2022 Christian Testimony Video | "Don't Let Affection Cloud Your Mind"

February 4, 2022

She is serving as a church leader when she learns that Li Jie, a church member, has been disruptive in her duty and needs to be dismissed. She thinks about the times in the past that Li Jie has helped her and feels that she'll seem heartless if she doesn't speak up on her behalf. And so, she disregards church principles and pleads Li Jie's case. Then, even when Li Jie is on the verge of being kicked out of the church for sowing discord and disrupting the church's work, she remains governed by emotion and argues Li Jie's case. When she is dealt with by a coworker for this and also disciplined by God, she finally settles her feelings and reflects on herself. What do the revelation and judgment of God's words teach her about her tendency to act based on her affections? In the end, is she able to set her feelings aside and remove Li Jie from the church? Find out in this video.

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