108. The Principles of How to Treat Leaders and Workers

1. God’s chosen people must exalt God as great and not look up to or worship any leader or worker. They must obey God and obey the truth in all things and not be restrained by any person;

2. As long as what leaders and workers say and do conform to God’s words and to the truth, and so long as they are able to exalt God and bear witness for God, then they are fit for use, and you must accept and obey them;

3. If the actions of leaders and workers do not conform to the truth, then you should adhere to the principles and the truth and not be restrained by the leader or worker. Fellowship with a loving heart, and enable them to repent;

4. If a leader or worker engages in misconduct, goes against work arrangements and does whatever they please, then they should be exposed, removed or reported to higher levels.

Relevant Words of God:

1. Man should not magnify himself, nor exalt himself. He should worship and exalt God.


8. People who believe in God should obey God and worship Him. You should not exalt or look up to any person; you ought not to give first place to God, second place to the people you look up to, and third place to yourself. No person should hold a place in your heart, and you should not consider people—particularly those you venerate—to be on a par with God, to be His equal. This is intolerable to God.

from “The Ten Administrative Decrees That Must Be Obeyed by God’s Chosen People in the Age of Kingdom” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The status people occupy in your hearts is still too much. Give more status to God and don’t be so unreasonable. The “temple” is God’s in the first place and should not be occupied by people.

from “Focus More on Reality” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

You must enter in positively, be active and not passive. You shall be unshaken by anyone and anything in any situation, and you cannot be influenced by anyone’s words. You must have a stable disposition, and whatever people might say, you shall practice what you know to be truth at once. You must always have My words at work inside you, regardless of who you are facing; you must be able to stand firm in your testimony to Me and show consideration to My burdens. You cannot be confused, agreeing blindly with people without having your own ideas, but instead you must have the courage to stand up and object to things that do not come from Me. If you know clearly that something is wrong, yet do not voice your concerns, then you are not someone who practices the truth. If you know that something is wrong and then twist the topic, but then Satan blocks your path and so you speak without any effect and are unable to persevere until the end, then you are still carrying fear in your heart, and isn’t your heart still filled with thoughts from Satan?

from “The Twelfth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

All have said that they would be considerate of God’s burden and defend the testimony of the church. Yet, who has really been considerate of God’s burden? Ask yourself: Are you someone who has shown consideration for God’s burden? Can you be righteous for God? Can you stand up and speak for Me? Can you steadfastly put the truth into practice? Are you bold enough to fight against all of Satan’s deeds? Would you be able to put your emotions aside and expose Satan for the sake of My truth? Can you allow My will to be fulfilled in you? Have you offered up your heart when the crucial time comes? Are you someone who does My will? Ask yourself and think about it often. Satan’s gifts are inside of you and you are to blame for that as you do not understand people and fail to recognize Satan’s poison….

from “The Thirteenth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

In the church, you shall stand firm in your testimony to Me, uphold truth—right is right and wrong is wrong—and do not confuse black and white. You shall be at war with Satan and must completely vanquish it so that it never rises. You must sacrifice everything to protect My testimony. This shall be the goal of your actions, do not forget this.

from “The Forty-first Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

8 The Ten Truths That Must Be Practiced to Correctly Treat All Levels 0f Leaders and Workers

1) We cannot rely on our imagination to make too high a demand on all levels of leaders and workers; as long as they have the work of the Holy Spirit and truth and reality, we must obey them.

2) As long as leaders and workers fulfill their duties according to the work arrangements, and do not suppress God’s chosen people, we should support and coordinate with them.

3) As long as leaders and workers fulfill their duties normally and maintain God’s work, we should help and support them.

4) As long as all that leaders and workers do conforms to truth, embodies their love for God’s chosen people, and benefits our duties, then we should obey.

5) If leaders and workers are discovered to have temporarily violated the truth, or revealed their corruption, we shouldn’t convict them, but should communicate truth to solve the problem.

6) We must not hold on to the momentary transgressions of leaders and workers and make a big fuss, maliciously cause harm, and determine them as guilty; we should treat people fairly.

7) If the experience of leaders and workers is shallow, and their work ineffective, yet their humanity is good and they are able to pursue the truth, then we should help and support them with a loving heart.

8) If leaders and workers have momentary transgressions or corruptions revealed, but the road they are walking is correct, and their humanity is good, they should be treated correctly.

9) As to those false leaders and false workers with venomous humanity who never practice the truth, they mustn’t be allowed to slip by; they should be exposed, reported and rejected.

10) As to those false leaders and antichrists who have absolutely none of the work of the Holy Spirit but can still suppress people, and do multifarious acts of evil, they should be thoroughly exposed and banned.

from “The One Hundred Truths That Must Be Practiced to Bring God’s Words Into Real Life” in Collection of Sermons—Supply for Life

God’s chosen people should treat the workers and leaders at all levels of the church in a manner based on the truth and principles. They should offer support, protection, and cooperation to workers and leaders who are in accordance with God’s will, can resolve problems and do things for God’s chosen. They should be patient with and help those who pursue the truth and have the work of the Holy Spirit but may have transgressed and not achieved good results in their work. God’s chosen may criticize as well as prune and deal with them, but are not allowed to accuse or frame them, nor should they carelessly banish or remove them. They must act based on the truth and according to principle. And they must never deal with leaders and workers who have not completely lost the work of the Holy Spirit and who can still do some practical work as false leaders and false workers. They should only offer loving patience, help, and support. This is the responsibility of God’s chosen people. For leaders and workers who do not pursue the truth and do not wish to repent, if they neglect their duties and act recklessly, they must be removed and banished. Only through these practices can God’s work and the testimony of the church be protected, and this is beneficial to carrying out God’s will.

from the fellowship from the above

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