Only With Possession of the Truth Can One Shed His Corrupt Humanity and Live Out Normal Humanity

Knowledge and Science Can Only Corrupt People, Only the Truth Can Save People

Do the politicians and intellectuals among the unbelievers pay attention to any humanity? Can knowledge give man humanity? Does knowledge allow man to pay attention to a conscience and sense? The knowledge of the unbelievers isn’t a good thing. It is satanic philosophy, an evil thing. Any learning, theory, knowledge, or subject of study that does not make man live as a normal man and live out the true image of a man is false, belongs to Satan, is evil, and can only corrupt mankind. Only God’s word is truth. God’s words can change man, and after one accepts God’s words into his heart, one has a conscience and sense, one’s spirit is awakened, one has more and more normal humanity, and therefore more and more lives out the image of a man. These are the changes God’s word makes in man. It is God’s word that allows one to have and live out the true likeness of a man. It is God’s word that grants us with normal humanity. It is God’s word that makes us perfect and creates change in our disposition. It is God’s word that purifies us of our satanic toxins and satanic natures and gives us a new life. So, truth is the life disposition of normal humanity, because truth dominates us and allows us to live out normal humanity and the true likeness of a man. Without the truth, this is something we cannot accomplish. In the past, we were corrupted by Satan, every day spent pursuing knowledge was a day that our pursuits further deprived us of humanity, made us more evil, more opposed, more corrupt, more perverted, and more likely to live out the nature of a demon; this is a fact. There are so many colleges and universities in every country around the world, but what kind of people do they train? Colleges and universities train intellectuals and politicians, and every day they hold power, they make humanity more corrupt and evil. Can knowledge grant salvation? Can science change man? Can science save nations? No. Those are satanic views and satanic logic. Why, despite learning so much knowledge and reading so many books at school, can it not change man’s corrupt disposition? Because knowledge cannot save people, only the truth can save people. Knowledge not only cannot save people, it corrupts people. What is the difference between wicked deeds committed by an intellectual and those committed by an uneducated man? An intellectual makes you feel as though his wicked deeds are honorable, right, and good. You cannot see clearly, and you think he is a good person, and in the end, you are deceived and harmed. Why does humanity become more evil when intellectuals hold power and rule over man? Intellectuals already rule and govern over mankind, and now that they do, we can see the dark realities behind political power. The schemes and crimes politicians commit in private far exceed those of ordinary laborers and farmers. They are more sinister, more vicious, more despicable, and more shameless. So, when corrupt mankind studies knowledge, their corrupt disposition not only does not improve, it becomes more evil. Knowledge not only cannot save man, it makes man more sinister, more vicious, more despicable, and more shameless. This is a fact. So, does knowledge produce any positive outcomes for man at all? None, it simply harms people. Knowledge makes people more despicable and sinister in their actions, and even makes it impossible for others to see clearly, find reasons, or complain against evildoers. This is the result of learning knowledge. What is the result when man learns science? When man learns science, he destroys his life environment, which becomes a threat to the survival of mankind. Mankind eventually uses the methods of science to destroy itself, so neither knowledge nor science can save man. Nothing can grant mankind salvation except God’s word and the truth. Among our brothers and sisters there are university graduates. They are intellectuals, but after reading so many books and learning so much knowledge, have these things benefitted their lives or humanity? After learning much knowledge, they become more deceitful, they use more expert and more secret methods to commit crimes, and can disguise themselves as good people. What does this prove? The more knowledge one has, the more he is a devil! Those with much knowledge no longer wish to believe in God, and in the end, they become devils. If you learn knowledge and believe in God, you can still attain salvation, but if you learn knowledge and do not believe in God, you can easily become a devil. This is a natural law. When an intellectual can deny God, resist God, and condemn God, he has already become a devil. He uses his knowledge to resist God and to rebut and judge the truth, which gives him more ability to deceive people, and makes him an extremely powerful liar! Therefore, the greater his knowledge, the greater his ability to resist God, and the more he is a devil. This is a fact. Today we are already experiencing God’s work, and we see the root of the darkness in the world and humanity’s evil. This is the effect of God’s word upon us. We understand and have gained the truth, so we have penetration into the essence of things. Those without truth have no penetration into the world’s darkness and evil, and cannot clearly see the root of corrupt mankind’s evil. So today, as we eat and drink of God’s word, on one hand we learn to see clearly the truth of our own corruption and truly understand our own corrupt essence, but on the other we also learn to see the root of the world’s evil and darkness and the root of mankind’s corruption. The truth changes our perspective, and changes our values and life views that have been corrupted by Satan. The truth brings us true life and true values and life views. That today we can live out some normal humanity and true likeness of a man is the result of taking truth as our lives. The result of truth as life is that it allows us to live out the likeness of true humanity, and this is a fact no one can deny.


