How to Use the Truth to Resolve Problems

How to Resolve Problems With the Truth in Actual Experience

Christ uses the truth to judge the essential nature of corrupted mankind. Therefore, we must accept and experience the judgment and chastisement of Christ. What effect do we need to achieve in accepting God’s judgment and chastisement? Know the essence and truth of our own corruption through God’s revelation, judgment and chastisement. This is the first effect we must achieve in accepting God’s work. If man does not clearly understand the essence and truth of his own corruption, it proves that he does not pursue the truth in experiencing God’s work in the last days. If a man truly knows the essence and truth of his own corruption in experiencing Christ’s judgment and chastisement, and understands all the truths expressed by God, it proves that he is indeed a person who pursues the truth and obeys the work of God while experiencing God’s work. By measuring whether or not a man has undergone the transformation of life disposition, whether he has entered the reality of God’s word, it clearly shows whether or not he is someone who actually pursues the truth in experiencing God’s work. After believing in God for several years, a man who really pursues the truth will look more and more human-like while doing his duty; he will obey, satisfy and know God more and more. He will also bear witness for God, exalt God and achieve to serve God. Finally, he will truly understand God while serving God and become a witness for God. This is a person who will be made perfect. After believing in God for years, even if you can leave behind your family, leave behind everything, and suffer a lot while performing your duty, but no transformation can be seen in your life disposition, you can neither get along with others nor articulate any actual experience and testimony, then such a person is revealed to be someone who does not pursue the truth. So he cannot be saved. In real life, someone who pursues the truth is constantly transforming. He gradually becomes clear about all aspects of the truth, and he knows God more and more. As for someone who does not pursue the truth, he is always unable to talk about reality. He is even afraid of communicating the truth. Upon congregating, he feels empty in his heart. There is nothing inside. It is even more difficult for him to communicate something. If he is allowed to say some doctrinal meaning, he has a word or two to say. When it comes to reality, he doesn’t have a single word to utter. How destitute is such a person who has believed in God for years? Isn’t he pitiful? When someone asks, “Having believed in God for several years, do you have a true understanding of God?” what do you say? You say, “I understand a bit. God is righteous, God is faithful, God is almighty, and God is wise.” Is this a true understanding? This is just some empty talk you have copied from someone. You have to talk about actual knowledge and about your real understanding. For example, you say that God is righteous. In what way is God righteous? Can you speak clearly in terms of experience? If you say that God is loving, how does God love mankind? How can He save mankind? Can you say it clearly? When you only speak in vague general terms without any actual details, does it mean you have a true understanding of God? If you have believed in God for several years and you have nothing to say about your knowledge of God, what problem is this? Do you feel ashamed? How do you see God after all? Some people always long to see God: “If I could see God, it would be great. If I could see God …” With what will you see God? What will you take to meet God? How will you face God? Isn’t this a problem? How do you experience God’s work after all? You have so many problems in experiencing God’s work—negativity, weakness, distancing God, rebellion against God, resisting God, not pursuing the truth, not loving God, often having notions, being so estranged from God, and always complaining about God. Have you resolved with the truth all the corruption you reveal? You have so many problems of corruption, why don’t you seek to solve them with the truth? What is the problem here? Does such a person actually pursue the truth? What are the questions that many people are raising now? “My situation inside is always abnormal, I don’t know how to resolve it?” “I can’t put down my status, I don’t know how to resolve it?” “I don’t get along with others, I don’t know how to resolve it?” “I always hate others and look down on others. I don’t know how to reverse this situation?” “I am always negative and weak, I am unwilling to do my duty. I don’t know how to resolve this problem?” There are so many problems you don’t know how to resolve. With so many difficulties inside, keenly knowing that your corruption is so serious, why can’t you seek the truth and solve them with the truth? What problem is this? Is this about man who does not pursue the truth?

