17. The Principles of Using the Truth to Resolve Problems

1. You must seek the truth with every problem of mankind’s corruption, see through the essence of the problem and get to the root, and then use the truth to resolve it;

2. You must fellowship the essence of the truth according to God’s words, so that people may understand the truth and know their own corrupt essence, thus giving rise to true repentance;

3. Resolving problems must achieve the result of making people realize the significance and value of accepting the truth, and allowing them to see God’s love and salvation;

4. You must use your experiences to lead people into the reality of the truth, and to inspire their resolution to pursue the truth and love God.

Relevant Words of God:

You must have an understanding of the many conditions men will be in when the Holy Spirit performs work on them. In particular, those who coordinate to serve God must have an even better grasp of the many conditions brought about by the work that the Holy Spirit performs on men. If you only talk about many experiences and many ways of entering in, it shows that your experience is too one-sided. Without grasping many situations in reality, you are unable to achieve transformation in your disposition. If you have grasped many conditions, then you will be able to understand various manifestations of the work of the Holy Spirit, and see clearly through and discern much of the work of the evil spirits. You must expose the many notions of men and go straight to the heart of the issue; you must also point out many deviations in people’s practice or problems in believing in God so that they may recognize them. At the very least, you must not make them feel negative or passive. However, you must understand the many difficulties that objectively exist for people, you must not be unreasonable or “try to teach a pig to sing”; that is foolish behavior. To resolve the many difficulties of men, you must understand the dynamics of the work of the Holy Spirit, you must understand how the Holy Spirit performs work on different people, you must understand the difficulties of men, the shortcomings of men, see through to the key issues of the problem, and get to the source of the problem, without deviations or errors. Only this kind of person is qualified to coordinate to serve God.

Whether you are able to grasp the key issues and see clearly through many things depends on your individual experiences. The way that you experience affects how you lead others. If you understand letters and doctrines, then you lead others to understand letters and doctrines. The way that you experience the reality of God’s words is the way that you lead others to enter into the reality of God’s words. If you are able to understand many truths and see clearly through many things in God’s words, then you are able to lead others to understand many truths, and those that you lead will have a clear understanding of the visions. If you focus on grasping supernatural feelings, then those that you lead will also focus on supernatural feelings. If you neglect practice and emphasize talking, then those that you lead will also focus on talking, without any practice, without any transformation in their dispositions, and they will only be enthusiastic on the outside, without practicing any truths.

from “What an Adequate Shepherd Should Be Equipped With” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

When you perform your duty and muddle through it, if you do not seek the truth, are you able to resolve that aspect of your corruption? Can you be faithful to God? You can’t, right? If people want to understand themselves and resolve their own corruption and arrogance, are they able to achieve resolution if they do not seek the truth? They can’t. People always have notions about God and they use their own notions and imaginations to measure Him. Can this be resolved without the truth? It cannot be resolved that way. So, when we encounter many things, including things in our lives, if we are not equipped with the truth and do not seek the truth, and even more lack understanding of the truth and do not know what the truth or His will that God has expressed are in this aspect, how will we face the things that happen around us? A slightly better person might rely on some words that they grasp during normal times, or some rules or human methods that they have learned to resolve this. Can this replace using the truth to resolve problems? It can’t, right? If we don’t seek the truth, one could say that in everything in our lives, we will have no principles, no paths, particularly no goals or any direction. … Some people put this principle into practice: As soon as they encounter something, they rush to look through God’s words to find a passage. They don’t quite understand it, but their compromise is to understand it based on the literal meaning and keep to the rules, then be done with it. They feel that it’s good enough, they pray, and then feel at peace and at ease. They ask their brothers and sisters and none of them have greater ideas on it, so they think: “Fine, I’ll practice it this way. It should certainly be good enough.” This isn’t okay either. This is really far off from the standard of the truth and from the essence of the truth. It is too far from God’s will, and it is not the principle of practicing the truth. If you want to put the truth into practice and understand it, first you must understand the essence of the difficulties you yourself face and the things that happen around you, what the problem is, and what aspect of the truth it is related to. You must seek this out. After that, seek the truth based on the real difficulties of yours. That way you gradually experience this, and you will be able to see the hand of God, what He wants to do, and the results He wants in you in everything that happens around you. If you feel that none of things that happen around you have anything to do with your belief in God or the truth, and you think: “I can handle it; I don’t need the truth or God’s word. Once there’s a gathering or I’m reading God’s word, or when I’m performing my duty, I’ll hold it up to the truth and to God’s word”; if you feel that the things that usually occur in your life—things in your family, work, marriage, and future prospects, all the things that happen around you—are not related to the truth, and you use human means to resolve them; if you experience things this way, then you will never gain the truth, and you will never understand what God actually wants to achieve in you and gain in you.

