Almighty God's Word "It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition"

2562 |March 19, 2016

Almighty God says, “If you do not understand the disposition of God, then it will be impossible for you to do the work you should do for Him. If you do not know the substance of God, so too shall it be impossible to retain reverence and fear of Him, only heedless perfunctoriness and prevarication, and moreover, incorrigible blasphemy. Understanding God’s disposition is indeed very important, and the knowledge of God’s substance cannot be overlooked, yet none have ever thoroughly examined or delved into this issue. It is plain to see that you have all dismissed the administrative decrees I issued. If you do not understand the disposition of God, then you will easily offend His disposition. Such an offense means that you have infuriated God Himself, and ultimately becomes a transgression against the administrative decrees. Now you should realize that you can understand God’s disposition when you come to know His substance, and to understand God’s disposition is equivalent to understanding the administrative decrees. Certainly, many of the administrative decrees involve the disposition of God, but the entirety of such has not been expressed within them. This requires you to further become familiar with the disposition of God.”

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