How does one solve the problems of negativity and weakness? You first learn about negativity. What is negativity? How does negativity come about? What is the harm that negativity brings to people? Why do people accept negative things? Because you have Satan’s accusation in you. You have accepted Satan’s proposition. This means there is something in your disposition that resists God. Your intention is not right. Isn’t that what it is all about? Then why did you accept Satan’s proposition? Why do you have a situation inside that is against God? Then your heart is wrong, you don’t love God, you don’t obey God. You always talk about reason, you always protect your interests, guard your vanity, guard what you love in your heart, and guard your emotions. So, when you do not achieve your desire, you feel negative and uncomfortable. From this it is enough to see for whom you are living. You are living for your flesh. You are living to satisfy the extravagant desire of the flesh. If you have status, you will live happily. If your desire for status is not satisfied, you are negative, and you are unwilling to do your duty. Then you rebel against God and resist God. Is this the root cause of your negativity? Your heart is wrong. Your heart is too rebellious against God, too resistant to God. It always lives for the flesh and always lives for status. It always has extravagant desires, always wants to satisfy the flesh. Once it is not satisfied you become negative, you complain about God, you agonize within, you don’t want to do your duty. Isn’t this the problem in man’s heart? If it is someone who truly loves God, when his physical interests are hurt, and his physical desire is not satisfied, it may be a bit painful and dissatisfactory. However, upon pondering, he says, “No, it is inconsequential that we suffer a bit. What is important is to satisfy God. We must obey God. We cannot satisfy ourselves. We must deny ourselves. We must live for God to do God’s will. No matter what kind of hardship the flesh suffers, no matter what failure befalls the desire and ambition of the flesh, it is well deserved. The flesh should suffer. We can’t satisfy the flesh.” Therefore, no matter what hardship he suffers, he does not complain about God. What is the situation like in such a person’s heart? There is a place in his heart for God. He has a heart that wants to satisfy and love God. Therefore, when his physical desire is not satisfied, when his status and reputation suffer, when he encounters failure, his heart can still love God. He can do his duty to satisfy God. Comparing the heart of such a person with that of the person who is often negative, which person has transformation in his life disposition? The heart that can love God is a sign of transformation in disposition. The heart that can obey God is an ironclad proof of the transformation of disposition! No matter how much his flesh suffers, he can still obey God, he is still willing to satisfy God. Such a person is someone with reality who can practice the truth. However much his flesh suffers, he can betray himself, and he does not live for the flesh. Therefore, such a person is one who enters the truth, someone who has reality. Such a person has transformation in life disposition. Everyone has to measure himself. If you come across something and your demands or extravagant desires are not met, can you really love God, can you do your duty, and how negative can you become after all? This is a sign to test whether someone can practice the truth or not. When someone is in favorable times, when his physical desire is satisfied, when he encounters no harm at all, when he is in a good mood and particularly happy, he can do whatever duty, make a little effort and pay a little price. But when his extravagant desires and physical interests encounter loss and challenge, what he chooses is not to satisfy God but to satisfy the flesh. Doesn’t such a person resist God? Someone who can still love God and obey God when he encounters trials is a person who has transformation in disposition. Trials are most revealing of a person. However well someone performs in favorable times does not explain the problem. Then what kind of situation are you in? Are you in favorable times? It is normal living in favorable times. There is no disasters or illness. Sometimes your extravagant desires can even be satisfied. In these times, your heart has love for God, the intention to satisfy God and willingness to expend for God. If you encounter trial, what will happen? If you suffer from illness, what will happen? If you suffer from disasters, what will happen? It is difficult to say. Someone is keen to believe in God when her husband is good to her. When her husband is not good to her, she will become negative. If she is negative over such a minor thing, what is the foundation of her belief in God built upon? When there are comfort, family happiness and harmonious marriage, her belief in God is strong. When she comes across a bit of pain, something unfavorable and some harm to her flesh, she is negative, and she stays away from God. Does such a person have real faith? If a person really comes across some trials, how he pursues the truth so as to let the truth take power within, how he never negatively stays away from God, is the most critical issue for the entry of life. For example, if you try to enter university, if God lets you pass the exam, you thank God profusely. What will happen if you don’t make it, will you still thank God? Will you still follow God and believe in God? If your newborn baby is healthy and happy every day, you are happy and thankful to God. If your child suddenly becomes ill or even dies, will you still thank God? Can you continue to believe in God? Can you do your duty? Is this matter revealing of people? It’s too revealing. Some people are afraid of encountering disasters. He prays silently in his heart, “I hope no disaster will come to me. If it comes to me, I am afraid I will collapse. Then I won’t be able to believe in God.” Is there anyone among you who thinks like this? Some people are now optimistic about their own life prospects. They have such plans and such preparations. They earnestly pray to God, “I hope God will fulfill my wish …” When God does not fulfill your wish, what will happen? Will you continue to believe in God? Will you follow God and obey