Chapter 53. Understanding Commonalities and Differences in Human Nature

Do you clearly see the path of your faith in God and the path of your pursuit of truth? What really is belief in God? Are you done after suffering a little hardship? Some people think that after experiencing judgment and chastisement, pruning and dealing or after revealing their true form, they are done and their outcome has taken shape. The majority of people can’t see this matter clearly, and they are all stopped there, not knowing how to walk the path ahead. Generally, when they don’t undergo dealing and pruning or don’t have any setbacks, they will feel like seeking the truth while believing in God, and they will feel that they should satisfy the will of God. But as soon as they suffer a little setback and some difficulties arise, their betraying natures are exposed, making them look especially detestable, and later, they will also feel their natures are especially detestable. In the end, they determine the outcome for themselves: “I am done for. Am I not finished for doing this thing? God will certainly not save me.” There are many people who are in this kind of condition; you could even say that everyone is like this. Why are people able to delineate themselves this way? It proves that people do not understand God’s intention to save them. Being dealt with just once causes you to go a long time without pursuing truth; making one small mistake causes you to not fulfill your duties; an insignificant environment causes you to be stagnant. It seems people feel that they have to be flawless in order to have energy to seek. If they discover that they are too corrupt, then they will not have the inclination to seek. Many people have said disheartening and negative things like this: “I am finished, I am definitely done for. There is no way I can be saved. Even if God forgave me, I would not be able to forgive myself. I will never change.” People’s misunderstanding of God’s will demonstrates that people don’t understand the work of God. Actually, mankind will occasionally reveal some of their corrupt dispositions as they enter in normally. They are impure in the things they do, they don’t take responsibility, they are not devoted, and they work perfunctorily. This is a very natural thing and it is inevitable. If these things were not revealed, then how could one say that mankind is corrupt? If mankind was not corrupt, then God’s work of salvation would have no significance. The current situation is that people don’t have the truth, and they don’t truly understand themselves and see their conditions clearly. Therefore, their conditions need to be revealed and clarified. Only by revealing these things will they be able to see the light. People are all numb and obtuse. If God doesn’t work this way, then you won’t change. Difficulties arise for you in every stage. I discuss this with you to correct you and take the helm so you can steer down the correct path. Otherwise you will always do things in extremes, always head into dead-ends, proceed without a path, and delineate yourselves. When people begin experiencing, they do not understand themselves, but in the end, everyone understands themselves, saying: “I am the devil Satan! People are devils, Satans. This time I am finished, I can’t be saved; there is no more opportunity and no possibility to be rescued.” People are truly too frail and difficult to handle, and they are inclined to go to the extremes. If one day people truly understood God’s will, they would say: “My corruption was this deep all along and I am finally recognizing it. Fortunately, God saves me, and now I can see a brilliant life and can walk on the correct path of life. I don’t know how I can thank God.” It is like waking up from a dream and seeing the light. Is this not receiving great salvation? Should they not praise God? Some people do not understand themselves even when death is nigh; they are still arrogant and can’t accept the revealed facts. They feel that they are quite good: “I am a good person; how could I have done that?” It seems as if they have been wrongly accused. Some people go through years of God’s work and in the end, they still don’t understand their natures. They always think that they are good people and that they made a mistake in a moment of carelessness, and even to this day, they would rather be eliminated than submit. This kind of person is too arrogant and ignorant and simply doesn’t accept the truth. They will never be able to transform and become human beings. From this you can discover that even though people’s natures are in resistance and betrayal to God, there are differences in their natures. This requires a deeper understanding of people’s natures.

There are common characteristics in people’s natures that must be understood. It is a common characteristic that all people can betray God, but everyone has their own Achilles’ heel. Some people like this, some people like that, some people hold this in esteem and some people hold that in esteem. These are the differences in people’s natures. Some people are able to withstand a little suffering, some people have difficulty withstanding a little suffering. This is due to the yearnings in their natures being different. Why is it that they face the same event, yet some are able to withstand it and some are not? It is because the things in their natures are different. Some people’s corrupt dispositions are manifested severely, and some people’s corrupt dispositions are manifested mildly; however, the substances of their natures are the same. This is a common characteristic. Whatever people’s natures are decides what kind of people they are. Even though they have common characteristics with other people, they may not be the same kind of people. Why are they not the same kind of people? Because the things of their natures are not obvious and they are not that strong. For example, lust is a common characteristic people have. Everyone has it, don’t they? Moreover, this area is very difficult to overcome. However, it is especially intense for some people. When they face this matter, they can’t overcome it and they can run off with other people or lead others to run off. It can be said that these people’s natures are evil. Some people are a little weak in facing this matter, or they are a little passionate and lustful, but they don’t do shameful things, they are able to control themselves and shun these things. Then you can’t say that these people have evil natures. There are always passions and lusts with the flesh. Some people act rashly and indulge in their lusts and do whatever they want. But some people are not like this at all. They are able to pursue the truth and rely on truth to act, and are able to forsake the flesh. Even though they have lusts of the flesh, they manifest themselves differently. This is where people differ from each other. Some people covet money; when they see money and nice things, they desire to have it for themselves, and their desire to have it is exceptionally strong. The nature of these people is greedy and covetous of money. When they see something, they become greedy; they even dare spend and steal the church’s money, even 20,000 or 30,000 yuan; the more money it is, the more they dare to do it; they simply don’t fear God. This is a greedy nature. Some people spend 10 or 20 yuan of the church and feel uneasy in their conscience. They hurry and kneel in God’s presence to pray, and with tears of remorse, they ask God to forgive them. People all have weaknesses; you can’t say that this is a person who covets money, it is merely a corrupt disposition being exposed. Some people love to judge others. They say: “This guy spent 3 or 5 yuan of the church, and didn’t pray in God’s presence. Next time, he will spend 20 or 30 yuan; this guy is greedy.” Speaking this way is not right. People have corrupt dispositions and they certainly have normal weaknesses. Some weaknesses are also people’s corrupt dispositions, but there is a difference between a corrupt disposition and that kind of nature. You can’t lump it all together or arbitrarily judge people. Judging others is the most harmful thing for people. If you can’t distinguish or see things clearly, then don’t make baseless assertions so as to avoid hurting people. Speaking and doing things without understanding the truth is unprincipled and it doesn’t benefit others or yourself.

