How One Should Pursue the Truth to Become a Person Who Truly Obeys God

What Must One Possess in Order to Become a Person Who Truly Obeys God?

First, you must have fear of God. A person who does not fear God can do evil, misbehave, and be utterly lawless. This is a fact. Therefore, all those without fear of God are the devil Satan. Is such a statement tenable? Such a statement is completely tenable. Any believer of God who does not fear God is surely capable of doing anything and is absolutely unruly. Such a person is not someone who truly believes in God. It is crucial for a person to have fear of God. How does one attain fear of God? Fear of God is attained through true knowledge of God’s disposition and essence. A person without true knowledge of God’s disposition and His essence definitely won’t have fear of God. Satan does not have fear of God, so it can be utterly lawless and do all manner of evil. The great red dragon does not acknowledge God and moreover does not have fear of God, so it is utterly lawless, perpetrates whatever evil it pleases, kills indiscriminately, destroys lives, and has ruined the country and its people to the point of creating a foul atmosphere. A believer who does not have fear of God does not have true faith in God. We have seen some false leaders and false workers act lawlessly, arbitrarily expelling God’s chosen people and segregating and framing people at will. Our hearts are filled with loathing when we see the actions of such people. If they are caught, they must absolutely be expelled. A country has its laws and a family has its rules. God’s house has its own administration. In the future, God’s kingdom is Christ’s kingdom, and it will be ruled even more by the law of the kingdom. There are countries in the world that can sentence people to death. In God’s kingdom, God can directly chastise you and put you to death. That’s even more severe. How were the Israelites punished during the Age of Law if they violated the law? God’s chosen people could stone them to death. There were examples of this, right? People without fear of God who committed all manner of evil and were utterly lawless were stoned to death during the Age of Law. God’s disposition is righteous, majestic and wrathful. Now, God’s house has its administration, and in the future, the Age of Kingdom will be ruled by law. This is of utmost importance. Hence, these false leaders who are absolutely unruly and commit such great evils shall face certain death! Look at the things that these false leaders, false workers and antichrists have been doing. God is likely to judge them and decide that they are to be punished. They’re in trouble. The passage of God’s words entitled “The Wicked Will Surely Be Punished” has already told us: “In future I will bring retribution upon each person according to what he has done.” How could God not have a record of what evils you commit during your time as a leader or worker? How could God not examine it? God always has a record and He always examines it. God can forgive some revelations of corrupt dispositions, but He will not forgive if you do evil and disrupt God’s work. This is a fact. Accordingly, some people must be severely punished one day. By then, they will have to bear all the consequences. For instance, some people have committed such serious evil deeds. Can God’s house let them off the hook? They can’t even pass my checkpoint, so how can I let them off the hook? When they get to God’s checkpoint, God won’t let them off either, and neither will the Holy Spirit. In the end, when their wicked deeds are made public, God’s chosen people won’t let them off either. Which one of these four “won’t–let–you–off–checks” will they be able to evade? It won’t do even if they run to the ends of the earth. Now, people who do evil think: “The great red dragon is carrying out persecution and restricting the environment here. The above cannot touch me. They can’t control me even if they want to.” What do they think the great red dragon is? The great red dragon is doing service for God. After the great red dragon completes its service, God will suppress it and make it perish. After God destroys the great red dragon’s nest, where will these wicked people who rely on the great red dragon for protection escape to? There is nowhere for them to escape. No even one will be able to escape! That’s a fact. To be a person who obeys God, one must first have fear of God and magnify God. All those who have fear of God can magnify God in their heart. All those who can put God first can let God reign in their heart. Such a person is someone who fears God. All people who truly fear God will be perfected by the Holy Spirit and have the work of the Holy Spirit. When a person pursues the truth to a certain extent and has genuine knowledge of God, they won’t just have fear of God, they will also have true faith in God. Since they have genuine knowledge of God, their life disposition will start to change. After their life disposition changes, their difficulties in obeying God will be resolved and their obstacles to obeying God will be gone. It can be said that they will have completely broken free from Satan’s influence. By that time, they will have become a person who truly obeys God. This is the result achieved by God’s work on God’s chosen people. Whoever truly obeys God is someone who will be saved and perfected by God, someone who accords with God’s wishes, and someone who will be praised by God. If you are not a person who truly obeys God, you will not be saved and perfected. If you can still resist God and do evil, then you’re in trouble. Not only will you not be saved by God, I’m afraid you’ll also be punished and cursed by God. Since you already believe in Almighty God, if you pursue the truth, the path ahead will be bright and your future will be wonderful. If you don’t pursue the truth, your ending will be the same as unbelievers in that you will suffer perdition and perish. If you are still doing evil in the church, then you have become a sinner who will be condemned through the ages. When God’s work ends, you will have either become a person who obeys God, or you will likely be punished. Each person decides their own path.

