Only Those Who Truly Submit to God Shall Receive His Salvation

Expressions and Practices of True Obedience Toward God

The main expressions of true obedience toward God are as follows. First, people who truly obey God can automatically and consciously practice the truth and obey God without needing God to discipline, punish or prune and deal with them. This is having true obedience toward God. If you only reluctantly do some actual things when the above forces you to do so, or orders you to practice in accordance with work arrangements or else you will be replaced, is that being a person who truly obeys God? Only those who can consciously practice the truth and practice in accordance with God’s words, and can obey God without needing others to press them or order them, are people who truly obey God. Only those who can practice in accordance with the truth as soon as they remember God’s words or as soon as they seek the truth and understand it, are people who truly obey God. Only those who, when something happens to them, can immediately accept and abide without reservation as soon as someone reminds them or fellowships God’s words to them, are people who truly obey God. Only those who, whenever they are enlightened by the Holy Spirit in their heart, can pray to God and swear, “I will practice completely in accordance with God’s will and will never violate the truth,” are people who truly obey God. Only those who, no matter what time it is or what they are doing, can immediately do actual work entrusted by God and are willing to obey God even unto death the moment they remember to do God’s will and their commission, are people who truly obey God. People with true obedience toward God are able to give forth their loyalty for God’s entrustment without acting perfunctorily and can completely fulfill God’s requirements. In particular, leaders, workers and evangelists who can be loyal to God’s entrustment and, regardless of how difficult the environment, always do everything they can and find ways to do some actual work, without lazing off, shirking responsibility or being perfunctory, are people who truly obey God. Only those who will understand what God’s entrustment is and directly practice in accordance with God’s words without needing others to push him by saying “You must evangelize; gospel work can’t be stopped,” without needing the man used by the Holy Spirit to always tell them and arrange work for them, are people who truly obey God. Those who can stand firm and bear witness during trials, can satisfy God and shame Satan, and, regardless of whether disaster befalls them, their families are destroyed or they suffer illness or pain, can still not deny God, still rely on God, praise God, thank God, and follow God and fulfill their duties, are people who truly obey God. Trials reveal people all too well. If a person becomes negative, dissatisfied toward God, complains about God or even denies God from encountering just one trial, then they are not someone who truly obeys God. Thus, such a person has failed in the face of the trial and lost God’s blessing. What kind of people does God bless? In the end, God blesses those who can satisfy Him and stand witness when trials really befall them. We have seen God tested Abraham and Job. In the end, they only received God’s blessing because they satisfied God in their trials. Therefore, for one to think they can receive God’s blessing without going through trials is wishful thinking, being unreasonable. That’s an extravagant desire, absurd, and stupid. All those who can complain about God, deny God, or even curse and blaspheme God in trials, are satanic demons unworthy of God’s blessing. Secondly, true obedience toward God is being able to forge ahead, stand unswervingly, and loyally defend God’s work unto death when it comes to spiritual battles. The deceiving of people by evil spirits is a spiritual battle. False leaders and antichrists deceiving and controlling God’s chosen people to establish their own independent kingdom is a spiritual battle. Many other things also involve spiritual battles, when Satan’s many temptations and cunning schemes befall you and when all kinds of fallacies and heresies are deceiving people. When these things happen, it is Satan tempting people. When such things befell Peter, he was able to seek God’s will and clearly see the reality of the spiritual battle, see through Satan’s schemes, stand on God’s side, and protect God’s work. That is why God said Peter is the person who knows Him best. Hence, spiritual battles reveal most whether a person has true knowledge of God and can be truly obedient to God. When it comes to spiritual battles, if a person can stand on God’s side, forge ahead for the sake of God’s entrustments, be unwavering and loyally protect God’s work unto death, then anyone who says that this person is not someone who obeys God must be blind! Are there many of God’s chosen people who can obey God in this manner? Yes, there are quite a few! When there are false leaders and antichrists controlling God’s chosen people, or when the work of evil spirits is deceiving God’s chosen people, how many people try to rescue them? These people do their work not because the above forces them to, but because as soon as they see such situations, they think, “I should fulfill my duty and give forth all my loyalty. God needs me. If I don’t do it, I would be betraying and wronging God,” and then go do it. No matter the