You are not clear about what goal you should attain in belief in God. No one believes or seeks in perfect accordance with God’s requirements. There are too many issues that exist within you; perhaps you are not currently clear about them and have not dug deep into your thoughts and the characteristics of your nature or maybe you did not analyze them in time. One day, you will understand these words, and at that time, you will be able to understand yourselves.

There are also many vain things in people’s natures. When people wear nice clothes or get a cell phone, the tone of their voice changes; when some women wear high heels, they walk with a different posture. What things existing in people’s hearts and what natures cause them to expose these evil and ugly things? They are the things of human nature that people need to understand. People nowadays still rely on their will power to control these things in human nature, which causes them to not expose anything. However, along with people’s experiences, and along with people’s deepening understanding of each aspect of truth, and understanding of their natures, they will gradually enter in according to God’s requirements, and these things will gradually begin to change. When people first begin entering in, they must practice forsaking the flesh. Afterward, when they truly recognize and understand the truth they will not need special strength to forsake the flesh. At that time, people will be able to consciously live according to the truth. They will have principle and limit in what they do, and will stay within the boundaries. There are difficulties when people first experience God’s words. Because they don’t understand the truth, they always ask how to do this and that. In addition, people’s negative conditions are always disturbing them, and they feel that they have no path to take. As for negative conditions, have fellowship on the ones you can resolve through fellowship, and don’t worry about the ones you can’t resolve; just practice and enter in normally and communicate the truth more. Eventually, one day when you are clear about the truth, and you see many things clearly, then the negative conditions will naturally go away. Now you are not in those conditions you were originally in, are you? At least there are less than before. If you just focus on diligently pursuing the truth, then any issue can be resolved. Being able to resolve your own problems is progress and growth. If people experience until the day comes when their outlook on life and the significance and the basis of their existence have entirely changed, when they have been altered to their very bones, and have become someone else, won’t this be incredible? This is a great change, an earth-shattering change. Only when you are disinterested in the fame and fortune, status, money, pleasure, and luxuries of the world, and can easily forgo them, will you have the likeness of a human being. Those who will ultimately be made complete are a group such as this; they live for the truth, live for God, and live for that which is just. This is the likeness of a true human being. Some people will ask: “What is a person?” People nowadays are not people. If they are not people, then what are they? You could say they are animals, cattle, Satans, and devils. In short, they are only in the form of people, but they are not worthy of being called people, because they don’t have normal humanity. You say that people are animals, but they have languages, ideas, and thoughts, and they are able to create technology, so they must be classified as an advanced animal. The unbelievers say that their ancestors were apes; they were animals, not people. It is appropriate to say that people are devils and Satans, because this is what people’s natures are, this is what they reveal and express; therefore, it is more appropriate to say that people are devils and Satans, they are neither fish nor fowl, they are not in the likeness of mankind. Some long-term believers have experienced many years, and have a little bit of intimate understanding; they are more or less able to understand God a little, more or less able to worry about the things that God worries about, and think about what God thinks about. They have these intentions. This is somewhat in the likeness of a person, and it is half-way there. New believers have not experienced the chastisement or judgment and have not experienced much pruning or dealing. They don’t listen to much truth, and merely read God’s word, but they don’t truly experience it. They are even further off. The depth of experience that people have will determine how much they will change. The less you experience, and the less you understand truth, the less human composition you will have inside. If you don’t have any experience, then you are an unchanged living Satan, and you are simply a devil. Do you believe this? You will understand these words someday. Where are the good people nowadays? Without human likeness, how can you be called a person? Good people are out of the question. People only have human outer shells and no human substance. Saying that people are beasts in human attire is not an exaggeration. In experiencing God’s work, if people want to be in the likeness of a person, they must experience the revelation, chastisement, and judgment of these words, and eventually they will be able to transform. This is a way, and if people don’t do it this way, they cannot change. They have to do it little by little. They must experience judgment and chastisement and continual pruning and dealing. The things exposed in people’s natures must be revealed. After they are revealed and people understand them clearly, they will be able to walk on the correct path. Only after experiencing for a period of time and understanding some truths will they have some assurance to stand. Your current conditions have fallen short. Despite the fact that you have been merrily jumping about, this is actually the most dangerous time for you. Everyone is on the edge of danger. I have said this many times, but many people don’t understand what these words mean. Some people will think: “What danger? My current condition is pretty good, how could I be in danger? It is unlikely I will fall or lose my way. God is gracious to me.” Who are you saying has not received grace? Everyone has received grace, but everyone is in danger; it is a special favor for them to be in danger and obtain grace. People currently feel that they are about where they need to be, but the fact that they say this proves that they are way off.

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