The Power of God | Gospel Music | "The Mankind Living Under God's Authority"

4069 |February 10, 2018

Mankind, who lives among all things, has been corrupted and deceived by Satan,

but he still can’t forgo the water made by God,

and the air and all things made by God.

Mankind still lives and proliferates in this space created by God.

Mankind still lives and proliferates in this space created by God.

The instincts of mankind have not changed.

Man still relies on his eyes to see, on his ears to hear,

on his brain to think, on his heart to understand,

on his legs and feet to walk, on his hands to work, and so on;

all the instincts God bestowed upon man to gain His provision remain unchanged.

Mankind’s faculties have not changed, through which he cooperates with God

and fulfills the duty of a created being.

His spiritual needs have not changed;

his wish to find his origins has not changed.

The yearning of mankind to be saved by the Creator has not changed.

This is the situation of mankind, who lives under God’s authority,

and who has endured the bloody destruction wrought by Satan.

from “God Himself, the Unique (I) God’s Authority (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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