100. The Principles of Paying Visits to Brothers and Sisters

1. All those who sincerely believe in God but who do not yet understand the truth should be visited and supported, and you should do your utmost to help them with a loving heart;

2. You must have the utmost compassion and patience to support new believers. You should focus more on bearing witness for God’s work so that people understand the truth and experience God’s love;

3. Fellowship the truth and resolve problems according to people’s existing real problems, so that people know God’s work and feel that they have a path to follow;

4. Visiting brothers and sisters is not done solely to resolve the problem of life entry. You should use all your strength to help them with other problems, so that they have the faith to follow God.

Relevant Words of God:

You must fellowship normally with your brothers and sisters, be able to do things in spirit, love one another, let others’ strengths balance out your weaknesses, seek to be built in the church. Only then will you truly have a share in the kingdom.

from “The Eighteenth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

When one of your brothers and sisters is weak, you will not loathe them, despise them, make fun of them, or give them the cold shoulder. If you are able to be of service to them, you will commune with them and say, “I used to be passive and weak. I really did not want to attend an assembly, but something happened through which God enlightened me inside and disciplined me; I was reproached inside, I was so ashamed, and I always felt sorry toward God. Afterward, I dedicated myself to the life of the church, and the more I engaged with my brothers and sisters, the more I felt I couldn’t do without God. When I was with them I didn’t feel lonely; when I was shut in a room by myself I felt lonely and friendless, I felt that my life was empty, and my thoughts turned to death. Now that I was with my brothers and sisters, Satan did not dare to do its work, and I did not feel lonely. When I saw how strong the love for God of my brothers and sisters was, I was inspired, and so I was always with my brothers and sisters, and my passive state naturally disappeared.” Hearing this, they feel that it is useless to pray at home, they still feel that there is no love between their brothers and sisters, that their life is empty, that they have no one to rely upon, and that it’s not enough to merely pray. If you commune with them this way, then they will have a path by which to practice. If you feel you are unable to provide to them, then you can pay them a visit. This doesn’t have to be done by the church leader—it is the responsibility of every brother and sister to do this work. If you see that a brother or sister is in a bad state, you should pay them a visit. This is the responsibility of every one of you.

from “The Work of the Holy Spirit and the Work of Satan” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Experiencing God is not only being able to eat and drink of His word; more importantly, you must be able to testify to God, to serve God, and to minister to and supply man. This is work, and also your entry; this is what every man should accomplish.

from “Work and Entry (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

At the very least, you must be able to solve the present troubles and allow people to achieve entry; only this counts as devotion, and only then will you be qualified to work for God. Do not always speak grandiose, fanciful words, and do not bind people and make them obey you with your many unsuitable practices. Doing so will have no effect, and can only increase people’s confusion. Leading people this way will produce many pieces of regulation, which will make people loathe you. This is man’s shortcoming, and it is really insufferable. Therefore, talk more about problems that exist now. Don’t treat other people’s experiences as private property and bring it out for others to appreciate. You must individually search for a way out. This is what each person should put into practice.

If what you say can give people a path to walk, then that amounts to you having reality. No matter what you say, you must bring people into practice and give them all a path they can follow. It is not about only making it so that people have knowledge, but more importantly, it is about having the path to walk.

from “Focus More on Reality” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

You must have an understanding of the many conditions men will be in when the Holy Spirit performs work on them. In particular, those who coordinate to serve God must have an even better grasp of the many conditions brought about by the work that the Holy Spirit performs on men. If you only talk about many experiences and many ways of entering in, it shows that your experience is too one-sided. Without grasping many situations in reality, you are unable to achieve transformation in your disposition. If you have grasped many conditions, then you will be able to understand various manifestations of the work of the Holy Spirit, and see clearly through and discern much of the work of the evil spirits. You must expose the many notions of men and go straight to the heart of the issue; you must also point out many deviations in people’s practice or problems in believing in God so that they may recognize them. At the very least, you must not make them feel negative or passive. However, you must understand the many difficulties that objectively exist for people, you must not be unreasonable or “try to teach a pig to sing”; that is foolish behavior. To resolve the many difficulties of men, you must understand the dynamics of the work of the Holy Spirit, you must understand how the Holy Spirit performs work on different people, you must understand the difficulties of men, the shortcomings of men, see through to the key issues of the problem, and get to the source of the problem, without deviations or errors. Only this kind of person is qualified to coordinate to serve God.

from “What an Adequate Shepherd Should Be Equipped With” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

For the entire mankind has already been too deeply corrupted and only a few have the humanity that qualifies them. If they are not evildoers or muddleheaded people, and if they sincerely believe that Almighty God is the incarnate God, then they should be accepted into the church. Regardless of whether they are laborers, farmers, teachers, scientific and technological personnel, or government employees, we must treat them all as equals without any bias. We must especially have extreme patience in guiding cadres, teachers and scientific and technological personnel to enter into God’s words and to understand all the truths. Because these people have greater difficulties entering into God’s words, we cannot have too high or too stringent an expectation of them. If we truly have love for them, then we should stay in touch with them and assist them regularly. Even though these people often require a longer time than ordinary people to enter the truths and build up a foundation in their faith in God, once they have really entered into the truths they are all valuable talents. We must understand that the cultivation of talents requires us to pay a price.

from “Principles for Establishing a Church and Managing Church Life” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

The greatest hallmark of new believers is that they hold on to too many religious doctrines, so they are likely to develop notions about God and be deceived by others. This leads some people to stumble because their notions are too great, and this is because they do not have true understanding of God, so they take their own imaginations, notions, and doctrines as the truth. They develop notions about anything that is not in line with their own imaginations, and anything that is not in line with their own will. This aspect of newcomers is the most difficult to deal with, so we must have enormous patience for them and lose no time in watering them with the truth to prevent them from stumbling over their own notions.

from the fellowship from the above

When it comes to people God wants to save, that is, those who still have hope of being saved, we should treat them with love and patiently fellowship about the truth with them so that they can quickly understand the truth, know themselves. Preparing our own good deeds is more important than anything.

from “The Five Problems the Church Must Currently Resolve” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

The house of God looks after the living difficulties of those who fulfill their duty and their families in order to guarantee that brothers and sisters who truly believe in God, seek the truth more, and can fulfill their duty as a creature of God, are all able to achieve salvation. The church should bear the responsibility for helping these brothers and sisters. If there is a church with people who seek the truth more, but they go to work because they really don’t have a way out in life, thus affecting their church life—this is something that should not happen. All brothers and sisters should help those who can loyally fulfill their duty to resolve family difficulties. This is also the logistics work of the church, the purpose of which is to guarantee that all those brothers and sisters who truly believe in God and pursue the truth will at least have food to eat, clothes to wear, and be able to fulfill their duty as normal and without constraint.

from “Principles for Looking After People Who Perform Their Duty Full-time” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

Those brothers and sisters in trouble and danger who genuinely believe in God and pursue the truth are most deserving recipients of assistance. To ensure that they have room and board, tolls, spending, and help to get through the adversity, is true compassion. Amid trials and tribulations, if you find any brother or sister in trouble, danger and difficulties, any of you can directly help and donate money and efforts.

from “What Are the Most Important Good Deeds That Should Be Prepared in the Last Days” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

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