I ask you, if people are more educated, is the rate at which they commit crimes reduced? Among those who read books and go to university, are there still murderers and arsonists? Are there still thieves and robbers? Is there still greed and corruption? Can those who read many books, are highly educated, and have much learning resolve their criminal behavior? No. Those who hold power and rule over nations, those politicians and intellectuals, all commit many crimes. They are all criminals, in fact they are chief among the corrupt and the criminals. They commit crimes, but does this mean ordinary people do not? An old saying goes, “Cross a crooked bridge, and you won’t come off the other side straight.” Their crimes are simply more serious, more despicable, more hidden, and more difficult to recognize, and there is even more greed behind their actions. How much money can an ordinary person steal, and how much can a corrupt official steal? Their greed is many times greater! Is this not a fact? So, relying only on books and learning to alter man’s moral character is purely nonsense. It is satanic logic. So, why do criminals commit crimes? Because the system forces them to, because officials require them to, because they are forced to take that path, because they can’t help but commit crimes, become bandits, and become liars. Is this not the fact of it? Is it correct to say that government officials, those who hold power, and political groups force them? They lead people down the wrong path, which is the horrible result of their lack of fairness or righteousness. If reading books could change man’s moral character, then intellectuals would commit few crimes and be generally upright people, and those who commit crimes would only be the lowest among the common people, those who lack education. All of them would be criminals, while 99% of the educated would be good people, is that the case? But the opposite turns out to be true. Intellectuals commit the most crimes and politicians are the most wicked. They are far more wicked than ordinary people. The head criminals who lead nations commit the most crimes and lead the ordinary people into wickedness, and this is a fact. So, can knowledge and education change a criminal nature? Knowledge cannot change man, nor can it grant man salvation. This is certain. Why is this so? Because knowledge is not the truth, it cannot be man’s life, and when it becomes man’s life, man becomes perverted. I ask you, do the theories of intellectuals or the commonsense sayings and heartfelt words of ordinary people make more sense? Which is human speech? The words of ordinary people which are intimate, practical, earnest, and exhortative make more sense. That is human speech. But Satan’s corruption of man is too deep and man’s nature is too wicked, so man can only speak in human speech, but cannot do human deeds. Is this not the case?

