English Christian Song | "God's Arrangements for All People's Outcomes"

January 14, 2023

Those who do all evil deeds during the time of judgment,

God will consign to a place filled with evil spirits there.

These spirits will ravage and destroy their bodies at will,

making them stink like a corpse.

Such is their fitting reward.

God notes down all sins of false believers,

disloyal false apostles and workers.

God will let them be defiled by unclean spirits,

no rebirth or light for them.

Hypocrites who served Him but can’t be loyal to the end

will be numbered by God among the wicked.

They’ll fall into cahoots with the wicked,

become part of their riotous throng.

In the end God will see to their annihilation.

Those who’ve been disloyal to Christ, dedicated no efforts,

God will cast them all aside, taking no notice of them.

They will end up being destroyed at the time the age changes.

No more shall they live on earth, much less enter God’s kingdom.

The insincere who have to deal with God

are counted as those serving God’s people.

A few can live while the rest shall die

with those whose service is inadequate.

Finally God shall bring into His kingdom the like-minded with Him,

His people, sons and predestined priests.

These are the fruits of God’s work.

Those who don’t fall into any of these categories will be found

among the unbelievers.

Think of what their fate will be.

God has said all that He should;

you decide which road to take.

Know God’s work never waits for those who can’t keep up.

God has said all that He should;

you decide which road to take.

His righteous disposition shows no mercy to any man.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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