God’s work? Isn’t this really difficult to handle? Then you ponder over it. In experiencing God’s work, will God let all your wishes be fulfilled? God will not do that. Why not? God wants to test you, refine you, and let you enter the truth. The more you fear about something befalling you, the more God will let it come to you, and let your flesh suffer much until your life disposition is transformed, until you know God. Then this suffering will be removed. When I say this some people are afraid, “If I believe in God, something adverse will always happen. It is problematic. Then I would rather not believe. I still want to enjoy my blessings for a few more days.” Is there such a person? If there is such a person, can he stand firm amid the trials? Some people are afraid, “Can I stand firm after all? It’s hard to say, I think I am almost there. It’s hard to say when it really happens.” He has no confidence in his heart. Can such a person stand firm? Are you willing to enjoy happiness, or are you willing to suffer in the flesh? If you are willing to suffer, do you dare to pray to God like this? You say, “God, now I want to pursue the truth. In order to acquire the truth and transformation of life disposition, I am willing to endure any hardships. I am willing to suffer any pain. May God fulfill my wish.” You just pray like this. Some people don’t dare. Some people want to pray like this, but they are still afraid. In fact, whether you pray or not, disaster will come at some time, right? If you don’t pray like this, then it won’t come to you? It will still come. So you need to be well prepared for suffering. When God’s work is to give life and the truth to people, that is the way He will do. Otherwise, man will not be able to receive the truth.

God expresses so much truth to save people. Why do people never understand the truth from eating and drinking it? Since people never understand or gain the truth, there is no transformation in their life disposition. They want to do a little duty when they are done with eating and drinking. They never get along with others. In doing their duties, they don’t ponder on how to satisfy God. They always do something trivial by coping with matters and muddling through. They don’t even do a modicum of duty well. What kind of duty are many people doing now? It is like the drawings of little children that do not look like anything. Isn’t that what it is all about? When you don’t let him do his part, he feels that he is so capable and brainy, that he is both intelligent and knowledgeable, that he understands some truth. When you let him do his duty, he makes a mess of things without doing anything well. What kind of problem is that? After believing for years, why don’t you do any duty well? Why can’t you do anything well? Is it because you don’t have any truth at all so that you don’t know how to experience anything you encounter? When you come across some questions or difficulties, how do you resolve them? Why don’t you know about seeking the truth? Why can’t you resolve your own problems with the truth? If you don’t know how to resolve your own problems by seeking the truth, then you will gain nothing in your life entry. Resolving problems with the truth is the only way to gain the truth. If you don’t know how to resolve with the truth the many problems you encounter, then you have no life experience. Without life experience, how can you talk about the entry of life? Since you don’t know how to resolve problems with the truth, do you recognize your corruption at all? If you say you know about yourself, that you know what kind of corruption you are showing, have you resolved it with the truth? How do you resolve that corruption of yours? How do you cleanse it? Do you replace it with the truth? When you use the truth to resolve your corruption, it is called receiving cleansing by experiencing God’s work. When all the corruption of a man really has been cleansed, such a person is called a truly holy person. Has your corruption been cleansed? Since you reveal so much corruption, which of your corruption has been resolved with the truth? Do you have such experience and testimony? Everyone must keep a diary on his life experience. Write down what kind of corruption is revealed on a certain day, how you know about it, and how you resolve the corruption by seeking the truth. Write it down so you have an understanding of the essence of corruption. When you see any corruption within you, don’t you need to equip yourself with the truth in that aspect? Don’t you need to replace it with the truth? For instance, if you say you are prone to defy God in certain aspect, that is, you don’t obey God, then you need to equip yourself and resolve this aspect with the truth. “Why can’t I obey God in this aspect? Why do I always satisfy the flesh in this regard and never forsake the flesh? What is happening here?” Then we need to resolve this problem. There are naturally ways to resolve this problem. First, you need to come before God to pray and communicate this matter. You need to pray like this: “God! I discovered in my experience that I have a corruption. This corruption that I reveal makes me unable to either obey God or satisfy God. I now discover the seriousness of the problem. I want to resolve this corruption. Please enlighten me. Let me know the essence of this corruption. In addition, let me know what kind of truth I should be equipped with to resolve this corruption so that I can truly receive salvation and cleansing. God! I leave this problem in Your hands. May You work on me and make me understand the truth to resolve the corruption.” After communicating with God like this, you need to ponder over this problem. “If I encounter such a thing again, will I still be able to obey God and forsake the flesh?” If you are still not sure, then you have not known about the nature of this corruption, and you have not hated this flesh. You have to work hard to communicate with God and seek the truth on this problem. It may take a month or two to achieve a little result. When you have thoroughly seen through the essence of this problem and understood the truth you should be equipped with, you will be enlightened and clear on how to practice the truth in this matter when you encounter such a matter again. Your heart will become peaceful and steady. This is the way to resolve the problem.

