How to Have True Communion With God

How to Practice Fellowship with God Through God’s Word

How does one practice fellowship with God through God’s word? By using a prayerful heart and manner to read and contemplate God’s word, and to seek enlightenment and illumination from the Holy Spirit. This is what it means to fellowship spiritual matters in life with God. Let’s look at an example: Suppose you read God’s word and see “You must be an honest person.” You think, “God is asking us to be honest people, but what exactly is the significance of being an honest person?” You must seek the answer with a prayerful heart. So, how does one use a prayerful heart to read and contemplate God’s word? You should silently pray, “God, You say we must be honest people, but what is the significance of being an honest person? How, exactly, does one become an honest person? I ask for Your enlightenment and illumination.” You say a silent prayer in this manner, contemplate God’s words in this way, and once you have finished contemplating, read another passage of God’s words, then pray and contemplate again in the same way. Your heart, on the one hand, is contemplating God’s word, and on the other is thirsting for the work of the Holy Spirit. Reading God’s word with this attitude is fellowshiping with God about spiritual matters in life. Sometimes, after you read God’s word and have nothing to do, you need to quietly pray before God, “God, I don’t understand very well what I have read today. How should I enter into Your words, ‘You must be an honest person’? How should I practice so that I can be an honest person?” This is how to practice using a prayerful heart to read and contemplate God’s word. If your contemplation allows you to grasp some light, you say, “I feel that being an honest person, first of all, means not telling any lies and that you must simply and openly state what is in your heart; second, not deceiving others or muddling through in your actions, this is another standard for being an honest person; and third, being without deception in your hearts or ulterior motives in your actions, because those who possess ulterior motives are not honest people.” After you grasp this light, pray like this, “God, I now understand this point. Thank You for Your enlightenment and illumination. I ask that You continue to guide me and grant me ever deeper entry into the experience of being an honest person.” After you pray this way, contemplate the question in your free time. When you have a free moment, think, “How can one be an honest person? What other aspects are there to practice? So far I’ve found three aspects of practice, and are these enough to achieve the standards of being an honest person? I still don’t know for the moment, so I still need to pray and seek.” Also, when you encounter a more experienced brother or sister, you can communicate with him or her and ask, “In what different aspects do you practice being an honest person?” This person says, “I practice it in four ways.” You say, “Oh, then could you fellowship with me about it?” Once he or she tells you, you may find one of these aspects of practicing being an honest person will be one that you lack, so you should say, “Thanks be to God, today I have achieved new entry into the truth of being an honest person, and I have had a new path of practice.” This is new entry. Real entry means that today you have seen a little more, and tomorrow you see a little more, until one day you recognize the most complete way to practice being an honest person, after which your practice and your entry are complete. This way, it becomes easy to meet the standards of being an honest person. This is how to achieve entry into God’s word: by using a prayerful heart to read and contemplate God’s word, to seek the truth, and to seek fellowship. As long as you persevere in practicing this way, you are assured to reap great rewards in time. After you spend some time fellowshiping, contemplating, seeking, and praying regarding a certain truth, you will reap some rewards, but what are these rewards? They are your knowledge and entry of the truth. For a given truth, you will be able to give knowledge of it, and you will know how to enter into it and practice God’s word such that you live out its realities. This is the result of seeking the truth. If you seek every truth in this manner, and if you eat and drink, contemplate, and fellowship on every truth in this manner, after a period of hard work, you will achieve results. This is what it means to truly enter into God’s word. Regardless of which truth you seek, seek in this manner, and put effort into it in this way. Then, unconsciously, after a time, you will gain rewards. For every truth, if you seek and make this kind of effort, after one or two years, you will achieve entry into many truths, and you will be able to live out the reality of some of God’s word. This is the process for entering into God’s word, and this is how to seek and practice.

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