The second thing one must possess to truly obey God is being able to obey the authority of God’s words. In God’s house and among His creations, the word of God and Christ are the highest authority. If the man used by the Holy Spirit goes against God’s words, which do you obey? You should obey God’s words. Don’t be emotional. No matter who it is, obeying the word of God is obeying the number one authority, the highest authority. If a leader does not do things in accordance with God’s words and the work arrangements of the above, do you obey them or do you obey God’s words? Logically, you understand you should obey God’s words, but this is not easy to practice when the time comes. When some people act, they think: “Oh, my leader is making me do this, which doesn’t conform with God’s words and the work arrangements of the above. But if I obey the work arrangements of the above, my leader might seek retribution against me. What if he replaces me? ‘The official sitting in the county seat can’t order people around like one sitting right here.’” Isn’t this the difficulty in practicing it? What is contained in this constraint by status? Is it not the influence of Satan? This is the influence of Satan. Does it contain Satan’s philosophies? So should this be forsaken? If you really possess the truth, you will be able to forsake Satan’s influence and the flesh, which is forsaking Satan’s philosophies. Believers live by the word of God and not the philosophies of Satan. For one to fear God and shun evil, they must not be afraid of offending people. This is a principle of practicing the truth. It is troublesome if you’re afraid of offending people. Should one practice in such a way to be an honest person? Should one obey the power of status or the truth? We should obey the truth. What would you do if I do something that does not conform with the truth? Would you dare to resist it? Some people don’t dare to because they’re afraid I won’t be happy with them and that I might replace them. This is the philosophy of life. Would you say I am a reliable person? Some people might think: “If I offend you by practicing the truth, could you suppress us using your power? Could you replace us?” What are you afraid of? What will happen in the end if I seek retribution against you or punish you? I will be punished because God is righteous. You don’t believe that God is righteous? Why are you being restricted by others if you believe God is righteous? Your thoughts are being ruled by Satan’s philosophies and constrained by Satan’s dark influences. That is why you cannot obey God. Is this not the difficulty people have in obeying God? Now many people cannot obey God because they have this difficulty or that difficulty. They pay attention to power and status, and cannot practice the truth. God does not please people like these. God rules over everything and is omnipotent. God rules over all things and is the Lord of creation. When it comes to authority, His authority is the highest. So why can you not obey God’s authority? Is this not the ignorance of man? Some people obey power: “I obey whoever has status and power. ‘The official sitting in the county seat can’t order people around like one sitting right here.’ Whoever is supervising me right now is who I obey. If you don’t supervise me right now, I won’t obey you no matter how high your position is.” What kind of thinking is this person dominated by? The satanic philosophies and notions of status inside them are too severe. Such people are not people who practice the truth. If one cannot practice the truth, then just who do they believe in? Many people believe in God and eat and drink God’s words, yet the one they obey is Satan. If you eat and drink God’s words yet cannot live by God’s words, and even live by Satan’s philosophies, then isn’t that saying one thing but doing another? Isn’t that complying in appearance but opposing in heart? Isn’t that being crooked and deceitful? Isn’t that the opposite of being an honest person? So are you an honest person? You’ll be all right and know yourself if you self-reflect and check yourself in this way. The first thing to being a person who truly obeys God is obeying the authority of God’s words. Only when one can obey God’s words, obey the truth, and not be constrained by anyone’s status or power are they magnifying God and a person who fears God. Secondly, it is being able to obey the authority of Christ. Magnify Christ in your heart and be absolutely obedient to whatever Christ says and commands. Some people say: “I believe in God and listen to God, I don’t listen to man.” If Christ said something now, would you listen to it? If you don’t listen to the words that Christ personally said to you, if you know He is the Christ but don’t fear Him and don’t obey Him, then aren’t you saying false words and lying if you say you listen to God’s words and not man’s words? A lot of people say to the man used by the Holy Spirit: “We listen to God and not man.” I