from “The Importance and the Path of Pursuing the Truth” in Records of Christ’s Talks

If you are leading a church, when you point out the state of brothers and sisters in the church, you may say: “Nowhere is more backward than here; you people are disobedient!” As for in what regard they’re disobedient and backward, you must speak of their manifestations—of their disobedient state and disobedient behavior—and make them utterly convinced. You must talk of facts and give examples to explain the issue, and you must also be able to speak of how to actually separate oneself from this rebellious behavior, and must point out the path to practice. Only then will you win them over! If you only say, “I don’t wish to visit this place; none are more backward than you, you’re too rebellious,” then, when you speak in this way, after listening none of them will have a path—and so how will you lead people? You must speak of their actual state and actual manifestations; only then will you have a path to practice, and only then will you have reality.

from “Practice (7)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

The work methods of many leaders and workers are too outdated and too conservative! They are like lifeless machines running with clockwork regularity. This is the inevitable outcome of working without having the truth. In fact, resolving any kind of problem involves the truth. No matter what work it is, it is done so that people can gain the truth. If a worker cannot see the relationship between various kinds of work, problems, and the truth, then they are a blind person, a person without the truth. When the blind walk, they rely on sticking to the rules and don’t have any flexibility. People without the truth work the way blind people stick to the rules when they walk, as though they have to stick to the rules in order to do it well. This is completely because they don’t have the truth. If a person possesses the truth, they will surely first see through problems and think about just what kind of problems they are when they work, and then see through the substance of the problems based on God’s words. And once they figure it out, they will communicate to others and explain the root of the problems, and also communicate to them how to use the truth to resolve these problems. Only then are they doing a good job. The work process is the process of using the truth to resolve problems. Only the process of using the truth to resolve problems is the process of guiding people into the truth. People cannot be guided into the truth unless the truth is used to resolve problems. The work of God’s house today is the work of using the truth to resolve the various kinds of fallacious views and conceptions people have. It is the work of using the truth to resolve all the corruptions that people reveal when fulfilling their duties. It is the work of using the truth to resolve people’s problems regarding dispositional change when entering into the truth. Therefore, the duty that one fulfills, no matter what it is, can’t be separated from using the truth to resolve problems.

from “Only Discussing Work Without Communicating the Truth Is a Form of Service That Resists God” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of the Church of Almighty God

When one really understands the truth and has four discernments, what kinds of effect can he achieve with his work? He can resolve problems with the truth, dissect all kinds of man’s corrupt states and Satan’s absurdity with the truth, dissect the intrinsic misconceptions of man with the truth, dissect man’s philosophy of life and Satan’s toxins with the truth, enable people to distinguish, to understand God’s word and the reality and essence of the truth. Such a person knows how to practice the truth. He will know how to forsake Satan, what to pursue and enter, what to give up and discard, and finally enter the reality of truth to become a person who obeys God. The criterion for understanding the truth is possessing discernments and the ability to resolve problems with the truth. This is the best proof.

from the fellowship from the above

If the person you lead realizes the essence of his corruption, he will admit, “Oh, now I discover that I have been so corrupted by Satan that I really don’t have any human likeness and style, let alone having any conscience and reason. I am only able to have a conscience toward individual good people. I don’t even have a conscience toward God. I don’t think about repaying the love of God. I don’t even have reason. I have no knowledge about what position I should take, what duty I should do, and what entrustment I should fulfill. Where is the reason in this?” When man realizes this, when he feels that he is really too corrupt and devoid of human likeness, he will have true repentance and remorse before God. He says that he will begin his life anew with a fresh start, and begin all over again. If man has this level of experience, it is a gratifying entry and real entry. If everyone recognizes his own corruption to this degree, it can be said that the church leader does a good job, and their work really reaches certain results. If all those who pursue the truth can realize their own corrupt essence, the great red dragon’s evil nature, and the darkness of Satan’s rule, and if they can all truly know God, long for God to be in power, long for the kingdom of Christ to descend immediately, it proves that those who do the work have truly brought people before God. When people all long for God to be in power, hate that Satan and corrupt mankind are in power, hate this age of evil, long for righteousness to appear and the truth to be in power, it is the expression of knowing God.

from the fellowship from the above

God requires us to work with principle, which can be said as using the truth to resolve problems, that is, the specific application of living by God’s word. Working in principle is actually the way of resolving problems with the truth, because the true principles of work are in accordance with the standards of the truth and closely related to the truth. If you don’t understand the truth, there will be no principle in the way you work. In God’s house, no matter what kind of work or what aspect of duty is done, it is all related to the truth. There is no problem that does not involve the truth. No problem is isolated, with nothing to do with the truth. If you can find relationships between the truth and all problems, you will touch upon the essence of the problems. Anyone who truly understands the truth can see through the problems related to the truth, touch upon the essence and roots of the problems, and can combine the corresponding truths in God’s word to fundamentally resolve the problems in a convincing way. …

