enjoy such privileges of status? They are really shameless! Such wicked people never take the work arrangements from the above seriously. If the work arrangements are found to be unfavorable or threatening to their reputations and positions, they will withhold the work arrangements, derogate and criticize the value and significance of the work arrangements, incite people to relinquish the work arrangements, and even assert that the work arrangements have come from man instead of God. Aren’t these the behaviors of resisting God? Isn’t this the rhetoric for maintaining their reputation and position? Isn’t this revealing of their nature of the antichrist? Such people refuse the judgment and chastisement of God. Nor do they accept being pruned and dealt with. In what way are they experiencing God’s work when they act so untouchable and utterly reject the reproach of the truth? It is the path of the antichrist that these wicked people are taking. Any leaders or workers who cannot correctly regard the work arrangements and strictly follow them for implementation can be considered as ill-intentioned. None of them are obedient to God’s work. Therefore, any false leaders or false workers that judge, disparage or withhold the work arrangements must be replaced and segregated for reflection. If these wicked people continue to wield power, the disasters and consequences they bring to God’s chosen people will be unimaginable. Without any show of regret, such false leaders or false workers should be expelled because they are the most vicious among false leaders and false workers.

The three kinds of people above who are false leaders and false workers must be distinguished strictly and treated differently. The first kind is people with relatively better humanity. They are still brothers and sisters whom should be treated with compassion. They cannot be in the leading positions anymore so their work should be changed to secondary or other duties. The second kind is people with bad humanity whom must be replaced and segregated for reflection. They can be allowed to do their duties by spreading the gospel as a chance for repentance. The third kind is those wicked people who are especially arrogant and opinionated. They always want to control God’s chosen people. They are wicked people who possess the nature of the antichrist. Although they have not engaged in building an independent kingdom, it is due to the lack of opportunity. Based on the substance of their inherent nature, it is only a matter of time that they will engage in building their independent kingdom. Therefore, this kind of vicious, arrogant and utterly defiant people must be replaced and segregated for reflection. They can only be allowed to preach the gospel if they are willing to do their duties, because they have done so much evil and harm without doing any practical work. They need to preach the gospel, which is the most suitable duty for them, to make up for their transgressions. If they do not perform any duty at all, then the church can expel them.

from “Principles for Dealing With Various Kinds of False Leaders and False Workers” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

In the past the standards set by God’s house to distinguish true and false leaders and workers were based on whether or not they had the Holy Spirit at work in them. Those who do not have the Holy Spirit at work in them at all are false leaders and workers. This principle is completely accurate. But there is also a difference of good and evil in false leaders and workers who lack the work of the Holy Spirit. Some false leaders and false workers lack the work of the Holy Spirit because their life experience is too shallow, and they have not entered the correct track; some false leaders and false workers do not understand the significance of pursuing the truth, and have yet to become people who pursue the truth; other false leaders and false workers genuinely do not love and despise the truth, are capable of all kinds of wicked deeds, and would walk the path of the antichrist and set up their own kingdoms. The latter are the subjects of God’s work of elimination, and will be punished when God’s work is complete. So, false leaders and false workers who commit all manner of wickedness must be banished, removed, and isolated for self-reflection. Their attitudes must be observed, and if within half a year they have not sincerely repented, they may be expelled. For those of good humanity, who have not entered the correct track of belief in God because of shallow life experience, or for false leaders and false workers who do not pursue the truth and have therefore lost the work of the Holy Spirit, they should be treated with love and aid, and there is no need to isolate them for self-reflection, they may directly be arranged to live church life or perform other duties. If this category of false leaders and false workers with good humanity have sincerely repented after a year or two, they are still qualified to stand in church elections for leadership and worker positions. False leaders, false workers or antichrists who have engaged in all manner of wickedness, who possess the nature of evildoers, are no longer qualified to be leaders and workers in the church….

False leaders and false workers must be treated differently according to whether their humanity is good or bad. Good people who have committed transgressions should be given the chance to repent; evildoers commit all kinds of wicked deeds, such deeds reveal their nature as evildoers, and they must be isolated or expelled. These wicked deeds refer primarily to withholding work arrangements, sermons and fellowship, as well as cruelly oppressing and framing God’s chosen people, neglecting their duties, stealing offerings, and acting as tyrants, which is infuriating and stirs up anger. The presence of these deeds is sufficient to prove them the deeds of a wicked devil. Any false leaders or false workers who commit such excessive wickedness and arouse public anger are in fact devils—antichrists. …

God’s chosen people ought to understand how to treat workers and leaders at all levels. They must be able to distinguish good from evil and good people from evildoers. These are fundamental abilities God’s chosen people should possess. If we see that a leader or worker is a good person, but has committed some transgressions or done something wrong, we should treat the matter correctly and help him in a spirit of love. We absolutely must not seize upon these mistakes or transgressions, stick labels on him, and smite him, because to do so is to falsely accuse and harm others. Good people also have transgressions and have done the wrong thing, but good people can repent and change. So, good people, no matter what transgressions and errors we discover, must be treated with love and assistance. As long as they can accept the truth, come to know themselves, and repent, the due effect will have been achieved. If we seize upon the transgressions of leaders and workers and refuse to let go, if we insist on ruining them, is this not also oppressing and punishing others? This is no different from the punishment and mistreatment of false leaders. …

If the leaders produced by church elections oppress and frame others again and again, they may also be defined as evildoers, but only once irrefutable evidence is obtained should they be persuaded to resign; if they do not accept the criticism, blame, pruning, and dealing of God’s chosen people, God’s chosen should unite to banish and remove them. Doing this is eliminating a source of harm for the benefit of all, is entirely in accord with God’s will, is beneficial to protecting church life, and falls entirely under the definition of protecting God’s work. The church is ruled by God, the truth, and God’s word, and absolutely does not abide evildoers.

If any church’s treatment of false leaders and antichrists is to tolerate and ignore them, to tolerate their disturbances, destruction, and harm of God’s chosen people, it proves that this church lacks people who understand the truth and support righteousness, and is made up entirely of confused people controlled and deceived by these false leaders and antichrists, which is why their lot is only to suffer and be oppressed and there is no choice for them but to accept their fate. This, in turn, proves that if believers in God lack the truth, they are ordained to be tormented by Satan and tyrannized by evildoers. Even if the above wishes to help you, he will be unable to do so. The above grants God’s chosen people the right, and work arrangements give clear rules for God’s chosen, so that they may, according to the truth and the work arrangements from the above, be empowered to banish and remove false leaders and false workers entirely on their own. This is a right given by God, and if God’s chosen people do not use it, they have no one to blame but themselves.

from the fellowship from the above

There are some false leaders and false workers who have been removed from their positions but have good humanity. If they merely have revelations of corruption and transgressions but not committed evil deeds, and even more than that, they have not aroused the anger of the people, and if these people have truly repented, as long as they can guarantee that they can work in accordance with work arrangements and will not suppress and frame others, they should be elected as leaders and workers again and be given a second chance. If anyone reverts to their old ways, still cannot do actual work, and still cannot work in accordance with work arrangements, they should be advised to resign, and after they are replaced, they must be placed in Group B for meetings. This is because such people don’t practice the truth, don’t truly repent, and still stick to their old ways. Such people certainly do not pursue the truth, so they must be placed in Group B for meetings.

from “Twenty Problems That Must Be Resolved When the Church’s Work Embarks on the Right Track” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

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