say: “It is right to listen to God. Even I have to listen to God. But did you listen when God bore witness to me? Did you listen when God told you to listen to me?” You didn’t listen when God told you to listen to me. You didn’t follow God’s words, and then you say: “I believe in and listen to God, I don’t listen to man.” Aren’t these words complying in appearance but opposing in heart? Isn’t that flying the banner of “listening to God” but in reality not listening to God and instead resisting God? Isn’t such a person a crooked and deceitful person, a person who deceives God? What you say sounds good, but do you really listen to God’s words? Let me ask you: “How much of God’s words have you listened to? How much of the truth do you understand? How much reality have you entered? Have you really listened to God’s words? Have you really treasured God’s words? Have you really practiced God’s words? Have you really entered God’s words? Have you really lived by God’s words?” If you don’t possess these realities, then your “listen to God’s words”, “yearn for God’s words”, and “want to read God’s words” are all fake and all lies. You say believers in God must listen to God and not man, but it is actually to fix and punish people. That’s your real ambition. These things reveal a fact: Corrupted mankind is too capable of lying and all know to fly the banner of belief in God and say, “We believe in God, so we don’t listen to man and only listen to God and obey God.” Isn’t that being deceitful? What you say sounds good, but it’s not real. Which words of God have you listened to? Tell us the passage of God’s words you have followed or love the most, show us which behaviors of yours obey God. If you truly listen to God and all your practice accords with God’s words, then you’d have saved me the trouble and put my mind at ease. I won’t need to do anything. I don’t need to preach to you at all and you can listen directly to God. The mission of my work is to guide people into God’s words. Since you can now directly enter reality by eating and drinking God’s words, you don’t need me to guide you. Doesn’t that give me peace of mind? In reality, you are not listening to God, you don’t understand the truth, and you haven’t entered reality. You are here messing around, kicking up a fuss for nothing. This is troublesome, so I have to speak up. Why are you doubting Christ’s words? Why don’t you listen to Christ’s words and yet deceive Christ? What kind of a person are you before Christ? You look down on Christ and yet you say you listen to God. Isn’t that just a lie to deceive people? What you say sounds so good, but where is your reality? Some people say they believe in God, but what do they do before Christ? They treat Christ as an ordinary person. So tell me, who do they really believe? Do they believe in the real God, or a vague God up in the sky? Or is it a God they have imagined? Will God acknowledge such a believer? God will not acknowledge them. Thus, don’t lie to yourself and think: “I am a believer, I listen to God in everything.” How do you listen to God? Do you have this reality? Have you really done it? You are purely lying. All you do is say what sounds good. If you really listen to God and are definitely a person who truly obeys God, you will be saved. Why don’t you communicate how you listen to God, how you live by God’s words, how you obey God in everything, how you don’t listen to or obey man? Tell us such experiences and testimonies. I will admire you if you can truly show us the reality in these things, and I will immediately promote you and put you in an important position. Are you now a person who obeys Christ? You all have in your hand a copy of the words expressed by Christ. Which line of Christ’s words do you live by? Do you have such experiences and testimonies? If you don’t obey Christ’s words, would you be able to obey if Christ personally said a few words to you? Have you ever self-reflected in this manner? Would you listen to me if I said something among you? If Christ then said something else, who would you listen to? You say you would listen to Christ. If I said something that perfectly conforms with your notions, but Christ said something that doesn’t conform with your notions at all and doesn’t sound good, who would you listen to? Some say they would listen to Christ, which is easy to say but hard to practice. In reality, you wouldn’t listen to Christ; you would all listen to me. You can all listen to people you admire, but you cannot obey Christ. This is the essence of your nature. It’s a serious problem. Does what I have said conform with the actual situation? So just who do you obey? Is this not a problem that actually exists? You are in trouble if you have such a problem! In that case, you are now not people who absolutely obey God. Most of the time and to a great extent, you can only obey man and not God. This is a fact. Listening to man and not God is the God-betraying essence of all corrupted mankind.

