99 True Love Among Man

1 You express the truth; You bestow on man the way of eternal life. You bear the pain of rejection; You share man’s hardships. You walk among the churches; You shepherd Your chosen people. You live together with man; You suffer alongside man. Pain and torment for days, years, and decades—You pour out all Your love that You may gain man’s heart. Each day You speak new words to provide man with the truth. Your stern words are suffused throughout with true love. Your judgment and trials are meant to make man perfect. Through Your judgment, corruption is cleansed. I experience Your love; my heart belongs to You.

2 I’ve believed in You for so many years, yet I have never known You. I am full of notions, and I’m only after Your grace. I have accepted Your work, yet I have never loved You. Truly, I have lost my sense, and I am unworthy of being called human. You are merciful and tolerant, and You do all You can to save me. Your judgment and refinement are both Your love. Through Your judgment, I come to know Your righteousness. I live out a new human likeness, and my love for You is purer. I see Your loveliness; my heart is Yours. I submit to Your orchestration, and I have neither regret nor complaint. I love You and bear witness for You. I will be loyal to You my whole life.

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