situation, they will brave the dangers and bear the risks to do it. This is what’s called a person who is truly obedient toward God. This is what’s called a person who gives forth all their loyalty for God’s work. A person who truly obeys God is someone who, even in comfort, can still be considerate toward God’s will and say, “I can’t enjoy God’s grace for nothing. I must fulfill my duty to the best of my ability. I must do some actual things for God’s chosen people. I cannot idle away the time.” Hence, regardless of what situation they are in, they don’t greedily covet the pleasures of the flesh, and won’t put their personal matters, enjoyment and comfort in the most important position. Instead, they take God’s heart as their own and think in the interests of God’s chosen people. They see that so many of God’s chosen people are foolish and ignorant, don’t understand the truth, are deceived by Satan at will, cannot break free from the arbitrary control of false leaders and antichrists, and need to be watered, supplied and supported. They feel that they cannot turn a blind eye and turn a blind ear. Such are people who truly obey God and all have wonderful testimonies. Thirdly, people who truly obey God are principled and have a bottom line in daily life. What does being principled mean? It means standing on the truth’s side and on God’s side at all times, not standing on the side of people or power, not worshiping power, but respecting the truth, and magnifying God. These are the principles with which they conduct themselves. In particular, in the face of the matters of principle, they can uphold the truth, not worship power, not try to please people, not rely on philosophies of life, do things in accordance with principles, not be afraid to offend people, and when it comes to upholding principles and protecting God’s work, they would rather offend people than offend God. This is their bottom line in life, the principles with which they conduct themselves. Only when one has such principles of conduct are they truly someone who obeys God and a person who genuinely possesses the truth and reality. After what I’ve said, you should now understand what being truly obedient toward God means. …

If you are truly willing to become a person who pursues truth and is submissive to God, how should you practice in the future? What are the principles of being a person? In all situations you should stand on the side of truth and stand with God, never side with some person nor protect that person’s influence. You should remember this. You should respect the truth, and truth should receive the greatest respect in your heart. You should betray the influence of Satan and neither worship nor follow Satan’s influence. The principle and baseline standard of being a person is, “I will listen to whomever is in accordance with the truth and I will support those who act in accordance with truth, and I shall stand with God.” Do not stand on the side of influence. Whoever he is, whether a leader or a worker, if what he does or says is not in accordance with the truth, do not submit to them. Do not speak in their favor or encourage them. If you really have stature, you would say, “What you are saying is not in accordance with the truth and I disapprove of it and do not support it. I do not stand with you and I do not agree with your point of view.” You should declare your position in this manner. Thereafter, your principles should include living your life based on God’s word. Interpersonal relationships and conversations between people should be based on God’s word. You might say, “The words you said do not conform with the truth, so I do not support you on this issue. This is very clear cut. When it comes to the truth and God’s word, we should absolutely insist on the truth. We should not agree to things that betray the truth, so I do not stand with you and I do not support you. You have power and status, so you might persist in doing this, but I have told you that I don’t agree with your methods and I want nothing to do with your methods. When the time comes and something bad happens, you have only yourself to blame.” People should take a clear stand when cooperating in service. Is it good to take a clear stand? If a leader says to another leader, “This person has no truth and does not pursue truth. He attacks leaders and I regard him as an antichrist. We should deal with him. What do you say?” What would you say if you encountered this situation? Would you just say “Amen” in the name of maintaining “harmony”? Isn’t this an offense to God? You must not do things that go against the truth. This is the baseline standard of being a person! You cannot do evil! If he persists in doing so, you should say, “I disapprove of this. I cannot tell if he is an antichrist and I don’t agree with condemning him and I don’t agree with your saying so. If you must persist in doing this, you are on your own. Do not do so on my behalf. Your accusing him of this does not represent the church and is unacceptable.” No leader or worker has the right to represent the church; what they do and say can only represent themselves. These are the rules of God’s house and I want to reiterate this. Therefore, anyone who upholds a leader is not upholding the church. And furthermore, they are not upholding God’s work. Instead, they are merely worshiping power and upholding an individual’s power and status. One can only stand on the side of truth, be faithfully