Sermon Series | Seeking True Faith: Is God's Judgment of man for Condemnation and Annihilation?

February 1, 2022

As disasters spread across the entire globe, believers in the Lord have been waiting with bated breath for the Lord Jesus to come on a cloud and take them up into the sky to meet Him and escape the disasters. However, they still haven't seen the Lord Jesus come down on a cloud, and instead, Eastern Lightning is constantly bearing witness that He has returned as Almighty God incarnate, expressing truths to do the judgment work of the last days to cleanse and fully save man. This is astonishing for many people. They think, "The Lord is supposed to take believers up into the sky first. It's important to save us from the disasters first. Why would God express truths to do judgment work in the last days? We've all been forgiven of our sins and deemed righteous by God, so what need is there for God's judgment?" Most people believe that in the last days, God's judgment will target unbelievers, that judgment is condemnation and destruction, and those of us who are forgiven of sins won't need to be judged. So then, is God's judgment of mankind for cleansing and salvation, or is it for condemnation and annihilation? This episode of Seeking True Faith will guide you to seek the truth and know God’s appearance and work.

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