Whatever event you come across, you have to come before God to reflect on yourself: What kind of corruption do I have on this problem? What do I think? How do I handle it? How do I look at this matter? What opinions do I have to support my view and concept? Is my opinion consistent with the truth? Don’t I have to think clearly about these problems? It won’t work if you don’t think it over clearly. If you don’t make an effort to resolve this problem by seeking the truth, are you a person who pursues the truth? Are you someone who obeys God’s work? You are wasting your time! You say you are experiencing God’s work. In what way are you experiencing God’s work? You neither seek the truth to resolve the problems you encounter nor do you know how to pursue the truth, let alone know what truth to implement on any matter. Aren’t you muddling through in your belief in God? If you don’t seek the truth in what you encounter; if you still use your own methods; if you do the same as unbelievers do, handling it with the same philosophy that unbelievers use; if you protect your own interests, implementing strategies and lies like unbelievers do, what do you believe in God for? You should simply return to the world. After believing in God, if you still live like unbelievers do, then your belief in God is meaningless. You should simply stop believing. When you return to your clique in the world, the whole thing is over. When you follow the path of unbelievers, the path of Satan, your belief in God is meaningless. Aren’t you fooling yourself? Isn’t it a waste of time? Since you believe in God, you need to resolve a practical problem. That is to say, you need to resolve your corruption if you want to pursue salvation. Is there anyone who genuinely handles his own expression of corruption? Is there anyone who can seriously introspect upon himself and seek the truth? Is there anyone who practices like this? If there is someone who practices like this, it proves that he is a person who pursues the truth. If he hasn’t practiced like this, it proves that he is not a person who pursues the truth. If you don’t practice like that, then there is no effect in your entry of life. If so, what kind of experience and testimony are you talking about? Aren’t you confusing people? What you talk about are doctrines that have neither anything to do with your experience nor God’s work. Some people get anxious as soon as they attend a gathering: “Why don’t I have reality?” Then why don’t you ponder over why you don’t have reality? What do you actually lack? How is reality actually generated? Isn’t it the process of seeking the truth to resolve problems? You have never sought the truth to resolve your own expressions of corruption. Where are you going to find reality? You don’t want to seek the truth to resolve problems but still want to talk about reality. You are just daydreaming. Isn’t that wishful thinking? It is just like someone who never goes out to work and earn money, who always wonders, “Why is it that I never have any money? Why is it that other people have money? Why is it that people can buy a car and buy a house? Why is it that I cannot achieve it?” Did you work for money? What kind of hardship have you endured? Such a person can’t find the root cause of the problem. Is there something wrong with his brain? How do you want to spend money if you don’t make money?