devoted to God’s work, work for God, and do his duty for God’s chosen people, for this is the way to carry out truth and this is the only way to submit to God. Now, a leader or worker who lacks the truth will not stand firm. Do not be mistaken and think that people become leaders in the church the same way they do in the world, because anyone can be a boss there, they don’t even need to study to do so. If one follows Satan’s nature and their own ideas, anyone can come up with a methodology to lead, but this does not work in the house of God. One should not bring the methods of the leaders in the world into the church; it doesn’t work. God’s chosen people will loathe you and be disgusted with you. The church needs servants, workers, and those who do their duties. It does not need leaders or officials. Some people are not very good at working or fellowshiping about the truth, but are good at leveraging the leadership methods to great effect. What kind of nonsense is that? They are really shameless! Aren’t those methods that leaders employ just the stuff of the great red dragon? Can that stuff give you enjoyment? I like the ways of honest people. When honest people do their duty, they just act how they are. So don’t act like a leader or official and do not be infected by their ways. If you put on the airs of a leader, quite frankly you are being devilish. So, what is the principle of being a person? To stand on the side of truth, to stand with God, and not stand on the side of power and influence. To stand with whoever holds power is the wrong thing to do. One should be like this: “No matter if they hold power and influence, what they say must be in accordance with the truth before I stand with them or say ‘Amen’ or submit to them. If what they say or do lacks the truth, I will not stand with them and I will expose them. I will set a clear boundary between them and myself and declare to them, ‘What you say is not in accordance with the truth and I have told you this. If you still persist in this erroneous way, I will have no part in this evil behavior.’” This is just like what is said in Psalm 1:1, “Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners.” What is the principle of being a person? One aspect of it is being honest, another is standing on the side of truth. Do not be swayed by emotion or rely on satanic philosophies. If you can make progress in being more like a person and can put truth into practice and make being submissive to God a reality, you are the type of person who shall receive God’s salvation. If you are a person who acts without principle or who relies on satanic philosophies, yet you say that you submit to God, it isn’t real and you are lacking a foundation. When it comes to being a person, you must first practice being an honest person, be able to stand on the side of truth, not rely on emotions or satanic philosophies to live, and only this kind of person can make progress toward true submission to God. Do you think it is tiring for people to always dwell on emotion and rely on satanic philosophies to live? On one hand, it is tiring and on the other you can see that their disposition has not changed. Even if you haven’t done anything evil, your disposition has not undergone any change at all. Whether or not one maintains the principles in their personal relationships and contacts between people is crucial. If one wants to cast away the influence of Satan to arrive at true submission to God, then what exactly should people do in their personal relationships? Shouldn’t the truth be their principle? Or should they have satanic philosophies as their guiding principle and their life to support them? If you rely on truth and God’s word to live, and if you stand on the side of truth, then you cannot rely on satanic philosophies to guide your life. Could this be the principle of being a person? You must have a principle to be a person, and that principle is to be honest and stand with truth, with no emotion and no satanic philosophies. Only by entering into this reality can one live out the likeness of a real man. If you are unable to enter into this reality, then you won’t be changed even if you believe for a whole life. On the outside you might say, “I believe in God.” To which people might say, “You believe in God, but why cannot we see that you are any different from us? Isn’t your life principle still satanic philosophies? Everything you say is trickery and deceit, and you don’t seem at all like an honest person. You don’t stand on the side of truth when it comes to matters involving the principles of the truth and moreover, you don’t practice the truth. Where is the reality of your faith? Is your faith nothing more than talk?” Isn’t this a crucial issue? When it’s time for a spiritual war, can you not rely on emotion to live? Can you do it? For example, perhaps there is a brother or sister with whom you get along well that is a false leader or an antichrist; would you turn against them? Can you draw a line between them and you? Can you do that? If not, can you call yourself obedient? You have no reality of obeying God. When things happen, you act the same as unbelievers. You still rely on satanic philosophies and personal connections and you’re still trying to please everybody. If that’s the case, then there is no truth in you. If you are asked to know a person’s circumstances, and they are a relative or friend of yours, would you be able to report their true