Daily Words of God: The Incarnation | Excerpt 113

August 23, 2020

When God carries out His work, He comes not to engage in any building or movements; He comes to fulfill His ministry. Each time He becomes flesh, it is only to accomplish a stage of work and open up a new age. Now it is the Age of Kingdom, and man has entered into the exercise of the kingdom. This stage of work is not the work of man or for making man complete to a certain extent; it is to complete a part of God’s work. His work is not the work of man and not to make man complete to a certain degree before leaving earth; it is to fulfill His ministry in full and finish the work that He ought to do, which is to make proper arrangements for His work on earth, thereby becoming glorified. The work of the incarnate God is unlike that of those used by the Holy Spirit. When God does His work on earth, He is only concerned with the fulfillment of His ministry. As for all other matters unrelated to His ministry, He practically takes no part, even to the extent of turning a blind eye. He simply carries out the work that He ought to do, and least of all is He concerned about the work that man ought to do. The work He does is only that which is related to the age He is in and the ministry that He ought to fulfill, as if all other matters are not His responsibility. He does not furnish Himself with more basic knowledge on living as a man, and He does not learn more social skills or anything else that man understands. He shows no concern at all for all that man ought to be furnished with and simply does the work that is His duty. And so, as man sees it, the incarnate God is “deficient” in too much, even to the extent that He turns a blind eye to much that a man should have, and He does not have an understanding of such matters. Matters such as general knowledge of life, as well as principles of conduct and associating with others appear to be of no consequence to Him. Regardless, you cannot sense from the incarnate God the slightest bit of abnormal behavior. That is to say, His humanity only maintains His life as an ordinary man with the normal reasoning of His brain, giving Him the ability to discern between right and wrong. However, He is not furnished with anything else, all of which is for man (created beings) alone. God becomes flesh only to fulfill His own ministry. His work is directed toward an entire age and not any specific person or place. His work is directed toward the entire universe. This is the direction of His work and the principle by which He works. This can be altered by none, and man can take no part. Each time God becomes flesh, He brings with Him the work of that age, and not the intent to live alongside man for twenty, thirty, forty, or even seventy, eighty years so that they may better understand and gain insight into Him. There is no need for that! To do so would not at all deepen the knowledge man has of God’s inherent disposition; instead, it would only add to their notions and make the notions and thoughts of man antiquated. And so you should all understand exactly what is the work of the incarnate God. Could it be that you do not understand My words: “I come not to experience the life of an ordinary man”? Have you forgotten the words: “God comes on earth not to live the life of an ordinary man”? You do not understand God’s purpose in becoming flesh, nor do you know the meaning of “How could God come to earth with the intent of experiencing the life of a created being”? God comes to earth only to complete His work, and so His work on earth is short-lived. He comes to earth not with the intent for the Spirit of God to cultivate His flesh into an extraordinary leader of the church. When God comes to earth, it is the Word becoming flesh; man, however, does not know of His work and forces such intent upon Him. But you should all realize that God is the Word become flesh, not a flesh cultivated by the Spirit of God to temporarily stand in for the role of God. God Himself is not cultivated, but is the Word become flesh, and today He officially carries out His work among you all. You all know and acknowledge that the incarnation of God is a fact, but you pretend an understanding that you do not in fact possess. You do not at all appreciate the work of the incarnate God or the significance and substance of His becoming flesh, and just glibly recite the words spoken by others. Do you believe that the incarnate God is as you conceive?

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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