Do you know how to enter reality now? When encountering a problem, hurry up and seek the truth to resolve it. This is the way to enter reality. By bringing God into real life, isn’t it resolving problems with the truth? For example, if something unpleasant happens between you and someone, resolve it quickly with the truth. Understand why you treated others like this, and what motive you were controlled by. Upon encountering anything, if you don’t seek the truth to resolve it, and still want to talk about reality, where does that reality come from? Do you think that reality will be actually produced when you believe in God with your eyes closed? Can you find your existing corruption problem now? Why do you love money so much? Why do you like so many things in the world and follow them like worldly people? Why do you still want to follow God while you are following worldly trends? Isn’t this corruption? Why do you still indulge in the pleasure and comfort of the flesh? Why do you still love status and reputation, and not forsake the flesh? Why do you act arbitrarily and recklessly by your emotions? What perspectives and nature are controlling you? Why can’t these problems be understood thoroughly? Find out the problems in daily thought, the corruptions you reveal in doing your duty and in life, and resolve them one-by-one with the truth. Then you will have reality. What is true reality? It is resolving problems with the truth. When you resolve one problem with the truth, then you have one reality. When you resolve two problems with the truth, then you have two realities. If you have nothing to say about reality during congregation, it proves that you have never resolved a single problem with the truth. Regardless of the corruption you reveal, you just muddle through with confusion. Is it true? You have believed in God for at least two, three or five years, how did you come along during these years? You just muddled through by reading God’s word, singing hymns and praying. When encountering any corruption, you just muddled through, neither resolving it nor paying attention to it. You are not someone who pursues the truth. You see that your corruption is revealing but you turn a blind eye to it. You don’t care a whit because you think that it is “all the same.” So you allow your own corruption to exist. You neither feel ashamed, sad nor painful about your transgressions: “It doesn’t matter. Just live like this as long as it is suitable and there is nothing to lose!” Isn’t it Satan’s philosophy? Taking any loss is impossible. Refuse to take any loss even when practicing the truth. It is better to maintain the flesh and live by the flesh as long as there is advantage to be exploited. Isn’t it Satan’s logic? People who live by Satan’s philosophy feel proud of themselves and feel good about it. They consider not taking any loss as enjoyment. They do not have a heart of loving God. This is not experiencing God’s work. They hold fast to Satan in their hearts and simply don’t accept the truth. Christ has expressed so many truths to judge our corruption, our unrighteousness, and our essential nature. Have you really accepted it in your heart? If you really accept it in your heart, why do you hold on to Satan’s things and won’t let go? Holding on to Satan and living by Satan’s philosophy, you still want to talk about reality, talk about some testimony for everyone to endorse, and put feathers in your own cap. What kind of disposition is that? The unbelievers have a saying for it: “Wanting to be a whore and receive commendation for chastity at the same time.” Isn’t it Satan’s disposition? Judging from this matter, what is the essential nature of man? Isn’t it the essential nature of Satan? What does it mean when Satan’s philosophy and logic take root and power in your heart? Man still belongs to Satan. There is no truth in you. Now you may have believed in God for many years, have read much of God’s word, and have prayed many times, but there is no truth in power and no place for God in your heart. This is a fact. So people all want to talk about some actual experience and testimony to put feathers in their own caps, but they come up with nothing. They are truly destitute! Why isn’t there any reality? When you have never accepted the truth, never worked on the truth, you have nowhere to find reality. Some people raise a few hens at home and expect the hens to lay eggs when they grow up. When they see other people’s hens lay a few eggs every day while there are no eggs in their own hen nest, they complain, “Why don’t our hens lay eggs while other people’s hens do?” Someone says, “I have never seen you feed your hens. How do you expect them to lay eggs?” Isn’t this the source of the problem? This is the root cause of the problem. Man is lazy, and he does not seek the truth. Upon encountering any problems of corruption, he doesn’t pray to God and seek to resolve it with the truth. How can he have reality? If you don’t feed the hens, how can you have eggs? Man always wants to get something for nothing. This kind of disposition is not good. Man is always unable to speak about reality. What kind of problem is this? He has never accepted the truth, never sought the truth, and never used the truth to resolve his own corruption. Where is he going to live out reality? Someone is never clear about how many corruptions he has revealed, but he keeps in mind which day he has taken a loss and suffered an economic loss. He remembers clearly how much money people have owed him in wages, how much loss he has taken in dealing with people. But he just muddles through the matter of pursuing the truth to resolve problems in experiencing God’s work. He has never taken it seriously. How can such a person have reality? He is simply not one who pursues the truth at all, yet he still wants to live out the reality of practicing the truth. Isn’t this an illusion? Isn’t this wishful thinking? After revealing corruption, some people say, “How can I be so corrupted? I have been so corrupted in the past few years. Why wasn’t there any changes?” Why haven’t you made any changes then? What effort have you made on the corruption you are revealing? How many times have you prayed to God? Have you sought the truth? Do you hate yourself to the extent of shedding tears? Do you hate yourself to the extent of cursing yourself? If you didn’t have these experiences, how could you have any changes? You still wish to undergo changes without suffering any hardship? You are just wishing for the impossible!

