Daily Words of God | "God's Words to the Entire Universe: Chapter 22" | Excerpt 62

Daily Words of God | "God's Words to the Entire Universe: Chapter 22" | Excerpt 62

0 |August 3, 2020

People throughout the universe celebrate the arrival of My day, and angels walk among the masses. When Satan causes trouble, the angels, because of their service in heaven, always help My people. They are not deceived by the devil due to human weakness, but gain greater experience of the fog-enshrouded life of man as a result of the onslaught of the forces of darkness. All the people submit beneath My name, and never does anyone rise up to openly oppose Me. Because of the labors of the angels, man accepts My name and all are amid the stream of My work. The world is falling! Babylon is in paralysis! The religious world—how could it not be destroyed by My authority on earth? Who still dares to disobey and oppose Me? The scribes? All religious officials? The rulers and authorities on earth? The angels? Who does not celebrate the perfection and fullness of My body? Among all peoples, who does not sing My praises without cease, who is not unfailingly happy? I live in the land of the great red dragon’s lair, yet this does not cause Me to tremble with fear or run away, for all of its people have already begun to loathe it. Never has the “duty” of any thing been performed before the dragon; instead, all things go about their own business, picking the route that suits them best. How could the countries on earth not perish? How could the countries on earth not fall? How could My people not cheer? How could they not sing with joy? Is this the work of man? Is it the doing of man’s hands? I gave man the root of his existence, and provided him with material things, yet man is dissatisfied with his current circumstances and asks that he enter My kingdom. But how could he enter My kingdom so easily, without having paid a price, and unwilling to offer his selfless devotion? Instead of exacting anything from man, I make requirements of him, so that My kingdom on earth may be filled with glory. Man has been guided by Me into the present age, he exists in this state, and he lives amidst the guidance of My light. If it were not thus, who among the people on earth would know their prospects? Who would understand My will? I add My provisions to the requirements of man; is this not in line with the laws of nature?

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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