… To reach a solution to the problems with the truth, one must first have a real entry himself, understand the truth in God’s word and understand God’s will. He must know all aspects of God’s requirements for man; he must have certain understanding of God’s disposition, what God likes and what God hates, whom God blesses and whom God curses, whom God saves and whom God eliminates. He also needs to know God’s work, God’s wisdom and omnipotence. Only with these elements can he see through everything, and resolve problems in harmony with God’s will. … It is very easy for someone who has the truth to deal with any problem. First, he thoroughly explains the essence of the problem, followed by communicating the truth involved. This way, he will very easily resolve the problem and finally bring people to God, which satisfies both God and man. The process of resolving problems is the process of communicating truth, the process of supplying life, and also the process of bringing people to God, so that people receive the truth and enter reality. This is the meaning of resolving problems with the truth.

1. What is resolving problems with the truth?

The main responsibility of being a leader is to take those who believe in God into the actual experience of God’s word. By using the truth to resolve problems, they enable people to understand the truth and know themselves, forsake the flesh and live by God’s word. By resolving problems with the truth, they enable people to truly understand God’s word, the profound meaning in it, and God’s will. By using the truth to resolve problems, they cause people to reach unanimity with God on the way they view things, attain transformation in life disposition, be of one mind with God, and do their duties well. Only by resolving problems with the truth can they finally bring people to God to be gained by God, and complete God’s entrustment.

from the fellowship from the above

A man who serves God must be someone who understands the truth and knows God, which is the most important thing. Because only such a person can bring people into God’s word and bring them into the truth. When someone who leads brings people into God’s word, they will know how to experience God’s word, understand the essence of God’s word, and understand God’s will. In God’s word, they can know what God has and is, and see God’s omnipotence and wisdom. This is really bringing people to God. Those who are being led say, “I have experienced God’s work and have true faith in God. I see that God’s deeds are so wonderful. I feel that the Holy Spirit’s work is all salvation and love to man.” Such a person has true faith in God. If God’s chosen people can achieve the effect of having true faith in God, it can be said that such leader serves in accordance with God’s will.

from the fellowship from the above

Talk about your most practical experience: How did you achieve transformation yourself? How did you learn to grasp God’s intention? How did you achieve obedience to God? How did you attain knowledge of yourself? How did you enter reality? How did you accomplish transformation of life disposition? When you can communicate such real experience, people will have a way out when they hear it. When people finish listening, they will feel, “How you have experienced it is so wonderful. When you said it like this, I understood immediately. I also know how to experience it.” Isn’t this achieving result? If you talk about doctrines, there is no such result. Doctrines are empty without reality. No matter how many doctrines you talk about, people still don’t know how to do it; they still don’t have a way. If you talk about actual experience, when people listen to it, they will feel, “I also have a little bit of the experience you’ve talked about, but it’s not very transparent. When you said it like this today, I completely understand it.” Therefore, if you exalt God and witness for God, you must talk about your practical experience. This practical experience mainly includes the aspects I just talked about. The first is to know about your own corruption. From merely knowing your own transgressions in the beginning, to knowing the truth about your own corruption, and finally to realizing your own corrupt substance. If you describe this process in a simple way, when people hear it, they say, “It is so practical! I know what phase I am in now. I have not yet reached an understanding of the essence of my own corruption. I just realize that I am revealing corruption, that I am deeply corrupt, and that I am really a person who resists God. But I still don’t know what the essence of my own corruption is.” After you have communicated this experience transparently, people all know about it, and they know to what extent they have experienced about knowing themselves and what they need to do to pursue deeper entry. If you can communicate your experience like this, you will definitely enable people to experience it too. After you have finished talking about your experience, people will feel that there is a way. They feel, “Your experience is so wonderful. It is so helpful for me!” So, whoever listens to your communication will have confidence in God’s work at once. They will see that they still have hope in entering the truth and reality. This is the result achieved by exalting God and witnessing for God. If what you said is reality, you don’t have to worry about what brothers and sisters will say. The more you talk about reality, the better the result will be. Absolutely no one will doubt your experience. If you have said your experience well, no one will say, “You know how to experience, but I don’t know.” On the contrary, most people will say, “I know how to experience it this time. I did not know how to experience it before. Now I know.” This effect can definitely be achieved.

from the fellowship from the above

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