The True Entry in Obeying God

Only Rebelling Against the Influence of Satan and Practicing the Truth Is Truly Obeying God

How do we measure if someone can truly obey God? There is a simple standard by which to measure them: See whether they can practice the truth, and the extent to which they can practice the truth. If this person can practice the truth to an extent in which they can see through the battle in the spiritual realm, and each time Satan tempts people—that is, when Satan disturbs God’s work, deceives people, and controls God’s chosen people, they can see through Satan’s scheme and stand on God’s side, strike back against Satan, expose Satan, and forsake Satan, if this person can obey to this extent, they are someone who has been gained by God, perfected by God, and is someone who truly knows God. If this person’s obedience of God is very shallow and they can merely do some things that appear correct or benefit others when it comes to trivial matters, but they still follow false leaders and antichrists when it comes to the battle in the spiritual world—when false leaders and antichrists are controlling people, then they are not someone who obeys God. Do people who don’t obey God possess the truth? They have not gained the truth, so those insignificant testimonies of practicing the truth they used to talk about don’t involve principles. For instance, some people set aside all their household chores on Sunday to go water the church or new people. This is not a bad way to bear witness to God, but they can follow Satan when there are spiritual battles. Are they a person who obeys God? Some people are very kind toward other brothers and sisters; if other brothers or sisters lack food or clothing, they will help and donate. Such people possess some small good deeds, but when false leaders and antichrists deceive people, they can defend, speak up and do things for false leaders and antichrists. Are such people someone who obeys God? Therefore, practicing the truth requires being able to discern and being someone who is considerate toward God’s will. Especially when Satan is tempting people, you need to be able to see through Satan’s schemes and stand with God. On matters that involve the principles of the truth, you need to stand on the side of God and the truth. Only then are you someone who truly obeys God. When a person who truly obeys God encounters anything, especially during crucial moments, they are not dictated by emotion regarding important matters of principle and are not controlled by anyone. They resolutely stand on the side of the truth and protect God’s work with no fear of offending anyone. Only such a person is someone who is truly obedient toward God, considerate to God’s will, and gained by God. Does someone who can serve and be loyal to God in this manner possess the truth? Yes, they do. If you can practice the truth when it comes to trivial matters and things that don’t involve principles of the truth, but on important matters of principle or major issues of right and wrong, you can stand on the wrong side, on Satan’s side, then that is not a small problem. It demonstrates that you don’t know God and lack too many things, the most important of which is that you don’t possess the truth. Right now, God is leading God’s chosen people in the battle against antichrist forces; He is fighting against them for God’s chosen people. Which side are you standing on? Some people see work arrangements and think they are correct and well written, but as soon as they take one look at their leader, they’re terrified of making a sound. They think: “There’s nothing like a man on the spot to smooth the way! What if I offend the leader and he gets me expelled?” They know very well that the work arrangements of the above all conform with the truth and God’s will, but they are still controlled by leaders and workers, too scared to stand on the side of the truth. Are such people someone who obeys God? They are still someone who follows Satan. They yield to satanic forces and are controlled by philosophies of life, afraid to obey God. Even if they know God is the truth, they don’t dare to obey Him because they’re scared of offending people. Do such people possess the truth? Because they cannot break free from Satan’s influence and forsake Satan, because they don’t dare to offend or abandon Satan, and because they can still stand on the side of Satan in crucial moments, they don’t possess the truth and aren’t someone who truly obeys God. There’s no doubt about this. If you encounter this type of situation, will you be able to stand on the side of God? This is a time that reveals people. If you cannot stand on God’s side and on the truth’s side; if you’re afraid of loneliness or being persecuted, expelled or segregated by Satan, then this shows that you don’t possess the truth, you are not someone who obeys God, and you have not broken free from Satan’s influence. You are living in the dark and have not been gained by God. This is a certainty. In the face of the battle between good and evil and the oppression of satanic forces, do you dare to forsake Satan and practice obeying God? This is the crucial moment that reveals whether or not one has the truth. A person who has genuinely gained the truth won’t fear Satan’s influence, and even if they have to fight alone they will battle Satan to the very end. Only this kind of person is someone who makes the truth their life. How else would they have this kind of ability? How else would they have this courage? How else would they have such bravery? God’s work of the last days is to perfect a group of overcomers. What does being an overcomer refer to? It refers to someone who