Daily Words of God: Knowing God | Excerpt 177

August 12, 2020

At the start, we talked about mankind’s living environment and what God did, prepared, and dealt with for this environment, as well as the relationships between all things God prepared for mankind and how God dealt with these relationships to prevent all things from causing harm to mankind. God also resolved the various elements brought by all things and the negative influences they had on mankind’s environment, allowed all things to maximize their functions, brought mankind a favorable environment, and made every element beneficial, enabling mankind to adapt to such an environment and continue the cycle of reproduction and life normally. Next was the food needed by the human body—daily food and drink. This is also a necessary condition of mankind’s survival. That is to say, the human body cannot live by just breathing, with just the sunlight or the wind, or just suitable temperatures. They also need to fill their stomachs. These things to fill their stomachs have also been entirely prepared by God for mankind—this is the source of mankind’s food. After seeing these rich and plentiful produce—the sources of mankind’s food and drink—can you say that God is the source of the supply for mankind and all things? You can absolutely say so. If God had only created trees and grass or just various living things when He created all things, and mankind could not eat any of them, would mankind have been able to survive until now? What if the various living things and plants among all things that God created were all for cattle and sheep to eat, or for zebras, deer and various other kinds of animals—for instance, lions eat foods like zebras and deer, tigers eat foods such as lambs and pigs—but there was not a single thing suitable for humans to eat? Would that work? It would not. If it were like that then mankind would not have been able to continue surviving. What if humans only ate tree leaves? Would that work? Human stomachs would not be able to take it. You won’t know if you don’t try it, but once you do you’ll know very well. Then could you eat the grass prepared for cattle and sheep? It might be okay if you just try a little bit, but if you keep eating it over the long run, you won’t last long. Some things can be eaten by animals, but if humans eat them they will be poisoned. There are some poisonous things that animals can eat without affecting them, but humans can’t do the same. God created human beings, so God knows best the principles and structure of the human body and what humans need. God is perfectly clear on its composition and content, what it needs, as well as how the internal organs of the human body function, absorb, eliminate, and metabolize. People are not clear on this and sometimes eat and supplement blindly. They supplement too much and end up causing an imbalance. If you eat these things God prepared for you, and eat and enjoy them normally, there will be nothing wrong with you. Even if sometimes you are in a bad mood and you have blood stasis, it doesn’t matter. You just need to eat a type of plant and the stasis will clear up. God has prepared all of these things. In God’s eyes, mankind is far above any other living thing. God prepared living environments for all kinds of plants and prepared food and living environments for all kinds of animals, but only mankind’s requirements toward their own living environment are strictest and most intolerant of neglect. Otherwise, mankind would not be able to continue developing and reproducing and living normally. God knows this best in His heart. When God did this thing, He placed more importance on it than anything else. Perhaps you are unable to feel the importance of some insignificant thing you see and enjoy or something you feel you are born with and can enjoy, but God had already prepared it for you a long time ago. God has eliminated and resolved to the biggest extent possible all the negative factors that are unfavorable to mankind and can hurt the human body. What does this make clear? Does it make clear God’s attitude toward mankind when He created them this time? What was that attitude? God’s attitude was rigorous and serious, and He did not tolerate the interference of any factors or conditions or any enemy forces apart from God. From this, you can see God’s attitude when He created mankind and manages mankind this time. What is God’s attitude? Through the living and survival environment mankind enjoys as well as their daily food and drink and daily needs, we can see God’s attitude in maintaining the reproduction and living of mankind and the responsibility He has toward them, as well as God’s determination to save mankind this time. Can we see the authenticity of God through these things? Can we see God’s wondrousness? Can we see God’s unfathomability? Can we see God’s omnipotence? God simply uses His almighty and wise way to supply all of mankind, as well as to supply all things. Speaking of which, after I have said so much, are you able to say that God is the source of life for all things? (Yes.) Absolutely! This is for certain. God’s supply of all things is sufficient to show that God is the source of life for all things, because He is the source of supply that has enabled all things to exist, live, reproduce, and continue on. Apart from God there is no other. He supplies all needs of all things and all needs of mankind, regardless of whether it is the most basic needs, what people need daily, or the supply of the truth to people’s spirits. From all perspectives, when it comes to God’s identity and His status for mankind, only God Himself is the source of life for all things. This is absolutely certain. God is the Ruler, Master, and Supplier of this material world that people can see with their eyes and feel. For mankind, is this not God’s identity? This is entirely true. So when you see birds flying in the sky, you should know that God created things that can fly. But there are living things that swim in the water, and they also survive in different ways. The trees and plants that live in the soil sprout in spring and bear fruit and lose leaves in autumn, and by winter all the leaves have fallen and they go through the winter. That’s their way of survival. God created all things, each of which lives through different forms and different ways and uses different methods to exhibit its power and form of life. No matter what method, it is all under God’s rule. What is the purpose of God ruling over all the different forms of life and living beings? Is it for the sake of mankind’s survival? (Yes.) He controls all of the laws of life for the sake of mankind’s survival. This shows just how important mankind’s survival is for God.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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