Possession of Truth Is Required by Normal Humanity

What must one possess for normal humanity? One must possess a conscience and sense. What is the standard by which to determine whether a person has sense? He must have truth. Without truth, all the sense you express will be hollow and false. Suppose something requires you to state your position, and you think, “If I speak about the good aspects, everyone will call me arrogant and insolent, so to avoid that, I’ll say something false and humble.” Is it sensible to act this way? No. It is wrong to be insolent, but also wrong to be false. Suppose you have ten dollars in your pocket, and someone asks you how much money you have. Answering that you have a hundred dollars may serve your pride and make others think you have money, that you aren’t poor, but you will also be afraid of others saying you are insolent, so you might answer that you only have one dollar. Doing so is more modest, but is it in accord with sense? Is it in accord with truth? You appear modest on the surface, and not insolent, but you are false, and falsity contains deception, which is not true sense. If you possess true sense, what is the standard by which you should act? You must act in accord with the truth, be an honest person, and say what is true. This is the standard of sense. To truly have conscience, sense, dignity, and character, what must he possess? Man must possess the truth to achieve results. How can you have dignity without truth? You cannot even be called a man, at best you are a member of corrupt humanity, and at worst you are a scoundrel and devil without dignity at all. Do evildoers have dignity? They don’t even have a sense of shame. How could they have dignity? Do they have character? They have none at all. They are worthless, and when they speak none believe them. They have no character! They are exclusively liars, and others can tell at one glance that they are untrustworthy. When they speak, others simply give an excuse and then leave. Others deny entirely that such people are men, do not speak with them, and do not associate with them. Do such people have character and dignity? Dignity and character are an affirmation of your humanity, and if you have no humanity, you have absolutely no character or dignity. You are obviously Satan the devil, but claim that you have dignity. This is utter nonsense. You have no truth or humanity at all. What dignity could you have? So, what realities must one possess to live out normal humanity? One must possess the realities of God’s word and the truth and hold the truth as life to be able to live out normal humanity. So, truth is the life disposition of normal humanity. Is this not a practical way of putting it? It is very practical. How can we explain normal humanity? Some might say humanity that does not sin, does not desire to sin, and does not live in sin is normal humanity. Is this right? No. The fact that one does not sin does not imply normal humanity. Normal humanity cannot be evaluated this way. Normal humanity requires living out the true image of a man. Only then can it be called normal humanity. What must one possess to have normal humanity? One must possess conscience, sense, character, dignity, a love of the truth, a love of positive things, a hatred of evil and negative things, and also a love of being a good person and walking the correct path, and a love of light and righteousness. One must strive for progress, be determined and willing to be a good person, the kind of person God loves, and be willing to strive for ever higher goals. These are the things one should possess for normal humanity. For example, what kind of person does God love most? People who pursue the truth. What kind of people are perfected by God? People who pursue the truth. Are you someone willing to pursue being perfected? Some might say they are unwilling, and such people have no normal humanity. God wants to gain and use a group of people to carry out His will, so are you willing to be used by God? If someone says he is unwilling, he has no normal humanity, because he does not love positive things, has no determination, no true yearning, and no truly positive desires. Such people do not possess normal humanity. Those who do possess normal humanity are willing to pursue the truth, love the truth, and love positive things. The more positive and practical someone’s fellowship on the truth, the more such people want to listen, the more his heart is held, the more unwaveringly he follows, the stronger his faith in God, and the more inspired they are in their duties. Don’t such people possess normal humanity? This is normal humanity. If someone with normal humanity commits a transgression or makes a mistake because he doesn’t understand the truth, how does he feel? He hates himself and regrets it deeply. If his hand sins, he would rather cut it off. If his eye sins, he would rather pluck it out. He despises evil. This is someone with normal humanity. If he accidentally tells a lie, he despises himself and slaps his own mouth. If he lies once, he slaps it once, and twice if he tells two lies, to punish himself. This is normal humanity. If his appetite leads him to refuse meals without it and endlessly gorge himself when he has it, even to the point where he is so full he can’t work or walk, he slaps his own mouth and despises himself for his appetite. This is normal humanity. When those without normal humanity make mistakes or sin they have no awareness of it, and do not hate evil and negative things. Such people have no conscience, no sense, no character, and no dignity. They do not fear others talking behind their back or being scolded. No matter how many others talk behind their back, they feel nothing. Such people have no normal humanity. So, those without normal humanity first possess no conscience or sense, and second possess no character or dignity. Such a person knows no shame, so he doesn’t care how many scold him, and no matter how many wicked things he does he fears no rebuke. What is lacking in his humanity? He has no dignity, no character. He is thick-skinned and shameless; no matter how many lies he tells or people he deceives he fears no rebuke or comment, and he has no awareness of others’ feelings. He has no conscience, sense, character, or dignity. In fact one could say such people have no humanity and are simply beasts. If someone lacks normal humanity, is there any truth in him? He does not love the truth or accept the truth, so he has no truth! Those with normal humanity accept the truth, come to understand much of it, and finally live out normal humanity and the true likeness of a man. So, what is the life essence of those with normal humanity and who live out the image of a man? It is truth, God’s word. Now, how do we explain what is truth? Truth is the life disposition of normal humanity, the life essence possessed by normal man. Because those who live out the image of man possess truth as life and the realities of God’s word, they can live out the image of a true man. …

We must be clear on whether or not we possess normal humanity. What is normal humanity, what is not normal humanity, and how do we determine which is which? Based on whether a person has the right attitude, which means whether or not a person loves the truth, and whether or not this person seeks the truth when he encounters matters into which he lacks penetration, but also, whether a person can practice the truth they understand, why someone who knows how to practice the truth does not do so, and how to pray when new understanding of truth is required. These are how we should make the determination. If you know how to practice in all of these issues and can handle them, your attitude is correct. This is normal humanity. That someone possesses normal humanity does not mean they are completely mature in spiritual stature, that they have been perfected, or have completely gained the truth. As people pursue the truth, they gain some understanding of certain aspects of it, aspects of their thinking and views begin to change, and their humanity gradually becomes normal. They begin to be willing to believe in God, pursue the truth, and fulfill their duties, as well as willing to practice and seek the truth in all things. People like this possess normal humanity. Although they lack penetration into certain matters, they can still seek the truth, pray to God, and eat and drink God’s word. These people possess normal humanity. But sometimes they can’t completely live out the image of a true man, and occasionally they commit transgressions and reveal corruption. This is normal, because they aren’t perfect. Do good people commit transgressions? Yes, although relatively less often. When good people and those who pursue the truth reveal corruption, when they make mistakes, they can regret, hate themselves, and repent, which proves they have normal humanity. If someone does evil or a wicked deed that harms others, or takes the wrong path, and another person points it out or prunes and deals with him, and he refuses to accept, knows he made a mistake and does not repent, and insists on continuing down the wrong path, then he has no normal humanity, because he is not someone who seeks or accepts the truth. He is someone who knows he walks the wrong path and keeps going. What kind of attitude do people like this hold toward the truth? They hate it. What is the result when someone loathes and despises the truth? The result is they don’t accept the truth, deny the truth, stand by their mistaken actions, and uphold satanic philosophy. Such people have no normal humanity.

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