can forsake Satan, truly break free from Satan’s influence to turn to God, and in the crucial moments of the spiritual battle is able to obey God, bear witness to God, and be loyal to God. Such is an overcomer perfected by God. When the great red dragon collapses, these overcomers can stand up amid the myriad throngs to bear witness to God’s victory. All such people have been perfected by God. If when the great red dragon collapses, you don’t have any testimonies and haven’t broken free from Satan’s influence; if you follow false leaders and antichrists and are a slave of Satan—then you can only fall in the dark, weeping and gnashing your teeth. This is because you don’t have the testimony of an overcomer; your insignificant testimony is not worthy of mention. Suppose someone asks you: “Have you forsaken Satan? Have you forsaken false leaders? Have you forsaken antichrists?” If you haven’t forsaken any of them, what testimonies do you have to speak of? Is what I am saying practical? It’s extremely practical. That’s how it is. Do you now have a path on how to pursue the truth? What is at work when people are controlled by false leaders and antichrists? Is it emotions or indebtedness? Is it that you let them control you because they have benefited you in some way? Some people are born to be servile and are indeed a slave. They obey whoever has power. Isn’t that being a slave? Their obedience is not principled. They don’t consider whether it is the truth or whether that person possesses the truth. They don’t care about that. They simply follow the rule: “If you have power and status, I will listen to you.” Aren’t they a slave? Isn’t the substance of a slave a lowly life? Aren’t those who clearly know that false leaders and antichrists are wrong and yet still follow them the same type of people? What is their rationale? “They are leaders, so I must obey them. What will I do if I don’t obey them and they expel me? I obey whoever is a leader. If you are a leader, I will listen to you right now.” Isn’t this how a flunkey acts? People with normal humanity don’t act like flunkies. Those ones act like flunkies because of their corrupt satanic disposition. It is not what people with normal humanity should possess. Did Eve have the nature of a slave before she was corrupted by Satan? She did not. She only ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil after she was deceived by Satan’s lies. She only ate it after she listened and thought they made sense. She wouldn’t have eaten it if she really knew it was wrong. She was deceived. This should be clear. Now, some people know that false leaders and antichrists are doing the wrong thing, but they don’t oppose or expose them, and instead follow them. This is the nature of a slave, because they know in their heart yet still intentionally follow. They’re afraid of offending people, afraid of offending their leaders, afraid the leaders will make things hard for them by seeking retribution. This is the nature of a Satan’s slave, a corrupt disposition. The servility of such people is too strong; they are too base! As a human being, we must obey the truth and be willing to be a slave to the truth, and we must not be a slave of Satan and serve or work ourselves to death for Satan.

Just what is obeying God? How can it be explained in the most practical words? It is being able to rebel against the influence of Satan and stand on God’s side, bear witness to God, and give all your loyalty to God. Only such a person is someone who truly obeys God. You cannot explain obedience to God in too simple of a manner as others won’t understand. If you say, “Being able to practice the truth is obeying God,” that’s not incorrect, but practicing the truth has scope and extent. The scope of the truth is too broad, so if you merely practice some simple truths which do not involve the battle in the spiritual realm, then you cannot be said to be a person who obeys God. If you say, “That time I did not lie, I spoke the truth,” does being able to practice this mean you obey God? Does it determine that you will no longer follow false leaders and antichrists or be deceived by Satan? Possessing this little bit of reality doesn’t represent that you are someone who truly obeys God. Therefore, you must grasp the key, which is being able to rebel against the influence of Satan and stand on God’s side. In particular, when Satan is tempting and deceiving people, using cunning schemes to frame and control God’s chosen people, you need to be able to forsake Satan and stand on God’s side, and be able to expose Satan’s schemes to strike back against Satan and rescue God’s chosen people from Satan’s deception. Only that is a person who obeys God. Only that is the most essential reality of obeying God. Has your obedience reached this extent yet? Can you rebel against the influence of Satan and be loyal to God’s entrustment? As soon as I am serious with you, you don’t dare say anything. So can you now stand on the side of God? How do you stand on the side of God? You must have expressions of obedience toward God. What are expressions of obedience toward God? Exposing antichrists, forsaking the flesh. If God’s chosen people accuse you of being a false leader, can you say: “Yes, but I am now willing to repent. I am willing to accept the truth and stand on God’s side. I will now practice the truth”? If you can practice in this way, then it shows that from now on, you are a person who pursues the truth. And if you can accept the truth, then you have hope of becoming a person who truly obeys God and can be saved. If you still cannot accept the truth now, whether or not you can be saved is unknown. Some people’s obedience is