898 God Is Comforted When People Turn Away From Their Mistakes

1 Some people, reluctant to let go of their attachment to the world, have been purged. They wander about for a few years before returning to God’s house. In doing so, they have a hope of attaining salvation—and this is a rare and precious thing. Regardless of how God acts, and no matter how He treats, hates, or detests people, if there comes a day when they can make a turnaround, then God will take great comfort, for this will mean that they still have that little bit of room for God in their hearts, that they have not completely lost their human reason or their humanity, that they still want to believe in God, and they have at least some intention to acknowledge and return before Him. No matter who leaves God’s house, if they return, and they still hold this family dear, then God will become somewhat sentimentally attached and will take some comfort in it. However, if they never return, God will think it a pity. If they can return and begin to sincerely believe in God, then His heart will especially be filled with gratification.

2 In the Age of Grace, Jesus had pity and grace for humans. If one sheep was lost out of a hundred, He would leave the ninety-nine to look for the one. This line does not represent a kind of mechanical method, nor a rule; rather, it shows God’s intentions for mankind, as well as His urgency to bring salvation to people. It shows His deep love for them. God’s love for humankind is not a type of method; it is a kind of disposition, a sort of mentality. Therefore, no matter how many weaknesses or misconceptions people have, if they can eventually come to realize the truth, and gain knowledge and make a turnaround, then God will feel especially comforted. In this world of gaiety and splendor, and in this evil age, being able to stand firm, acknowledge God, and get back on the right track are things that bring quite a bit of comfort and excitement.

Adapted from “People Who Make Constant Demands of God Are the Least Reasonable People” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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