situation back to the church? What if your mother, sister, or brother happened to be a false leader or an antichrist, where would you stand? Would you uphold God’s work or uphold the interests of your relative? Isn’t this a problem on the principle of being a person? You have believed in God, but do you actually live by any principles? If you have no principles then your faith in God is not real, not genuine, and you are no different than unbelievers. Tell me, isn’t it a practical problem that people need principles to be a person? Isn’t it a problem involving entering into life? Can someone who is without principles truly submit to God? If a leader or worker in your church does no practical work and has no work of the Holy Spirit, would you dare report such a problem? Would you stand with that leader or worker or would you stand on the side of truth? If you fail to report the leader or worker in order to curry favor with them, are you standing with God? If you don’t consider God’s intentions and don’t uphold God’s work, how can you say you stand with God? If you were to say, “I don’t stand with the leaders and I don’t stand with God; I just won’t report the problem.” In this situation, where do you stand? You are still standing with Satan because you are not upholding the principle of truth and you are not upholding God’s work. If when it comes to this type of things, things related to a spiritual war and you stand with Satan, are you a person submitting to God? Are you a person of true faith? Aren’t you just betraying God? You say that you believe in God but your heart does not belong to God. Aren’t you just resisting God? When it comes to an issue which might cause you to offend others, you stand on the side of Satan, yet on an issue that does not involve offending anyone you outwardly stand with God. Is someone like that showing the principles of being a person? A person without principles cannot stand on the side of truth and cannot be an honest person. Isn’t this person under Satan’s influence? Does this person possess any reality of the truth? Can they be saved? Such believers in God haven’t gained the truth, and they haven’t been gained by God. And actually, there are some people who are acutely aware of the truth but they do not practice it. What type of people are they? They do not love the truth; they prefer evil and they prefer satanic philosophies, being slick and sly, not offending people and they like currying favor; isn’t this a person who prefers unrighteousness? Someone who prefers unrighteousness cannot stand on the side of God no matter what, so are they someone who is experiencing God’s work? Are they a pursuer of truth? Will they achieve salvation in the end? What do you think, does God like those who try to stay on everyone’s good side? God does not like those people; He likes honest people and He likes people who practice truth and care for His heart. Therefore, people who try to never offend anyone will never receive God’s blessing no matter how long they have had faith. People-pleasers still complain to God when they encounter disasters: “I have believed in God for so many years, so why do disasters still befall me?” Why don’t they ask themselves why they have believed in God for so many years and yet don’t practice the truth and can’t satisfy God? If you can satisfy and obey God, will God not bless you? God is righteous and is not dictated by emotion. If a person does not pursue or practice the truth and yet can still complain to God when they encounter disasters and suffer punishment, then aren’t they impervious to reason? They are absurdly unreasonable! They have not fulfilled their own duty as a creature of creation, only pay lip service to believing in God, don’t obey God at all, and don’t practice the truth even if they understand a little, but still want God’s blessing, have quite extravagant desires, and always want to profit at the expense of others. They’re used to profiting at the expense of others in society, so they also want to do so before God and not be at a disadvantage. Such people really don’t have conscience or reason.

What is the most fundamental reality of believing in God? It is the reality of obeying God. Are you a person who obeys God? In other words, are you a person who can practice the truth in the fulfillment of your duties, and, on matters involving spiritual battles, stand on God’s side and protect God’s work? This is a symbol that measures whether or not one has the reality of the truth. Only those who can, no matter what duties they fulfill in the church, stand on the side of God’s family and on the side of God, and can fulfill their duties in accordance with the work arrangements, sermons and fellowship of the above, are people who are loyal to God, obey God, and will be saved by God. Those in the church who don’t accept the work arrangements, sermons and fellowship of the above, ignore the work arrangements of the above in the fulfillment of their duties and in their work, behave arbitrarily and do whatever they please, are certainly not people who obey God. In the church, if you walk the wrong path, stand in opposition to God, walk the path of antichrists, run in the opposite direction to God’s will, or go up against the man used by the Holy Spirit, then you are regarded as a negative influence in God’s house and opposed to God. This kind of person is someone who defies God.

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