If one wants to live out reality, how does he practice it? First of all, he should know what kind of corruption he is revealing, and then seek to resolve it with the truth. It needs to be done like this. You must have a true understanding of the actual situation and essential nature of your corruption by Satan. Isn’t this true understanding attained by understanding the truth? How can you understand it if you don’t understand the truth? If you don’t understand it, how can you hate yourself? If you don’t hate yourself, how can you change? There are rules regulating the entry of life and change of disposition. The rule for change of disposition and the way for gaining the truth requires knowledge and understanding, and practicing it after understanding. Only this can achieve results. The most realistic question now is how clearly you can see the truth of your corruption. Write down all the corruption you reveal on paper. Analyze it after writing it down. What kind of image is it when you reveal so much corruption? Is it a true human image? Is it the image when God created man? If not, what image is it? Is it Satan’s image? If it is Satan’s image, do you hate this mankind? Do you hate yourself? How does one pursue the truth to resolve his own “image” problem? Knowing that they have been deeply corrupted by Satan, corrupt human beings still want to maintain their own vanity, reputation, and so-called image. Is this absurd? You don’t even know your true image—the truth of corruption by Satan, what image do you want to maintain? Where is that image? Is it Satan’s image that you defend? This is what the great red dragon does. It is a devil. It still wants to maintain its image. It still wants to use what it does with hypocrisy to represent its image. Isn’t it something absurd? Isn’t it shameless? Only people without sensibility will do this. Is it right? Where is your image then? What image is that? The image you live out is not good. Are you afraid of people’s criticism? Are you afraid of people’s judgment? If someone says, “You’re really a despicable guy.” You say, “You’re undermining my image.” Is this correct? Someone says, “It is a humiliation of my personality.” What is your personality then? Do you have normal humanity? Do you have any human dignity? Without human dignity and personality, what humiliation of personality are you talking about? If it is Satan’s image you are living out, are you still afraid of humiliation? Satan itself is meant to be humiliated. It has no face to live before God. It is cursed by God. What is the point in maintaining its image? If a man truly knows his own corrupt essence, regardless of how others judge, criticize or oppose, he feels that it is well deserved. “This is what I deserve. People should treat me like this. There is nothing wrong with it.” So we must let people treat us like this. If we don’t want others to treat us like this, what should we do? We have to pursue the truth and live out our human-likeness. Then people’s attitudes toward us will change. Is this what it is about? If you still don’t pursue the truth now, how people treat you today, they will treat you like this tomorrow, and treat you like this in the future. Why are you unhappy about this? What are your reasons for opposing? It is useless for you to oppose. People say, “When I treat you like this, you still feel that you have been wronged. Live out a human image if you can! If you really live out a human-likeness, I will admire you. I will learn from you. When you reveal the corrupt image of the devil Satan, you don’t let people talk about it or object it? Even if I don’t say it, that is how I look at you in my heart.” How would you explain it? Can you restrict it? You can’t. What you are doing is fundamentally wrong. And you are still afraid to be criticized by others? This is incorrect. This is called insensibility. You should treat it correctly. You say, “No matter how people treat me, it’s their business. People have their own points of view. I cannot restrict people’s mouths and people’s eyes. That’s their freedom. The key is I have to resolve my own problems.” If you don’t do it that way, if you practice and handle it with the truth, can they still treat you like that? If you are being vilified and judged by people for practicing the truth, then you should feel enjoyable and proud. Whatever Satan objects, you must insist upon. It comports with God’s intention. If people judge you and oppose you because of the corruption you reveal and your lack of the truth, it is right. You have to allow it. You must have sensibility, you have to treat it correctly. If you are not willing to be such a person; if you are not willing to do this; if you feel that doing so does not comport with the truth, you are ashamed to face God, and you are not fit to be called a human; then you can seek the truth to resolve the corruption. “I will not live like this again. I will change the way I live. I will live out a human image, so that my heart can be comforted, and I can raise my head before God and satisfy God.” If you have the ambition, you will seek the truth so that you will resolve the problem like this. Slowly your situation will change and others will welcome you.