The third behavior that a person who truly obeys God should possess is being able to obey the authority, enlightenment, and inner guidance of the Holy Spirit. Being able to practice this proves that you are a person who obeys God. When you believe in God, no matter what time it is, your heart cannot leave God. Once your heart leaves God, the Holy Spirit won’t have a place in your heart and He won’t work in you. You must have love for God in your heart, and you must often get close to God, pray to God, and share your thoughts with God. If you always devote yourself wholeheartedly to God and speak to Him honestly and sincerely, God will search your heart, and the Holy Spirit will work in your heart. The more the Holy Spirit works in your heart, the more you can feel that God is with you, and the more you can feel that God is guiding you, protecting you, and loving you, and the faith in your heart will grow! If you can feel God’s love, you will feel: “When I pray and communicate with God, the Holy Spirit will move me and be with me. When I ponder about the truth, the Holy Spirit will enlighten me. When I encounter any difficulties, or am troubled by something, the Holy Spirit will enlighten me, and it won’t take long for me to figure things out and know how to practice appropriately. That I can practice in this way is all due to the work and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and it makes me feel more and more that God truly loves me.” The more you love God, the more the Holy Spirit works in you. This is a fact. When you experience the work of the Holy Spirit even more, you will often feel moved in your heart, want to shed tears, have love for God, and want to devote your heart to God. This makes you want to obey the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit more and more. If a place in your heart goes against the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit or betrays God’s will, you will feel regret in your heart and suffer. You will fall before God and pray and cry bitterly, and you’ll pray never to betray God’s will again. If you obey the Holy Spirit in this way, God will be kind to you and enlighten you more and more, making you understand the truth more and more, and in the end, you will be able to see anything clearly. Therefore, one who can obey the authority of the Holy Spirit, and obey the enlightenment and inner guidance of the Holy Spirit is a person who truly obeys God. Some people say: “Obeying the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and inner guidance is the more practical behavior that represents obedience toward God. I often can’t sense the Holy Spirit’s guidance and feel the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, so how can I practice this?” This is an easy problem to resolve. You are too far away from God. Your heart has run off into the world, into the joys of the flesh. Where can you go to enjoy the Holy Spirit? How can the Holy Spirit gain you and work in you? You must regularly return before God. If you run far, if your heart feels far from God, then you must quickly return before Him and eat and drink His words more, sing more hymns, pray to Him, and share your thoughts with Him more. Then you will have returned before God. When you truly return before God and also feel the work of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to sense the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and understand the inner guidance of the Holy Spirit. If you practice accordingly, you will always enjoy God’s company in your heart and the work of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, when one obeys the enlightenment and inner guidance of the Holy Spirit, they will have more and more reality, be able to sense things more and more accurately, and practice more and more accurately. This is how to practice and enter into obeying the Holy Spirit. The results will come slowly, so don’t be anxious.

The fourth behavior to possess to become a person who truly obeys God is being able to obey the work arrangements, sermons and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit. This principle is also quite crucial, because the Holy Spirit guides God’s chosen people through the leadership of the man used by the Holy Spirit. Many brothers and sisters have had this kind of experience: Since we started believing in God, I’ve come to realize that we really can’t be without the leadership of the man used by the Holy Spirit. Through listening to the sermons and fellowship of and the work arrangements issued by the man used by the Holy Spirit, the fulfilling of our duties and our work has a path, and we have joy in our hearts and feel that this is the right path. This is entirely accurate. Through listening to the sermons and fellowship of the above, many of God’s chosen people feel that they understand some truths and that they also know themselves. They see that their own corruption is too deep and that they don’t have the likeness of a true human being, so they start focusing on pursuing the truth. This becomes easy to understand after listening to sermons and fellowship and then reading God’s words for a few years. If they then read God’s words some more, they will feel that God’s words are especially warm. What does this mean? It means that the sermons and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit can indeed bring God’s chosen people into the reality of God’s words. When one listens to his sermons and fellowship, it becomes easy for them to understand God’s words and the truth. That’s a fact. Based on this point, we will gradually enter the right track of belief in God if, in church life, we fulfill our duties in accordance