conditional: “You must go easy with me. You must speak to me gently, making things acceptable and pleasant for me. If you don’t make me mad, everything shall be okay with me. But if you condemn me or speak to me too harshly, then I won’t accept and I will be stubborn to the end.” This kind of person is not someone who accepts the truth. It shows that they don’t have a good disposition and dare to oppose the truth. No matter what, you must accept something if it conforms with the truth. How can you attach conditions to your acceptance of the truth? People have to be mild and gentle when speaking to you so as to suit your tastes; they can’t tell you all the facts of the situation and must describe things to you with a delicate touch so you can accept them; and they have to watch their wording so as to not make you mad—you can’t have so many conditions! People who truly obey God don’t have these conditions. As long as it is the truth, they will accept and obey no matter what tone it is spoken with. Someone always places conditions on their obedience. For instance, they only accept and obey work arrangements if they are passed down from those above them. If they are passed up from God’s chosen people below them, especially those who have been expelled or segregated, they won’t accept them and will dare to judge and condemn them as fake and dare to suppress them. What kind of disposition is this? Does such a person have obedience? Why does your obedience require so many conditions? It is purely unreasonable. If you have so many conditions, so many notions, and so many difficulties, then it seems practicing obedience is too hard for you and you have quite a lot of Satan’s philosophies and your own particularities. No matter who it is that brings it to you, accept it if you see that it conforms with the truth—why can’t you practice obedience like that? Some people don’t possess the truth. They don’t know how to see whether work arrangements conform with the truth or not. They judge whether work arrangements are true or false based on the route from which they are distributed. If it conforms with their notions, then they think they’re true. If it doesn’t conform with their notions, then they think they’re false. Do such people possess the truth? No, they do not. They cannot accept and obey based on whether they conform with the truth. Rather, they accept and obey based on their imaginary conditions. It can be said that they are not someone who obeys or accepts the truth. They accept if everything conforms with their notions, and don’t accept if it doesn’t conform with their notions. This kind of person does not possess, accept or obey the truth. They are not someone who obeys God. Do such people who are so authentically disobedient toward God suited to being a leader of God’s chosen people? Such people are not suited to do the work entrusted by God. They are unfit to be a leader. And since they are unfit for the job, they should immediately resign and give up their position to someone else. That’s the wise decision. When a false leader wants to resign, the leader above them says, “No! If you resign then you have fallen for Satan’s cunning scheme. We must unite to take them on.” What is the intention of the person who says this? Isn’t this what an antichrist would say? Antichrists want to form a stubborn fortress with these false leaders to battle God. Is this not directly defying God? Directly demolishing and disturbing God’s work is directly defying God. I didn’t think these antichrists would be so shameless that they could say such things. … Why is it that, when they are the same in that they don’t have the work of the Holy Spirit or have walked crooked roads or done some wrong things, some people can accept the truth and obey the work arrangements of the above, while others can rise up to rebel or even oppose the above? Does it not show that people walk different paths? They have both taken crooked roads, made mistakes and have transgressions, but which kind of people can be saved? The key is choosing the right path. All those who love the truth are eventually able to walk onto the right path, while those who hate the truth and dare to defy the truth cannot walk onto the right path and will surely walk onto the path of antichrists—that is, the path of opposing God. Some of these people walking the path of antichrists started to walk onto the path of opposing God, but some have turned around. They see the work arrangements and realize, “The work arrangements, sermons and fellowship of the above are correct and conform with the truth. I walked the wrong way and must immediately turn around. I must immediately repent and accept the truth.” These people have now started to walk onto the right path and accept the truth, and have started to repent and pursue the truth. How shall we handle such false leaders and workers? Of course, we shall bring them onto the right path. If you feel, “I will surely be a better leader or worker from now on. I can guarantee that I will strive to satisfy God’s will and bring God’s chosen people onto the right path”—if you have such aspirations, then you go ahead and lead. Continue to be a leader. Doing so is completely correct and conforms with God’s will. It’s already not easy raising your hand and admitting that you are a false leader. This requires courage! If your mentality is not right, will you be able to raise your hand? It’s not a simple thing. God is trying to save mankind to the greatest extent possible. If you raise your hand and admit your transgressions, then it’s done—you will be within the scope of God’s salvation. God will have mercy on you, and the Holy Spirit will start to work on you.