You don’t ponder on how to transform yourself, but always complain about others being bad to you, is this the correct way? Some people particularly justify themselves and are keen on maintaining their prestige. No matter what wicked deeds they have done, they don’t let anyone talk about it. Aren’t they acting like the great red dragon? After committing many heinous crimes, the great red dragon forbids public comment. No one is allowed to speak about it. Those who speak about it will be arrested as counter-revolutionaries. This is Satan’s nature. Only Satan would act like this. Then, for those of us who believe in God, if someone objects to us, if someone judges us and vilifies us, how should we deal with it? We have to examine whether what we are acting is inconsistent with the truth and contrary to God’s intention. If it is really our problem, then we should quickly resolve it with the truth and eradicate this error and our corruption. Only this comports with God’s intention. It proves that you are someone who pursues the truth, who can courageously face reality, who can resolve problems with the truth. Having the courage to face it when encountering a problem, such a person has human dignity and personality. If the problem is clearly yours, you still don’t allow others to talk about it or object to it, you still engage in chicanery and say it is someone else’s fault by distorting the facts and turning black-and-white on its head, this is the practice of the great red dragon and the revelation of its nature. Among corrupt human beings, are there many unreasonable people? In particular, there are a lot of people who use sophistry to treat wrong as right. When you come across such a matter, how do you treat it? What do you think when you encounter this kind of problem? Someone who seeks the truth should not muddle through anything with confusion. Whatever he encounters, he has to discover something and gain something in order to find a better way to behave in the future. Do you see how the great red dragon does things? What do you see in all kinds of evils the great red dragon does? Do we engage in that kind of practice? Do we reveal that kind of corruption? Did you do it? Do you want to do something like that? If you have a bit of intention to do it, what does this prove? You still have Satan’s disposition. Is this the case? Then, when you have power and status, will you do that? You have to look clearly at how the great red dragon came to power. What purpose does it serve for us to look at this matter clearly? Why is the great red dragon able to do something like this—to act against heaven, run counter to right principles, and antagonize the people? What is its nature and disposition? Discern this matter well, compare it against yourself to see if there is such disposition, such satanic traits, in you. When you have power, will you follow the path of the great red dragon? If you don’t want to take Satan’s path, then which path will you take, what will you do, and how should you live? Are these things related to the truth? Are they relevant to the path we should take in the future? They are so relevant. Therefore, don’t let go of anything that involves the truth. Ponder and reflect more upon yourself. It is most beneficial to the entry of life and how to act as a human being in the future.

Upon encountering what kind of problem you should seek the truth, you must be clear about this. The most crucial question is that when your corruption is revealed, when you have transgressions, what kinds of ideas and views dominate you. This must be clearly examined. This is the root of the problem. If this is not clearly examined, you won’t be able to seek the truth. In addition, if this problem is not resolved, your life disposition will never be transformed. When some people discover that they have revealed corruptions, they just don’t go after the root cause or take it seriously. They only say, “I have revealed corruption, I am negative, I made judgment, I have resisted God.” That’s the end of it. Can the problem be solved by simply knowing it like this? You have to know the root of the problem. What kind of thought and perspective are you being dominated to act? Is there something in you that controls you to do that? Can’t you just understand this problem thoroughly? When you understand this problem thoroughly, then you will understand the essence of your own corruption, know what your nature is, and know about what disposition you live by. Isn’t this knowing yourself. No matter what kind of corruption you are revealing, you just don’t investigate and understand the root of the problem, and where the essence of the problem is. How can you understand your own essential nature? Isn’t this the most crucial entry? Some people say, “How do I understand my own essential nature? Why am I unable to understand it? I also find that I am revealing a lot of corruption, but what is the essence of my nature? What is the reason that I am revealing corruption after all? I am unsure.” You sometimes just ponder over it, “Oh, it’s okay just to practice the truth when we come across something. We just keep the truth and persist on it with perseverance. Then we won’t have transgressions anymore, right?” Is this the right way to understand it? You have to know your own essential nature. When you do, you will find out after being corrupted by Satan, what you have lived by, whom you have lived for, what you have been controlled and dominated by. After discovering this problem, you will see one fact. “It is all Satan’s philosophy in my life. Satan’s philosophy completely occupies me. The interests of the flesh sway me and control me. I can’t get rid of my interests and money. I treat my loved ones in the family all with emotions. I have no truth at all in treating the world and my family. No wonder God says that corrupt mankind is the descendant of Satan. It is all Satan’s image that corrupt mankind is living out. The essential nature of corrupt mankind is betraying God. It is completely accurate!” When someone has such an understanding of himself, he will ponder over it. “Such a person