Daily Words of God | "The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word" | Excerpt 400

September 6, 2020

God is determined to make man complete. Whichever perspective from which He speaks, it is all for the sake of perfecting these people. Words spoken from the perspective of the Spirit are difficult for man to understand, and man is unable to find a path to practice, for man has a limited ability to receive. The work of God achieves different effects, and each step of the work has His purpose. Moreover, He must speak from different perspectives to perfect man. If He uttered His voice from the perspective of the Spirit alone, this stage of God’s work could not be completed. From His tone of voice, you can see He is determined to make this group of people complete. As one who wishes to be perfected by God, what is the first step you must take? You must first come to know the work of God. As new means are used and the age has changed from one to the other, the means by which God works have also changed, as has the way God speaks. Now, not only have the means of His work changed, so has the age. It was formerly the Age of Kingdom, a stage of work in which to love God. Now, it is the Age of Millennial Kingdom—the Age of Word—that is, an age in which God uses many ways of speaking to perfect man and speaks from different perspectives to supply man. As soon as the times passed into the Age of Millennial Kingdom, God began to use the word to make man perfect, enabling man to enter into the reality of life and leading man onto the right track. Man has experienced so many steps of His work and has seen that the work of God does not remain unchanging. Rather, it is constantly evolving and deepening. After such a long time of experience, the work has turned and changed again and again, but whatever the changes, it never deviates from God’s objective of working man. Even through ten thousand changes, the original purpose never changes, and it never deviates from truth or life. Changes in the means by which work is done are merely a change in the format of work and perspective of speaking, not a change in the central objective of His work. Changes in tone of voice and means of work are made to achieve an effect. A change in tone of voice does not mean a change in the purpose or principle of work. The essence of man believing in God is to seek life. If you believe in God yet do not seek life or truth or knowledge of God, then there is no belief in God! Is it realistic that you still seek to enter the kingdom to be king? Only achievement of true love for God through seeking life is reality; the pursuit and practice of truth are all reality. Experience the words of God while reading His words; in this way, you will grasp the knowledge of God through real experience. This is a true pursuit.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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