2022 English Christian Song | "Peter’s Attitude Toward Trials"

January 29, 2022

Peter suffered trials, countless trials by God in his life.

These tests would leave him half-dead, but his faith would never decline.

Even when God said He would not praise him, and to Satan he would fall,

and said He had forsaken him, he was not discouraged at all.

He continued to love God in a practical way,

in accordance with past principles; he continued to pray.

Amid such trials, not of flesh, but of words, Peter still prayed to God.

“Oh, God, the Almighty, among heaven, earth and all things,

in Your hands You hold all the creatures and all human beings.

When You are merciful, my heart rejoices with Your mercy.

When You judge me, unworthy though I may be,

I gain a greater sense of Your unfathomable deeds,

because You are filled with wisdom and authority.

Though my flesh suffers, I am comforted in my soul.

How could I not give praise to Your wisdom and deeds?

Even if I were to die after knowing You, how could I not do that happily?”

During such trials, Peter couldn’t fully grasp God’s will,

yet he was proud and he was honored to be used by Him still.

Because of his loyalty, and because of God’s blessing,

he has been a model to man for thousands of years.

Isn’t this precisely what you should mirror?

Think about why God gave such a lengthy account of Peter.

These should be the principles of your behavior.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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