needs God’s salvation indeed. Without gaining the truth, such a person will surely perish. His outcome is definitely death. No wonder God detests us. God does not hate us or refuse to save us for what we are. God hates our corruption, disobedience, and the philosophy and logic of Satan in us. God detests our hearts that always stand with Satan, that is, that are disobedient to God and unable to satisfy God.” If we can understand ourselves to this extent according to the corruption we reveal, it is the results of accepting God’s judgment and chastisement. Do you recognize it now? Have you achieved this effect? Since you have revealed so much corruption, why don’t you go after the root cause? Why don’t you recognize the essential problem behind why this corruption is revealed, and where is the root cause? Why do you see things so simply? What do some people still say this after doing wicked things? “Actually, I am not so wicked. I was forced to do it this time. I will definitely do it better next time. I can overcome this minor problem with perseverance and determination. I can overcome it by obeying the rules. In fact, I am still a good person.” He can really indulge himself. Can you achieve the effect of transformation by indulging yourself? Can it really let you live out the likeness of human? Did people indulge themselves like this in the past? What were the results of such indulging? No transformation! Later, after he sees this result, he says, “Oh, why couldn’t I become a good person with so much effort. This is not the matter of how much effort I put. I need to pay attention to pursuing the truth and suffering a bit. This is not the outside symptoms of an illness. It is a problem at the root, a problem in nature, and a problem in the bones.” If you knew how to discern the problem, you should have discovered this problem over so many years of corrupted living. You should have a real understanding of your essential nature. Why do people know the corruption they reveal almost every time, but they don’t know what their essential nature is? What is the problem here? Is it because people don’t work hard in God’s word? If you don’t make an effort with God’s word, how can you know yourself? For example, once you are involved in the issue of interest, you will be governed by it, you will not obey God, and you will always put your interest first. What is the problem? Putting interest above justice, not loving the truth, but loving profits, loving money above all else. If you have seen through this problem, then how should you pray? How should you communicate with God? Should you accept God’s judgment and chastisement? Since you have recognized it, how can you not know how to pray? Will you say it like this, “God! Through the corruption I reveal this time, I can see clearly that I put my interest above all else. There was no place in my heart for You. I know that I am not a good person by any means. I have no sense of justice. I hate myself. May You punish me and chastise me. I deserve all kinds of suffering.”? Do you dare to pray like this? When you really see that you are not a good person, why don’t you dare to pray like this? You don’t even have this much courage? If you dare not pray like this, another problem is found here: You don’t want to betray your flesh the old Satan, you don’t plan to obey God, you don’t want to be saved, you don’t love the truth, you don’t have the courage to curse your flesh the old Satan. When you don’t hate yourself, how can you be transformed? Without this much courage, not even dare to say a few words of truth when communicating with God, isn’t this a coward? This is definitely not the performance of someone who pursues the truth.

When solving problems with the truth, the first thing that should be entered is knowing one’s own essential nature through the corruption he reveals. Whenever people are revealing corruption, what should they pursue? Knowing our own essential nature and the truth of our corruption according to the word of God. Have you reflected on such a question, “Am I living out the likeness of a human more or the likeness of a demon more? What are the aspects of human likeness and what are the aspects of demon likeness in me? Am I a human being or a ghost?” Are there any benefits in this dissection? Yes, there are. You find out what the behaviors of truly living out human image are, and the behaviors of living out Satan’s image are, then compare them with what you are living out. Isn’t it clear whether you possess human-likeness at all? If God says, “You don’t have a real human image. What you live out is entirely the demonic image of Satan.” You will say, “It is indeed so. I see it clearly. This is a fact. The revelation of God’s word is 100% accurate. I am utterly convinced.” If you don’t even reflect on yourself with your eyes closed, and you always feel “I’m the best. It’s hard to find someone like me under the sun. Now there is nowhere you can find such a good person like me!” when God judges you, “You have no human-likeness,” how will you behave? You certainly will be unconvinced in your heart, “What I live out is the best human image. The word You said was judging someone else, not me.” Are you going to resist and refuse God’s word? Since you don’t know yourself, it is hard for you to accept this word. As for God’s word that judges mankind as a whole, we, this group of people, have accepted it and admitted that all those God’s words are judgment for us. But will the unbelievers accept it? No, they are unconvinced. Perhaps they will say, “Your group of people may be quite wicked. God’s word is meant to judge you. We are good. We don’t have to accept the word of God. We don’t have to believe in God.” Is that the way they think? If there is someone in God’s house who has never accepted God’s word, he says, “The word of God is for judging others. It is so harsh and severe. It is not meant to judge me.” What is the difference between such a person and an unbeliever? You are a bystander of God’s work, and you are not someone who experiences God’s work.

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