Daily Words of God: The Incarnation | Excerpt 114

August 5, 2020

God becomes flesh only to lead the age and set in motion new work. You must understand this point. This is much different from the function of man, and the two cannot be mentioned in the same breath. Man needs a long period of cultivation and perfection before man can be used to carry out work, and an especially great humanity is needed. Not only must man be able to sustain his normal human sense, but man must further understand many of the principles and rules of conduct before others, and moreover must learn more of the wisdom and ethics of man. This is what man must be furnished with. However, this is not so for God become flesh, for His work neither represents man nor is that of man; it is, rather, a direct expression of His being and a direct implementation of the work that He ought to do. (Naturally, His work is carried out when it ought to be done, and not randomly at will. Rather, His work is begun when it is time to fulfill His ministry.) He does not take part in the life of man or the work of man, that is, His humanity is not furnished with any of these (but this does not affect His work). He only fulfills His ministry when it is time for Him to do so; whatever His status, He simply forges ahead with the work that He ought to do. Whatever man knows of Him or whatever their opinions of Him, His work is not affected. This is just as when Jesus carried out His work; none knew who He was, but He simply forged ahead in His work. None of this affected Him in carrying out the work that He ought to do. Therefore, He did not at first confess or proclaim His own identity, and merely had man follow Him. Naturally this was not only the humility of God; it was the way in which God worked in the flesh. He could only work in this way, for man could not recognize Him by the naked eye. And even if man did, man would not be able to help in His work. Furthermore, He did not become flesh to have man come to know His flesh; it was to carry out work and fulfill His ministry. For this reason, He placed no importance on making His identity known. When He had completed all the work that He ought to do, all His identity and status was naturally understood by man. God become flesh simply keeps silent and never makes any proclamations. He pays no mind to man or how man is getting along in their following of Him, and simply forges ahead in fulfilling His ministry and carrying out the work that He ought to do. None can stand in the way of His work. When the time comes for His work to conclude, it is imperative for it to be concluded and brought to an end. None can dictate otherwise. Only after He departs from man on completion of His work will man understand the work that He does, though still not entirely clearly. And it will take a long time for man to fully understand His intention when He first carried out His work. In other words, the work of the age when God becomes flesh is divided into two parts. One part is through the work and words of God become flesh Himself. Once the ministry of His flesh is completely fulfilled, the other part of work is to be carried out by those used by the Holy Spirit; then it is time for man to fulfill his function, for God has already opened up the way, and it must now be walked by man himself. That is to say, God becomes flesh to carry out one part of His work, and it is continued in succession by the Holy Spirit as well as those used by the Holy Spirit. So man should know the primary work to be carried out by God become flesh in this stage of work. Man must understand exactly the significance of God becoming flesh and the work that He ought to do, rather than asking of God what is asked of man. This is man’s mistake, as well as his notion, and moreover, his disobedience.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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