with the work arrangements of the above on the one hand, and listen to his sermons and fellowship on the other. In accordance with this fact, we can be absolutely certain that the man used by the Holy Spirit really can bring us onto the right track of belief in God, and that all the work he does is to make us eat and drink God’s words, understand the truth, and enter reality. He is not bringing us before himself, and moreover is not bringing us into religion. Rather, he is bringing us into the reality of God’s words. What will be the outcome if you don’t obey his work arrangements and instead follow a false Christ or antichrist? If you follow a false Christ or antichrist, or are controlled by false leaders or false workers, it can be said that you will never enter the reality of God’s words. That’s the first thing. Secondly, if you cannot enter the reality of God’s words and understand the truth, you will never enter the right track of belief in God. This conclusion is entirely correct. This conclusion will be verified with time. When God’s work ends, go see whether the people controlled by those false leaders and antichrists have entered the right track or have reality. Things will be clear by then. Then let those people who never obey see. These people never listen to the fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit or follow the work arrangements of the man used by the Holy Spirit in their work and serving God. See what situation these people have fallen into in the end. Let them talk about their experiences and how they failed. By then, this conclusion will be completely verified. Based on this reality, some people say: “We believe in God and listen to and obey God in everything. We don’t listen to man.” Is this statement correct? It is rather correct, but God has set up a person like this to lead us and shepherd us, and yet you go against God’s intentions and don’t listen to God’s words. Can you lead and shepherd yourself? God cannot shepherd you directly. All God can do is finish expressing His words. Go eat and drink God’s words by yourself and see what results you can achieve. Accordingly, aren’t you just spouting empty words when you say you listen to God and let God lead you? God says: “I expressed so many words in order to guide you, but in actuality, there also needs to be a person to lead, to guide you into the reality of God’s words. If, after I finish expressing My words, I use words and principles to guide, that is a general goal, a general principle. But in terms of actual practice, simply using words to guide you without a person to lead you into God’s words or an ensuing path to practice, then that’s still just empty words.” What if some brothers and sisters say, “We just listen to God and obey God; we simply won’t listen to the man used by the Holy Spirit”? In that case, “Just wait and see.” You walk your path and I walk my path, and let’s see how far you can go in the end. Let’s prove it with facts. Some people just don’t practice in accordance with the work arrangements of the above. So keep going down your path without interference from anyone, and see if your path is one of success or one of failure. This is because, even though what you say is right in that “We believe in God so we must listen to and obey God, not listen to man,” are you actually able to do it? Do you possess that stature? Do you have that caliber? It’s fine if you really can achieve the stature of being absolutely obedient to God, but I’m afraid you’re in trouble if you can’t obey God and you always follow yourself, follow Satan, and perpetrate whatever evil you please. In fact, what you say is quite great, but if you try to practice it, you won’t be able to do it at all. What you say is empty words, while what I say is realistic. In terms of words, what you say cannot be criticized and is completely correct, but it’s not a path—you can’t practice it. What you say is like a child at school when they say, “In the future when I enter society, I am going to this and that.” An adult asks them: “What do you like? What profession will you choose?” And the child says, “I choose to be an engineer. I choose to be a scientist. I choose to be a mayor, to be a provincial chief.” Aren’t those just the words of a child playing house? Are such words realistic? Those are words adults say to humor children. Children don’t understand things, so they speak nonsense. Adults are happy when they hear them, but such words are not realistic. Some people say: “We simply don’t listen to the man used by the Holy Spirit. We will carve out a path ourselves. The path is beneath our feet, carved out by man.” Are you willing to carve out a path by yourself? None of you do. This path was carved out by the incarnated God. If you don’t walk it and insist on deviating onto your own path, then you are someone who likes to run against a stone wall.

Truly obeying God mainly involves these four aspects. If you can enter the reality of these four aspects and really and truly obey them all, then you are certainly someone who truly obeys God. If you don’t have true obedience regarding these four aspects, then the conclusion is that you are currently not someone who truly obeys God, and you are still someone who betrays and rebels against God, someone who still follows Satan and lives under Satan’s domain. Such words conform with reality. Do you now have any entry regarding these four principles of practice? Do you have any reality? This is the reality of obeying God. Truly obeying God mainly involves four principles. If you possess these four principles, then you are guaranteed to be someone who truly obeys God.

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