Have we experienced God’s work to the extent that we have true obedience of God? From now on, we need to enter reality for everything. In the past, when we read God’s words and fellowshiped about the truth, it was not as illuminating as it is today—the path of entering reality, in particular, is so clear. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. Isn’t the Holy Spirit now perfecting people through working like this? The Holy Spirit’s perfecting of people has a time limit. Hence, in this crucial moment, if you accept the truth, seek the truth, and obey the truth without delay, you can be perfected. If you cannot accept the truth, then you are in trouble and you will be eliminated. How can the Holy Spirit work on you if you don’t accept the truth? The Holy Spirit works on people under the precondition of them choosing to obey the truth. If your mentality is to obey and accept, then the Holy Spirit will work. If your mentality is to rebel and defy, then the Holy Spirit won’t work. In the past, when we talked about obeying God, most people thought: “Ah, the task of obeying God is too difficult. When will we be considered to be obeying God? When will we be able to achieve true obedience toward God?” It seemed that achieving obedience toward God is too distant, too vague. Now it feels real, right? Now do you understand how to practice obeying God? Quickly practice whatever work arrangements ask you to practice, quickly do what work arrangements ask you to do. No matter what is communicated in work arrangements, just stand on the side of God and practice accordingly. That is obeying God. That is obeying God’s work. That is the most real practice, the most accurate practice. …

What is the most basic way to achieve obedience of God? It is to practice the truth. Begin entry through practicing the truth. Practice as many truths as you understand. One day, when you see through the influence of Satan and can stand on God’s side and rebel against the influence of Satan, then you will have become a person who truly obeys God. Practice as many truths as you understand right now. Practice them regardless of the extent of your understanding. The more you practice the truth, the more you will have the work of the Holy Spirit. In the end, you will achieve real understanding of the truth and knowledge of God. By that time, you will practice a lot of truths and reach a certain state, and you will have become a person who obeys God. Your practice of the truth will have risen to true obedience of God, and your practice of the truth will have succeeded. Is this clear? When it comes to practicing the truth, the more you enter into it, the deeper it goes, and the more you do so, the more practical it becomes. When you practice the truth to the extent of being able to rebel against the influence of Satan and not be controlled by any person, event or thing, then you will have become a person who truly obeys God. When your practice of the truth has entered the state of obeying God, you will have succeeded, and by then you will be a person who obeys God and be saved. What is the ultimate result that practicing the truth can achieve? It is becoming a person who obeys God and being saved. That’s the ultimate goal. At the moment, most people’s practice of the truth has not yet reached the state of insisting on principles and not being constrained by others. As soon as someone constrains them, they cannot practice the truth; as soon as they are constrained by a leader or worker, they will immediately obey that leader or worker; as soon as they are constrained by Satan, they will immediately surrender to Satan. The practicing of the truth of such people is too shallow. They have not yet broken free from Satan’s influence or broken out of Satan’s restrictions, which is why they have not achieved obedience of God. When you are not constrained by false leaders, deceived by antichrists, or controlled by Satan in practicing the truth, and you are able to risk everything to practice the truth, then it’s done—you have become someone who truly obeys God. This is because your practice of the truth is very thorough, very principled. You’re not afraid to offend people and you are not constrained or deceived by anyone. Your practice of the truth will then have risen to the state of obeying God. This is a lesson in life entry. The depth of your life experiences is based on the extent to which you practice the truth. If your practice of the truth reaches the state of obeying God, then your life experiences will have reached the level of being saved and entered the advanced stage of breaking free from Satan’s influence. By then, you will be qualified to be used by God to carry out His will. Self-reflect now on whether you truly obey God. If your practice of the truth is too shallow and does not yet involve obeying God and you are unable to rebel against the influence of Satan, it means you are not obeying God. Only being able to practice the truth on some trivial things is still very far off from reaching the standard of obeying God. Some people think they are a good person if they pick up a bit of money off the street and hand it to police. Isn’t this amusing? What do they do in private? They steal 10,000 dollars and won’t even return it. When it comes to practicing the truth to obey God, the first thing is to rebel against the influence of Satan, and the second thing is to forsake the flesh. If you can accomplish these two things, then you basically can achieve obedience toward God. To accomplish these two things is very crucial! What does rebelling against the influence of Satan refer to? It refers to not being constrained by any leaders or workers: “I only obey God. As long as it is God’s will, conforms with God’s words, and is the truth, I will obey. No leader or worker can control