Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 427

November 13, 2020

Practicing the truth is a path by which man’s life may grow. If you don’t practice the truth, you’ll be left with only theory and you will have no real life. Truth is the symbol of man’s stature. Whether or not you practice the truth is related to the attainment of real stature. If you do not practice the truth, do not act righteously, or are swayed by emotions and care for the flesh, then you are far away from keeping the commandments. This is the deepest lesson. There are many truths for man to enter and for man to understand in each age. But there are different commandments accompanying the truths in each age. The truth man practices relates to his age and the commandments kept by man also relate to the age in which he abides. Each age has its own truths to be practiced and commandments to be kept. However, based on the different commandments promulgated by God, that is, based on the different ages in which man abides, the goal and effect of man’s practice of the truth differ commensurately. It can be said that the commandments serve the truth and the truth exists to maintain the commandments. If there is only truth, there will be no changes in God’s work to speak of. However, by referring to the commandments, man can identify the dynamic extent of the work done by the Holy Spirit and man can know the age in which God works. In religion, there are many people who can practice the truths practiced by man of the Age of Law. However, they do not have the commandments of the new age and cannot keep the commandments of the new age. Such men keep to the old way and remain as primordial humans. Such men are not accompanied by the new manner of work and cannot see the commandments of the new age. As such, God’s work is absent. They are like a man holding an empty egg shell: There is no spirit if there is no chick inside. More precisely speaking, there is no life. Such men have not entered the new age and lag behind many steps. Therefore, it is useless if you have the truth of old ages but do not have the commandments of the new age. Many of you practice the truth of this time but do not keep the commandments of this time. You will get nothing, the truth you practice will be worthless and meaningless and God will not praise it. Practicing the truth must be done in a manner such as that by which the Holy Spirit works today; it must be done following the voice of today’s practical God. Without this, everything is null—like drawing water with a bamboo basket. This is also the practical meaning of the promulgation of the commandments of the new age. If people are to abide by the commandments, at the very least they should know the practical God who appears in the flesh, without confusion. In other words, people should grasp the principles of abiding by the commandments. Abiding by the commandments does not mean following them haphazardly or arbitrarily, but abiding by them with a basis, with an objective, and with principles. The first thing to be achieved is for your visions to be clear. If you have a thorough understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit in the current time and enter the manner of work of today, you will naturally see through to the essence of keeping the commandments. If the day comes when you see through to the essence of the commandments of the new age and you can keep the commandments, then at that time you will have been perfected. This is the real meaning of practicing the truth and keeping the commandments. Whether you can practice the truth or not depends on how you perceive the essence of the commandments of the new age. The work of the Holy Spirit will continuously appear to man and God will require more and more of man. Therefore, the truths which man actually practices will be more and greater and the effects of keeping the commandments will be more profound. Therefore, you shall practice the truth and keep the commandments at the same time. Nobody shall neglect this matter. Let new truth and new commandments start at the same time in this new age.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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