me. I won’t be controlled by them.” This is breaking free from the influence of Satan. The influence of the great red dragon and evil spirits is no longer a threat to regular people who understand some truths. The biggest threat to God’s chosen people obeying God is false leaders and antichrists. This is very serious. Therefore, when rebelling against the influence of Satan, if you can forsake false leaders and antichrists, the other forces of Satan are powerless against you. One is forsaking false leaders and antichrists, and the other is forsaking your own flesh, philosophies of life, and your emotions. If you can do both these things, then you can achieve true obedience toward God. If you can practice obeying God and standing on God’s side like this in many spiritual battles, you will have become a person who obeys God. After practicing in this way a few times, practicing obedience toward God becomes even easier. The first time and the second time are the hardest. You have apprehensions about this and that, you are restrained by this and that, such as emotions, status, and power. After you practice forsaking these things a few times, rebelling against the influence of Satan becomes a piece of cake and goes without saying. For example, if your father is a leader who opposes the work arrangements of the above, how will you practice? Can you debate your father and use the truth to outargue him, then insist on the truth, not stand on his side, and not be constrained by him? Can you do it? This is very revealing of a person. Some people are not constrained by emotions: “It doesn’t matter even if you are my father. I won’t listen to you if you don’t possess the truth. I only obey God. I only listen to God.” A believer in God must have righteousness. This is a sense of justice. Righteousness overwhelms evil. What does “evil” mean? Following Satan is evil. Living by philosophies of life is evil. Always having personal motives is evil. Having righteousness is to regard practicing the truth and obeying God as a matter of course. People with righteousness who pursue the truth can be perfected. There are currently too few people with righteousness. Among 10,000 people there are probably only one or two, three or five. Some people seem to have righteousness when there is nothing going on, but as soon as something happens and they have to put forth their position, they don’t dare say anything. Why? Because they are constrained by emotions, by face, by status. They become weighed down with concerns and therefore don’t dare to speak up. Do people who are constrained by too many things or have excessively complicated thoughts have righteousness? No, they do not have righteousness. Their motives are too complex. Simple people treat everything very simply. One is one and two is two, so it is easy for their righteousness to come out. People whose thinking and motives are too complicated don’t have righteousness. It is too difficult to get them to do some righteous things or things that conform with the truth. You have to say so many things to them before they will follow you. It’s really not easy. Right now, many of God’s chosen people have too many constraints. They are constrained as soon as something major befalls them. People who are constantly constrained may understand the truth, but it’s not easy for them to practice the truth. If you ask some of them, “Do you understand the truth or not?” they will say, “Say no more. I understand it all, but there are obstacles.” They understand everything about the truth, but they have difficulties in practicing the truth. Isn’t this being constrained? It is not easy for people to be perfected if they suffer too many constraints in their practicing of the truth and cannot practice it no matter what. If such people are used by God, they won’t be able to carry out God’s will. When Jesus arrived on earth and discovered that He came to perform a stage of work, that is, He must be crucified to atone for the sins of mankind, and realized that God gave Him such an entrustment, that He must be nailed to the cross and die, how heavy must He have felt! If He could not practice the truth, then wouldn’t God’s entrustment have come to nothing? But Jesus was able to bear this entrustment; He was able to bear the cross from Jerusalem to Calvary. Does carrying out God’s will require paying a price? It very much requires paying a price. It cannot be done without the aspiration. Could the work of the crucifixion have been completed by anyone else? No, it could not have, because others don’t have such normal humanity, such aspiration, such love of God. If God wanted them to live, that would be fine; if God wanted them to die, they wouldn’t be able to submit to it. They wouldn’t die for God. We saw how Jesus was like a lamb to the slaughter, who obeyed no matter where He was led. Even though He felt extreme suffering on the inside, He was able to obey. When He prayed, He said: “O My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me: nevertheless not as I will, but as You will.” That is why Jesus was able to obey His Father unto death. People who carry out God’s will must have this kind of aspiration. If a person does not have such aspiration yet still wants to be put to great use by God and carry out God’s will, will they be able to do it? All they will be able to do is humiliate God. Therefore, people with a sense of justice and righteousness who pursue the truth can be perfected by God, and after they are perfected they will be able to be put to great use by God, carry out God’s will, and in the end, obey God unto death. “I am willing even if God makes me sacrifice my life.” People with such an aspiration of obeying God unto death will surely be perfected and be put to great use by God.

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